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Jockey’s New Bra Sizing Vs. Reddit’s Amazing ABraThatFits

The new Jockey bra sizing method has intrigued the internet of things (and boobs), and the stat that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra is, we wager, a conservative estimate — but do you really need to pay $60 for a “custom” Jockey bra to have happy breasts?

The new Jockey bra sizing made a splash this week, with a complex and seemingly revolutionary way to save womankind from ill-fitting bras. But a funny thing happened in the coverage — a niche “subreddit” dedicated to helping every woman find a bra that fits began to show up in the reporting.

First Huffington Post’s Jockey bra fitting story centered heavily on Reddit’s arguably superior method, and then the Daily Mail hopped on board. But as Jockey readies their new “volumetric” bra fitting system (which requires preordering a $20 cup fitting package) for retail, the keen-eyed and knowledgeable Reddit bra fitting community isn’t all that impressed with the “innovation.”

Jockey says most women are not wearing the right size bra (even if New York Magazine‘s Maureen O’Connor takes umbrage), and with that, Reddit’s r/ABraThatFits agrees. But as for how to address the issue, the community has a different position.

Growing steadily over the past year or so, “ABTF” (as Redditors call it) seems to have sprung largely from the posts of a user with the handle “MyWifesBusty,” and a comprehensive fitting guide that with the help of a measuring tape and 60 seconds, will match you with your actual bra size. For free.

Before the ABTF community began to show up in Jockey-related news stories, I myself happened upon the community just recently in Reddit travels. And found out I too had been wearing a grossly inaccurate bra size my whole adult life.

It happened accidentally, when I linked to a stock picture of my (old) bra of choice in another thread. A user kindly pointed out that the brassiere’s “gore” wasn’t “tacking,” and invited me over to ABTF to find a bra that fits. It was pretty shocking to learn I’d been off by five (five!) cup sizes, but ABTF will tell you that my situation is more common than not. (For the sake of accuracy, I will admit to not being a chesty sort at all — not a factor in proper bra sizing!)

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