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Rite Aid Scam: Police Issue Warning About Phony Sweepstakes

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Don’t get too excited if you get a phone call claiming that you’ve won money in a Rite Aid sweepstakes because there’s a good chance that it’s a scam.

Business Week reports that an elderly woman in West Kittanning, Pennsylvania recently received a call claiming that she had won $18,000 in a Ride Aid sweepstakes. The woman was told to buy a “Green Dot” card for $500 in order to pay the taxes on her winnings.

The woman contacted her son before buying the card and didn’t lose any money in the scam.

The “Green Dot” cards are pre-paid cards that can be used like debit cards. The Rite Aid scam attempts to trick people into buying the card and then giving out the serial number to the scammer. Once the scammer has the serial number, they can use the pre-paid card for themselves.

State trooper Joe Zandarski said that the phone call appeared to come from Jamaica. No one has been arrested for the scam yet.

Zandarski said that Rite Aid was aware of the scam and was warning customers about the phony phone calls.

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9 Responses to “Rite Aid Scam: Police Issue Warning About Phony Sweepstakes”

  1. Anne K. Smith

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  2. Gordon Wollesen

    SCAM, SCAM, WHO'S GOT THE SCAM? Where and when is the next one going to hit? Hey, Americans pay attention when you get a strange phone call!
    All that I can say is, BE CAREFUL!

  3. Virginia Artist

    The only people getting scammed are the people who still shop at this rip-off of a store. Everything is overpriced and their customer service is horrid.

  4. Mike Rebate

    Ed McMahon came to my door yesterday with a coupon for ten million. I only had to order 400 magazines and he promised to deliver the cash next week.

  5. Jeff West

    I just won $18,000. I just sent off $500 for the taxes. Am I lucky or what. I have to call Rite Aid to find out when I am getting my check. Does anyone have the 800 number to Rite Aid?

  6. Donald Maginnis

    If I get a scam email and am in a particular mood at the time, I reply tell them I have taken a vow of poverty and it is against my religion to make a profit. Then I tell them that I too am the executor for a Nigerian prince and need a way to get money out of the country. The rest writes itself.

  7. Lucy Palmer

    I got a scam offer,"' send us $25.00 and we will send you your winning of over 4 million dollar" Addleshaw, Bird, &Mitchell @503,169 Commack Road, Ste.H., Commack, Ny, 11725 WAS THE RETURN ADDRESS. I turn the letter over to the law. I think it a federal crime to use the mail to scam some.

  8. Edwin Flynn

    Got a call about winning the lottery, too. Had I not read about the scam at before, I might have fallen for the trick. The scammer talked like a legit representative. He knew how to excite me with the cash prize.

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