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Glenn Beck Boston Bombing Investigation Conspiracy Intel Revealed

Glenn Beck Boston Bombing Investigation Conspiracy Intel Revealed

Glenn Beck says the Boston bombing investigation is a coverup conspiracy and yesterday he revealed the facts that supposedly support his case.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Glenn Beck is alleging a coverup and conspiracy in the Boston bombing investigation in the case of the Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. Alharbi was supposedly in violation of section 212 3B of the Immigration and Nationality Act, citing “security and related grounds” and “terrorist activities.” The Saudi national was was cleared of involvement in the bombings, but it was also discovered that his visa to stay in the US had expired, and ICE may be readying to deport him on those grounds.

Glenn Beck isn’t the only one watching this part of the Boston bombing investigation closely. Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) expressed concerns that the Saudi national was being deported “due to national security concerns.” Duncan says, “I’m not saying it’s related to Boston, but he is being deported.”

In response, Janet Napolitano only said, “Like I said, again, I don’t even think he was technically a person of interest or a suspect – that was a wash. And I am unaware of any proceeding there. I will clarify that for you, but I think this is an example of why it is so important to let law enforcement do its job.”

Glenn Beck claims his Boston bombing investigation conspiracy will cause some of his sources to be under threat of 20-year prison terms. Glenn Beck claims, “We don’t know at this point how [the Saudi national Abdul Rohman Ali Alharbi] was involved … but I do know he was involved [in the Boston bombing.]” Glenn Beck says the Saudi national was once flagged on a terror watch list but was granted a US student visa anyway.

Glenn Beck claims the Saudi national’s deportation under section 212, 3B indicates “proven terrorist activity” and says “it is very difficult to charge someone with this — it has to be almost certain.” Glenn Beck claims that after Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud the FBI began “backtracking on the Saudi national from suspect, to person of interest, to witness, to victim, to nobody.”

Glenn Beck claims that President Barack Obama reportedly had a meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud and Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir which led to the Saudi national’s fate being changed:

“Wednesday at 5:35 p.m. the file is altered. This is unheard of, this is impossible in the timeline due to the severity of the charge …. You don’t one day put a 212 3B charge against somebody with deportation, and then the next day take it off. It would require too much to do it.”

Steven Miller, a research associate with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, claims the Saudi national was only asked what he saw during the bombings, the FBI apologized, and then promised him special health care:

“He clarified that security officials asked him to focus on what he saw before the bombings, and on the nature of the event [to see] if he remembers what happened around him … he thanked American authorities who refuted media allegations about his status as a suspect …,”

Glenn Beck is promising more information about the alleged Boston bombing investigation conspiracy as the week goes on.

What do you think about Glenn Beck’s alleged Boston bombing investigation conspiracy?

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370 Responses to “Glenn Beck Boston Bombing Investigation Conspiracy Intel Revealed”

  1. Ptosis Theseus If Dzhokhar had shot himself then how come he was walking during the arrest? Blood drained from the entrance wound would have been seen on his clothes as he was climbing out of the boat hideout. The wound described as into the neck at the jaw line pointing up is the method of slaughtering cattle by allowing the bullet to repeatedly ricochet within the skull. If Dzhokhar had pulled the gun trigger when it was in his mouth as the police said then the bullet would have gone through the brain stem. There is no way Dzhokhar could have climbed out of the boat on his own volition if he had already been shot. It was an execution shot after the arrest and not an attempted suicide before the arrest.

    And the lying continues, with brain damage – not only can’t this guy talk, but responding with scribbles under sedation seems far-fetched.

  2. Patrick Frye

    You're welcome. I try to be neutral whether or not I agree with any topic. Never mind, even in an opinion article I can't say with certainty that Glenn Beck's hypothesis is false or true.

  3. John Rotolo

    Glenn is a secret Muslim , as were Reagan, Walt Disney, Abe Lincoln, the Wizard of Oz and Adolf Hitler , and Glenn can prove it!

  4. Anonymous

    Yes you can. Anyone can look up Section 212 (3b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. I did, and guess what? It does not require "proven terrorist activity", as Beck claims. It requires only "reasonable grounds to believe" that an individual may be involved with terrorism. The difference between "proven terrorist" and "reasonable grounds" is like night and day. The latter only means that the individual has at one time been considered a suspect, which the government has acknowledged all along. In any case, Beck is certainly, unquestionably, lying about what the designation "3b" means.

  5. Bill Krupar

    Beck is on to something in Boston. Attacks on Beck because he is a Mormon prove igmorrnce. Its like saying someone is stupid because of their ethnic background.

  6. Anonymous

    I also have serious doubts about Beck's claim that it is "unheard of" to remove a 3b designation. That sounds highly improbably just from the perspective of efficient recordkeeping. I would bet it's something that he just made up, because he often does things like that.

  7. A J MacDonald Jr

    NY Times – Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.

    “THE United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

    “But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.”.


    See: Mother Jones – Terrorists for the FBI –

    See: FBI Foreknowledge of Boston Bombings –

    VIDEO – Did FBI Have Foreknowledge of Marathon Bombing? –

    See: Hard Questions Posed on Boston Bombing –

    VIDEO – Rare TV NEWS Dan Rather reports on WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge –

  8. Blonde Chick

    Beck gave them until Monday to tell us the truth..and so far nothing new has surfaced from anyone including Beck. A total disappointment all around. Beck said he had more people than he could count on one hand giving him intel info and he would expose this on he says he will give more info out during the rest of week…either you know or you don't. Spill it….because the govt isn't going to, that's for sure!

  9. Steve Pope

    Go back to sleep government media controlled shrilled.Followers of the Global World Elite Plan.Forget that old piece of history written on animal skin!

  10. Anonymous

    I should also point out that you can get flagged under Section 212 (iii) (b) for many other things, including just by being related to someone, or by having "endorsed" terrorism without having committed it. This is all right there under the relevant section. It does NOT mean "proven terrorist", as Beck claims. That, as anyone who wishes to look it up can prove to themselves, is a flat-out lie.

  11. Joey Farmer

    Once again….Proof that money matters. Saudi nationals seem to garner protection from US government. People that carried out the murders of US citizens on 9/11 were predominately Saudi nationals. Yet hundreds of the Bin Laden extended family members were flown home courtesy of the good ol' USA in the hours after that attack for thier safety. Obama seems to be carrying on the Bush tradition. A shame our government is affraid to address the truths for fear of financial reprisal.

