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Paula Deen Racist Deposition Stuns Web

paula deen racist

Celeb chef Paula Deen‘s racist deposition has been revealed after she made the shocking statements on May 17, and while the butter-loving TV personality has been in hot water in the past for her lack of concern for healthy diet, that controversy is certain to be eclipsed by the content of her remarks.

Several sources are reporting upon Paula Deen‘s racist deposition, in which she not only makes a damning admission about her acceptable vernacular, but also waxes lyrical about a slave-catered fantasy party that truly crosses the line from “OMG” to “WTF” territory.

Paula Deen’s racist musings come from an earlier lawsuit, in which the chef and Southern belle was accused of emotionally distressing former employee Lisa Jackson and her brother Bubba Hiers.

Jackson and Hiers claimed Deen had used the n-word, but it appears that the cooking personality is not that bothered by such an allegation.

When asked in the deposition about whether she’d said the word, Deen answered: “yes, of course,” before detailing instances in which she’d used it.

But it’s no big deal to tell racist jokes, Deen adds, testifying:

“It’s just what they are — they’re jokes… most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks… I can’t determine what offends another person.”

Paula Deen’s racist admissions don’t stop there. She talks a bit about being inspired by an all black staff and muses:

“I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America… after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War… It was not only black men, it was black women… I would say they were slaves.”

How quaint.

The National Enquirer, the mag that broke the story, spoke with an “insider” who says the testimony is shocking — but what’s really a surprise is that it’s mild compared to day to day life:

“While Paula and Bubba did make some pretty damaging confessions in their depositions, what they admitted to only scratches the surface of what actually goes on in their daily lives.”

Further details of Paula Deen’s racist deposition will be published in the mag.

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124 Responses to “Paula Deen Racist Deposition Stuns Web”

  1. Deborah Ripoli

    people get too offended about stuff. it is getting old.

  2. Angela Thompson

    This is bad because, Paula Deen and Bubba are the only people who talk about other races, history, or their ideas on current conditions.

  3. Ian Cooper

    oh no… some one told a racist joke. burn them at the stake. come on. racism is a joke. and no one wants to be bothered with the truth about slavery.

  4. Dana Barton Mauch

    not an ounce of respect for her anymore NONE ZERO. and how anyone can condone what shes saying youre just as bad.

  5. Patricia Girard

    Seems like it is ok for them to say stuff about whites but if a white person says the N word OMG. The world is coming to an end. Get over it people. There are more pressing things in this world to worry about.

  6. Catherine Zito

    I live in the south.. I don't use these terms at all, but I've been around many women her age down here. And yes, these jokes and terms are used often. People are getting too disgruntled today and too slap happy to slam a friggin' lawsuit. I think it's kind of ridiculous, people are just looking for an easy payday. But whatever. I think people in the spotlight get screwed because if they offend anyone, they should know they'll be getting a lawsuit. In everyday life it's just another friggin' day so go cry in your pillow.

  7. Dana Barton Mauch

    nope i wont get over it -its uncalled for and an insult to a REAL southern woman! i DONT watch her go on and defend her racist arse.

  8. Dolores VanPelt

    In my opinion it sounds like she is trying to speak in the southern way, I repeat (TRYING).She should just stick to recipes and leave the word throwing out. There are better people on T V that are much better than her in the cooking Dept!

  9. Dana Barton Mauch

    and FYI there is A HUGE difference in GA ad A. and i aint talking about states. if you dont get that youre dense.

  10. Crystal M Philpot Berkman

    so let me get this straight , paula cant express her feelings , but black celebrity's can call us HONKY & CRACKER? come on now , grow up already, every american house hold has a certain amount of prejudice in it, were not here to like everyone or every color , but don't put someone on spot lite when no one here is perfect.

  11. Diane Baker

    Shes entitled to say what she wants just like everyone else. It's ok to say what you want about white people and other races but heaven forbid to say anything about black people. They have a protection group for that. I'm all about equality but the tables have turned dramatically in this country!!!

  12. Brenda Burd

    what happened to freedom of speech? get real people…they r called names, we r called names.. honestly all of us can yell racists in one form or another so get over it!

