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9-Year-Old Killed By Intruder In California, Manhunt Underway

9-Year-Old Girl Killed

A 9-year-old girl was killed by an intruder during a home invasion in California on Saturday.

A manhunt is currently underway in Valley Springs for the man responsible for the murder. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s office explained that the suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. Residents are urged to stay inside and lock their doors.

“We’re doing a house to house search and in some cases we’re searching extensively into attics and storage sheds. It’s a difficult area to search. It’s rural, it’s remote,” a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office explained.

While officers explained that an investigation is currently underway, details about the 9-year-old who was killed by the intruder have yet to be released to the public.

The stabbing occurred around noon on Saturday in a rural community in Northern California. The little girl’s 12-year-old brother reportedly encountered the intruder inside their home. The suspect then fled the scene.

When the boy checked on his sister, he discovered that she had been stabbed. Although the little girl was taken to an area hospital for treatment, so later died from her injuries.

The victim’s brother described the intruder as a six-foot white or Latino man with long grey hair. He was wearing blue pants and a black long-sleeve shirt at the time the stabbing occurred.

Authorities launched a manhunt for the intruder on Saturday. However, police said the area provided plenty of places for the suspect to hide. The search continued through Saturday evening and into Sunday morning. More information is expected to be released shortly.

“That’s just terrible, what can I say about it it’s a tragedy,” one neighbor explained.

Many residents have started posting information about suspicious activity to social media. Some people claimed to have seen a prowler in the area. However, the Sheriff’s office has yet to confirm or deny any of these reports.

Information about the 9-year-old girl who was killed by an intruder in Northern California or her family has not been released as of this writing.

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98 Responses to “9-Year-Old Killed By Intruder In California, Manhunt Underway”

  1. Jack Carter

    I sure am glad that gun control laws work. She could have been shot by a bad guy. That could have been worse!

  2. Karen Poynter Banick

    You bastard. How dare you take the life of anyone let alone a defenseless little girl.. You took her life and have devastated and destroyed her family. If you have the guts to do this, I hope you have the guts to face justice when you are caught… here on earth and in the afterlife.

  3. Linda Chudej

    Law enforcement should check out the brother's alibi & search his home for evidence. The brother gave a detailed description that would be difficult to obtain unless he had at least a minute face-to-face with the intruder & is a very calm, observant person with an unusually good memory.

  4. Kenneth Gibson

    Hope he is found and executed by police as soon as he caught.

  5. Antonio Maceo

    This is not the time to use this as a chime in of ignorance. a little girl lost her life. have some fucking respect! I hope they find the sorry bastard and he face true justice and if he is killed in the attempt i would not blink.

  6. Evett Marie Butterfield Taylor

    ya and that prolly wouldn't have happined if there was a gun for emergencys available……..still think we don't need guns?

  7. RJ Madison

    I hope EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU DEMONCRATS ARE HAPPY! Guaranteeing the safety of the attacker by making sure the girl was defenseless….We had the same thing happen here in TX but the girl was armed and saved herself. Burn in Hell of of you democrats!

  8. Stephen Marshall

    What kind of person does this to a child? Ok, you robbed the place (which itself is wrong and low), but you had to kill a little girl? Really, was it necessary? You've taken her life and now have left her family and friends with this pain for the rest of their lives.

  9. Olive Stemforn

    Antonio Maceo – – You are a hypocritical a/5/5/h/o/l/e for using the F-word and mentioning "respect." I hope you get your head kicked in.

  10. Bonnie Beck

    Exactly why were these minor left alone? Where were the parents? My heart breaks for the little girl and her brother. I hope they find the *astard and hang him!

  11. Anonymous

    This maggot child killer deserves to be executed in the electric chair many times over until he is totally cooked and fed to wild dogs.I am often angry with GOD as to why he creates all these killers and how they destroy their families and make society paranoid of itself.A future killer is born every second in this world.How I wish to track down this savage and do what I please to him.God bless this poor child and her family.

  12. Braden Maker

    It was less then 24 hours after Sandy Hook before people started calling for gun control. In any event I hope they catch this guy quickly before he does anything else to somebody.