  12. John Wilson

    Who the hell is Glenn Beck to make any kind of demands on the investigators to give them info by a certain time. Glenn Beck is a crackpot, a loon. He was too bat-crap crazy for Fox News and that should tell you something. Beck was booted off the air because advertisers were jumping ship so fast. So now he has his pay per view web site where he says these crazy rantings. Just another nut like Alex Jones.

  13. Hugh R. Lander

    Beck accomplished what he wanted: ratings, and rubes buying gold and freeze dried meals.

  14. Anonymous

    There has to be a conspiracy. Nobody could possibly believe this guy is still in the public eye. Nobody. There has got to be some type of cover up, or we would not be subjected to this cretin's blather, time and time again. Somebody knows something?

  15. Doug Curlee

    somoeone.. actually many someones..need to come to the realization that glenn beck is, and has been for a long time..mentally ill..SERIOUSLY mentally ill…

  16. Jonathan Hart

    You forgot that Beck is also a knights Templar and holder of Frodo's ring…

  17. Matthew Towne

    "Glenn Beck is promising more information about the alleged Boston bombing investigation conspiracy as the week goes on." If this is SO important and he is SO certain why would he drag this out for a week? Could it be so he could boost his ratings over the next few days?

  18. Jay E Speigel

    Agree. If the gov't can detain an American citizen under the Patriot Act we can certainly deport an alien from our soil who has NO rights as a citizen in the United States. I SERIOUSLY doubt we need to prove that someone is a terrorist to deport them. "almost unheard of" … LOL.

  19. David Mccarthy

    You would think that after hundreds of conspiracy theories Glen would get a least one…lol he's such an ass clown.

  20. Tyler Martin

    All I hear is sheep, Baaaa baaaa, sing your song, sheep, the government never lies to anyone. Follow inline like all the others and do what your told.

  21. Tyler Martin

    Amen brother, the fact will always remain they the used unannounced martial law to track down 1 nineteen yearold.

  22. Nadine Vert

    I identify as a liberal and have never, ever agreed with Glenn Beck on anything but I believe him that the Bostin Marathon is a conspiracy. Maybe not in the way he is saying…but I believe it is a conspiracy. NOTHING makes sense about it. And please, DO NOT believe the answers Dzhokar is giving while he is SEDATED. He is nodding his head while being drugged up. They are making him agree to everything they ask.

  23. Nadine Vert

    I identify as a liberal and have never, ever agreed with Glenn Beck on anything but I believe him that the Bostin Marathon is a conspiracy. Maybe not in the way he is saying…but I believe it is a conspiracy. NOTHING makes sense about it. And please, DO NOT believe the answers Dzhokar is giving while he is SEDATED. He is nodding his head while being drugged up. They are making him agree to everything they ask.

  24. John Keel

    Glenn Beck talks out his anal cavity, another idiot trying to get recognition.

  25. Anonymous

    You let any of these nuts on talk radio direct your lives, then you are dumber then they are.

  26. Richard Pyle

    Agreed, If Beck has actually obtain alleged evidence showing that Obama is betraying his Oath of office by ordering this cover up then Beck would first shut up, check if all the evidence is accurate, and post it all at once

  27. Anonymous

    Some people in America are so afraid of the truth. This smells like a another government sponsored false flag.

  28. Colin D. Garland

    The fact that Glenn has his freedom right now is a testament to this country's enduring belief in its constitution. The man is an idiot and a provocateur. In the end, all he is doing is getting a few more minutes of fading notoriety from the idiots who lend any sort of credence to his cartoonishly fake rants.

  29. Anonymous

    Some Americans are afraid of the truth. This event smells like another government sponsored false flag.

  30. David Gonzalez

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. And for those who believe the Government never hides things from the General Public… I'm sure you believe Obama is an American Citizen, too.

  31. Role Guy

    John Arlet is an idiot…I though so, glad you brought it up.

  32. John McGowan

    Glenn Beck learned to speak from Ace Ventura…there's no other reason Beckie Boy speaks from his backside!

  33. TJ Hadsall

    So if Beck's sources wanted to get this information out there, then why would they give it to him? Why not someone with a little credibility?

  34. Derek Dreizen

    Fuggin' Glenn Beck is fine, as long as I don't have to look at Glenn's PECK! WHAT? Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!

  35. Ed Johnston

    Beck is neither a loon nor a truth teller. A smart business man. Simply profiting out of saying the outrageous, inflaming the left making idiots of those that think he is purveyor of the truth. Nothing new. We've seen a lot of folks profit from the stupidity of the American people. Be it Coulter (to sell books), Trump (to sell his name) or Beck it really is about money publicity and fame.

  36. Robert Edwards

    I was completly unaware of Glenn's military service and how he saved the nation…. Oh wait that's just another dillusion from the mental patient Glenn Beck. So nuts he was fired by Fox.

  37. Robert Edwards

    Glenn beck is a Patriot? I was completly unaware that, that draft dodging mormon was an american hero? When did he serve? Was he in the same crack strike force as Mitt Romney? Oh wait, that was just another dillusional fantasy of Glenn. Do the world a favor and help get that mental patient / drunk back on his meds. Then you can go back to listening to that drug addict Rush Limbaugh full time.

  38. Anonymous

    Robert E Guthrie, it sounds like you stopped taking your meds and took the stupid pill. A patriot cares about all Americans. All he is interested in is money, ego, and passing along lies to get the haters hating more. He depends on ignorant people to listen, follow, and hate. He could care less about you or any other of the delusional people who believe his stupidity.

  39. Jim Sandstrom

    Hey Obama sheeplel, isn't like the Kardashians or something on TV?

  40. Anonymous

    Mormons are a cult and not a good one at that. I am conservative and Glen Beck is an idiot if he believes in Joseph Smith. The only difference is modern day Mormons do not murder like the evil Islamist.

  41. Max Powers

    Of course the simple minded in this nation will believe Becks's insane rants.

  42. Matt Goedken

    beck's job is to sell advertising. plain and simple. and what better way to get people to watch those ads? say a bunch of crazy s**t.

