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Steve Austin: Tony Romo Defecates The Bed In The Clutch

Steve Austin’s Tony Romo rant on his podcast last week is calling renewed attention to the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s unique style of play. The franchise is going on 19 years without a Superbowl win, and the former World Wrestling Entertainment star from Texas doesn’t hold back when he tells us why.

The 48-year-old’s ring name might have been “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, but he fired a blazing hot round with this statement from his new podcast program The Steve Austin Show:

“My problem with Dallas is I think Tony Romo is a damn good quarterback, but he s**** the bed at the most inopportune times. So when I look for leadership, I can’t say that Tony Romo is the clear cut leader.”

Well, is Steve Austin wrong? Is there anyone left in the nation who still thinks Tony Romo performs consistently under pressure?

Austin doesn’t leave the commentary at that. He expounded quite a bit on what Tony Romo should do to leave the loser label behind:

“I just read in the newspaper that he was going to spend more Peyton Manning-like time in the film room…He shoulda been doin’ that from the get-go. So I think he’s finally understanding what the game is…he just needs to do some brain work.”

According to Fox Sports, Austin isn’t just some bozo spouting off like the rest of us about the ridiculous under-performance of the erstwhile America’s Team. In the way back, when Stone Cold was just a college kid called Steve Williams, he got a full football scholarship to the University of North Texas.

It isn’t the NFL but, on the other hand, Austin does have a background that allows him to develop a somewhat informed opinion on Romo’s play.

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Anybody can say Romo s**** the bed with his clutch play — and most of us probably have. However, Steve Austin’s Tony Romo opinion might carry some extra weight.

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