  13. Shelley Stowers

    like no black person has EVER called her a cracker…

  14. Jolene Schiaffino

    well I'm sure ya'll would be alright getting called Cracker or Honky by a black supervisor,…. shows that your nothing more than a color in stead of a human being right? Paula Deen is a bitch and yes I have met her, Live right in Savannah where all of this took place,…

  15. Cindy Kuykendall Calhoun

    Our society is too thin skinned now. It's not like she's going to go out and create a plantation and kidnap people to become slaves. Words are words, if you don't like what she says don't buy her products. Quit whining about every little word that people say.

  16. Angela Thompson

    It'd be great if all the name-calling stopped, but it's like some people want to pound away at using the descriptors… and they consciously set a standard. People really should be able to speak though, about their perceptions on any realm.

  17. Angela Thompson

    Yep, trying to be jovial and misunderstanding intangible modern limits.

  18. Dani Menghini

    Racism goes two ways. She made reference to a historical and cultural point in time. And yes, jokes r jokes. There are entire hr long comedy specials based on folks making fun of 'whites'. Colleges dedicated to not accept 'whites'. And we have to watch out mouthes because someone gets their panties in a twist? Take the joke or don't and move on. Find someone whos truly a hateful person to focus on.

  19. Patricia Girard

    There isn't freedom of speech anymore. Never said I condoned it or even like her, merely voiced my opinion above and was called trailer trash. OMG I think I am going to sue.

  20. Tyeshia Kelly

    It always amuses me when people who are not apart of the group that is being made fun of or belittled – put their two cents in … Please don't tell me how I should feel especially on something that you have no frame of reference.

  21. Tyeshia Kelly

    I don 't think everyone believes their race is superior to another. I certainly don't

  22. Cindy Kuykendall Calhoun

    Anthony, I think what he is trying to say is slavery is over, has been over, all of the men, women and children who were slaves have mostly passed away and it's time to quit crying about it. It happened and there is nothing anyone living can do about the past. It's time to move forward and all live together as equals.

  23. Tyeshia Kelly

    What is with the finger pointing, racist comments on either side is wrong

  24. Deborah Pease-Bell

    Miss Paula has always had a big mouth and a tiny brain. Stop listening to her!

  25. Maleka Turner Giovinco

    400 year head start on the N word Ms. Patricia. No you can not use it if you are not a person of color ( i personally think that's stupid). YES there are more pressing issues than paula deen eating too much butter and repeating racist jokes!

  26. Maleka Turner Giovinco

    wow really cindy? so jewish people should get over the holocaust too since it happen umpteen years ago and most of the enslaved are probably dead? is that what you are saying?

  27. Tracy Korhonen

    I'm not surprised by her thinking or behavior at all. I agree with Anthony Batiste.

  28. Tracy Korhonen

    I'm not surprised by her thinking or behavior at all. I agree with Anthony Batiste.

  29. Willoughby Spitt

    ONLY ignorant ameriKKKan KKKracKKKers think, write in a public forum or say out loud for others to hear such bullshit!!! As always, they hide behind a pc screen as opposed to talking that dumb shit in front of ( unless they're draped in their Sunday best white hoodies with lots of other cowards in a big group ) a group of black people!! Typical yellow bellied fuckers!!! Freedom of speech is great!!! ameriKKKa, ameriKKKa, god shed his grace on thee!!!

  30. Maleka Turner Giovinco

    i do not call anyone honky, whitey nor do i want to be called anything but my name; but i am @deborah i see ignorance is alive and well where you live.

  31. Shondolyn Gibson

    I don't call anyone the N word. I don't call people slurs. It's rude. I use their names.

  32. Jolene Schiaffino

    yep and she refused pictures and pushed a little girl aside ( Carole's daughter) to take pictures with a morbidly obese woman in a wheel chair at the children's cook book release and signing at Barnes and Nobles right here in Savannah. It was quite sad

  33. Nancy Whitehead-Griffith

    When you grown you when she did saying the n word was no big deal my mother did it all the time bc that was the way it way back then. I know you should not say the word but why is it we can't say it but the blacks say it to each other all the time here in the south where I live I just don't get it.

  34. Rachel Corso Poland

    Do you not understand that "white" and "nigger" are not the same thing? One is a skin color; the other is an demeaning, degrading insult and a throwback to a far more ignorant, racist time. Put yourself in their place and ask how you'd like it.

  35. Maria Neida Alvarado

    Deborah Dean Holloway I don't call anyone honky, whitey or anything 'slurry' like that. I can say greasy Mexican to another Mexican (I was born in the USA) and they to me, but I don't want you or anyone else to call me or my family that unless you are a very close friend. :)

  36. Maria Neida Alvarado

    I despise those comedians who make slurs about any race. Some people LOVE it, they're supposed to be cute, but to me they are NOT, especially when they degrade, YES degrade women in any shape or form. It's disgusting. Why do people put up with them?????

