miley cyrus threatens dad

Miley Cyrus Threatens Billy Ray, Deletes Tweet


Miley Cyrus seems to have “threatened” dad Billy Ray Cyrus on Twitter, and the pair have indeed had their moments of public disagreement since they starred together on Disney’s Hannah Montana — but it appears that Miley is blaming a Twitter glitch for the intriguing deleted tweet.

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus sent a tweet directly to Billy Ray, and it seemed to many she was specifically hinting at a secret.

Before she erased the tweet, Miley posted the following message — along with an image of herself and a woman that is not her mother.

Cyrus tweeted:

“@billyraycyrus since you won’t reply to my texts I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth or ill tell it for you.”

An image was attached to the deleted Miley Cyrus tweet of the star and Dylis Croman, who co-starred with Billy Ray Cyrus in Chicago back in 2012.

While we have no idea what Miley Cyrus meant by the words or the image or the words and the image together, scuttlebutt obviously seems to center around a possible affair between Billy Ray Cyrus and Croman.

HuffPo fuels the flames:

“While Miley may not have intended to send out the ‘threat’ to her father, it comes right after her parents, who filed for divorce earlier this month, were spotted looking friendly during a lunch outing on June 23.”

After Miley posted and deleted the tweet — one of several that some have theorized were accidentally published from “drafts” of unsent tweets — the star said:

Did Miley Cyrus Just Reveal Dad Billy Ray's Affair?

What’s your theory on Miley Cyrus’ mysterious Billy Ray threat tweeted and deleted last night? Was the post an angry daughter lashing out after her parents’ split, or something less scandalous?