  43. Deborah Thomposn

    I am inclined to agree with you Robert , Glenn Beck has no reason to lie or to perpetrate anything against the.
    American People , I hope the sheep wake up soon and realize Mr.Beck is a true American standing up for us. He is not an idiot that the liberals want the vast amount of us dumb American sheepie to stay asleep. Cudo's to Mr. Beck and his Crew for bringing us something real. there is no such thing a real news from the mass media groups.

  44. David Fuchs

    You have to admit When Napolitano Came out last week and said it was untrue nothing to it and it did not deserve an answer and then today at hearing said it was true he was on a watch list but was taken off but it happened in a 48 hour period and then she white washed over it…It did make me go Hmmm

  45. Ed Johnston

    Almost 100% accurate. However, Beck is anything but an idiot. He knows that inflaming the left and riling up a small minority of folks that that are void of intelligence and independent thought is good business. An easy way to make money and keep your name in the headlines. He knows what he's doing as does Coulter, Trump et al.

  46. Matt Sargent

    People have no power if you ignore them. Just ask Piers Morgan.

  47. Loretta Dane

    Glenn Beck is nothing more than a Domestic terrorist – his lies and conspiracy theories encourage fear and unresst. If anyone should have their freedom of speech revoked, it's him! He has the freedom to speak, but not to lie or fear-monger. What an unpatriotic idiot! If he mistrusts our government so much, maybe he should move to China with Rupert Murdock.

  48. Ben Shanholtz

    Well also you guys are leaving out. What? I mean WHAT???!! Beck bags on Islam. Talks about it being a religion of hate and someone needs to back off him because he's a Mormon and that's like being black or something? Cause yeah religion is something you can't CHOOSE to disbelieve. You are stuck with it. Like I was born into a Christian family so I'm Christian. I can't like CHANGE that. Are you high? Really? Like really really high? Jesus

  49. Ben Shanholtz

    Also I don't have to prove "igmorrnce" I don't even know what igmorronce is maybe I'm just igmorrnt?:)

  50. Freddy Glass

    our country is packed with these muslim terrorists, on the college campus, driving cabs in Boston, waking around with death on their minds and we just keep on going like nothing is wrong. every mosque is a terror training ground. and they do this pr routine after something happens…oh we didn't have anything to do with that…but they are islam and islam is about terror…oh, not all of them…oh, yes, all of them. that's not pc and pc is going to get us all killed. Beck is righi the whole things smells if they let some terrorist get deported. he will just change his name and come back on a "student visa" after he gets more training from Al.

  51. Anthony Turreto

    Before It's News is reporting that the Saudi national is actually Bin Laden's son Hamza whom he was grooming to become the next leader of Al Qaeda.

  52. Nan Tucker

    Maybe he a counter terrorist and their letting him go so he can continue his work infiltrating the terrorist network…stranger things have happened.

  53. Wade Hendrickson

    Robert: It really is sad that there are so many stupid people out there. They refuse the truth when its right in front of them. America is in serious trouble.

  54. William Baker

    As far as who did the bombing ,they need no info from Dzhokar. They have enough evidence to put him away forever.The people who took pictures and the store cams tell a lot of the facts. The cops they were shooting at and throwing bombs know what they did.The FBI and others will have the complete story before long.

  55. David Gardner

    Sounds like Beck wants to get some more publicity. For being certifiable. I have yet to meet a Glenn Beck listener who doesn't sound crazy or stupid. I quit talking to family members because of this man. He turned them into zombies who just run around ranting about things that make no sense and just are thrown together mumbo jumbo. Not to mention my family has decided that they are allowed to use the N word because there is a difference between a N word and a black person. Thanks Glenn Beck for making my family retarded instead of caring human beings.

  56. Halldancer Robin

    First, Alharbi was NOT found to be in violation of section 212 3B of the Immigration and Nationality Act. His Visa has expired and like anyone else, he will be deported until he can renew it. Second, the FBI didn't back track, they INVESTIGATED. They did their job and found he was not involved. Glen Becks 'claims' are just that.. his claims and I do not see evidence that his claims are supported. AS USUAL. It's just another one of his let's get people riled up and blame the Obama admin on it bruhaha that's his daily bread and butter.

  57. Connie Pate

    I trust his takes on things more than anyone else in the USA, we sure cannot trust our Gov. or Media, so where does anyone go?

  58. Anonymous

    I can'tbelieve any sane person listens to this guy. Its the LSD wearing off!

  59. David Gardner

    Sadly our country is full of people like you who always point the finger of blame. Who cares if your right or not. You sound like a idiot who has trouble making friends because of your halucinations

  60. David Gardner

    God your stupid. I wish you and Glenn would go back to your bunkers and eat some space food

  61. Vinnie Vargas

    I certainly believe we get more truth out of Beck and Breitbart than from Fox and all the other news media obummer outlets combined….keep it coming Mr. Beck

  62. Jim Krally

    glenn beck is an idiot, he is sickening, any bs for a buck.

  63. Anonymous

    thank goodness for at least some objectivity from someone who call themselves the media, remember the Cyprus banks were given the all clear a year ago the media ran with the "All is well on the Titanic" now they are dead, the whole media circus now stinks to high heaven, thank goodness that someone is at least not afraid to question the government and not repeat like parrots the crackers they are force feed, since the banking crash of 2008 the media has never become so compliant, now you know when polled NO ON BELIEVES YOU ANY MORE!

  64. Anonymous

    "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New.
    York Times, Time magazine and other great.
    publications whose directors have attended our.
    meetings and respected the promises of discretion for.
    almost forty years. It would have been impossible for.
    us to develop our plan for the world if we had been.
    subject to the bright lights of publicity during those.
    years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and.
    prepared to march towards a world-government. The
    supranational sovereignty if an intellectual elite and.
    world bankers is surely preferable to the national.
    auto-determination practiced in past centuries"–
    David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral.
    Commission meeting
    in June of 1991.

  65. Victoria Sanders

    how many of his theories have shown anything other than another grab for attention?

