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N.J. Girls Could Face Charges For ‘Murder List’ Video

New Jersey Girls Murder List Video

Two N.J. girls could face charges for releasing a “murder list” video online.

The 12-year-old students recently posted a clip that listed all of the people they wanted to kill. One girl filmed the threats while the other named all of the individuals on their list. The New Jersey girls have been suspended from School 27 and the YouTube video was removed on Thursday.

The 20-minute video reportedly include a complete list of classmates and school administrators the girls would like to murder. The pair laugh at various points in the clip.

“Wouldn’t you guys think I’d be the best assassin ever. I have special killing thingies for different people.” one of the N.J. girls says in the “murder list” video. She later explains how she would stab one of her targets to death.

Parents have been understandably outraged by the video. Angelica Marrero explained to CBS Local that her daughter wake up in the middle of the night in terror.

“My daughter, she woke up about four times last night, to lock the doors. She woke up with nightmares,” she explained. “We’re concerned parents here — the child obviously needs help.”

Many parents were upset that school officials didn’t address the situation sooner. During a special meeting at School 27 on Thursday, Mayor Jeffrey Jones said that he didn’t believe that the girls posed a serious threat to students and faculty.

Mayor Jones explained to the concerned parents:

“I’ve not been given any specific details, but all indications are no. It’s serious enough for us to have this investigated, especially because of the current climate we’re in. Let’s hope that it was just frustrations and emotions and they didn’t mean anything, but we can’t sit back and just hope.”

It’s currently believed that the girls could face several charges as a result of the video they uploaded to YouTube. However, police have yet to comment on the situation as of this writing.

Do you think the N.J. girls should be charged for releasing a “murder list” video online?

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113 Responses to “N.J. Girls Could Face Charges For ‘Murder List’ Video”

  1. Anonymous

    Yes the girls should be charged and their parents should be fined and have to pay for all the research. Each family should have to seek FAMILY COUNSELLING for a minimum of 2 years. If they do not attend then the girls go to jv!

  2. Anonymous

    If they removed the video so you can't see it how can you tell how serious the girls were? Show us the video then we can tell you what we think.

  3. Dolores Clark

    This needs to be taken care of seriously.This is where it akk begins, A threat then the action, sooner or later.No slap on the wrist for this.Tried as adults, there's no age limit on terrorist.Parents? Take notice, monitor computer usage un your home.That's your responsibility as parents.These 2 young women have no clue what they have done to others, emotionall nd mentally, theyve not a clue what they have done to thier parents.Lets stop this right now.Show no mercy here.Let them see what real consequences r.They wnt to act like terrorists, treat them as terrorist.They asked for it, lets give i.
    t to them.

  4. Deb Jean

    Both parents and girls should be charged. Parents for negligence. This is just hideous, and to think they are 12. REALLY!

  5. Kevin Schwartz

    Two things:

    1. A murder list is a murder list – a list of people you want to murder. Unless those people are fictional characters, if they exist, you have to treat it the same way as any threat. So murder list = dangerous.

    2. If, in this day and age, you actually think you can get away with posting a murder list on Youtube or anywhere else in the online world and get away with it – and if you're, oh, 12 years old and not 60, which means, you are FULLY part of the social/online worlds – then you are gobsmackingly stupid, and I for one don't want potential murderers running around who are either super-smart OR gobmsackingly stupid. It's just me. So murder list + posting on Youtube = two Queen Stupids.

    And the mayor? An idiot. Do these people live in 2013 America? Where kids kill kids all the time?

