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Jodi Arias Suggests Another Deal To Avoid Death

Jodi Arias Suggests Another Deal

Jodi Arias has suggested a new deal to avoid the death penalty. The suggestion was posted to her Twitter account, presumably by friends who have kept her account active while she remains behind bars.

Earlier this year, Arias was convicted of the 2007 murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. The trial gained international popularity as the sordid details continued to emerge. Jurors and the public were inundated with tales of kinky sex and betrayal that ended in a brutal stabbing. Arias’ bizarre behavior following the murder and throughout the trial only fueled the circus-like atmosphere.

As she was convicted of premeditated murder, Arias faces the death penalty. As reported by ABC News, the jury that convicted Arias was split on whether she should be sentenced to death.

Jodi Arias’ attorneys petitioned to have the death penalty removed as a possibility. The petition was denied. As the death penalty must remain an option, a jury must vote unanimously to impose the sentence.

The current jury could not reach a conclusion, leaving prosecutors with the decision whether to seat an alternate jury for the sentencing phase.

As reported by ABC News, Arias attorneys must also decide whether to file an appeal on the initial conviction. An appeal is usually a certainty where the death penalty is  possible. However, messages posted on Arias’ Twitter account suggest that Arias is willing to forgo the appeal to avoid the death penalty.

An appeal would be lengthy and costly for the state. As prosecutors proceed with selecting an alternate jury for the sentencing phase, the state continues to invest immense amounts of time and money in the Arias case.

Prosecutors continue to fight for justice in the death of Travis Alexander. As they have stated, his death was exceptionally brutal and premeditated. They are willing to do what it takes to make sure Jodi Arias is punished accordingly.


Jodi Arias has swayed between asking directly for the death penalty and fighting against it with every deal she can imagine. No formal deal has been initiated. However, her statements over the weekend suggest that she continues to fight for her life.

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12 Responses to “Jodi Arias Suggests Another Deal To Avoid Death”

  1. Kerie Dewees

    Glad they are still pressing for the death penalty, that is what she deserves.

  2. Anonymous

    Is someone tweeting for her? I suppose so, she can hardly be allowed to in jail == she clearly deserves the death penalty. She dealt one out to Travis.

  3. Tom Cashin

    Dear Travis Alexander, it humbled us to stand with you. Our Mission: “Stay The Course”.
    Alexander Family filed “Wrongful Death Law Suit” and will seize all JA profits from crimes.
    JA, a confessed killer, convicted of Premeditated First-Degree Murder and Extreme Cruelty.
    Evidence presented in court proved JA bought a gun two weeks after killing TA. Why?
    JA stated; “I was going camping with two men. When they threatened me I would kill them”.
    JA could have chosen to not go camping; instead JA buys a gun and plans her next kills.
    The camping trip was a bust because JA was arrested just days before the planned trip.
    The Jury and these men now know JA premeditated to kill them. JA now enjoys killing.
    Defense Due Diligence: All appeals, motions and pleas have been denied. Verdicts stand.
    Pre-Trial Option: Prosecutor Accepts Plea: “Life in Prison with no chance of parole”.
    Arizona State to retry Jodi Arias, “Penalty Phase”; Scheduled date is July 18, 2013.
    The last woman executed was 80 years ago. JA will die of old age before being executed.
    JUSTICE: A Death Sentence best insures: “Remorseless Killer JA never gets parole”.
    Some people still believe JA is innocent. Like JA, these people will be forever in self-denial.
    Jodi Arias: You own this. It’s all on you: Two lives lost: Two families destroyed: Priceless! Send an email, include your phone number. We will contact you.
    1 702 421 3511.

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