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White Father Accused Of Kidnapping His Biracial Children At Walmart

Father accused of kidnapping mixed daughters

Woodbridge, VA — A Prince William County father is saying he was accused of kidnapping his own children by Walmart security.

The reason? His kids are biracial, and he is white.

Joseph, who has declined to reveal his family’s last name, has been married to Keana, a black woman, for nearly a decade. The couple have three daughters together, a 4-year-old and 2-year-old twins.

Joseph took the girls to the Potomac Mills Walmart to cash a check. In the parking lot, he buckled his daughters into their seats and made a phone call. When he went home to pick up Keana, they were greeted by a Prince William County police officer.

“He asks us very sincerely, ‘Hey, I was sent here by Walmart security. I just need to make sure that the children that you have are your own,'” Joseph said. The officer said a Walmart security guard thought it was strange when he saw Joseph with his daughters in the parking lot.

“I was dumbfounded,” Keana said. “I sat there for a minute and I thought, ‘Did he just ask us if these were our kids knowing what we went through to have our children?'”

The officer took Keana’s ID and asked the couple’s oldest daughter to point out her mother and father.

After the officer left, Keana called Walmart for an explanation. She was transferred to the security officer, who denied expressing concern and said it was a customer that had come forward.

Keana said the security officer told her, “Well, the customer was concerned because they saw the children with your husband and he didn’t think that they fit. And I said, ‘What do you mean by they don’t fit?’ And I was trying to get her to say it. And she says, ‘Well, they just don’t match up.'”

Walmart issued a statement saying, “There’s still a lot of unknowns at this time and we’re currently looking into the situation.”

This isn’t the first time a Walmart has been accused of racism. At a New Jersey Walmart in 2010, someone went on the intercom and said, “Attention Walmart customers: All black people leave the store now.” The case was investigated as a bias crime. A 16-year-old was later arrested for the incident.

What do you think of Joseph being accused of kidnapping his own daughters?

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20 Responses to “White Father Accused Of Kidnapping His Biracial Children At Walmart”

  1. Sheny Salguero

    I don't think Wallmart is being racist., it was the concern of a custmer. I myself almost called 911 when I was riding the bus and a white man in his late 40s in a wheel chair got into with a beautiful little Chinese girl 5 or 6 years old, she was standing next to him when about few minutes later a Mom with her daughter got in and asked him how was he feeling and added this comment…..please feel free anytime you don't feel good and I will pick up your daughter from your home to school and take her bavk home. The teo little girls where chating and having fun all the way untilI got off the bus.

  2. Melissa Melissa Macb

    wow how fast we forget america is a melting pot of races now, you need to LOOK at the people and SEE if the child LOOKS like they need help, flipping calling the police and looking later is BS and people that do that over look the real crimes because they are so focused on race and what "fits" in there own head, I think its good someone was concerned for a child but at same time, if you could tell that said child belonged with the person they were with why call the police?

  3. Nancy Day

    I don't understand why this was not settled right there in the WalMart parking lot. If he had been taking kids that were not his, they would have been long gone after leaving the property.

  4. Kim Porter Mosley

    People need to mind their own business. When my biracial daughter was a baby and while shopping, a woman came up to me ( I'm white) and asked me if I was holding MY own? m4 mo

  5. Kim Porter Mosley

    I didn't finish. She asked if that was my baby. I was 30 yo at the time. Would she have asked that stupid question if my baby was white? Nope. What difference did it make to her ??? SMH !! Ppl stop worrying about Skin. Color.!!!

  6. Daniele Leong

    These are conflicting times. Children are easy prey. I feel for the family. I have children who are mixed, but I live in Hawaii where there's a lot of ethnic mixes going on. I would be incensed too. But I'm also glad someone is looking out for our children. At least I can only hope it was with good intentions that something was said. If it wasn't karma will have the last say. I'm glad you all are okay. I'm glad you can rise above it and move on happily in your lives.

  7. Giselle Gutierrez

    I think better safe than sorry. Anything suspicious should be looked into especially when it involves children. But this situation was not handled very well. I think only suspicious people or people verbally or physically abusing children in public should be stopped by police. And people should not be considered suspicious based on ethnic backgrounds. The kidnapping of children is very real and sad and anything done to prevent it should be appreciated for what it is, an effort to protect children.

  8. Carla Speer Sanders

    I think it's nice to know that while people may be mistaken about a situation, they are looking out for our children. Can't say I wouldn't have been a little suspicious as well.

  9. Samantha McMillan

    Really? I'm white, and my daughter is half black. And technically, she's not even my daughter since my partner gave birth to her and in Alabama I can't file for joint parental rights. It's not about what two people look like walking through a store together. People adopt children of different ethnic backgrounds from their own all the time, or have biological children with ethnic backgrounds. It's how they ACT and relate to one another that you look at when you see them together. Did the children look happy? Were they scared, subdued, frightened? Was there any reason other than the difference in races that would raise a kidnapping suspicion?

  10. LaDonna Bitters

    I think being questioned is a lot different than accused. Also these parents may have been inconvienianced & offended by this but to a parent whose child has been taken observant citizens & a responsive p.d. Is a good thing.

  11. Carol Corbley Soos

    But what if someone else had your son? I would just say thanks for caring, but he is mine and I love him. I would not be offended for them checking, I would be relieved that some people do care. Ease up a bit, if you have nothing to hide and can prove you are the parent, you got nothing to loose, but would owe a thank you for caring.
    I was a young women at the mall when a little girl was standing in the middle of the walkway crying. I bent down to see if she was ok. Asked her does she need her mommie, and with tears shook her head yes. A women came up to her, took her by the hand, called her by name and the little girl stopped crying and went with mom. I was at first shocked she treated me like an intruder. Later I thought, well I guess if it were my child, maybe I would be in a hurry to get her away. I shook it off and thought at least someone else hadn't stopped and got her first. I didn't hold that against the mom, she was just being protective. But even a insincere thank you would have been nice. All kinds of people make up this world.

  12. Nini Edgerton

    My grandbaby is mixed (bi-racial) and I would be completely offended if someone came up to me in public and asked if she was related to me. Considering she is HALF WHITE but looks more BLACK… should this really make a difference? It is very obvious she is bi-racial? Besides she is old enough at nearly 6 to tell a policeman or security guard that I am her grandmother. I can completely empathize with this family!

  13. Lauri Rigby

    Wow, wow ok I'll stop there because I just can't say nothin nice, amazing how prejudice some people are!!!!

  14. Lidia Pavlova Martin

    Better safe, than sorry! I have had it with the garden variety racist! My husband of twenty years and I have two girls, Elena looks like me and Sophie like her dad, and we have had it with people who have never left the village they were born in. It is the 21 century. People who do not see anything wrong with what Walmart did have never been discriminated against! This family needs a good lawyer!

    My daughter has been kidnapped and they are demanding for five million naira (# 5,000000) ransom. Any kind heated person should please voluntarily help me for the sake of God Almighty. She all I have since I lost her lovely caring mother in a fatal motor accident. Once again please help me for the sake of God. Please contact me on +2348072063785 or email on.

  16. Jimmy Simmy

    Lovely response – but having read though a few of your comments I would hazard a guess that you lost your humanity some time ago – I was particularly drawn to the comment you made on an article about the two patients in Germany who (sadly) have not been cured of their HIV – an article on which you write 'Yay!'

    You're disgusting, I feel sorry for your children to have to grow up with you as their mother!

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