  6. Jerry Sherron

    Suspended? What the Hell are they thinking — they should be locked up and there asses beat till they can't sit down! This is exactly what is wrong with the world today ——

  7. Manuel Lozoya-Garcia

    oh please. I had my own murder list when I was there age. I even made a comic showing all the ways I would kill this one guy in particular named david. its not like I ever really did it. and the thing you all should remember is that there are many of us who make lists to kill you. we're those who you think are quiet little loners and those that you pick on. remember that next time you pick on that quiet little girl in the corner. she may have a strong urge to slice your neck and even bring that knife to school but then decides not to do it. you never know. maybe I'm talking through experience…..maybe I'm not. you'll never know., and neither will david. and always remember that there are people like us walking the streets this very moment at every second. so mind your own fucking business and look the other way. we might eventually snap and lose control.

  8. Jeff Glenn

    I don't know about charges for a 12-yr-old, but those kids, and probably their parents, are in need of a lot of therapy!

  9. Chris Duncan

    If those were boys they would have been arrested. Now I bet those little creeps will play the victims, like everybody is picking on them.

  10. Anonymous

    if we put everyone in prison who ever thought of or joked about a crime there would be no one left to be prison guards… sure the girls were foolish for posting the video but I would like to think the NJ prosecutor wont waste time on "thought crimes fantasies".

  11. Renee Lowry

    OMG! Are you for real? Oh please..
    12 yr children should be riding there bikes & etc!
    Children @ that age should have hobbies, not making a video and stating these are the class-mates how I am going to kill them. They might not act on this video!
    Making this video & posting it online is the same as commiting MURDER!
    And they should be in Therapy!
    I was that little girl in the corner & I was always pick on.
    I never thought of making a video or thinking about Murdering those who picked on me.
    And using the F-word is just to immature!
    Grow Up!

  12. Cynthia King

    OMG really at 12 yrs old why are they even thinking that kind of thing to harm others in the first place. I agree the parents needs to be fined also. Make these girls do community service of some sort. They have to get in thier head that they can't do this kind of thing and get away with it.
    When I was 12 I was worried about playing outside with friends until it was dark. Doing homework and chores. This world of parenting today is taken so laxadaisy to some parents that is unreal.I know that if one of my children would have done this they would have known that it was wrong from me and hubby and then I would demand that the law do something.

  13. Anonymous

    If these were boys: Prosecute them as adults. Give them X years in jail. Girls: we are thinking about doing something. Seems they need some psychological help.
    Same thing that happens when women make false rape claims, which ruins some innocent guys life: Nothing.

  14. David Schomburg

    too bad they weren't in italy :p (amanda knox refrence).

  15. Alvin Tostig

    Dude, you are right, that does exist. But, .David never knew to be scared and he has had a better life for it. No telling why he was the dick he was to you. But you are both better off for you not acting it out. I am better off too , There are 4 guys who don't know how close they came to me stopping them permanently too. However you and I didn't make a broadcast or display in public by stating to a large group of the parents of the intended victims and the victims themselves not to mention the obvious trail of interested parties.
    This time in our history demands we respond as a society that has limits that will not tolerate this kind of public display and scare tactics. These girls need to be punished and scared straight. Psychologically evaluated.

  16. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? Is there NO ONE that remembers what Junior High was like? It's a holding cell of young teenagers going through all kinds of changes and generally hating life. There is such terror and paranoia over bullying in our schools and yet, bullying is NOTHING NEW. It's been going on since the dawn of time. And guess what? It happens in the adult world, too.
    Not only that, these girls weren't EVEN bullying anyone! They did the modern equivalent of what my friends and I did back in the 80's when we'd make stupid tape cassette recordings. They were blowing off steam. I and my friends talked smack all the time about killing this teacher or that classmate- it didn't mean anything. And since no weapons or anything else have been found on these children (and they ARE still children) then it seems like they were simply doing the time honored tradition of talking sh*t about people. They were just unlucky enough to have their video go viral. This isn't how terrorists are spawned. This is how kids ARE. They did something foolish- it shouldn't have to follow them the rest of their lives.

