Diana biopic with Naomi Watts

New Pics From ‘Diana’ Biopic Starring Naomi Watts

New pics from the British production Diana, have been shared online. The film is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Caught in Flight, Borgia, Five Minutes of Heaven) and it explores the last two years of Princess Diana’s life.

The role of the iconic Princess is portrayed by British-Australian actress Naomi Watts.

The film concentrates on her life after she divorced her husband Prince Charles and on her romance with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan as well as her relationship with Dodi Fayed, who was killed with Diana. It also looks at her campaign to remove land mines.

Coincidentally, the movie is in the news as Diana’s eldest son, Prince William is about to become a father in July and his wife Kate Middleton is also being chased by paparazzi.

As a comparison Diana seemed to have a much more difficult time handling the attention. Her life was very sheltered and carefully kept away from photographers.

Each time she would make an appearance to do even the most mundane things, like go to the gym, she was accosted by people with cameras. Not that Kate isn’t, but things have come a long way when it comes to the royal family.

The fact that this is the first featured film that will touch on Diana’s death directly is interesting. There was a TV movie made, which was based on Andrew Norton’s book on the Princess.

The tragic death of the Princess was, in part, the focus on the movie The Queen with Helen Mirren, which examined the fall from grace of the royal family for their poor handling of the death of the beloved Princess.

One thing is certain, the resemblance of Naomi Watts with her blond hair and dressed in Diana’s clothes is unmistakable.

The new pics, found on Indiewire show some of the best known and private shots in Diana’s life.

Diana also stars Naveen Andrews (Hasnat Khan), Cas Anvar (Dodi Fayed), and Douglas Hodge (Paul Burrell). The film opens in the UK on Sept. 20.

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