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Rumor Claims Lil Boosie Dead

lil boosie dead

It’s a sure sign of the northern summer when the fake celebrity death circuit gets into full swing, and today’s rumor claims Lil Boosie is dead.

There’s no origin for the Lil Booise dead rumor that we can find, except perhaps a case of confusion: Lil Booise may soon be dead as he’s facing the death penalty on a murder charge.

According to reports, Lil Booise was indicted on the murder charge by a Grand Jury June 17. He is accused of murdering Terry Boyd in his home in October 2009 “over turf.” If that’s not bad enough, he’s also been linked to at least five other murders, as well as conspiracy to sell codeine, ecstasy and marijuana in prison.

So all we can add is that Lil Boosie is not dead, Lil Boosie has not died. However, he may soon end up dead in an electric chair.

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29 Responses to “Rumor Claims Lil Boosie Dead”

  1. Anonymous

    fuck dem crackerz we goin to trial dey cant hold a real nigga down

  2. Amber Chandler

    free lil Boosie! I happen to love and enjoy his music * shit don't worry Lil Boosie you got plenty people praying for you and your family it's not like you new your daughter was behind the car it's just bunch shit…. People need fk hobby.

  3. Brandeey Roxchelle Elmo

    Free lil boosie… He mite hve hurt sumbdy but free him bcuz yal hve kno proof soo free myi dawgg dheese rumors ii heard dawgg was dead ndd I was like most lil boosie bad got scared fah min…

  4. MrMr Wilson

    The system always tryin 2 hold trill niggas down but fuck The system free boosie.

  5. Brenden O'Leary

    This guy NEEDS Christ in his life. Feel so bad for him and his family. Hope they don't kill him and he can straighten out his life and get out of the drug, gang life. Guy has a wife and 3 kids, no example to set for them. Such a sad story.

  6. Anonymous

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  7. Chasity Gallien

    God has the last say how dare yall post something like this about someone no he not dead u might want him to be but he not, I can't believe this type about your own life..

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