  66. Anonymous

    E.O. 12958: N/A
    SUBJECT: Visa Provisions in USA-PATRIOT Act Series: No. 2
    REF: STATE 190946.
    1. This telegram provides the text of section 212(a)(3)(B) and (F) following passage of the USA Patriot Act. This is only the text; instructions on how to implement the provisions will follow soon. Posts should take no additional action at this time, except to note that all cases involving potential ineligibilities under the new section (3)(F) should be submitted for the Department's security advisory opinion, and that (3)(B) cases should continue to be submitted for security advisory opinions.
    2. Text of sections (3)(B) and (3)(F):
    (3) Security and related grounds. -…
    (B) Terrorist activities-
    (i) In general. – Any alien who –
    (I) has engaged in a terrorist activity,
    (II) a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage after entry in any terrorist activity (as defined in clause (iv),
    (III) has, under circumstances indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily harm, incited terrorist activity,
    (IV) is a representative (as defined in clause (v)) of–
    (aa) a foreign terrorist organization, as designated by the Secretary of State under section 219, or.
    (bb) a political, social or other similar group whose public endorsement of acts of terrorist activity the Secretary of State has determined undermines United States efforts to reduce or eliminate terrorist activities,
    (V) is a member of a foreign terrorist organization, as designated by the Secretary under section 219, which the alien knows or should have known is a terrorist organization, or.
    (VI) has used the alien's position of prominence within any country to endorse or espouse terrorist activity, or to persuade others to support terrorist activity or a terrorist organization, in a way that the Secretary of State has determined undermines United States efforts to reduce or eliminate terrorist activities, or.
    (VII) is the spouse or child of an alien who is inadmissible under this section, if the activity causing the alien to be found inadmissible occurred within the last 5 years, is inadmissible. An alien who is an officer, official, representative, or spokesman of the Palestine Liberation Organization is considered, for purposes of this Act, to be engaged in a terrorist activity.
    (ii) Exception. — Subclause (VII) of clause (i) does not apply to a spouse or child —

  67. Rhett Dudley

    Glenn Beck really the guys a fucking nut, Glenn Beck really wtf has happened to the intelligent people of America have they all left ??? The rest who call us Obama sheeple there are many more of us who dont buy into any of the government bullshit but we are free thinkers and the rest who point fingers and name call you arent any better. And where is your so called evidence dont point at the poster child Mr beck hes no brighter then Sarah Palin.

  68. Phillip Link

    its more beliveable than what the democrats wanted us to belive about George bush being behind the bringing down of the 2 towers on 911.

  69. Anonymous

    “The first truth is that the liberty.
    of a democracy is not safe if the.
    people tolerate the growth of.
    private power to a point where it.
    becomes stronger than their.
    democratic state itself. That, in its.
    government by an individual, by a.
    group, or by any other controlling.
    private power…. Among us today a.
    concentration of private power.
    without equal in history is.

    essence, is fascism — ownership of.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  70. Victoria Sanders

    If he is looking for a conspiracy go look in West, TX. years of no inspections, being so close to GWB, "off the grid" it was called. 1300 x the legal amount you have to report to Homeland Security. Hmmmm better get down there and check it out Glenn.

  71. Anonymous

    “The obvious types of American fascists are dealt with on the air and in the press. These demagogues and stooges are fronts for others. Dangerous as these people may be, they are not so significant as thousands of other people who have never been mentioned.

    The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.

    With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.”.
    ― Henry A. Wallace

  72. Brian Cole

    What is the difference between this BS Glenn Beck is spewing, and what Bradley Manning may have released to Wikileaks? If Manning is in a military prison, then due to the NDAA and Patriot Acts, couldn't Beck be considered an enemy combatant? If not something quite that severe, there would have to be some provision of those 2 that place him in conflict with one of the 2.

  73. Bill Biers

    If you think our government is not based on deception and conspiracy your the mental patient. They rely on your naivity so keep up the good work…. puppets.

  74. Rick Kott

    Looks like its already been said. Lunatic fringe is a term that seems to fit.

  75. Michael Ray

    The only way to destroy Glenn Beck would be to convince him that he himself is a conspiracy, therefore creating a paradox that would send Beck into fits of anger and then bouts of crying before imploding.

  76. Ruger Zen

    That's what he's counting on. Mindless drones that would never take the time to actually look it up. Just regurgitate his nonsense to fellow drones.

  77. Anthony Dituri

    i agree, im not saying beck is truthful, but i think these 9/11 wingnuts are way, way, way out there……..ive never seen one piece of irrefutable evidence on the 9/11 conspiracy……idiots

  78. Wendi Beatty

    Glenn never fails to entertain. I'd say he's an 11 on the 10 pt crazy scale.

  79. Jack Roscigno

    Even if his is right and has the papes to prove it….has pictures and names and dates and the whole story gift wrapped for all to see……the amerika that voted in the socialist puppet will never ever believe it…they are so drunk on obamas semen they cant see straight…..Beck will wind up dead….of an apparent drug overdose or the victim of a drunk driver and the obama semen eaters will win….this country is dead….journalism is dead and the truth is never ever going to see the light of day…….I'm glad I'm old enough not to have to live through too much more of this muslim ass licking and the liberals and the semen drinking obama zombies flushing America down the drain……

  80. Tom Reid

    Glen Beck does anybody really listen to this idiot! What a moron this human being is! Totally not in touch with reality!

  81. Len Erickson

    Glen Beck is an actor. He gets paid a lot of money because advertisers know he can bring in a flock with his vitriolic, conspiracy laden drivel. He plays a role to his listeners and the sheep follow the shepherd. Think for yourselves people.

  82. Teresa Metz

    Oh PULEEEZZZZZZEEEEEE the 'man'in office is a secret muslim and is destroying the US and you and so many others are too blind to see it!

  83. Anonymous

    He is not mentally ill. You might be because you choose to believe a man who has lied since the first day as President. ANd Janet Napolitano used to be the Gov of Az and she is just another yes man. You are a sheeple who will end up at the slaughter by your media and your Government;. Glenn beck – yes he is a little eccentric. shame on anyone who wants more lies like they have been given in the last 8 years.
    Fools are those that don't watch the blaze or are even familiar with the lengths this man has gone to make sure he has all his bases valiidated. why? Because he has no desire for more corrupt info out there, he wants to have the people that do watch his show be told the truth. If you want to be a zoned out moron watching MSNBC or CNN or better yet FOX-You go on with your little self, but please consider that what comes out of your mouth makes you sound very stupid.

  84. Anonymous

    David – if you had a 1/2 a brain you would know that Glenn Beck refuses to listen to any conspiracy and actually goes out of his way to make sure that he picks the conspiracies apart. Don't be such a follower- at least give him a listen to at least want to hear the truth, as it stands now you are flapping your lips and you know NOTHING about the man, only what you have heard…Nice that is being a great honorable person, with open mind.

