Beyonce Demands H&M Summer 2013 Campaign Use Non-Retouched Photos Of Her Curves

Beyoncé’s H&M Ads Still Photoshopped Despite Brand’s Statements?

Beyoncé’s adverts for H&M’s 2013 Summer campaign are totally untouched so as to show the bootylicious one’s natural curves exactly as she insisted.

At least, that’s the official version.

Reportedly, the 31-year-old face of the Swedish retailing giant, was upset when she discovered the original shots of her fashion shoot had been digitally altered to slim down her famous derriere and hips.

“When Beyoncé found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof,” an insider told The Sun newspaper.

“She’s a true diva and was furious that she had been given such a snubbing.”

It’s reported that the singer refused to give H&M permission to use edited shots of her modelling their bikini range and insisted only natural images were used.

A H&M spokesperson has said the final photographs for the campaign have not been altered, adding:

“As with all campaigns there are discussions on which images should be used. Both H&M and Beyonce are very happy with the final result.”

All’s well that end’s well? Not quite.

Business Insider is reporting that a source close to the mother of one told them “this is all not true,” adding via email:

“Beyoncé objected to being made skinnier at the waist and less curvaceous, but the current ad is still extremely photoshopped.”

“She is not objecting to her face, skin and body being made flawless,” the email continued. “No one looks like that, even her. This is all a ploy to pretend that no photoshop was used. Hilarious.”

Did Beyonce's Curves Get Edited And Retouched In H&M Ad Campaign?