'Final Fantasy XV' will have direct sequels, says Square

‘Final Fantasy XV’ To Have Direct Sequels, Says Square

Final Fantasy XV will have multiple direct sequels, according to Square.

Yes, Final Fantasy fans, Square is planning yet another round of sequels to one of their flagship series.

Initially, the mega-hit Final Fantasy VII was planned as part one of a series, but after Square realized that they were really just making a movie, they decided to cut the game out of it and make a full-on CG movie instead, calling it Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

It wasn’t until Final Fantasy X that Square successfully began with sequels to a story that already existed, using regular numerals in addition to the Roman numerals to signify that it was related to the original game. It happened again with Final Fantasy XIII.

For those still not familiar with the Final Fantasy series, it usually involves a party of characters each with his or her own skillset depending on what kind of character they are. A white mage, usually dressed in white, will always have healing and protective spells while a black mage, dressing accordingly, uses attack magic and always complements the warrior of the group. The combination of white and black mages/wizards and warriors has been a successful staple of Final Fantasy games almost from the beginning, and remains to this day, although now they all have their own personalities and varied appearances, and often their own unusual weapon styles.

Tetsuya Nomura, a director with Square, stated in an interview with Famitsu:

“In the trailer, there was a line that read ‘A World of the Versus Epic,’ which suggests that it will be part of an epic. While Final Fantasy XV will have one climax, as a story, we plan to continue it further. … As for as how it will be released, we’ll announce that later on; however, having you wait a long while for a next title isn’t something we would desire…”

Just as every Final Fantasy game ever made has done, expect Final Fantasy XV and its direct sequels to take full advantage of the hardware it’s being developed for (Xbox One, PlayStation 4). However, it appears that the game will simply be a next generation remake of Final Fantasy XIII, so we will have to wait and see if it’s worth the purchase.

What do you think about Final Fantasy XV getting direct sequels?