Kristen Wiig Returns To SNL, Receives Mixed Reviews

Kristen Wiig returned to the SNL stage almost a year after she bid farewell to the show.

Following the box office success of Bridesmaids, it wasn’t altogether surprising that Wiig decided to follow same path many Saturday Night Live alum have taken over the years. Although she left to find fame and fortune in Hollywood, the talented comedienne didn’t stay away for long.

Wiig’s return to SNL featured a number of characters she made famous during her time on the long-running sketch comedy program. Included among skits were the Target Lady, Gilly, and a Weekend Update bit featuring Garth and Kat, among others.

Although a number of her skits received high marks from critics and fans, others weren’t quite so impressed with Kristen Wiig’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Rolling Stone writer Logan Nicklaus said the characters felt “old and slow” this time around.

“And no sketch signified that more than Target Lady, which insultingly replayed the same formula it’s been doing for more than half a decade. There was no new territory explored, which was not only a disappointment, but seemingly a waste of Wiig’s talents and time,” he wrote.

However, Verne Gay over at Newsday seemed pretty happy with Kristen Wiig’s return to SNL.

“Along with a couple of surprises — a very pregnant Maya Rudolph — Kristen Wiig returned to “Saturday Night Live” last night and reminded us a.) why we miss her so much; and b) why she is irreplaceable after all,” wrote in his recap of last night’s episode.

She may have gotten a few bad reviews from television bloggers, but it would seem that Kristen Wiig was a hit with folks on Twitter. Some of their reactions to her Saturday Night Live episode are included below.

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