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Cabbie Abdikar Aden Subjected To Anti-Muslim Rant

anti-muslim rant hate crime


McLean, VA – Abdikar Aden, a Muslim cabbie, was allegedly subjected to an anti-Muslim rant so bad that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is pursuing hate crime charges against Jessica Crabbe, the alleged ranter.

Not entirely unlike the Dunkin’ Donuts racist rant from a few weeks ago, Crabbe’s anti-Muslim rant was reportedly caught on tape. She chased a string of expletives with a call to the police, during which she explained that she was afraid for her life because Aden, her cabbie, was “very Muslim.”

Aden also claimed that Crabbe poked him in the shoulder repeatedly.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is representing Aden, and asked to prosecute the case due to the nature of Crabbe’s alleged attack.

“(T)he assault is made even more deplorable because it was based on Mr. Aden’s faith alone,” wrote a CAIR attorney, adding that the office “can send the message that bigoted acts of violence have no place in Fairfax County.”

The group believes that the case should be prosecuted as a hate crime.

The woman who allegedly attacked Aden was not available for comment. She was apparently with a companion during the “attack,” and she denied that she ever struck Aden in the police report. She paid her $50 fare after Aden finally pulled over, and another cab came to take Crabbe and her companion to their destination.

It’s unknown what set off the confrontation, but Aden said that Crabbe assumed that he was Muslim, and said that all Muslims come to the U.S. to save up money for terrorism.

She started poking his shoulder and threatening to have him deported. He pulled over and called 911.

Crabbe then called 911 herself, and from there is where Aden started recording her rant. In the four minute recording, she says:

“Oh, he is Muslim, so I’m a little afraid,” also calling Aden “very Muslim” and saying, “I have some Muslim guy, which I am very scared, who is our taxi driver, who’s pulled over, and I’m afraid.”

The companion tries to calm her down, and suggests that Aden is “a good guy.”

“This guy’s Muslim. Are you kidding me? Muslim. He’s not a good guy,” she retorts.

Aden has since stopped working nights, fearful that another confrontation like that could turn violent.

Even though there is a recording out there somewhere (according to the Associated Press) we can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Internet (and we usually know where to look).

Do you think that Abdikar Aden’s anti-Muslim run-in should be prosecuted as a hate crime?

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11 Responses to “Cabbie Abdikar Aden Subjected To Anti-Muslim Rant”

  1. Anonymous

    No, I don't think she should be prosecuted for a hate-crime. Given the current climate of Islam and Muslims, I don't begrudge anyone for feeling vulnerable around them. Rioting in Sweden, firebombing cars and buildings and attacking firemen and cops, shooting at police in France when they drive through their neighbourhood, beheadings and more in Britain.


  2. Christopher Alan

    she's a piece of shit and that's coming from an army vet this whole paranoia of terrorism is getting so out of fucking hand.

  3. Anonymous

    Haha you must be dude who was with that lady….Look moron here is a hint if you feel threatened by a muslim DO NOT get in a taxi driven by a Muslim and then call for the cops only after he refuses to provide you a service.

  4. Fahad Faruqi

    Whatever. It is sad videos like this get so much attention and so many postings. It only serves to build and reinforce stereotypes about America and Americans that are so warped from reality it is unbelievable. It is also sad when videos are posted of Muslim fundamentalists saying hateful things by Islamophobes as a way to stereotype all Muslims. And as an American and a Muslim it is just sad to watch. I live in the Deep South in the US. If there is a place with a history of bigotry and discrimination, it is here. But the people here are kind and generous and good and I have been treated with nothing but respect. People like the woman one in this video should just be ignored. Yes, the US has not entirely gotten rid of all racism. But neither has any other nation on earth.

  5. Anam Ansari

    This is what happens when Asim Ansari deactivates facebook and my laptop i left unattended…

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