  17. Debra Baggett

    The video has been pulled so it is impossible to determine if a crime has been committed, or not. Making a list of the people you WANT to kill is a lot different than making a list of people you are GOING to kill. I guess if you made the list, (or your child made the list) you might feel uneasy, but WTF – this is America and we do have freedom of speech. If you don't like it, too bad. How many thousands of people have said things like "we should kill all those __________" and yet never charged, because it is not a threat, it is an opinion. As for the parent that is quoted as saying that her child wakes up 4 times a night to lock the door, PLEASE, if that is true your kid either has a terrible conscience problem about something they did or they are just a "drama Queen." I personally once make a list of "People I Want To Kill" and I never got around to killing anyone, never intended to kill anyone, just my way of venting. There have probably been a million conversations, just like these girls, and all the gory little details, just the youtube ='s evidence.

  18. Jon Bradley

    “My daughter, she woke up about four times last night, to lock the doors. She woke up with nightmares,”–Your daughter is a drama queen.

  19. Jackie Kersten

    This is really a lose/lose question…Those that are saying the girls should not be charged are usually the first ones complaining when something DOES end up happening and they go on rants about how they could have been stopped before the terrible thing happened but no one took it seriously and yada, yada.

  20. Vicky Kujawa

    Hmmmmm lemme guess; the little beotches on the 'death list' were…..BULLIES? So what is the school doing about that? Likely NOTHING AS USUAL.

  21. Hope Jentis Petzel

    Come on. Everyone has their own list. Everyone fantasizes about the people they would like to "kill". Just be cause they went public with theirs doesn't make them any worse than anyone else. NO, THEY SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED WITH ANYTHING. They are typical teenagers. Don't make their lives any more stressful than they are already. I think venting is a good thing. Perhaps they could have chosen another way to do it, but hey, they are still kids. So they made a mistake in judgement. They should not have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

  22. Roxanne Wilmath

    This is happening wayyy too often. Either they really are mentally disturbed and need major help for the rest of their life or they were just hoping to get "you tube" fame. Either way an example needs to be made of them. I say explosion from school (including a permanent mark on their transcripts) further more they should spend a few months (at the very least) in a children's psychiatric center, where they can receive help and to protect the future safety of others.

  23. Roxanne Wilmath

    It sounds to me like those girls are behaving like the "bullies." I guess we should just blame all the victims of the tragic school shootings and assume that they were just "bullies" too right?

  24. John Micro


    mur·der [mur-der]
    Law. the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder) and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder)

  25. John Micro

    Ok lets be real here… if your child had done this would be saying exactly the same thing? While it seems obvious that what these two 12 year old girls did was an extremely bad idea, we are talking about 12 year old girls here. I'm not saying that they don't deserve to be punished (after all, that's what punishment is usually for isn't it? to teach a lesson?) And I am absolutely an advocate of taking every threat seriously. Apparently one these girls had read a note in class a couple of days before the video was posted where she basically said the same things right in front of a teacher. Why was nothing done then? That just sends the message that threats "aren't that big of a deal". Again, they are 12. If I were a parent of one of the kids who were threatened I would be extremely upset as well because you just never know. Something should have been done about his sooner than it was, and yes, the girls should have to face the consequences of their actions. That being said…REALLY?…you think that this is how terrorists "get into terrorism?" What, just a couple 12 year old girls in Jersey out in the school yard, plotting to create a climate of fear and violence at the school for political gain??? I am pretty confident that the destruction of America and everything it stand for is not on their to do list. I could make a comparison here to the way you are suggesting these girls and dealt with and the beginning stages of Nazi Germany, but I wont, because that is kind of my point… I absolutely agree with you that every threat should be investigated and taken seriously. I also agree that the girls should suffer some significant consequences for what they did because they need to learn how wrong doing something like that is (did I mention that they are 12 years old?)

