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Suspect Buried Alive After Rape, Murder In Bolivia

suspect buried alive

A suspect buried alive was tied up and thrown into the grave of the woman he was suspected of raping and killing in Colquechaca, Bolivia.

The suspect buried alive during the funeral of the woman killed was tossed into the grave of 35-year-old murder victim Leandra Arias Janco as a crowd of 200 people mourned her death.

17-year-old Santos Ramos, the suspect buried alive by the villagers in the area, was named by police as a possible suspect in Janco’s killing, and the Huffington Post explains that residents joined ranks not only to prevent rescuers from reaching the teen, but also to keep the vigilante act quiet:

“Enraged, more than 200 community members seized Ramos and buried him alive alongside his alleged victim Wednesday night, according to Barrios. He said residents on Thursday blocked the road to the community, preventing police and prosecutors from reaching it … A local reporter for an indigenous radio station, who would only speak on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, told The AP that Ramos was tied up at the woman’s funeral. Mourners threw him into the open grave, placed the woman’s coffin in it and filled the grave with earth.”

Vigilante killings like the one in which the teen suspect buried alive met a grim fateT are not unusual in Quechua’s indigenous community of Tres Cruces. Just this week, villagers stoned a suspected thief to death before burning his alleged accomplice in the crime, killing the man.

England’s Daily Mailreports that incidents like the suspect buried alive have been so prevalent that the government has acknowledged the issue of “indigenous justice” in Bolivia:

“Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous President, signed into law in 2009 a measure extending institutional recognition of ‘indigenous justice,’ but it’s difficult to define the boundaries between the indigenous and Western systems of justice.”

The reporter who broke the story of the suspect buried alive did not wish to be identified due to fear of reprisal.

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20 Responses to “Suspect Buried Alive After Rape, Murder In Bolivia”

  1. Joe Lamer

    Tony, those people have no alternative motives. Its rural country where the honor IS the way of life

  2. Gregory Paul Brummett

    So much for due process……..hope they got the right guy………….

  3. Robert Hollingsworth

    I hope this wasn't just a witch hunt and they actually know he was guilty. I just see suspect in the article, so who is to say? Regardless, it is an awful way to die.

  4. Carol Bailey

    They don't play around, now that's justice, short and sweet.

  5. Ronald Watson

    Joe Lamer They can still be wrong. Mob justice is often not clear nor are they too concerned with whether they have the right person.

  6. Ray Cosmic

    Open up Tsarnaev's grave in VA, toss in some pig entrails, then his brother… hey as long as we're here, grab that POS Castro from Cleveland and dump him in too! Refill, resod, go home and have a beer. Next…

  7. Alexander James

    So it's legal to kill people who you THINK killed others, without a trial?
    Doesn't that make you a killer also?
    DAMN, If I followed that rule the level of homicide in the city I live in would increase by 5,000% on day one…

  8. Thomas McFarland

    How unique–a murderer actually PAYS for his crime–guess it would have been "better" to lock him up, feed and CARE for him for twenty years then parole him so he could KILL again ain't that right Gov.HICKENLOOPER! American "justice" SUCKS!

  9. Thomas McFarland

    Judged, sentenced, EXECUTED by his peers—-sounds very reasonable to me—"frontier" justice at it's finest. Avoids all the legal CIRCUS (OJ) and justice is served–of course THIS in not the new "American" way.

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