  13. Anonymous

    His home? He is 12 years old!!! They are at his home… you don't think they haven't searched it?

  14. Alicia Frank Bourbeau

    A 12 year old is old enough to stay home alone and with younger children.

  15. Anonymous

    The problem is that there is no justice for the innocent;just for the killers.If this were in Russia or in the Middle East, they will catch him, put him in a cage for show, and let the people do whatever they want to do to him.Our justice system is lame and a shame and disgrace to this nation.Remember the case of that adorable child, Polly Klass, raped and murdered in CA in 1993 when she was twelve? Her killer, Richard Allen Davis is still in prison.He has a web site of his own and he laughed at the family and the judge using his middle finger and saying that her father sexually.
    molested her.
    You don't know what I like to do to him.It won't be pretty.

  16. Irene Coleman

    Kids? at home? 12 and under? where were the adults? sounds real suspicious….white or latino? not good….

  17. Anonymous

    fry his azzzzzz! I'm so tired of these sick muthpuuuckkazz! a child?

  18. George Jackson

    Justice; Perp killed during aprehension. No-justice; Perp captured, waiting for trial 5 years, key evidence thrown out by judge on "technicality", sentenced to probation under the "first offender" status. ad infinitum (with nausea).

  19. Donna Carmichael

    I think the brother had something to do with it… call me insensitive if you want, but children do not always tell the truth!

  20. Phillip Link

    I highly suggest to the law that they start looking at sex preditors in that area as if it was just that the child saw his face an could I.D. him then why wasent the boy attacked also I think it was a sex preditor who did it.

  21. Patricia Williams

    I take it you don't read too well or can't comprehend. The little girls BROTHER encountered the intruder. Where in the article did they say mention the parents? How could they have protected her with a gun if they didn't SEE the intruder?

  22. Anonymous

    no he is not, does not drive can't solve a thing during an emergency, no he is not

  23. Juanita Neal-Heard

    First of all poor reporting, second where were the parents & third why would he leave the eldest child alive either he was a stupid intruder are the little boy is lying & yes 12 is to young to be left alone & with another sibling also so young Shame on the parents.

  24. Evett Marie Butterfield Taylor

    i didnt say that a nine year old should be able to know how to use a gun you IDIOT read between the lines if you even have that option

  25. Anonymous

    Larry O. Miller…as a rule I don't usually call anyone an idiot, but for you I'll change it…YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!

  26. Robert Medina

    When they find out he is a child killer, he won't have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving in prison. Child killers are a "NO NO" in prison!!! He is a good as dead if he goes to prison!

  27. Mike Wills

    i agree this Guys a Fuckin idiot how in the hell is a 9yld girl suppose to defend herself against some wetback mexican grown adult man

  28. Candi Casey

    hassanimazin ….HIGHLY doubtful. Apparently you have never been there. They dont take kindly to sickos that mess with kids

  29. Elaine Cristina Larau

    I really don't understand why an intruder would kill a little girl and leave the brother alone. This story makes no sense at all. Why would this kid call his parents first instead of 911. At 3 years old we're taught to call them first in case of emergency. A whole lotta loopholes.

  30. Teleri Ferch Nyfain

    Actually it really depends on the state. When I lived in California & Hawaii 12 years was the youngest a child could start babysitting. Let's not be stupid here. Under normal circumstances a 12 year old watching an 9 year old sibling is perfectly ok for a few hours. Depending on the children of course. I'm thinking that if the children's mom had been there SHE might have been killed…

  31. Elvira Bloss

    I say lock your doors in calfornia people! or have a shot gun.terrible your kids has to get kill! by intrurder.i know the.
    brother taking it hard and the family. my blessing is with you and your failmy.i hope thay catch this creep him! i`ll put voodoo!
    on him. he will be in pain!

  32. Beverly Rathbun

    I am keeping the parents and family of this little girl in my Prayers and hope and pray they find him and fast.