    Look..give these girls a tough punishment, get them mental help if it turns out that they really do need it and weren't just being stupid, and be done with it. If you want to make an example out of them or you really feel that they need it, send them to a Juvenile Detention Center. To me, that seems much more like justice than assuming two 12 year old girls who posted an inappropriate video on YouTube are terrorists, and sentencing them to death (They get life in an adult prison and they would be dead soon after arriving most likely.) I really do understand the point you are trying to make, but I think you weaken it by going way overboard and making statements that a frankly borderline ignorant. All that will do is strengthen the argument of those who would rather just let the whole thing go.

  26. Rachel Rose

    You can't really take this kind of thing lightly anymore. You never know if they would actually go through with it. If it isn't taken seriously and they do go through with it, then not only are the girls to blame, but the people that didn't do anything about it.

  27. Stan Broniszewski

    If these girls aren't monitored, they could wind up like those dudes who went on a killing spree & video taped it – referring to the video 'Three guys & a hammer'.

  28. Dawn Drysch Portelli

    These girls definitely have issues. They need to seek help. Don't just sweep this under the rug! Something terrible will happen if they don't take this seriously!

  29. Anonymous

    Horrible LITTLE girls, Who likely have Horrible LITTLE parents!
    Here is a thought, parents…
    IF you do not want to be embarrassed when your children do things like this…
    Teach your kids to be HUMANS, rather than predators!
    Remember, even predators can get eaten by a bigger cat.

  30. James Hodges

    They were thinking that you need to go back to school and learn English… Really… you don't know the difference between "there" and "their"…?

  31. Anonymous

    How sad! This only confirms that our society is deteriorating due to the break down of 'family'. Where were these children parents? And just to think, kids like this are our future. SAD! Sad! sad!

  32. John Leto

    How do you know these girls were just venting? Do you think it's ok to joke about stabbing someone to death? I wonder how you'd feel if your sons name was on that list?

  33. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    Hope they had all the gun grabbers on their list!

  34. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    Hope, you can spank me anytime you want and I won't call it abuse.

  35. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    You must work at the White House. Even sounds like Obama!

  36. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    Very true, Victor. Women want to be men when it benefits them, but don't want to have to pay the dues. Want to join the Boy's Scouts, our sports teams, same army units and special forces but can't carry their end and makes our units pussies.

  37. Joey Bozzoni

    Jon Bradley, you are one of the biggest assholes this world has known! I'm sure if you have a daughter/had, she's just as callous, calm, and calculating as you, with no emotions. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT 12 yr old girls here! Even if it was DEATH THREATS (DEATH THREATS YOU IDIOT!) against an adult WOMAN, she'd be watching her windows in fear/making sure the doors were locked in the middle of the night too. You're a troll moron and should be castrated. People like you should never ever procreate.

  38. Joey Bozzoni

    I agree wholeheartedly, this isn't a 'slap on the wrist and stand in the corner' type of punishment thing. Not even close. MURDER LIST? This isn't detention stuff here folks. This is EXPULSION, major psycho workup, and most likely Juvie.

  39. Joey Bozzoni

    This isn't a 'slap on the wrist and stand in the corner' type of punishment thing. Not even close. MURDER LIST? This isn't detention stuff here folks. This is EXPULSION, major psycho workup, and most likely Juvie. An example has to be set for future would-be 'murder list' participants. It's not funny. It's VERY SICK. And, the most important thing, NO ONE KNOWS IF they were serious (or not). People must learn at a young age (12 isn't even young enough to learn) that such things are not permissible, acceptable, and will be seriously punished. They have to be told what would happen to them if they did that and they were adults. Would be an act of TERRORISM, and they'd be investigated, and most likely, tracked down, thrown in jail, or worse. Who knows, these girls could have PLANNED on carrying out the killings. This is why these things cannot be taken likely by the first offense or LAST offense (being the actual murders). If their parents cry 'foul' for their kids actions, that's just incredible. Most likely, the parents have something to do with it (bad parenting, or lack thereof), leading to their actions in one way or another, directly or indirectly.

