Austrian Hotel Advertises For Court Jester

Austrian Hotel Advertises For Court Jester

A hotel in Austria has decided to give their guests a medieval experience by advertising for a court jester.

The fact that you can now enjoy your holiday with the hotel service of a jester included seems just as innovative as providing guests with goldfishes to keep them company.

The hotel in Austria’s Styria province is well known for its colorful appearence and creative concepts, thanks to the artistic input of designer and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and therefore is the perfect location for such an unusual job to be advertised.

The advert asks for the individual to be an extrovert who is creative and imaginative, alongside the need for a confident personality; the ad also asks that applicants bring along their own musical instruments for the interview.

Furthermore, the applicants are permitted to dress up in creative outfits to try to win over the interviewers; it really is a rare opportunity for Austrian job seekers to show off their eccentricity and fun side.

After the interview process, the applicant that is successful will be earning up to 1,400 euros, which is equivalent to $1,900 – not a bad sum for the opportunity to unleash your inner jester.

However, hotel director, Melanie Franke, warns applicants not to think of this job as a “fool’s errand,” noting that, although the job requires a fun loving individual to suit the role, a court jester needs to be courteous above all else.

This is due to the fact that, during medieval times, court jesters were seen as a luxurious commodities that royal and wealthy families bought into, which is reinforced by Franke who said: “Jesters were a luxury that royal families indulged themselves in.”

Hopefully, the court jester service won’t suffer such bad reviews that its discontinued all together, like the discounted room service at the New York Hamilton Midtown.

Whether the job actually works out is another matter, however, for the time-being, the Austrian hotel is expecting their introduction of a court jester to boost their revenue even higher.

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