Paula Deen Raunchy Video: Food Network Diva Drops F-Bombs [Watch]

Paula Deen, the Food Network chef, is a genteel Southern lady, but things can sometimes get hot and spicy in her kitchen.

In a video apparently made up of blooper and outtakes from her show Paula Dean’s Home Cooking, she swears up a storm and even simulates a sex act. Or as the Daily Mail puts it, “she seasons her dishes with some colorful language”

It was all in good fun at least from Paula Deen’s point of view, until the lawyers got involved. The two-minute gag video was supposed to be a shown before Paula Deen took the stage at live cooking events as part of the Celebrity Chefs Tour, but the the group determined the content that Deen submitted wasn’t suitable for a family audience.

The New York Post — which asserted that “Paula Deen’s cooking isn’t just full of butter — it’s also mighty salty!”– had the exclusive on Paula Deen’s disputed blooper reel:

The queen of Southern cuisine curses up a cordon bleu streak in a “blooper reel” — dropping the swear words “motherf–kers” and “shee–t” as often as she drops lard and bacon grease in her frying pan …

The video became a major part of a legal fight between Deen and the promoters after she backed out of the 10-city tour. [Paula Deen] … claimed Ravet’s company bounced a check to her and sued him for $1.25 million. Ravet [president of Celebrity Chef Tour] then countersued for $40 million, alleging a breach of contract for failing to do the shows.

The case settled this week in Manhattan federal court, and the “bawdy blooper reel” apparently was returned to Paula Deen. The settlement itself was confidential but according to the Post, “Ravet said Deen ‘paid a lot of money'” to make the case go away.

Watch clips of the Paula Deen blooper reel:

Are you a fan of Paula Deen? Should she consider giving up cursing in addition to butter or is this just harmless fun?