  40. Angel Garcia

    quick question? are they white or a a different raise? I feel they aren't going to do shit about it if their white, (for example the guy who shot up the theaters in Colorado his still being charged for murder and all this bullshit) yet the guys who mad the explosion in Boston were killed.. my point is that the same punishment should apply for everyone.

  41. Anonymous

    The parents of these girls need to be more involved in their childrens lives. Generally speaking, Children are, after all, a reflection of their parents in all of their capabilities, or lack, thereof.
    Parents should be held accountable for the deeds of their minor children. If the parents don't, for whatever reason, have time for their children, then why do they still have them. If you can't or won't take care of your children, then society (We, The People) must take over the care. That care may be in foster care, juvinile centers, jails, prisons or in the clean-up of the chaos/disruption they cause. Sort of like The Boston Bombers (Terroists).

  42. Anthony Tabone

    Give me a break , they're 12 yo , their kids , being kids , this world is so soft and weak anymore , every time someone looks at someone wrong the world's going to end , geeez.
    I did a lot worse when I was a kid , and I ended up just fine ,,, but the 70's were a lot different , we got our asses beat! put on restriction and learned our lesson.
    Now there's counseling , eeeew , that's scary…..

  43. John Leto

    In the past schools and the police have been accused of not doing enough to stop school shooting. Some of the boys who were involved in these school shootings also made hit lists. So how can police tell who's serious and who's not? Can you imagine the backlash if these girls were serious?

  44. Linda Wilds

    I think at this point, if they let them off, the girls will believe it is ok to do this. I think they should pay the consquences for their actions. With all the shootings going on this has to be taken seriously.

  45. Mary LoConti

    Many have had their own list of who they would "kill"…but not usually in such great detail as stabbing one to death and doing whatever to another. Maybe they are "joking" or "blowing off steam" but who really wants to take the chance that they are not going to really hurt or even murder those on their list?
    There was a girl who told my daughter she was going to cut her fingers off one-by-one. Idle threat? I wasn't about to take that chance and I a sure that none of the parents of the named children are either.

  46. Jeanne Sloane

    Seems like they watched too many Terrentino and Cohn Bros. movies. To entertain such thoughts make them part of your option menu. It's extremely 'catty' at the very least. Family therapy for years is definitely a good option. I also think a pubic apology, but only after they truly "get it" would be important.

  47. Steffen Cent

    We have the MEDIA to thank for this, it wasn't the media sensationalizing things on TV kids wouldn't know how or anything about things, Write letters to your local stations and tell them what you think.

  48. Anonymous

    I feel this is a cry for help. and if these two girls do not get the help they need thru conseling or therapy, this can easily grow to a much bigger problem. suspending them from school does nothing.

  49. Debbie K. Smith-Guild

    12 years old is not old enough to know better, especially if they're posting their intent on utube. Again where are the PARENTS? These girls are in serious trouble emotionally. They're family is in trouble. Here we go again with mental health issues. It's the elephant in the room.

  50. Jennie Diamond

    @jerry sherron, thatts exactlyy what we needd,, at my time my mother beat me but show me with that respect to not raised my voice to her, n respect others , thats was n the 80's now , is like if ur son do something bad n u beat him, he call social services n said "ohh my mother treat me bad" thats the new generationn the one that went to columbine, the one that do that n boston, n this girls , this generation is lack of respect cause they dont show them respect n school n houses like before.

  51. Bri Easter

    The were you an abused child comment is really stupid. The reason my generation is so messed up is because parents let their children talk to them any kind of way and do whatever they please with no consequences. They do need to get their asses beat! "Spare the rod spoil the child"

  52. Jennie Diamond

    u are soo right, this girls need help,some people here think " ohh they are 12 years old" yeaa butt not that inocence menn to imagine killing someone n howw to kill the personn, is horrible n my opinion, if u think the debil can seduce u to make it real, n at this time i dont trust anyonee

  53. Michael Flynn

    I wonder that if this was boys would they already be in custody? At least house arrest. Why does everyone think that saying something online is any different than doing it in real life. Or is it just cowardliness.

