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Dramatic Michael Hastings Car Crash Video Released

Michael Hastings car crash video

Los Angeles, CA — Video of the Michael Hastings car crash aftermath has been released by LoudLabs News.

One of the company’s freelance videographers who was following-up a Justin Bieber-related tip just happened to catch with his dash camera what is purported to be Michael Hastings running a red light (see embed above). When the accident is reported over a police scanner, he rushed to the scene and filmed the fiery blaze that consumed Michael Hastings’ car after he hit a tree in his Mercedes. A public-spirited citizen is seen trying to hose down the car before the Los Angeles Fire Department arrives.

The horrific accident that took the life of the BuzzFeed journalist occurred about 4 am Tuesday morning on Hollywood’s Highland Avenue near Melrose. The LA Weekly explained how this footage came to be: “Freelance videographers work the night shift in L.A. because local TV stations don’t budget enough for expensive, three-person news vans to work overnight. The freelance crews listen to police scanners and sell their footage to the stations.”

Within hours of his untimely death, conspiracy theories were spawned across the internet suggesting that Hastings may have been targeted because of his political reporting, which was touching on several controversial issues. At the time of his death, the BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reporter was working on stories including the National Security Agency and the CIA. It was also his 2010 Rolling Stone cover story that famously brought down the career of U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Hastings apparently wrote an email the day before his death saying that he was onto a big story. Hastings reportedly also contacted Wikileaks a few hours before the crash, saying that he was under investigation by the FBI.

The LAPD has ruled out any foul play in Hastings’ death, however.

In his final story for BuzzFeed, Hastings wrote in part about the Glenn Greenwald blockbuster Guardian story featuring NSA PRISM program leaker Edward Snowden: “Glenn Greenwald’s exposure of the NSA’s massive domestic spy program has revealed the entire caste of current Democratic leaders as a gang of civil liberty opportunists, whose true passion, it seems, was in trolling George W. Bush for eight years on matters of national security.The very topic of Democratic two-facedness on civil liberties is one of the most important issues that Greenwald has covered. Many of those Dems — including the sitting President Barack Obama, Senator Carl Levin, and Sec. State John Kerry — have now become the stewards and enhancers of programs that appear to dwarf any of the spying scandals that broke during the Bush years, the very same scandals they used as wedge issues to win elections in the Congressional elections 2006 and the presidential primary of 2007-2008.”

Hastings, 33, was also one of the few journalists to publicly acknowledge media bias in admitting that that most star-struck reporters, including himself, “swooned” in the presence of Barack Obama.

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25 Responses to “Dramatic Michael Hastings Car Crash Video Released”

  1. Don Farkas

    Researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Calif., San Diego, reportedly demonstrated in 2010 that, with physical access to car's electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU), a hacker could "adversarially control a wide range of automotive functions and completely ignore driver input, including disabling the brakes, selectively braking individual wheels on demand, stopping the engine, and so on." Researchers from the University of South Carolina and Rutgers University were similarly able to demonstrate being able to remotely activate a car's low tire pressure warning light from another vehicle 120 feet away, without even having gained any physical access to the car's ECU, using just low-cost radio equipment. Some ECU's are, in fact, specifically designed to permit a remote operator to wirelessly override the car's normally electronically controlled functioning by using special cell phone transmissions.

    The ECU's were first introduced in the 1970's as a means to boost fuel efficiency, but have since become integrated into virtually every aspect of a car's functioning and diagnostics, including throttle, brakes, transmission, climate control, lights, entertainment, blue tooth enabled devices and communication systems, etc. Physical access to a vehicle's ECU can be easily achieved just by plugging a laptop or other miniaturized processor into the vehicle's federally mandated On-Board Diagnostic Port (ODB-II Port) now located under the dash of virtually all modern vehicles. A hacker could then introduce malicious re-programming into the ECU to change the functioning of the various electronically controlled aspects of the vehicle.

    Alternatively, if the laptop or processor that is plugged into the OBD-II Port is wirelessly connected to another laptop, then the outside operator of that remote laptop can remotely control the vehicle's electronic functioning whenever desired to override the driver's attempts to control the vehicle. Some have asserted that current design safeguards and legal requirements provide inadequate security against potential malicious hacking of automobile ECU's considering the possible catastrophic risks.

    It may be noteworthy in this regard, that just a few blocks away from the ultimate crash site, Hastings' vehicle was videotaped traveling at a very high rate of speed through a red light at a major intersection without slowing down. A short time later, a witness indicated that Hastings' car also sped through a different intersection at Melrose (also appearing not to have slowed down), hitting a median and bouncing up and down a few times before apparently going out of control and swerving into another median on Highland Avenue, before then crashing into a tree.

  2. Kathryn Leal

    The witness said an explosion occurred in the car before hitting the tree, and you can see the engine several feet away showing something happened prior to the crash….

  3. Eileen Formo Susa


  4. Eileen Formo Susa

    For those with a gut feeling , what do you think?

  5. Eileen Formo Susa


  6. Delores Green

    My gut says that this is a cover up, let us not forget the death of his girlfriend that preceded him in death – car exploded before it crashed into the tree and that video wasn't a video. They killed him!!

  7. Anonymous

    He took out a fire hydrant before wrapping what was still left of the front end around a tree, it was just another typical drunk driving accident. One of the hundreds that happen everyday across this country, but I guess it is much more exciting to blame it on a "government conspiracy."

