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Lessons in playing Street Fighter going for $50 per hour


Rich? Not very good at fighting games? Then come on in, you’re home. A bunch of the world’s best Street Fighter players are offering lessons in Capcom’s Street Fighter IV for upto $50 an hour. Yes, this is happening.

The idea is simple enough: you contact a professional player, organise a date and a time for your lesson, cough up the dough, and then get an hour of tutelage on Xbox Live from somebody who’s very, very good at Street Fighter IV. Somebody like:

• Justin Wong, Xbox Live, $50 per hour, tournament level characters: Rufus, Abel, Balrog, Makoto.

• Mike Ross, Xbox Live, $45 per hour, tournament level characters: E. Honda, Ken, Blanka

• Martin “Marn” Phan, Xbox Live, $40 per hour, tournament level characters: Dudley, C. Viper, Abel

• Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, Xbox Live/PlayStation 3, $40 per hour, tournament level characters: Balrog, Guile, Rose

These guys all play the game for big bucks, and are renowned within the community. So, dear reader, would you pay to be better at games? It’s an interesting concept, and if piano lessons are a valid way to spend money, why not this?

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[Eventhubs, via Eurogamer]

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