ModNation Racers Viral Video Released – “Big” Guy Gets Hot Chick

Isn’t a Playstation 3 just a mix of a Nintendo Wii and a Xbox 360? I ask that because I’ve never owned a PS2 or PS3 (and perhaps to provoke a few comments out of PS3 fans.) I know why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo doesn’t make their game cross-platform. How many extra Wiis would Nintendo sell if you could buy Mario for your PS3?

I still think it’s a shame though, Xbox 360 owners are missing brilliant games like God of War, Little Big Planet and SingStar Abba. Another game we Xbox 360/Wii-owners are going to miss is ModNation Racers.

According to this viral video there is no end to the possibilites. The video is produced by the Danish company DSP.

If you could mod anything, what would you mod?