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LB Quentin Groves Busted In Prostitution Sting

quentin groves

Cleveland Browns LB Quentin Groves was reportedly busted in a prostitution sting this weekend.

According to, Groves was arrested after he tried to solicit services from a prostitute. The prostitute, however, was actually an undercover police officer.

The LB was busted during a three-day prostitution sting earlier this month in Ohio. Officers said that Grove responded to an ad and requested “full service” from an undercover officer. He was arrested shortly after arriving at a hotel.

The police report reads: “(Groves) agreed to one hour of time for 100.00 and was told that anal would be an additional 20.00.”

Police officers reportedly seized $195.70 and a box of condoms from Groves as evidence.

In addition to the Browns LB, authorities arrested more than a dozen other men during the prostitution sting.

Groves, who recently signed a two-year, $2.8 million deal with the Browns, has not commented on the arrest. Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis said that the team was aware of the situation but did not have any further comment.

Groves is due in court to address the situation on May 10.

The Browns LB isn’t the only celebrity to get nabbed in a prostitution sting recently. World Poker Champ the Fossil Man was recently caught soliciting prostitution at a hotel in North Carolina.

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62 Responses to “LB Quentin Groves Busted In Prostitution Sting”

  1. Mike Kelly

    Good enough for the Obama Secret Service should be good enough for this guy! $100.00 full service and $20.00 for anal that equals $120.00. What was the extra $75 going to get him? Yikes!

  2. Anonymous

    Sooooo, I'm wondering…. Was the prostitute FEMALE or MALE?

  3. Robert L. Randall

    This man should not be condemned for his actions. If you are a single man and that part of nature is calling you. You don't have a girlfriend…pick up the phone, call a escort service and get serviced! Sounds legit to me. The part that bothers me is that the police had set this thing up….GOSH.. He was not on a street corner and he had no intention of doing anything wrong. Getting a piece of ass is not illegal!

  4. Donita Putzier Moore

    Why would a good looking man with lots of money need to get a prostitute? I'm thinking he could alot of woman with dinner and a movie or a little suave attitude!

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, prostitution is against the law, but considering that illegal drugs, domestic violence, gun crimes, and other such nonsense occur with football players, I wouldn't be so concerned. So he has a normal sex drive for a guy his age? Big deal. If it was consensual meeting between adults, it's nobody's business in my opinion. And in a hotel room, like another poster said, it wasn't in a car or on the street, so nobody would see. Don't the police have better things to do, like catch gangstas and thugs? Regarding another poster's comment, yeah, he could go to a bar and try to meet a girl, but so what? Prostitution is more honest, to be frank. Any girl who would be "available" to an NFL player in a bar or club is not so honest or "nice." She is after what the prostitute is after. In my book, why waste the time with barfly phonies, if all he wanted was a little fun.

  6. Dennis Franklin

    At least it isn't a Wife/Common Law taking him for millions or a Punk/ Fag setting him up…All the crime going on in Cleveland and they're running a Call Girl Sting?

  7. Scott Sullivan

    because high profile athletes have a string of buckle bunnies who are out to exploited like crazy. at least with another "Pro" he has a chance at a STD, but avoids getting a girl pregnant, marrying a gold digger, who would get HALF his income or shelling out thousands in gifts just for some fun. sometimes it's also preferable because men do have issues, and it's not likely to be gossip in the ladies room.. say what you will about a prostitute, at least these ladies have integrity when it comes to confidentiality. at least when your not trying to sleep with a female police officer.

  8. Anonymous

    If gay marrage is going to be legal so should prostitution other perverts should have equal rights too 2 consenting adults.

  9. Ron Oakey

    such bullshit, the guy was trying to make a deal with what he thought was another conscenting adult for sex, and the bust him for it.

  10. Anonymous

    This guy could lose millions from a gold digger. One child and he is paying for 20 years. Needs to use the mayor's call list not the street.

  11. Tim Kerr

    Funny how the police can act like a hooker and not be charged with prostituition. And I used to be a cop.

  12. Anonymous

    I know Why the prostitute would only charge $20 for anal sex with Groves. After popping it in her a few times, her rear end would be roomy enough to be used for storing houswehold goods or even used as a garage for a small car. The rent then would be much more profitable.

  13. Leah Rigney

    The problem with prostitution is many prostitutes are forced into the life aka Sex Trafficking/Sex Slavery. While many prostitutes may seem willing- that is not always the case. Sex trafficking/Sex slavery would not be big business if our society did not have creepers like this spending for booty calls.

  14. Anonymous

    F4@K these gay ass cop, go after criminals, u freaking cowards.

  15. Anonymous

    If the prostitution in this case is proven not forced and no slavery/trafficking will they clear and let the guys go then???

  16. Leah Rigney

    sweetcd, I see what you are saying, bc in this particular instance she was not technically a real prostitute…but she could have been… and he would have been contributing to sex slavery. However, I am speaking about prostitution in general…8 out of 10 ten times a guy visits a prostitute she is being sex trafficked…but he just doesn't realize it. There is really no way to know if prostitutes are truly willing or not…they are forced to appear willing and accommodating to the johns…after all it is business.

