Kate Upton Celebrates 21st Birthday With Family, Friends And Lawmakers

Kate Upton celebrated her 21st birthday this week the way that all beautiful and famous supermodels do: by visiting her congressman uncle Fred Upton.

Upton, who is one of the most famous supermodels in the world, spent the day with family and friends. She also visited her uncle and GOP Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy posted a photo of the supermodel with the caption: “With Congressman Fred Upton and his niece, Kate. We are celebrating Kate’s 21st Birthday #kateupton.”

Upton also received plenty of birthday wishes on Twitter. The super model, who has close to 1 million followers, was bombarded with a mixture of happy birthday wishes and sad pickup lines.

One user wrote: Happy birthday! If you ever want to hang out, just let me know. Mmk?

Another added: Happy 21st birthday @KateUpton Im celebrating by imagining Im taking you out for dinner and drinks.

Upton recently turned down a prom request because of a schedule conflict but her initial interest has apparently given hope to some Twitter users. The super model didn’t accept any dates on her birthday but she did thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes.

Upton may only be 21 but she is already one of the most famous super models in the world. She’s covered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition twice, her “Cat Daddy” dance on YouTube has been viewed more than 16 million times, and she was recently named the Hottest Super Model On Earth.

Here are a few photos to celebrate Kate Upton’s amazing body of work.