  85. Anonymous

    John McGowan the only character you can refer to is aCE vENTURA? Awesome. I won't further any more comment as it would be wasted on someone who has no mental capacity for anything intelligent.

  86. Anonymous

    John Arlet – No i think you are mistaken. can't even say anything other than that = you HAVE NEVER EVEN WATCHED HIM HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO GIVE ANY OPINION?

  87. Anonymous

    Jonathan Hart – I read on the bathroom wall that was your attributes.

  88. Anonymous

    Your picture gives your loyalty away, but yet you know nothing about Glenn and you feel qualified to make a stupid comment like that? hahaha

  89. Ken Huffman

    Obama is a Muslim apologist over any loyalty to the US.

  90. Anonymous

    And tell me just what is a polar mormon nut case? First why is it you feel you have to ridicule his religion? HE DOESN'T PUSH IT down anyone's throat…But if you watched the blaze you would know that right? right….And the polar represents what that he is soft and cuddly like a polar bear? or is he cold and icy like a a headache in a cup? just what does it mean? Go back and watch your Al Jezerra tv.

  91. Anonymous

    haha oh like in er duh bi-POLAR? yeah go back and zone out to Al Jezerra tv.

  92. Anonymous

    you have not been watching the blaze obviously. Too much like work listening to a show that actually tells the truth.

  93. Anonymous

    John Wilson It doesn't tell anyone anything except that you are making stupid comments again, like everyone else because you don't watch the blaze either.Glenn beck isn't going for ratings Einstein, he is only on Dish network and a few other small networks, so ratings don't help him like er duh the Fox network ….not a one of you bad mouthing Beck can stand up on your own two feet because you dont have an opinion worth listening to. which is why we are in the mess we are in. You listen to everyone else don't do any investigating on your own, and you flap your bowelll filled yaps and drizzle nothing that is worth listening to. I am ashamed to call myself an american next to american's like you.

  94. Anonymous

    William Baker They have enough evidence because that is HOW THEY SET IT UP!

  95. Anonymous

    um, it's "you're" not "your" and does the government you erroneously speak of include Bush or just the Obama government? Because they ALL do it. It's part of being the most powerful person on the planet dingleberry.

  96. Anonymous

    Glenn, go home. Turn your big broadcast ears inward and think before you speak. Oh, wait. You are unable to do that. Gotta do SOMETHING to stay in the news don't you? Dork.

  97. Anonymous

    Well, just like When the 9/11 Hijackers, who were from SAUDI attacked us, The USA doesn't do anything to SAUDI, Because the 'Saudis are our friends and allies' , right?
    This IS clearly another attempt to placate the OIL-PRODUCING and OIL-CONTROLLING SAUDIS, no matter what they are guilty of doing! When 9/11 went down, the President had just met with the Saudi ambassador and Prince a day before! AND THEN The U.S. goes to war with whom? Iraq… WTFH?

  98. Kristina Stroud

    with over 90 % of comments going against beck, its starting to become clear how obama and his "team" can do and say whatever they please. 1.6 billion rounds of ammo- presidential orders being signed with the intent to change law and his adoring public chasing anyone that dares to question something into oblivion. congrats all!

  99. Brian Shields

    conspiracy is in for the moment. when it's out beck will be interviewing cross dressers or whatever is in next. he has his finger on the pulse of america, or does he?

  100. Roger Moore

    anyone who believes the U.S. gov't is telling the truth is certainly an idiot. Do your home work it is all out there the red flag doings of our gov't to get us into a war. Truth hurts, open your mind a closed mind is worthless.

  101. Anonymous

    what if Glenn Beck is the one relying on your naivety to sell his books or get more listeners to his radio show. Seriously why is it only the government can engage in deception. If Glenn Beck was really taking it to the government and he was outing them on all these conspiracies then why havent they done anything about this threat to their deception. Because he is not because he is just some kook.

  102. Michael Loehrer

    Glenn Beck has facts. The Libs on this page, as usual, spew opinion and putrid opinion at that. It's the same old story about Libs. If they don't have the facts then name call.

  103. Michael Loehrer

    John, you know absolutely nothing except to spew hatred. Sit back and watch what unfolds. BTW, how's Hillary holding up with this Benghazi thing, dufus?

  104. Linda Hollenbaugh

    I find it interesting so many are critizing Beck , Why the reference to morman . I would be wondering about a man who has not a religious bone in his body like our President, before I would critisize someone with God in his. Do any of you accusing him of being bi-polar really know the definition of the word probably not so get a clue.

  105. Pookie Bernstein

    Ask yourself this. Saudi national living in Boston on a student visa to go to school in Ohio. Never attended classes. Present at the bombing. Obama did meet with the Saudi ambassador the day after the bombing as did John Kerry. He (the guy picked up) is being deported but no one knows why. He was picked up as a suspect and cleared in less than 24 hours. Sorry but all this seems odd. You can say Glenn is crazy but even a broken clock is right twice a day. This does not add up just like Benghazi. There are strange things afoot in the Whitehouse.

  106. Robert Grasso

    The only nuts I see here are the Obama lovers that post here. So you think Beck is a nut, but you believe this lying Muslim that occupies the White House. What a laugh. Remember he's a Chicago politician. You people drink his KOOL-AID every day, don't you. These communist liberals that are in charge don't have your best interest at heart. Your rights are being infringed on every day When are all of you brain dead Obama voters going to wake up. Probably never. I am actually amazed at what I read here. You people actually believe our government from both sides are actually for us? Heaven help our country.

  107. Linda Sowders Wilson

    Who to believe – Glenn Beck or Janet Napolitano? I would believe Beck over her any day. He works on facts, she on whatever her Obama and Holder come up with to keep themselves in office.

  108. Robert Haight

    I am very glad to hear and read what Glenn Beck has to say. It is so nice to hear both sides of argument. Tired of everything being neetly laid out and forgotten in another moment.

  109. Cliff Bub Kirtley

    Advertisement (Bad banner? Please let us know) grift (grft) Slang.
    1. Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle.
    2. A swindle or confidence game.
    v. grift·ed, grift·ing, grifts.
    To engage in swindling or cheating.
    To obtain by swindling or cheating.

    same as the talk show coasttocoastam, and all religions,

  110. Thomas Neff

    Who in their right mind can believe anything the government says. They have been lied out their ass since the Korean war and probably before!