  17. Leah Rigney

    Tommy Coe,…geez did not mean to hit a nerve with some of you men on here…just offering a different perspective since so many are wondering why the cops would "waste tax dollars or time" to bust a prostitution ring…well sex trafficking is why…you do not have to agree…just saying

  18. Anonymous

    I can't believe we are wasting taxpayer dollars on this. These cops could have been investigating murders or rapes. Prostitution should be legal.

  19. Jerome McCollom

    What a stupid waste of time and resources. Legalize and regulate it. Brothel workers in Nevada have not one reported case of HIV. By the way, see the box of condoms as evidence. This just discourages people from using condoms when engaging in or with a sex worker. That's just stupid policy.

  20. Glenn Jones

    so where r the other guy's names and photo you people need be ashamed of yourselves he should sue you Ass for Deflaming him.

  21. Lo Oc

    Leah Rigney actually it is not a fact. Your just making stuff up, to try to gain support for your blatantly sexist views, by preying on the less intelligent… Or who you seem to perceive to be the less intelligent, I.E. all men… But really the less intelligent are just those stupid enough to actually just blindly believe the horse hockey your spewing, without checking the facts first. Instead of spewing sexist comments, in your desperate effort to spread the hatred and distrust of men, why don't you spend your time and energy on something that could be constructive for ALL mankind. You know, be an equalist, instead of just trying to make it easier for women to accuse men of crap, that people automatically believe, largely because of rhetoric like this, leading some to be falsely accused, thus sometimes ruining lives… And not just mens lives, the people around them, anybody that depends on them, like oh, I don't know… Children, among others? Remember you would not be here if it was not for a man, just as I would not be here if it was not for a woman. So I'm sorry for whatever experiences you may have endured that caused you to be so bitter and hateful towards men, (more than I expect in return), but could you please stop your slanted gender bashing now?
    I remember once a friends wife stole some money from him, when she was mad… went out and got TWO male prostitutes. (She went over the border into Nevada to do it, it was legal, but I'm sure that at LEAST one, if not both of the men were trafficked, according to your statistics. By the way you realize that almost all statistics are flawed, right?)
    Gee whiz wouldn't it be something if these bored cops decided to try to 'sting' some FEMALES for their bs? But thats just not very politically correct, now is it? Gee, I wonder why that is? Thanks.

  22. Lo Oc

    Oh wait, you probably will refuse to believe that a female would ever pay for sex now right? Smfh.

  23. Anonymous

    actually I think prostitution should be legalized. it has been legal in many european countries for eons. not all prostitues in those countries are drug addicts in fact it is quite the opposite. plus many have state health care and they are required to be checked by their physicians regularly.

  24. Sean Jefferson

    That's why you record it, then you're just paying an adult film star for her work… this is a wierd world. Can't get a nut, but you can legally bring down an economy without consequence…

  25. Justin Chevet

    Leah, I understand your concerns. but lets look at this from a different angle if we can…..
    if prostitution was legal and became a legitimate business…it would then be subject to local govt scrutiny…..think about it…you cant even open so much as a nail salon without obtaining a business license from the state, you are subject to health inspections, and so would be the case with brothels. govt agencies would inspect the venues and check IDs, for age, immigration papers to ensure they are NOT being smuggled out of their respective countries, ……
    I mean does forcing something as natural as sex for profit (and lets be honest …MOST sex is for SOME profit, ie reputation, security, etc) underground and creating a vast uncontrollable black market REALLY help these girls!?!?! you see how well we control drugs today or alcohol during prohibition!?!?! legalize prostitution, and let local govts scrutinize and inspect to ensure those girls are working AT WILL. as is doen in France, Germany, Holland, …..

  26. Sean Jefferson

    But then you have one less black man to fantasize about while beating your meat before angrily taking your shame on internet message boards!

  27. Anonymous

    Sex trafficking is an urban legend. Every year the FBI does a nationwide operation in cooperation with local police, called Cross Country. They never find more than a few dozen underage prostitutes, including 17-year-olds working for themselves. They have never found an adult sex slave.

    The Polaris Project predicted there would be 40,000 sex slaves imported into Germany for the 2006 World Cup soccer championship. The police were on the lookout for slaves. They found none.

  28. Justin Chevet

    saapatentec, I don't think it is urban legend…perhaps here in the US, but worldwide I am sure it is a problem and I would not be surprised that some of that seeped into our borders. (had a friend who worked for INTERPOL) ……….but yeah…don't think its so rampant here, but what little here there was I think would be nearly eradicated if we just legalized it and rendered brothels legitimate businesses

  29. Josh Kearns

    So the problem isn't the prostitution, it's the black market aspects of it. Secrecy, slavery, etc.

    Seems to me if you made it legal most of that simply goes away.

  30. Bud Bundy

    paying for pussy. men pay for pussy all the time. like going out on a date. so dating should also be illegal? spending money on a movie, food, etc… so that is legal but paying just for getting sex. well I don't care. women are expensive. sex is free.