  37. Art Hericks

    If a black man or black woman uses the n word are they called racist too?

  38. Ashley Walker

    Idk why ppl are surprised….Paula Dean is a known racist

  39. Rebecca Elizabeth Hunt

    LOL, white people in the comments upset cause we can't say the N word, wahhhhhhh. It's sad, it really is. Guess what fellow Whiteys, after having ALL the power and ALL the money for sometime now, it's our turn to get a few jokes thrown at us and just take it. Oh, and guess what? Freedom of Speech doesn't protect you when you say stupid shit LOL. Have fun building up anger because the n-word is still off limits!

  40. Faye Vance

    Leave her alone. For pete sake, get a life. Bunch of morons!

  41. Karen Collins

    Is this not Oprah's friend? Oprah who hates the "N" word?

  42. Steven Mcallister

    They should not use that word my wife hates the word and she would never use it

  43. Bobby King

    It amazes how nasty some people of my race are. You hear things like "get over it" or reverse racism. You people are seriously white trash. You people are nothing. Bottom Feeders of the white race who only have color to cling onto to feel superior over other races. I come from a pretty successful family and didn't grow up around many blacks and most people of my parents caliber aren't racist. You people have no idea what those employees went through so you get over it. Claiming on the other hand blacks do it too. How would you know? Comedians? I'm in inner cities weekly working in the worst neighborhoods with kids and no one treats me nasty. If you think this is acceptable or making excuses for them you're probably nothing more than white trash working a hourly job while claiming to be superior. Give me a black.

  44. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    So what was the point of this story exactly? I've heard just as many jokes about rednecks and blondes (WHITE FOLKS) as I have about blacks, Jews, Catholics, little morons, orientals Canadians etc etc etc. I don't let the jokes be the basis for my dealings with any of those groups named. Paula's right, they are just JOKES. Nothing else. And I guarantee you that when the joke is told, the telling ethic group will certainly use another ethnic group as the brunt of the joke. Lighten up people. (See I made a joke, people darker than Paula Deen should take the meds Michael Jackson took, and "lighten up" LOL.

  45. Linda Shanley

    I have to disagree with most people commenting. It is NOT alright in my opinion to call anyone a name of any sort, racial or otherwise. I certainly would never call anyone the N word. It is disrespectful! Plain and simple. Start bring adults and treat each other with respect and see how different the world can be. To judge someone by the color of their skin shows stupidity.

  46. Bobby King

    I would expect someone that looks like you to be nasty. No surprise here. I'm pretty sure if you heard fat jokes by your boss all day you wouldn't say "go cry in your pillow". Or how you wouldn't live to be over 50

  47. Shannon Lowe

    This isn't about what people say on a television show…I saw comments about comedians and the like…You cannot..even with freedom of speech…be an employer and use derogatory name calling toward your employees and think that it's okay… if she's in her home…or having a private conversation, then she can call anyone anything she wants… but why think it's okay anyway… why would a person think it is…

  48. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    Tyeshia Kelly ; So in the meantime, you're just going to hate everyone? Because everyone tells a joke from time to time. Get over it. Ignore the bad things they say about your color. I do when I'm called honky, whitey, white motherfucker, white devils and all the other things your people say about us. Are you amused now?

  49. Anita Cole-Smith

    Tyeshia Kelly I certainly agree. But, this should go for ALL races. As a white female, I can be offended too. It seems okay to throw us under the bus any time of day…and people laugh and laugh. At what point do I get to stop paying for my ancestors terrible behavior??? I myself, didn't do anything wrong…I don't say derogatory things about people…I love everyone equally for who they are personally. Was Paula wrong in using that derogatory term??? YES!!! It's not just a racist issue. People are too damn sensitive about everything now days. Everyone is so afraid they're going to offend someone else…Boo Hoo!!! It's to the point where every kid gets a ribbon even when they didn't win. We can't have a pic of Jesus in our schools because someone else may not worship him. We can't say Merry Christmas for fear that we're leaving someone else out. I'm sorry but this country was built on "One Nation Under God" and our language is English. Do we see other countries conforming to others??? No we do not!!! People need to "Buck Up" and get on with there lives! Worry about how you're raising your kids, how you're treating your neighbors, are you being productive, are you helping others where you can, etc. etc. etc.