  111. Dan Tomkinson

    The man is spot on , something about this whole thing smells foul! I will bet you that the 2nd terrorist will not live to tell a tale , somebody is going to put a red dot on his forehead as soon as he leaves the hospital.

  112. Anonymous

    I`m amazed that his follower could muster up a whole sentence…usually its a couple of misspelled words that only a circlejerk goober can understand

  113. Anonymous

    Let not Rush to Judgment, as our President has said. Let see what Glen Beck has to say and then question it. I do think this administration has not been forthcoming with information when its not in Their best interest. Yes, Beck is out there but the main street media will just sit this out.

  114. Anonymous

    Well, Glenn Beck was certainly right about George Soros, so…

  115. Thomas Berish

    You are put on a 212 3B charge with significant evidence against you. Not to mention it takes a pannel to rule you are a terrist threat to the USA. You don't just automatically come off of this without a ruling from the same pannel. Something just does not add up with this guy, because it is documented by the Feds that he was part of the bombing. Then after these secret meetings he was removed from the 212 3B charge, which is very hard to get off of, and gets to leave the country. Conspiracy I think not.

  116. Bill Abbatematteo

    Rather than attacking the man, attack what he says. They fact that people avoid addressing the issue is troubling. If your basis for determining facts is pre-judged based on whether you like the messenger or not, then we are fools and sheep in the hands of the government. You may not like Beck, but how do you explain the facts about this situation.

  117. Mike Cobb

    I take Glenn Beck with a grain of salt. He can be a real nut job, but sometimes what he says is worth listening to. In this case his claim is certainly believable… where the White House does a political favor for an Arab Muslim. Let's see if anyone comes forward with any evidence.

  118. Ron Clone

    There was maybe one fact in this post. Beck uses his fingers to count. Anything past ten causes him to take off his shoes. But then he's stuck at 19. Hasn't learned the word "twenty" yet.

  119. Adam Murphy

    I'm not saying one way or another, fact is that a bombing happened and its a tragedy. but all somebody has to say is the word conspiracy theory and whoever it is, is now mentally ill.

  120. Robert Rittenhouse

    When your only argument against a person is "He is an idiot.", and nothing else. You look like an idot. BTW, how many idiot millionaires do you know? He must be intelligent enough to do that. I can only assume the people posting on this article are not idependently wealthy, and you are wasting your time posting here, just like me.

  121. Caleb Wheeler

    John Wilson … Beck still has a ways to go before he is Alex Jones lol… But they are both in Texas though lol….

  122. Anonymous

    Glenn beck leaves no doubt, again! He is a nut case! He makes money off of being a nut case!

  123. Kathleen Taylor Willows

    Glen Beck provides a very valuable service to the mentaly ill. I don't think he should be paid though. He should entertain them for free. My ex is mentally ill and enjoys him.

  124. Tom Osborne

    If you think the entire right-wing propaganda enterprise, of which Beck is a part, is not based on deception and intentional misrepresentation, you're a fool. They rely on your gullibility to make money, so keep up the good work…puppet!

  125. Burl Hosier

    if hes so wrong, then explain why the two terrorist that were chrged one dead , car jacked a guy and let him live after confessing to the bombings. thatmakes zero fucking sense. and why was the saudi originallynamed as a person of interest. as it is right now saudi oil pays for alot of things over here your not going to the head of your income..and if we cvan all agree 9/11 weas done by saudi why the fuck did we never go to saudi. no we went into and invaded iraq afganistan, does anyone know why. I give yas a hint CELL phones.. oh and heroin which bye the way is at and all time high…

  126. Frank Lendvay

    Glenn Beck is also a terrorist and he is mentally deranged and should be put into a looney house before he comits somekind of terrorit act if he hasn't already. The man preaches about Jesus, the prince of peace, next he wants every person to be armed to the teeth. DANGEROUS because he has a huge following.

  127. Anonymous

    It sure would be easier to dismiss Beck's claims of conspiracy – IF the current Administration actually released truthful statements and facts. When the Leader-in-Chief lies every single time his lips move, it makes it easy for those of Beck's mind-set to develop all types of "theories."

  128. Anonymous

    He is totally correct and I am happy SOMEONE is finally picking up on this story.
    Also this students visa had him down as a student in OHIO but he was living in an apartment in BOSTON.
    Keep a close eye on this story. Our government is lying to us.

  129. Anonymous

    Beck needs to create a false controversy now and then to keep his ratings and visibility up.

  130. Anonymous

    Glenn doesn't need a ratings boost. True Americans EVERYWHERE listen and watch him.
    The rest of you are SHEEP. You only follow .You don't do your own homework because you are lazy.

  131. Shari LaRue

    True Patriot my butt. Glenn Beck has turned into a whacko job. He is making money hand over fist by terrorizing the American people with his lies and make up beliefs. He doesn't care if he scares little children as long as the money keeps rolling in for him. Wake up, people and turn him off. Let his ratings drop so they will take his hate for America off the air.

  132. Anonymous

    He has PROOF. You can't argue with that.
    I go by proof and not just what is easiest for me to follow.

  133. Anonymous

    You can't handle the truth.
    What do you say about the PROOF he has?

  134. Kenneth Metal

    Guthrie, You wouldn't recognize a true patriot if one sat on your face, which by the tone of your Beck Devotion, would never happen. "Missionary or nothing mommy!"

  135. Brian Rood

    So, those of you who discredit him…I assume that you have done your homework and can condemn him based solely on the facts…right? And the main stream media is, of course, telling you nothing but the truth? Yes? Well, I started my political awareness when I first heard Obama speak. Not knowing why, I was, to put it mildly, very concerned. I started listening and learning. I found that of all the outlets avaialable to me, there were few that were telling the truth or the whole truth. Fox news was one who were close to the top. Above that, was Glenn Beck. If you choose to let your personal feelings and media slander to decide your mind FOR you, have at it. If you can honestly say to yourselves that a person KNOWN to have been involved in terrorist activity, happened to be at the Boston Marthon when terrorists blow it up is something that can be completely ruled out as suspect in a matter of a day, you're blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. Sycophants and fools…and that's no theory.