  54. Anonymous

    Yep! Let's just throw out the first amendment or does this fail the "shouting fire in a theater" argument?

  55. Jimmy Anderson

    at least get them counseling..people seem to have forgot columbine so quickly schools need to take any threat like that seriously especally if they post it on youtube..if you went into work and said you were going to kill everyone there well guess what odds are you would probably be fired if not arrested im not saying throw the book at the girls but they need help..and there is a difference in how women are treated as compared to men. for example there was an issue a few years ago where a bunch of girls depantsed a boy..he was crying and screaming one of the girls had her foot around his throat…guess what they were just "playing" he was 11 they were 13 ..reverse the roles had that been 3 boys doing that to a girl…they wouldve been charged with rape and be sex offenders the rest of their lives…and they posted it to youtube…they didnt even get suspended.

  56. Brenda Karas

    Okay assuming they were just venting the way kids do. The minute they put it on You Tube it became a differnet creature. It became an influence to others. It became a public threat. That probably wasn't their intention but even so that is what it became so in some way we need to find a way to impress on our youth that these things are NOT funny and innocent. These girls need to be punished but I don't think their lives should be ruined. At their age a public and personal apology to the people on the list would be a good start. Not a You Tube apology, an in front of the person apology.

  57. John Leto

    Anthony, I don't know if you noticed but 12 year olds have killed before in this country. Not too long ago a 12 year old boy shot and killed several students at school. Making a video hit list expressing your desire to stab someone to death is not kids being kids.

  58. Sharon Wilkins

    Hope Jentis Petzel That's the problem with today's youth. There are no consequences and they know it. This crap didn't go on when I was young and a good ass whopping never hurt anyone.

  59. Sharon Wilkins

    Hope Jentis Petzel …Hope it's parents and people like you who think their kids can do no wrong who kids should not be held accountable. Are we supposed to wait until someone is killed? It's time this country is proactive not burying our children after the fact.

  60. Sharon Wilkins

    Evidently you are not familiar with the case in Washington where two 10 year olds brought a gun and knife to school to kill their classmates. One was going to hold the gun on anyone who tried to stop them and the other was going to stab the children to death. If you think 12 year olds are not dangerous please think again. This is 2013 not 1975.

  61. Cameron Mills

    They need to be taken out behind the shed and get beat with a switch just like in the good old days. Has anyone noticed our senior citzens are for the most part the most respectful people. They are not murders or they never have been. They are very kind to everyone they meet. That is because their parents put the fear of god into them and even though their parents are not still here they are afraid of what they can do. That my friends is what this world needs to go back to.

    Beat The Hell Out Of Your Kids! Then we will not have anyone making these videos and killing people all of the time!

  62. Cameron Mills

    I agree with you Jon, Girls that are 12 from where I live would just go and look for this girl and try and beat her up. They dont get scared they get even.

  63. Donald W. Grab

    here we go again, the worthless parents putting the blame on the school. girl, s want equality with boy's , so these are your future terrorists. we never should have let mothers out of the kitchen, oh, forget that, then worthless lazy fathers would have to go to work.

  64. Paul Doherty

    Renee, "Making this video & posting it online is the same as committing MURDER!"
    Really? I mean, really. And you know yer laws?….

  65. Anonymous

    Man. are those girls stupid or what? Obviously putting up a murder list in public will get them in trouble.

  66. Oly Toyou

    Mary LoConti Sounds like women are more inclined to think this type of list is a "normal" thing. Its not in case you were wondering.

  67. Dave Ussery

    Hope Jentis Petzel This kind of thinking is what the hell is wrong with this damn pussified country
    It all started with stupid-assed Dr. Spock in the 60s-I and MY children got spanked when nesssary—not a axe murderer in the bunch!!!!!