    Sigh…him driving at high speed and blowing through red lights at 4:30 in the morning doesn't give you any clue? There was no one chasing him or the videographer surely would have included that and probably gotten a lot more money for his story too.

    I guess some people just feel the need to blame any and every misfortune in life on government malfeasance. :(

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone out there care to speculate whether this might have been a Satanic blood sacrifice especially with the approach of the summer solstice as this is soooo important to them?

  9. Anonymous

    Oh, and these come in threes, and James Gandolfini is another one. There might be a more obscure person who may have already been whacked but not to draw attention.

  10. Kristofer Kirchen

    That wasn't a fire hydrant. It was an UNDERGROUND meter or valve body. Check Google street view around 641 N Highland Ave and see for yourself. How does a drunk in a speeding car hit something underground?

  11. Will Jones

    The Talmud in the "religious" attire is not a "public minded citizen," he is performing a ritual oblation, a burnt sacrifice to Satan, and the other trained EMT "Hatzolah" Talmuds, wittingly allowing him to exacerbate the car fire by putting streams of water on it rather than using the appropriate chemical fire extinguisher on their rescue vehicle, are complicit, no doubt sharing in the prayer taught to children in synagogue about their destiny to enslave and kill, with impunity, all those not born Jew (Viz. Talmud).

  12. Boris M. Garsky

    Unless the laws of physics have changed, my analysis of the pictures persuade me that the car was destroyed by a bomb planted underneath the drivers side of the vehicle. If the car, traveling at high speed, or any speed for that matter had struct the Palm tree, a shallow root tree, then the engine and transmission would have been propelled in one direction only; straight ahead. However, straight ahead was a Palm tree. The engine would not have been ejected but would have bounced off the tree and moved back into the car cabin. By the laws of physics, all debris would continue to move forward indefinitely, unless impeded. However, all debris from the car was found behind the car, including the engine and attached transmission. Note that the left wheel is missing which would account for the left drift of the car. What happened to the left wheel? It blew off in the blast causing the car to slow and drift left and hang on the curb; this could not happen if the car was speeding. The right side of the hood projected forward; it did not crumple. The car was not wrapped around the tree; highly unusual; it lay flat to the ground. If the car had hit the curb at high speed, the car would have lifted off the ground which it obviously had not. Was an incendiary device used? The muffler was torn from the car. There were multiple hot spots. The gas tank did not explode; the rear of the car was remarkably intact. Was the air bag deployed? I am going by the pictures and footage provided and I would have to conclude that the explosion was due to a bomb. Lastly, supposedly Michael Hastings car was captured on camera speeding through an intersection. Was this the only recording? Sounds unlikely. Was there another car speeding behind him? Why, if it were true was he speeding which I am not entirely convinced that he was. That speeding car could certainly have been another car and I would put little into it unless it could be shown clearly that it was his car. There are many more cameras that should have caught the speeding car.

  13. Don Farkas

    Witness Jose Rubalcava has stated in videotaped interviews by the LoudLabs News freelance videographer and on "The Young Turks" program that when he saw Hastings' vehicle as it was traveling at high speed through the intersection of Highland Avenue and Melrose Boulevard, it bounced up and down three or four times with "flames and sparks" visible coming from the gas tank area. In one interview, he illustrated the car's bouncing by slapping down hard on one of his hands with the other hand three times and stating, "Like that on the floor!" Mr. Rubalcava specifically emphasized that this bouncing with flames and sparks visible happened before Hastings' Mercedes had even finished crossing the light at Melrose. Hastings' car swerved into a median and crashed into a palm tree a few hundred feet farther south on Highland An unanswered question is what could have made Hastings' Mercedes C250 bounce like that?

    It is noteworthy that the 5:32 minute long videotaped "Raw Footage of Michael Hastings' Car Crash" released by LoudLabs News includes a dash cam view of the roadway heading southbound on Highland. This ironically follows the very same path that Hastings' Mercedes was witnessed to have been on before the crash. In looking at the dash cam video, it appears to show a very clear roadway surface with no obvious bumps, dips, or potholes before or in the intersection of Highland and Melrose. However, a frame by frame examination of the dash cam video images briefly shows a small puddle of liquid in the roadway of Highland's Number 3 (fast) through lane, that appears perhaps about thirty feet or so before the white painted "limit line" demarcating the intersection with Melrose. It is briefly seen at 0.08 seconds into the video reflecting light from the surrounding street lights, and including a moment when it reflects the green light coming from the traffic signal at Melrose. Did the police investigators also find that small puddle and identify the liquid to rule out any possible connection with Hastings' vehicle?

  14. Timothy Spencer

    There is a video of the actual crash where the car looks to be speeding ridiculously fast on a normal neighborhood road in a fashion that looks abnormal, even for someone who is just being a speed head. The car just drives and suddenly jerks off the road, then you literally see an 'explosion' that looks like a bright silvery flash followed by a giant fireball.

    The bright silvery flash looks akin to a firework "sparkler" that we all know from childhood. It's made of an incendiary material and burns silvery and ultra-bright. This is not a material that is put in the manufacture of cars that I'm aware of. This explosion on the video IMO, looks like a powerful incendiary explosion. You don't see these explosions EVER in car crashes. In this crash, it's as plain as day when you watch the video.

    It's my firm belief that Michael Hastings' car was remote hacked and controlled to speed up to over 100mph, then jerk to the left and hit a tree, while setting off a pre-planted, powerful incendiary bomb/device to ensure the kill.

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