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SNL Faces Cast Crisis As Hader, Meyers Head For The Exits

Seth Meyers

There’s a bit of a cast crisis over at SNL. The show is saying goodbye to several of its veteran members and will almost have to start from scratch next year.

Kristin Wiig left the show last year and Bill Hader made his exit last Saturday. The show will also soon see the departure of Seth Meyers, who will be taking over Jimmy Fallon’s seat at Late Night, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen.

Sudeikis and Armisen haven’t officially left the show but there are several reports circulating that the two veterans will not return next year.

That’s a lot of gaps to fill for when the show resumes next year.

But the SNL cast crisis may not be as dire as it seems. Variety notes that SNL has dealt with major cast turnovers before and they always seem to come out of it unscathed. The massive turnover could actually turn out to be a good thing.

Variety writes: “The prospect of losing at least four prominent cast members before 2013-14 might seem dire, but students of SNL history will note that past mass cast defections tend to be like forest fires: While the damage done is seemingly devastating, it actually has a counter intuitively restorative effect, clearing the way for future growth. And what’s more, the seeds for the next generation of SNL already seem to be sprouting in the current cast.”

SNL will be losing some of its most recognizable faces soon but the cast still has some bright spots. Jay Pharoah has already taken over the Obama character from Fred Armisen and Kate McKinnon and Bobby Moynihan have already found great characters with an Ellen Degeneres impersonation and Weekend Update’s drunk uncle.

Here’s a video of Bill Hader’s exit from the show.

Do you think SNL will survive it’s current cast crisis?

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78 Responses to “SNL Faces Cast Crisis As Hader, Meyers Head For The Exits”

  1. Anonymous

    SNL is terrible lately. Timberlake is the only host worth watching. I watched it a few weeks ago when Vince Vaughn was the host. I figured it had a chance of being funny. I was wrong. It was awful. They need to retool the whole cast and the writers.

  2. Anonymous

    SNL is terrible lately. Timberlake is the only host worth watching. I watched it a few weeks ago when Vince Vaughn was the host. I figured it had a chance of being funny. I was wrong. It was awful. They need to retool the whole cast and the writers.

  3. Mike Malone

    Cast will be all right…… How about some new writers for the show?

  4. John Davis

    SNL is like watching old people make love. It's painful, embarrassing and you can't unsee the travesty once you've dared to watch it.

  5. Liz Bowers

    For me, the show has become way too political… It has been for a while… Can't say that I will miss Seth Myers.. Hopefully new people will bring a new freshness to the show because growing up, I couldn't wait to watch SNL… Be nice to see it come back.

  6. Paul L. Munoz

    Unfortunately, that's true. Timberlake's the only bright lamp that lit the stage throughout the show so far. The rest of the tapings held by other hosts have grown so tiresome & unamusing that I preferred checking more programs missed on the DVR & other things online.

  7. Joel A. Malkin

    Liz, good to hear from you. The article said exactly what I was thinking. Jay Pharoah can save all. This guy is completely under-used and up to four people leaving SNL will surely mean he will be seen a whole lot more, but this guy is going to make it to movies, if that's what he wants. He is that talented.

  8. Scott Trask

    I like the current cast especially the ladies…they are very funny and I hope they stay. The show could benefit from some diversity maybe a few Asian comedians could be invited to join the cast. truth be told there is no shortage of talented people waiting for their big chance.

  9. Jay Mei Cee

    SNL is NBC's baby. It can limp on forever, good cast or bad. There will be lean years and great ones talent-wise. It's like the tax code. We don't know much about its inner workings but we live with it, expect to be disappointed, and get very happily surprised when it rewards us.

  10. April Lowery

    what???? I didnt know seth was leaving too!!! damn all the good ones leave me, lol i thought it was only hader and armisen!

  11. Ricardo Cardoza

    Real vote of confidence for the leftovers ha ha.

    The remaining cast members have to fend and grow for themselves. It'll be like the early 80s all over again. Maybe for the next two years, ratings will go down and some of them will exit, but cream will rise to the top and one or few of them will shine.

    That's the way it goes. You can't be a ratings sensation all the time.

  12. Eric Smith

    I've got an idea for 4 new cast members. Farley, Meyers, Murray, Chase. If I want political propaganda interspersed with bread and circuses, I'll move to China.

  13. Renee Griffin

    How is THIS a crisis? The show has several woefully underused talents who can now be stepped up AND this is a great time to tap into the pool of yet-to-be discovered talents out there in the comic market. GET OFF IT!

  14. Sandro Scenga

    Joel A. Malkin – couldn't agree more. Jay Pharoah and Kate McKinnon are both stars and are deserving of much more TV time. Taran Killam is also super-talented.

