Custer spent her 101st birthday on a zip-line.

102-Year-Old Woman Base Jumps Off Bridge In Idaho For Birthday [Video]

A 102-year-old woman base jumped off the Perrine Bridge in Idaho on Sunday just one year after celebrating her 101st birthday by zip-lining across the Snake River Canyon. The thrilling feat comes just days after an alleged 111-year-old Yankees fan met Derek Jeter and just weeks after a 107-year-old veteran celebrated Memorial Day with a few cigars and some whiskey.

Dorothy Custer has taken age limits to new heights as she recorded a tandem base jump with an instructor to prove you’re never too old for action sports. According to local television station KTVB, Custer is no stranger to the spotlight as she’s been featured on episodes of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she played the harmonica and was named “America’s Sweetheart.”

Since her appearances on Jay Leno’s hit show, Custer has taken to extreme sports as a new hobby, with thrill-seeking becoming her newest birthday tradition. The base jump wasn’t enough, which she explained after landing in the Snake River Canyon where she zip-lined a year ago.

“It was too short!” said the 102-year-old base jumper, via KTVB. “I don’t know why it went down so quickly, but that was alright. There’s nothing left to do but just live now.”

Base jumping like an adrenaline junkie in their 20s won’t stop Dorothy Custer from pushing the limits for her next birthday either as she’s currently looking for another exciting way to celebrate her 103rd birthday.

Jumping off a bridge or building is frightening at times for even the best and most skilled in the sport, but Custer took her jump in stride and was ready to go after being strapped in to her instructor. Though the thrilling ride through the canyon didn’t last long, you can see the courageous 102-year-old from start to finish in this video below.

Is this 102-year-old base jumper taking birthday celebrations to the next level with her thrilling adventures?