Pigeon People Make A Google Street View Appearance

Pigeon People Make A Google Street View Appearance

Google Street View has experienced an unusual display of pigeon people if their latest images, taken from near Mitaka Station, are anything to go by.

Although Google Street View has captured some intense moments, such as a girlfriend being thrown out, this is probably one of the more weird occurrences.

The rather unnerving photographs will more than likely change how you feel about the helpful street view guide, especially if you decide to take a look at their eerie presence for yourselves.

Upon first glance, and from a distance, the group of people appear to be just normal, everyday people, albeit standing perfectly still in anticipation of the Google Street View camera.

Nevertheless, as you start to click along the road and explore the scenery for yourself (come on, you won’t all be planning a trip to Japan), you soon realize that all isn’t quite as it seems.

Although it’s probably going to freak you out, though undoutedly this forewarning will have taken the edge off, it’s only a few more clicks and you’re away from the pigeon people staring down at the camera.

However, that relief will probably last you all of a couple of seconds because, if you move the marker so that you turn around to look at the group once more, you will be greeted with their pigeon masked faces now facing that way.

Now, although I can’t comment on how the Google cameraman felt, I can safely say that, if that had been me, I would have probably had nightmares for a few days after the encounter.

All joking aside, there is a reason behind the strange flock of pigeon people that lined the street – the writers of the blog, Daily Portal Z, had heard about the intended Google Street View camera making an appearance and decided they wanted in on the action.

However, they didn’t want to see the end result with their faces blurred out of the photos, so they donned some pigeon masks and went about their plans.

Although these pigeons are proving popular, they don’t seem to be anywhere near being as record-breaking as the $400k pigeon that has been sold. Then again, a real-life pigeon is probably more desirable than a masked person, but who are we to judge?

Even though it’s always nice to hear that people have managed to fulfil their dreams, even if it means they had to become pigeon people, this has definitely been an eye opener for all who have looked on Google Street View.

[Image via Rocket News 24]