  50. Elkiela Iceprincess Kimbro

    I love how carefree she is about it. I really don't care what she says personally. I wasn't there and I don't know what really happened but I do know that you can't sue everyone that hurts your feelings. I don't know when Americans started being so butthurt about everything. If I got taken to court every time I said "Dude, stop being gay" (and I am not a homophobe) I'd be broke and homeless.

  51. Tyeshia Kelly

    Terry – firstly I did not say I hate anyone! At this point you are making assertion about who I am and what I believe. You can tell a racist joke all you want (however I myself do not find it funny ). In my opinion you have no right to tell me how I should feel just as I do not have the right to tell you. So NO I will not just get over it – and Terry actually I am amused…amused that we are still laving this conversation in 2013 :)

  52. Tyeshia Kelly

    Anita, I definitely agree. I am not just talking about black people (I myself am biracial) I would include women, the disabled, etc.

  53. Carol Dempsie

    Cindy, you're right. Slavery was over 150 years ago. HOWEVER, rebel flags still fly all over the South. Why should Blacks forget about slavery if Whites won't stop parading around with rebel flags, having Civil War reenactments, etc. White America has made a lucrative business out of perpetuating Old South values and the stigma is still here. . . . . Who lost the Super Bowl in 1982? Who were the runners up in the Best Actor category at the 2001 Academy Awards? . . . . My point is that some people remember the winners but NOBODY remembers who lost. The Confederacy lost, so why do we have to remember the losers? White racist Americans: you lost ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS ago! Get over your transgressions. After you do, then we'll think about getting over slavery.

  54. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    Mark Butler ; Mark, what she says is more true than not. Are you really THAT stupid? You can't tell me that the backlash against Whites is the same against blacks when a racist comment is made and tossed into the public arena. Whites are darn near crucified or at least sent to sensitivity classes when they use the word black, (much less ni##@r) in a context that blacks don't like. Whites on the other hand are told to calm down and ignore such racial rants by blacks. Ever been called a White Motherf#@#@r? I have, and for nothing more than walking on the street in Gary, Indiana. Ever been attacked and outnumbered by a gang og racist thug blacks? I have in Germany and in Chicago and Gary. My affront to them? "What's a White MF like you doing here? You need to get your ass gone" When it comes to making a difference and driving a racial wedge, it's the blacks that cause the most problems. Don't you watch the news?? Get out of your ivory tower and go downtown, really downtown, and see how many friends you make. You are just ignorant of the real world based on your comment.

  55. James R. Loe III

    I have been called every name in the book…..So what, words do not hurt, your actions kill me though.

  56. James R. Loe III

    At least she was honest enough to speak her mind, and was not afraid to tell you.

  57. Dana Barton Mauch

    she is rich and racist so shes in the spotlight most are poor and racist around here james you know the caliber of ppl in this ole red state

  58. Dana Barton Mauch

    i stopped watching her few months ago because she become mundane now i REALLY am glad i dont watch her.its a disgrace to a real southern woman for her to say shit like that

  59. SnoopysMom Garrett

    @Deborah, who/whom are you referring to when you are saying they? Us? I am assuming you are using the pronouns they to mean African-American and us, Caucasians. What a HUGE generalization you are making because the N word is/never used in my everyday life nor with the friends I associate myself with. I have not heard the terms you used since the 70's early 80's. There is nothing to get over myself because she is referring to OTHERS when she is using those terms if this article is deemed to be factual.

  60. Catherine Zito

    Hey, you obviously know nothing about me. LoL, But I'm guessing you are the type that would go cry in your pillow son. I'm not condoning her actions, just the fact people are pretty quick to slam a lawsuit at someone that has money when it's clearly something we all have to deal with on a daily. As you have so "greatly and inspiringly" expressed in your thoughts. Wait, will I have a lawsuit pending if I call you a redneck Harley Davidson enthusiast? Just have them contact me via email. :)

  61. Renea Henry

    Where are these fictitious institutions you reference?

  62. Catherine Zito

    Everyone is equal, I truly believe this. I just don't believe sensitivity is due for a lawsuit. That's all.

  63. Ray Dash

    no one is saying that, I would be jjust as disappointed if Paula Deen was Black and said something about a White person..derogatory comments are wrong, in any context…being a Black person who admired her is the disappointment I feel…don't just try to throw it under the rug

  64. SnoopysMom Garrett

    @Diane, what "protection group" are you making reference to? Mark, silence is golden because there is no need to give the comment above any veracity.