  31. Justin Chevet

    well so I believe in little humble opinion! anytime something is degraded to the black market it gets stronger…..guns, drugs, girls…you name it…..legalizing it, and having some oversight and intel on it is the best option I think

  32. Dee Pea

    I am very surprised by all support in these comments, and I agree with most of you. What a waste of tax payer dollars, unfortunately its the internet that do these people in. They really do need to consider legalizing it, if it's ok for gays to marry, then why can't it be ok for two adults to agree on a sexual service for money? FYI you can actually book a pornstar and do whatever you want with her and no one gets trouble.

  33. Anonymous

    Really Tom? Big talk coming from a guy who looks like he shouldn't be 100 miles within an Elementary school. You damn pedo.

  34. Luke Zaragoza

    so what if he like anal sex with men. let him get what he wants. it's none of our business! there are many gay and bisexual pro football players. who cares. just play ball.

  35. De Mateo Marquise

    This is so ridiculous. The "undercover cops" need to find better things to do like catch criminals and people who irresponsibly use guns. If prostitution is so bad, why pose "undercover" for it and LURE someone with a fake ad, setting them up? So disrespectful and RUDE. Sex is natural. IF prostitution isn't legal they should be busting all the escort services!

  36. Timothy Dolan

    I don't think prostitution is right at all, and you would think a football player could get laid on his own, but isn't a cop pretending to be a prostitute some form of entrapment or something. I mean how about you go out and catch murderers and people trafficking guns and drugs and politicians and millionaires that rip off the lower class. Instead you spend your time busting one dude trying to get laid at a time lol.

  37. Anonymous

    Shouldn't our "WELFARE RECIPIENT" law enforcement officers focus on crimes that harm people, these assholes even try to interfere with a man who wants to get laid?

  38. Allen Cox

    totally unacceptable and typical double standards. Prosicute prostitutes for selling what is their own body and rightfully theirs but Don't arrest Politicians and Rich corporations for Raping America.

  39. Allen Cox

    totally unacceptable double standards. Prosicute someone for making an honest business transaction from one person to another but Not prosicute Politicians and Rich corporations for raping America. Bastards

  40. Duke Rendell

    $100 for an hour – and just $20 more for anal? He should have known something was up. That's dirt cheap!

  41. Shamsy Chames

    This guy is married with a family. What an embarrassment for them.

  42. Robert P. Robertson

    Atleast he was using condoms. The same law should apply to politicians who use escort services and turn up in the little black books of madams, like Louisiana Senator David Vitter. Senator Vitter was turning tricks from coast to coast, and in many cases nevcer used a condom. What's the difference between Groves and other tricks and Senator Vitter? Is there persecution for some and reprimand for others?

  43. Anonymous

    At least he`s found out that a prostitute is cheaper than a wife or girl friend. Especially when it all feels the same when you are finished.

  44. Kofi Daeshaun

    Wow! really? The undercover police solicits/advertises for an illegal activity, turns around and arrest you for showing up. Something is wrong here when politicians are tripping over themselves in congress and folks are being thrown in jail for engaging in commerce. I guess it's a crime because Uncle Sam ain't taxing it. Bollocks!

  45. Leah Rigney

    Lo Oc, I am not a man hater at all. In fact I love men and quite frankly most seem to love me in return. I am not even a feminist. I even realize that society/women can put a lot of pressure on men to be the perfect provider, perfect husband, perfect dad, perfect worker, etc. Pressures I may never face as a woman.In my original comment I said creepers–which to me means male or female–of course women can go to prostitutes…and I am well aware that some women can even be way more manipulative. As far as the "Geez, did not mean to hit a nerve with some of you men on here" comment–I was just addressing the issue that it appears to be only men that have an issue with my post.

    Saapatentec, I promise you it is not an urban legend. Yes, it is true it may not be as prevalent in the USA. I am a counselor and have worked extensively in the New Orleans area with people who have been sex trafficked. I have also worked with former child sex slaves in Kenya.

    Justin Chevet, yes I see what you are saying—my issue is not whether to make prostitution legal or not I have no opinion either way. Making it legal probably would make the problems go away….or not..who can know for sure. It is the sex trafficking/human slavery aspect of it which is unsavory.

    Josh Kearns, I could kiss you;)—exactly! My problem is not the prostitution…it is again the sex trafficking part and the fact that people who frequent prostitutes create a market for human trafficking. I do not know if legalizing prostitution would make the black market aspects go away or not—there are always people who want to take advantage of other people and pay them less or not pay them at all for the work they do.

  46. Leah Rigney

    I have no issue with two consenting adults doing whatever they want to do. I could really care less. The key word being "consenting". ..the problem being–there is really no way to know if prostitutes are truly willing or not…they are forced to appear willing and accommodating in a lot of cases…since they have to bring home a certain amount of bank for their days work.

    With all of that said—little girls or little boys–usually never say "I want to be a prostitute when I grow up"—whether it is legal or not legal or whether they get paid or not paid.

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