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Ferret In Toilet Shocks Ukrainian Family [Video]

A Ukrainian family recently found a ferret in their toilet.

The critter was spotted sticking its head out of the commode by a brother and sister living in the Odessa region of Ukraine. Understandably freaked out by the encounter, the family decided to place a call to police.

Officers soon arrived at the home to remove the ferret from the residence. Thankfully, no one — including the animal — were harmed during the extraction.

“My brother and I were in the bathroom, and suddenly we saw something crawling out of the toilet. We both got scared. Mom came running, grabbed us, and closed the door,” six-year-old Zinaida Parfenteva explained.

By the time police and fire officials showed up at the family’s home, the ferret had already escaped from the toilet. The brother and sister said the animal found a stray towel on the floor and began to dry itself off.

Authorities were eventually able to corner the ferret in the bathroom before placing it inside a bag. Police chief Alexei Kobylnikov said it’s not everyday that they are called to remove an animal from someone’s bathroom.

“This is the first time a situation like this has happened in Illichivsk, that a ferret has crawled out of a sewer pipe,” he explained.

Before carting the ferret away to its new home, officers decided to show off the furry creature to some of the neighborhood children. Although it was taken to a nearby nearby ecology center, the ferret will soon have a new residence at the Odessa Zoo.

Authorities believe that the animal somehow found its way into the sewage system. After working its way through the pipes, it eventually emerged inside the family’s bathroom.

What do you think about the ferret found in a Ukrainian family’s toilet? Would you freak out if the same thing happened to you?

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