  136. Kenneth Metal

    Yeah, he has the sources, but they're all super double secret sources that would spend twenty years in prison if they were found out. Any citizen with pertinent information to a crime who withholds that information is by law, a party to that crime. This being said, it appears to me that Beck has admitted knowledge of a crime, a criminal conspiracy, and is not conveying that information to authorities. Seems to me he should be detained, Guantanamo sounds cozy, until he spills the beans! He has admitted publicly to his knowledge/guilt….

  137. Brian Rood

    Oh, by the way, do you know how to tell when a conservastive is telling the truth? Yep…when lilberals begin shouting, spitting and calling people names.

  138. Anonymous

    When I read anything Sec. Incopetano adds her 2 cents to…consider the 180 degre opposite as truth.

  139. Roberto Galoppi

    I think Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter should be deported to North Korea. They would make a great trio with the Young Nut over there.

  140. Bill Mcdermott

    gee know we cover up saudis again first under gov bush he never won the election so watch out iraq your probably going to get bombed again we should have never went to war with iraq saudis did the 9-11 we should have immediately nuke them some how the bushs seem to be in favor of them.

  141. Manus Bear Piggus

    so convenient his "sources" face a 20 year prison sentence if they go public with their knowledge, that way Glenn won't have to actually produce evidence… like in every other fabrication he's spewed forth from his various shows… why is anyone listening to this ass clown? Why DID anyone EVER listen to this ass clown? Why is anyone EMPLOYING this ass clown?

  142. John Mike Gauthier

    I really don't put anything past our govt, but I still believe that Glenn Beck was beat-up to many times on the playground, or maybe not enough. Maybe he is right about this but still the playground beatings……

  143. Michael Borkowski

    When are you people going to realize that this HUSAIN OBAMA will do anything to get you people to rely on the government, HUSAIN OBAMA did not get what he wanted with the guns and he will do anything to change that, their is so many illegal things the government will do, after all who is going to catch these people doing wrong without people like Glenn, and others, I still feel the government had a lot to do with killing the kids in CT, after all look what HILLARY and HUSAIN OBAMA did with the innocent solders in Bengasi, all cover up. wake up people of America, they want to change the constitution, and when HUSAIN OBAMA was sworn in he was to uphold the constitution of the united states I don't think he is doing that, after all his GOD is allah.

  144. James Tracy

    I have a hard time understanding Why the First Lady would make a visit to see and console one person and not other bombing victims. Why a person of interest was upgraded to a victim.Why people are now saying he was Bin Laden's son. Go ahead and drink from the fountain of the Gods you have sworn your undying allegiance to.When he turns on you(and he will) don't say Beck didn't warn you. Want to see stupid for real? look in the mirror.

  145. Anonymous

    the mentality of you people amazes me something is not right with this story and like a typical liberal/progressive you come out and start questioning mental illness you guys are pathetic and you are exactly the type of voter the.
    progressives want, easily swayed and you are part of the problem you just keep being the good little sheep they want you to if you don't think there is something wrong with this then you are mentally ill!

  146. Paul Noel


  147. David Elliott

    Glenn Beck is just trying to trump Alex Jones. The only "sheeple" are the fools who tune in to his show, shill money for his books & the Blaze (go to the website & notice how PROMINENTLY the "blaze plus subscription" is advertised! lol). Glenn Beck is a genius for conning you idiots out of your money, I'll give him that much! All he has to do is say "ooga booga Obama!" and you morons scream "eeeee Glenn how much do I have to pay for this 'inside'…uh…uh…uh what's the word? info…info…info… oh you know what I mean! I gawt may wallet open for ya! how much?" lol lol lol lol.

  148. Calvin Miller

    The statement has been said and it's proven to be true," it's best to keep one's mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt ".

  149. Ray Brightbill

    glenn beck is a prime example of a simple truth. there are more a-holes than there are a's. wish I could make that much money lieing.

  150. Ron Nickerson

    Most of the times you can take Glenn Beck with a grain of salt. However this time.
    He has this administration flat ass cold on this issue. The Obama administrations.
    lackeys are covering up critical information and Issues. You have DHS back biting.
    and fighting with the FBI. Obama has a breakdown in his constabulary. And it will.
    cost him a presidency.

  151. Phillip Archer

    Why hasn't someone put this guy out of our misery yet? Glen Beck is all about Glen Beck – PERIOD.

  152. Anonymous

    Poor Glenn, he needs some attention after falling off the charts.

  153. Anonymous

    those of you who trust obozo raise your hand, I only see libs and idiots.

  154. Anonymous

    obuma and the liberal press will never miss a opportunity to skit on this country.

  155. Curt Pangracs

    Marginalize, vilify, demonize, minimize. Sounds like most of the liberals have been reading from their Alinsky Bible again…

  156. George McMahon

    This is why even Fox News doesn't want to have anything to do with him. He's irrelevant and I wish the media would just ignore him, maybe he'll go away.

  157. Alex Terlecky

    One thing is certain ; whenever russian " intelligence sources " start supplying " helpful information " , look.
    out! It's been proven that they don't like us and they spy on us , why then would they want to really.
    help us?

  158. Ted Burhans

    This "person"(?) is the TRAGIC result of a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY between his mother and his father which resulted in the "person"(?) whom they named "Glen", a "donkey excavation" (donkey: think biblical term for – excavation: think another word for), IF EVER THERE WAS ONE!

  159. Luann Anderson Rhodes

    This site is full of BO trolls.. Ignore them and seek the truth..

  160. Perry Reed

    People, real dumb people, love conspiracy theories. beck has a loyal audience of a few hundred thousand who subscribe to his lame web site and buy his merchandise. without these poor misguided people beck would not be a multimillionaire. it's to this audience he is playing. He looks to conspiracys in everything in the effort of feeding his sheep.

  161. Anonymous

    People need to stop giving this moron a platform on which to spout his looney views! Let him go find an ant hill in some far away place to stand upon and flap his gums in the wind!

  162. Richard Dulee

    Everything is a conspiracy. Why just yesterday I was talking to my wife about something. There you go, a conspiracy.

  163. Martha Brown

    Here's consistancy, the mainstream media, the Obama administration and their minions ALWAYS attempt to marginalize anything Beck says, which gives him instant credibility or at the very least, serious consideration, in my book. Their approach is Alnsky 101. Wise up, people!

  164. Bob DeLacy Jr.

    I think the way it was handled privately and not forth coming as it happened.If this guy had anything to do with the Boston bombings.He should not have been deported but TRIED for a conspiracy in this terror attack for which it was.

