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PlayStation 4: PS Plus Required For Multiplayer

PlayStation 4 to require PS Plus subscription for multiplayer games

PlayStation 4 will require PlayStation Plus for multiplayer games.

For months now most of the bad news has been surrounding the Xbox One like a swarm of flies on a dead animal, and Microsoft only seems to be spraying it with the scent of garbage. After the disappointing Xbox One reveal in May, where Microsoft couldn’t stop talking about TV and the Call of Duty dog, over the weekend they confirmed everything we didn’t want to hear, before E3 2013 even started.

Last night, Sony truck a thunderous blow to the Microsoft fan base by announcing that the PlayStation 4 will allow used games to be traded freely and won’t require an internet connection, as previously reported in The Inquisitr. And let us not forget that the console will cost less as well.

However, where there’s good news, bad news is likely to fall, but it isn’t really a huge bummer unless you have multiplayer game parties in your home. PlayStation 4 will require an online connection to play multiplayer games via PlayStation Plus. Chances are, you usually play multiplayer games with people around the world, so this won’t be a big deal for most of you, but when player two is sitting right next to you on the couch, it could pose some issues needing to be online to include them.

Unlike Xbox One owners, the PS Plus service will allow you to continue to enjoy the benefits of previous consoles and connectivity aspects via PlayStation Vita. However, unlike Xbox Live’s basic service, PS Plus will require a subscription of $49.99 for one year, three months for $17.99, or month by month for $9.99.

If you really think about it, the full year subscription fee is about the same as Xbox Live Gold is currently, and it’s really not a lot for the time frame.

For fifty bucks a year, you can enjoy all of the benefits of the PlayStation 4 as well as multiplayer games. And if you’re a lone-wolf gamer, there’s no need to worry. PlayStation 4 won’t require you to be online, ever.

How do you feel about PlayStation 4 requiring PS Plus for multiplayer games? Is that enough to stop you from buying one?

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20 Responses to “PlayStation 4: PS Plus Required For Multiplayer”

  1. Aaron Sullivan

    The main reason I bought a PS3 and not an Xbox was because online was free… Only $50 a month? What if you own the system for six years? That $400 system cost you $700.

  2. Gary White

    If you have a minimum wage job, you can replace that $700 in 100 hours. So 20 hours a week? That's about one year, dude. It's not that big of a deal if you're really going to enjoy it.

    Xbox: 500 + (60 * 6) = 860
    PS4: 400 + (50 * 6) = 700

    You're still saving a lot of money.

  3. Martin Sloey

    Really annoyed with this move by sony. We are loyal to them because they give us the best of things and one of the best was the free online gaming. its totally out of order when we buy games and download content already. I don't want a ps plus account I just want my free multiplayer online like I have always got off sony. Disappointed in them to say the least. Taking a shitty leaf out of microsofts book. Stupid move sony.

  4. Martin Sloey

    hahahaha if it helps me ban sony from charging us for online gaming. Im all for it hahaha

  5. Martin Sloey

    yeah man its true but i think they will get there bit by bit. really dont like the way they took free online gaming off us like

  6. Anthony J. Mitchell

    It is so funny that I have seen playstation 4 adopters braying about free online and no DRM being the reason they are going with Xbox one. Might want to quit trying to stick their shit in Xbox one gamers and check the one Sony stuck up their ass instead.

  7. JE Rupp

    I don't mind the idea of charging to access their servers (that makes sense). Requiring PSN Plus for at-home coop? That's just stupid.

  8. Rick Robinson

    Yarg, this just erks me. They better plan on hosting dedicated servers and cloud saves otherwise this will be a tough pill to swallow. Right now I don't see much in the way of either… I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  9. Sean Perry

    I've had a few people tell me the PS4 is the way to go this time around.. I've never owned one though. Thoughts?

  10. Rick Robinson

    Sean Perry Yes, at this point in my life i'm doing everything humanly possible to avoid Microsoft. They simply aren't a very consumer friendly company. I feel like they might try some bait and switch stuff after going back on the always online crap that they had shown off earlier in the year. Post Windows 7 i'm dropping the OS as well. Plenty of fun can be had on Linux now that devs (including Valve and Steam) are including that platform.

  11. Brandy Miller-Franklin

    Gary White Yes you may still be saving money but Every Xbox comes with a Kinect where you still have to buy the Playstation Move and move controllers separately and if you want more than one person playing motion games like Just Dance you'll need more move controllers where with the Kinect you don't need any extra controllers, and it does a lot more than play motion games you will be able to control your Console and Skype.

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