  33. Steve Wood

    I feel terrible for the family and hope the guy is caught and tortured painfully. However, I have a 11 year old and cant imagine ever leaving her alone at home, let alone with a 9 year old to look after. don't people realize that the world is full of monsters that just wait for the chance to do their deeds. Pay more attention to your kids and DOn't leave them home to fend for themselves.

  34. Anonymous

    hassanimazin i agree and its not rite he deserves to be KILLED

  35. Anonymous

    Robert Medina wrong they end up putn them bastards together and away from others so they live good n log in their just not fair at all

  36. Jenn Bale

    The bastard was obviously too cowardly to pick on someone his own size, so instead he decided to kill a defenseless little girl. I hope he is caught and executed.

  37. Robert Haight

    hassanimazin not really, you are there and can not leave the small area for a long time.. BTY you better get along with Bubba while in there too. I would NEVER want to be there, even for a day, how about you?

  38. Robert Haight

    Not ENOUGH information for a reason? I do not trust the story 100% as presented. If someone was stabbed to death you WOULD hear screams of bloody murder. IDK something is missing here folks.

  39. Marsha Mendro

    Each state has rules about the age children can be left alone or with younger siblings, but I completely believe that AGE is not as important as MATURITY and responsiblity of the child. My oldest daughter is fully capable and responsible enough to stay a few hours with her younger siblings and she has done a few babysitting jobs too (doing since she was 11). Age is not the only factor in this. And thinking of the older brother, he probably feels bad enough about his sister that we don't need to be bashing anyone for it other than the intruder/killer.

  40. Tom Vanbuskirk

    i guess you will be pissed with your god alot. more people kill in the name of some "god" then people that kill just to kill. wake up to reality,god is not a reality. jesus,yes,god,no. the sumarians explain our exhistence.

  41. Dave Booker

    @hassanimazin Last time I checked, kings don't get sodomized like this guy will get. Also, they don't like guys that kill kids in prison.

  42. Reika Trinity

    Are you guys legit? Blame the parents? Man, Helicopter parents.
    Intruders have the capability of murdering an adult.
    Horrible stuff happens but the only person to blame is the murder.
    Kids home alone is a child-to-child basis.

  43. John Patete

    To bad the people of Cali followed their leader Dianne Fienstein, and gave up their guns….otherwise, the little girl would be alive.

  44. Anonymous

    May he rot in hell before a human on earth strangle the hell out of his thugged out, emotionless butt. He should have been aborted.

  45. Anonymous

    hassanimazin Shut up and have some feelings for the child idiot. Your white honkys disgust me.

  46. Chris Ramirez

    And going with that, if you were to rip the guy apart for being a killer, aren't you confirming the type of creation made by god you criticize, that of the killer? Eye for an eye right? Don't get me wrong, I'd want a piece of this guy as much as the next, but the problem is not with god, I find that to be a cop out.

  47. Shelby Rhey Poe-Argentino

    why would any parent leave a 12yr old alone with a 9 yr old? that too is a crime.

  48. Jose del Toro

    I kinda feel the same way, looks like there's more to the story. I'm also amazed how I hear all the time that someone broke into someone's house and did whatever. The parents responsibility is to make sure that for someone to break into their house must be by knocking down the door or something, no one can freaking get in my house unless they knock down the door or break a window, which by then if I don't hear it, the alarm will sound and unless the intruder is bullet proof, he doesn't stand a chance. just saying.

  49. Teresa Stanek

    Jesus IS God; you don't get one without the other! People may "kill in the name of God" but that doesn't mean that God is complicit in it. It's extremely unfair to hold God accountable for what some crackpot does while attributing it to Him. God gave us pretty clear guidelines in the Ten Commandments and Jesus was clear in His teaching in the New Testament. What mankind, in his sinfulness, does to pervert those teachings does not alter the original intent and purpose of the teaching. And, regarding the post by hassanimazin, God does not create killers. Killers are people who submit to sin. Period. We are all capable of making choices, good and bad. Let's not give people a pass on responsibility for making good choices by blaming God for "making them that way". Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. I hope you have a blessed life; I know I have one with Jesus as my Savior!