  15. Ed Smith

    Time for my old man statement. I watched the original Not Ready for Prime Time crew, and the second crew.. and they were doing very funny and creative stuff. Lately, it just been lazy writing because all they want to do is parody the news of the week. But I have to admit, it took time for these folks to grow on me. I like Kristen Wiig, Bill hader, Jason, etc… not that big of a fan of Seth Meyers though.

  16. Sara Winchester

    I can't stand SNL any more. it's just one huge train wreck. I haven't watched it in years because of how horrible it became. once Will, Mike, Chris, Sherri, Molly, and all those people left, it was painful to watch. the one and only episode I've watched in the past at least 5 years was the one Daniel Radcliffe hosted. I was embarrassed to be watching it, but I did because of Daniel. I haven't watched it since.

    oh, and I've hated Seth Meyer since he appeared on The 70s Show. he's not funny.

  17. Mike Saltzman

    I don't think this is a crisis. I will miss Bill Hader for sure because he is funny, but Seth Meyers only does the news and that has always been somewhat of a revolving door. Jason Sudeikis was good in the past, but hasn't been all that funny as of late. Fred Armisen's humor to me wat hit or miss (mostly hit though). I was thinking last fall that SNL has too many cast members anyway. Plenty of talent with Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, and Jay Pharoah.

  18. Sara Winchester

    Farley? that's gonna be a little hard to pull off…

  19. Anonymous

    It has definitely gone off the deep end of political humor. It reminds me of medieval playwrights writing plays and poems to praise a king or queen and put down their opponents. Something I loved and watched from the first show aired has become a thing of utter disgust this season and part of last year.

  20. Sara Winchester

    I like Kristen Wiig when she's not on SNL but I'm with you all the way with Seth Meyer.

  21. LaurieAnne Placente

    Chris Farley is DEAD! Like in Really dead, in the ground or dust dead,,he's with Belushi dead!

  22. Jerry Jennings

    SNL still around? Hasn't been funny or relevant since the John Belushi days…time for this increasingly politicized relic to be put out of it's misery.

  23. Brian Todd

    As an old person, I'm slightly offended by your simile. But, yeah, I know what you mean.

  24. Jason Harshman

    Why are people talking about too much politics…SNL ALWAYS mixed in politics and current news. It's nothing new. I know a lot of people also like to bash them for being too Liberal but they poke fun at everyone. Just happens the right is full of people easy to parody like Fox and Friends but they also parody Al Sharpton PLUS Chris Christie and Sarah Palin BOTH have appeared on there. As for the current cast…they have some funny cast members but it has been the writing. Seth Myers was head writer…now he's leaving. Maybe it will give a chance for someone new to step up as a writer. SNL is always a revolving door but NOBODY who has followed SNL can say this is the weakest. Look at the mid-80s. Anthony Michael Hall era. Yikes! Seth Myers mostly will be missed at the weekend update desk. Now losing Sudakis, who was supposed to leave the past summer, Armison and Hader…HUGE BLOW. The three funniest and maybe most underrated male cast members ever.

  25. Michael Guzman

    Kate McKinnon is the best thing about SNL. She's hilarious.

  26. Michael Vendetti

    Every cast brings its own charms and faults, the first cast was no better then any other. The new cast will be fine, we all just have a cast that we like a little better. I was never a fan of Kristen Wiig, so to me it got better when she left, but I know some people loved her. 6 years from now we will all be complaining about the "new" cast and losing the current fan favorites.

  27. Jackson Mayhew

    If, as you "claim", you didn't know it was still on, that would mean you haven't watched it in years. If you haven't watched it in years, how can you comment on its quality?

  28. Steve Fisher

    Maybe it's time for Lorne Michaels to exit the show too. The last time SNL has major league talent was Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi. The current cast is nothing.

  29. Steve Fisher

    Maybe it's time for Lorne Michaels to exit the show too. The last time SNL has major league talent was Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi. The current cast is nothing.

  30. Anonymous

    Casts of SNL come and go.. but, if NBC doesn't do something about the writing the show will still choke a monkey's balls.

  31. Supa Chunk

    SNL has been utter crap ever since the days of Will Ferrell. What the hell is joke in "The Californians" anyhow? Thank goodness they have another opportunity to get some funny people on there. Hope they lose the writers along with the actors.

  32. David Cox

    This is the chance to revamp the show. The show has been mediocre for like 3 or 4 years now. I think it was when Fey, Gasteyer and Rudolph left. Then Armisen slowed down. Hader and Wiig were just mediocre hams. Just my opinion………

  33. David Cox

    if it was funny it wouldn't be so bad. Im surprised they didn't pull Darryl Hammond out of mothballs…..

  34. David Cox

    Timberlake is a good host, but he can't save the show.

