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Vallejo Little League Shooting Suspect Arrested [Video]

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VALLEJO, Calif. — Authorities have reportedly arrested a man they say opened fire at the father of a player in a Little League T-ball game in California earlier this month.

According to CBS San Francisco, 23-year-old Joshua Chi, of Vallejo, and another man were attending a little league game on April 17 when they started arguing.

Police reports say the altercation between the two men continued in the parking lot. When the unknown victim tried to drive away, Chi opened fire.

The victim was not struck by the gunfire, however the vehicle was struck several times, police said.

Investigators did not say what started the dispute.

Chi was arrested in Richmond on Wednesday at about 11 am and charged attempted murder and an unspecified probation violation.

He is being held in lieu of $750,000 bail.

Following the shooting, several parents of children in the North Vallejo Little League demanded increased security and police protection to ensure the safety of the players.

“They don’t need to see violence out here,” said one mother. “That’s not something that they should have to live with everyday. Fear of being harassed or hurt.”

The league soon after announced that they had decided to suspend all remaining games in the season.

“It is our every intention to remain strong and vigilant against any negative influence within our fences,” the organization said on its Facebook page. “Even though we know we will sometimes disagree, we will strive to maintain calm, mutual respect and self-dignity while resolving all conflicts.”

Kron4tv has more on the Vallejo Little League shooting in the video below:

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  1. Ashley Curry

    Joshua chi was not involved in this shooting,joshua is being wrongfully accused.joshua chi was at home with girlfriend and child at the time,just getting off from work.

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