  65. Terry Spencer

    This is not "The Jeffersons" Nobody uses Honky or Whitey! It's all bro,dude or bruh! white dude or black dude

  66. SnoopysMom Garrett

    Please advise on which colleges are dedicated to not accept whites.

  67. SnoopysMom Garrett

    Please advise on which colleges are dedicated to not accept whites.

  68. Erika K Moureau

    what's the point of this story? They call each other the n word all the time, but WE can't say it?

  69. Nabeehah C Young

    The word NIGGER is universal to me Ignorance knows no color but using the term to hurt the feelings of my people is f***ing wrong!!! Being a public figure, she should know better. As my mom said; You do what you know!!!!

  70. Ray Dash

    Hate when ppl on comment sections try to defend stufff like this in any way possible. I don't use derogatory comments toard ANY race…not even the. N-word b/c it sounds ignorant…If she was an African American woman, and a story like this came out, I would be just as equally dissappointed. Racial jokes are never cool in any way, by anybody…as an. African American males who admired Paula since the beginning, I'm disappointed

  71. Stacy Starks

    She's from the south where the rebel flag still flys,so if people don't like her freedom to express her self shouldn't listen or be around her!!!

  72. Hanna Hammond

    Really, Terry? You're just proving the stereotypes of old, racist, white trailer trash, waving the Confederate flag. You're the minority now, as you've said, many times before… GET OVER IT!

  73. Clubkid Kris

    Fuck um I say it to. They get all pissed when we say the n word but its ok for them to make jokes about the white man. Well bullshit ima talk shit to

  74. Carol Rovelo

    First she's a celebrity and yeah it's gonna blow up. Second black celebrities have been targeted and crucified for racial and sexist comments. Ie. Snoop Dogg, Martin Lawrence, Richard Pryor, Jessie Jackson, MANY civil rights activists. And the guy from Grey's Anatomy. But yet when you don't know a minority's name you say that black guy. I don't condone ANYONE using those kind of words! Paula Deen is from a different era, I understand that but don't think it's just the Caucasian people that catch crap for racial comments. Just sayin.

  75. Kenneth Gurganus

    Anthony Batiste How you know this person is trailer trash? Here is a good example of name calling when you don't know a thing about this person. ''Oh, that's right she must be white and that says it all. Give me a break tired of all this watch what you say it might offend someone.

  76. Sandra Brown Ryan

    You can save yourself a lot of Heartache….if you take nothing personally. Consider the source.

  77. Jennifer Moureau Goebel

    So what? Now you can't say there were slaves? This is ridiculous.

  78. Kevin Currie

    Actually this country was build on freedoms from a tyrant King. The One Nation Under God was added in the 50's to our pledge. There will always be people who will blame someone for their woes. However, the picture of Jesus is not because someone does not believe in his as there is this funny thing about separation of of Church and State. You can always say Merry Christmas and if someone gets offended then that on them. Not everyone views your holiday as I am a Buddhist yet I would not expect for you to observe my faith either. What ever happened to basic respect to others and why are we still telling tasteless jokes in 2013? Words only have as much power you allow them.

  79. Dave Brown

    No, what's "getting old" is people like you complaining about how unfair it is that you're expected to behave like a decent, civilized person.

  80. Devan Townsend

    Wow…the comments section on any story about race really brings out the best and brightest in white America huh? Thanks for proving that racism is alive and thriving.

  81. Veronica Davis

    I am of mixed race…I love PAULA DEEN….Before I judge her on anything she may have said…I look at the character of that individual. I am not offended…WHAT WE ALL BETTER DO IS LEARN TO GET ALONG….BLACK ON BLACK CRIME…WHITE ON WHITE CRIME…CHILDREN BEING ABUSED…WOMEN BEING ABUSED…MEN AND WOMEN BEING SENT OFF TO WAR….And folks are concerned with something as tedious as being called a name…if she did not say it to me in my face so unimportant to me seriously….LET'S STOP THE VIOLENCE PLAGUING OUR STREETS THAN COME BACK AND TALK ABOUT IT..OTHER THAN THAT…ONWARD AND UPWARD WITH ME…GO TO…www.chillprogram..NO VIOLENCE..MORE PEACE MOVEMENT..There we are ONE-LOVE..ENOUGH SAID…LOVE YOU ALL.

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