Burger King razor

Woman Finds Razor In Burger King Hamburger

A California woman recently found a razor blade in her Burger King hamburger.

A couple of weeks ago, relatives of 46-year-old Yolanda Orozco went to the Burger King in Willits and ordered hamburgers.

“I bit off of it, I checked for onions and then I saw a razor blade in there,” Orozco said. “I was in shock. I was just looking at it. Somebody at Burger King was careless.” Orozco said that the blade was hidden between the burger meat and the cheese.

Willits police officer Mark McNelley took Orozco’s call about the razor blade in the burger. Initially, he said, he thought it was a hoax. He and his partner spent six hour investigating, and trying to determine if there was any criminal wrongdoing. The pair determined that it was an accident that could have been prevented.

McNelley and his partner took a tour of the Burger King that night, and what they found was troubling.

“That’s when we saw the disconcerting sign of three other razor blades in close proximity to food,” McNelley said. Employees said that they use the blades for cleaning purposes, and McNelley said that he found the single-edge blades above and in front of the burger warming trays and above the condiment area.

“I was definitely surprised. I didn’t expect to see that,” McNelley said.

Since there were no laws broken, the Willits Police Department has closed the investigation, but the Mendocino County Department of Environmental Health has taken over. Inspectors are mandating better employee training and a better storage and tracking system for the blades.

Orozco said restaurant management has contacted her, but she is “really paranoid” right.

In 2008, a similar, but actually a whole lot worse, discovery was made by a New York man who found a serrated knife baked into the bread of his 12-inch Subway sandwich. As in, a whole knife, not just the blade. John Agnesini sued Subway after the discovery, and eventually settled for about $20,000.

Does hearing about a razor blade found in a Burger King hamburger make you nervous to eat fast food?