  35. David Cox

    He meant Denny Dillion or Robert Downey Jr……

  36. Joy Cazel-Gary

    Why is it that everyone says that SNL hasn't been good since the 70s? I've been watching since the early 80s. There is good & bad in every season. Much like a sports team, people come & go. Things get re-built & the show re-juvneates. Personally, I was GLAD to see Kristen Wiig go & I'm glad to see the other guys move on. Guess what? There are talented cast members like Jay Pharoah & Taran Killam warming the bench while the choice roles went to Hader, Sudekis & Armisen. After Jimmy, Tina & Amy left, new guys like Andy Samberg came in & made things interesting. I hope Lorne Michaels finds some new blood to infuse some life into the franchise.

  37. Anonymous

    There's always someone as good or better waiting for the chance.

  38. AJ Blasi

    SNL is yet, once again on the downside/slide… and with the best of the cast leaving and only mediocre players(at best)remaining with and new members to fill the void…can they survive? It's a return to the mediocre to bad ahead for this, once on the mend, program…when you leave a good paying gig in this business it's usually because one, you're been asked to, or you think you're got a film career….the first is more likely, the second unlikely, especially today. So to leave is closer to abandoning a sinking ship of fools that no one has the loyalty to go down with to the bottom of the entertainment world, of the so-so entertainers…another 20 years of lousy viewing lays straight ahead for the crew of SNL, batten down the hatches, YO HO ya matey! Yo ho…

  39. Brian Dill

    There is absolutely no shortage of raw, fresh, talented people all over the world that could make a great living if given the chance. The scouts are just dropping the ball.

  40. Dereck Barker

    I remember the Will Ferrel days. Everyone constantly complained that the show sucked.

  41. Anonymous

    I liked the original cast the best.And the cast in 2,000.Will was awesome espicially when he played GWB.So was the one(how can I forget his name now) who played Cheney.I miss Ana, Molly, every one of them.

  42. Greg Hamilton

    I have watched this show off and on since before most of these commentators were born, and Lorne laughs all the way to the bank. no matter how many half wits hate the show on whatever page they are commenting on, until Lorne says it's over, it's not over. the show is still cutting edge most of the time, and as funny as anything else on tv. these losers that are haters watch reality tv. they know nothing.I bet none of these worthless douches even remember that Eddie Murphey was a cast member.

  43. Kevin Derrico

    SNL hasn't been funny since the early 90s. It's time to hang it up.

  44. Kevin Derrico

    They should tell Letterman that he is the permanent host of SNL and then turn off the lights for good.

  45. Dan Burke

    Seth was kinda obviously leaving but he pretty much only did weekend update anyway, something that not any returning cast member would be good for and something he did well

  46. Dan Burke

    mostly good message, there are bit players who show some talents I would like to see what they can do with more sketch time, I dont see a returning member male or female who could take over for weekend update though, might be an oppertunity to quickly establish someone new on the show

  47. Dan Briley

    Saturday Night Live has been irrelevant for years. The skits are laden with inapposite anecdotes that are unfunny. The cast is infelictious at best.

  48. Danny Meeks

    SNL has been in a crisis for years. It stopped being even remotely funny about 10 years ago. Weekend Update segments were its only redeeming factor. The show has run it's course. It is time to fade to black Mr. Michaels.

  49. Danny Meeks

    SNL has been in a crisis for years. It stopped being even remotely funny about 10 years ago. Weekend Update segments were its only redeeming factor. The show has run it's course. It is time to fade to black Mr. Michaels.

  50. Stankonia Roberts

    Maybe it's time to pull the plug on this show, I don't know. All I know is that it got boring after Phil Hartman left (died).

  51. Anonymous

    SNL hasn't been terrible lately, it's been terrible for decades.

  52. Anonymous

    Dereck Barker – possibly because Will Ferrl's bit is to scream loudly and rehash variations
    of the same type of stupid jokes (e.g. "I killed a coyote for it's protein"). He's just not a good comedian but executes stupid humor the way his low grade directors like, keeping them in business with Rob Schneider-esque movies.

  53. Jill Kistler

    I haven't watched SNL in many years. I miss the original cast from long ago and don't find the show funny anymore. However, I do order DVDs of the originals and still laugh just as hard as I used to in watching SNL in the past.

  54. Mark Roman

    SNL always survives but this time its a little tough when you focus on the senior cast members but don't do anything else to foster the younger ones. Jay Pharoah has an incredible amount of talent. Does Charles Barkley have to guest star again before you put him in some sketches? No, wait, maybe you can bring Jamie Foxx or Denzel back and then use him. Do you get the picture? Or, to use your phrase, "What Up With That". Kenan deserves better than that as well.

  55. Leroy O. Jackson

    Here's how you solve the cast crisis: cancel the stupid show already. Its on life support as it is, so us all a favor and put it out of its misery. No time is better than right now to pull the plug!

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