  68. Anonymous

    Hope Jentis Petzel are you one of those parents that thinks there child is perfect even though they have killed, bombed and tortured? people like you and your attitude towards these kinds of things is what breeds terrible people. also i love people who retort to spelling and grammar to make themselves look and feel smart. your just a small person who needs to put down others cause its the only thing that makes you feel good about yourself

  69. Gayle Lewis

    These girls should not be put on house arrest, they should be in juvenile detention to show them what it is like to be locked up. They need therapy and so do there parents.

  70. Anonymous

    corporal punishment aside, does anyone doubt that exposure to violent thoughts and acts in multiple forms of media contributes to an understanding of violence as an acceptable solution to problems.

  71. Tracy Brennan

    How can a kid that age make and then even post a video like that? Where were the adults that are supposed to supervise the activities of the child on the internet? If my kids are on a computer they are sitting in my kitchen and I also am able to see what they are doing from any other device I want to look. My oldest is 13 and he doesn't ever go online with adult supervision. When he goes to a friends house the parents knows my rules and if I suspect they haven't been followed said child does not go over there.

  72. Kelly Anderson

    yea most kids blow off steam and talk sh*t but when twelve year old girls start talking in depth about how they would like to repeatedly stab another child to death you're not just runnin your mouth, that's when you've crossed that special little line into being seriously disturbed child

  73. Mark Deller

    what the hell is wrong with todays kids. when I was growing up we just went out in the alley and took care of it!

  74. Judith A Rodda

    That NJ Mayor must be living on another planet. He does not believe the girls pose a serious threat? Isn't that what everyone says after the deed is done? "We didn't take them seriously". If I lived in his city I would seriously not re-elect him.

  75. Judith A Rodda

    Tell that to the parents of the kids who died in Columbine and Connecticut. "We didn't take their threats seriously so we let these people kill innocent school kids". There is something seriously wrong with those girls. I remember being that age and not ever did I think of ways to kill my classmates or teachers.

  76. Judith A Rodda

    So let's just wait until they act out their fantasies, right. A little too late then, don't you think? That is why Columbine and Connecticut happened. People never take these threats seriously.

  77. Judith A Rodda

    And how old are you now, 13? If kids have death lists then they have serious mental issues. Plain and simple. You are right at the top of the list of crazies who should be put away.

  78. Judith A Rodda

    Who are you sick people who make up death lists? We have some seriously mentally ill adults running around and we wonder why kids are killing kids? Just look at the adults who should not be procreating at all.

  79. Ed Zuccarelli

    Under NJ law, the charge of terroristic threats requires a reasonable belief that the threat could be carried out. Harrassment is any communication that is annoying. There are obvious charges that can be filed against both girls, its a question if the County Prosecutor wants to indict for a fleony or send it back to the municipality for a misdemeanor.

  80. Renee Lowry

    Paul; I was responding to John Micro. he stated that its commiting murder, and we shoud just F off. I agree 100% of your response about its the same as Making this Murder is the same as commiting MURDER! What I meant is I understand about Laws of Murder. Sorry about the mishap.. :)

  81. Renee Lowry

    Oops he stated that its not commiting murder. I responded that I was that little girl in the corner & I was picked on all thru school,I also got my Ass beat everyday. I never thought of killing any of those girls that picked on me. I even walked a differant way home. When I got home all of those girls waited in my yard. and beat me. There was 5 girls that beat me! Everyday I skipped shool because of that!

  82. Phillip Constantinescu

    This is stupid, how can 12 year old girls be punished for a little joke? When I was 12 I probably told people I wanted them dead all the time! By that I meant out my life rather than actually dead. The girls a probably shocked enough with their video getting so much attention & getting suspended & I bet they've had enough trouble from their parents & teachers. By posting a video on youtube its made it obvious that it was a joke since if they really wanted to kill people on that list they would have attempted it in secret lol.

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