  50. Anonymous

    Mad dogs are not something you want to leave running about your "village" injuring and killing people (especially innocents (!) ) and, once it's guilt is established without a doubt, should be put to death, as they are not saveable (rehabilitative)….did I conjugate that correctly? Anyway, I don't believe in rewarding lethal behaviour with guaranteed food and shelter…and no whining about cost/ethics; the human race still has primitive, broken-brained predators amongst us–and we would be remiss in our duties as adults to protect the children and elders of our "village."

  51. Anonymous

    Mad dogs are not something you want to leave running about your "village" injuring and killing people (especially innocents (!) ) and, once it's guilt is established without a doubt, should be put to death, as they are not saveable (rehabilitative)….did I conjugate that correctly? Anyway, I don't believe in rewarding lethal behaviour with guaranteed food and shelter…and no whining about cost/ethics; the human race still has primitive, broken-brained predators amongst us–and we would be remiss in our duties as adults to protect the children and elders of our "village."

  52. Lynn Porterr

    That's why we need guns.

    Worse things can happen to children, even when their parents are there, if there is no means.
    to protect one's own from the invasion of criminals who easily get guns.

    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

    You can always buy a gun on the street but if you used it against an invader YOU would be subject.
    to possible murder charges if you dared protect your little ones.

  53. John Clement

    No Lynne, your logic is wrong they are both useful TOOLS neither one can do harm without being wielded by someone wishing to do harm. My guns kill clay targets and that is it and I get enjoyment from it just like some like tennis, golf, or whatever your hobby is. So if you don't understand it stop with the programmed responses. Asking for gun bans to save one child is no different that the OP asking for knife bans to save kids lives. It is exactly the same argument.

  54. Anonymous

    Her brother should have heard something like Screams or crying. Where was he in the house. Why didn't he hear anything during the crime? A lot of question need to be asked.

  55. Donna Kelisek

    I find it suspicious that the intruder kills the girl but runs from the boy. if you ask me that boy killed his sister.

  56. Todd Bennett Dallman

    so there are RANKS in prison–its all BS to me….find GOD LIGHT all of you! passage rpentage revenge–so low energy spirit. loveugodblessttj kabbalah matthewshepard madonnalicious

  57. Antonio Maceo

    Rik Pontician What does all that have to do for having some respect over the dead and for that families loss? All you're idiots are doing is making jokes and absurd political statements. Neither has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

  58. Buce McLaughlin

    What a crazy world we live in.
    Laws must be changed to punish those severely that commit such heinous crimes. The "Insanity" plea, if this scumbag is caught and uses it, must be abolished. This is only an escape route for these no good pricks.

  59. Elisa M. Modeste

    I forget what verse this is in but the chapter is in the old testament" (Leviitacious)and God says if someone commits murder, or rape of a child, and I don't mean manslaughter, or self defense, I mean a evil calculated senseless lie and wait murder , that they are to be executed immediately!
    The reason being is # 1 GOD can do the judging #2 There is a witness 'the victim who can stand up for herself' # 3 When we as a society show ZERO tolerance for these kinds of crimes these EVIL CREEPS will be dead and not able to re offend, as well as passing the bad seed to the next molestation victim , as we all know if abused at a young age the poor victim is more likely to become a molesters themselves! (not in all cases)
    And it's a trial that day and the sentence carried out in public for all to see so people get a clear understanding that it won't be tolerated in any shape or form.

    My prayers go out to the little girls family and friends , such a sad state this worls is coming to' and it's only going to get much worse!

  60. William Stone

    The girl is dead. Stabbed to death. Would she have been morally inferior if she had used a gun and shot the intruder and lived to tell about it?

  61. Tara M. Simon

    Show respect for this little angels family . How would you feel had this been your child? No parent can be there .24/7 to protect our kids. The killer whoever it may be knew he was going to kill this little girl , why its how insane ,evil people get their kicks! In Texas we have an express lane for murderers kill a child we kill you back! Mothers with guns !

  62. Randy Kenney

    I said this sounded fishy when I first about this. Those hill folk are some GOOFY people must be the water from the snow melt I speak from experience as I was with one for quite awhile.But my above posting still stands except there will be no standoff.

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