Steve Martin Discusses Being A Dad

Steve Martin Opens Up About Fatherhood, New Album

Steven Martin recently discussed being a father during his appearance in The Late Show.

The actor’s chat with David Letterman centered around the Parenthood star’s new bundle of joy. When Martin revealed that everything was going great thanks to the help of a “wonderful wife and mother,” the audience had a good laugh.

“I’m paying her a compliment — everything is funny when I try to be serious!” Steve Martin said.

When the conversation turned to the baby’s name, the comedian joked that he wanted to name the child Conquistador. Steve Martin said he didn’t want to give his daughter a weird name like other Hollywood celebrities.

“Conquistador is a statement,” he said.

To prove to David Letterman’s audience that he was taking his role as a new father very seriously, he placed a baby monitor on the late night host’s desk.

“The baby’s back at the hotel, and I’m a responsible dad,” he joked.

When he isn’t spending time with his lovely wife and his new daughter, Martin spends a lot of his free time these days creating music. The Father of the Bride star recently joined forces with former New Bohemians singer Edie Brickell to record an album.

Although the musicians have known one another for quite some time, they just recently decided to collaborate on a few songs.

He explained during his appearance on Today:

“We’ve known each other for over 20 or more years, but we really just met … at a party a couple of years ago and we thought maybe we could write some songs together. And then we did this horrible thing that you never do in Hollywood — we followed up on it.”

The end result of Steven Martin and Edie Brickell collaboration was Love Has Come For You, a collection of 13 original songs the pair cooked up together. The album is available now.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]