  165. Paul Kerr

    here's what I think….Beck will do or say anything to get publicity…including feeding the right wing fringe garbage to get them riled up. He will lie. He will lie. and He will lie. He will use half-truths to "validate" the garbage he spews. He is dangerous because some of those individuals that listen to him are capable of ACTING on the garbage he spews. Someday it will happen..then watch him back off, run and disavow the garbage he spews.

  166. Randy Durant

    What I find interesting AND perplexing at the same time, is that the mindset that Glenn Beck is so wrong, yet his detractors interpretation of how things are..the exact opposite, is so right.Listen, perhaps he is a bit over the top, perhaps not. Nobody posting here knows for sure. That being said, to believe the exact opposite with such fervor…that there is no chance whatsoever that politics is not in play on any level, that your president is incapable of representing deception…is that not as well, just as much a dangerous state of mind?

  167. Scott Vineall

    I always liked the guy, but he does have his challenges in life. If nothing else he keeps us amused. Anything for rateings I geuss.

  168. Flo Cohen Simons

    If Beck is so entrenched in this 'conspiracy' maybe he's the one who should be under investigation. Waste of sperm.

  169. Mike Bayray

    Hopefully this will be the inspiration to get Glenn Beckville built and be a soft place for those "Real Americans" to fall. They can stockpile all the weapons, ammo, provisions and go on "maneuvers" on a regular basis. I would also make a large stockpile of Depakote available.

  170. Douglas D'Arnall

    The only thing idiotic about these comments is the fact that so many of you actually believe that the government (and especially the WH) would never withhold any information about any incident in which they have participated! It is way too early to make a judgemment on Beck's contentions, but the naivety of some of you people is astounding.

  171. Anonymous

    I am a American that has voted repb. and dem at times..I like to step back and look at the big picture from time to time so I will not be drawn into tunnel vision.. But I have to say after several years of sorta watching Beck there is no doubt in my mind he is a very ill man…..

  172. Anonymous

    I am a American that has voted repb. and dem at times..I like to step back and look at the big picture from time to time so I will not be drawn into tunnel vision.. But I have to say after several years of sorta watching Beck there is no doubt in my mind he is a very ill man…..

  173. Todd Mansfield

    Beck is a tool. He's a fake and one of if not the least trustworthy person in media. So it's too bad if he is correct. I, and millions of others, don't trust one word that comes out of his mouth. He is the one that should be deported.

  174. Anonymous

    can anyone explain how this guy is on a terrorist watch list , and gets a student visa? he was attending school in ohio , why was he in boston on the day of bombing? I don't think he was there to run!

  175. Robert Lawson

    There sure are a lot of Glenn Beck haters around here. I'll bet 99% of them have never even watched or listened to Beck. But haters gotta hate especially when they know nothing about what they are hating. They get their disinformation from BSNBC and they live by that. Just keep your heads firmly lodged up your butts and everything will be okay. Obama will tuck you in at night and kiss you on the forehead. Good little liberal, you just keep believing the lies you are spoon fed by the most corrupt administration this nation has ever had to endure.

    Beck has copies of government documents proving his case. It's the government that is trying to hide the fact that this Saudi national was involved in the bombings because Obama is good friends with Alharbi's parents.

  176. Lawrence Mintz

    Glenn Beck is a baboon…. reminiscent of Elmer Fudd.

  177. James Warren

    I am not political at ALL. and if you cant add the math here and see something is not right. does it not seem strange. glenn says the guy was first considered in custody then it changed to a bystander then a victim. now? and he says they can prove they KNEW this guy was already labeled dangerous. and waved him through. not the dead one..not the one in the hospital but a 3rd one that they are not talking about. glenn says he was labeled a suspect at one time. hoWEVER! if he just so happen to have a ticket back to rag land tuesday…i think they should have kept him around a few more days and ask a few more questions. that is coming from someone that knows nothing about politics? to me that is common sense…not rocket science. you have got to be ignorant or brainwashed by the media to see something is not right about this.

  178. Harvey Lain

    I don't normally agree with Glenn Beck and I'm not real big on conspiracy theories but something doesn't feel right about this chain of events. It has been stated that Alharbi's faily has ties with Al Quada and it seems questionable to me that the two Chechens did all of this on their own. Since most of the terrorists on 9/11 were Saudi, it does make one stop and wonder.

  179. Keri Pryor Raley

    There's probably several "back stories" here: One (in the form of a question) would be: So, Obama meets w/Saudi officials over this but doesn't meet with Israel's B. Netenyahu when he's in the US requesting a meeting? Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

  180. Christopher Webster

    So you write a article to slander a person as a loon but you offer no evidence to support your slander, instead you just repeat the facts that have been proven. The media immediatley tries to blame far right extremist for the bombing and they are just doing their investigational duties. But someone you disagree with does some investigating and it's a conspiracy.

  181. Charles Costin


  182. Brian Krueger

    And I quote "we will provide you with information as it becomes available"….. just like Benghazi? this administration is so corrupt.

  183. Eddie Howard

    The truth will set you free. He is the only one searching for the truth. The American public is so easily dupped by what the Wizard sends out for him to believe. Wake up people.

  184. Martha A. Miller

    Thank God there are some who have the courage to do some investigating . . . we certainly aren't being told the truth by the Muslin that is currently running this country into ruin.

  185. Anonymous

    Why is it that the left think big government is ALWAYS the answer. and if you don't go along with this thinking you are personally attacked….(beck)…As many lies as we have heard from Pres. Obama (keep doc…will not cost more money….terrorist on the run…movie caused the death of our people..etc) conspiracy really not that hard to believe from the left.

  186. Jim Fields

    always amused by Mr Beck… if he has all that the article supposes why not publish it, report it etc.. but he cant do that.. would spoil the ratings and he would have to find something else to run his mouth about.. as I am old and opinionated how do I get one of these jobs… I need the money lol.

  187. Eric DjUnderground Cummings

    Whoever follows/supports Glen is a moron and a bigot just like him and that has nothing to do with being a "liberal" as most conservatives like to scream when a person does not agree with them….. Glenn is an idiot to the 10th power…..

  188. Dan Brown

    Anyone that thinks our government isn't involved in some of these events….must be mental!

  189. Donna Lockwood McCool

    Beck is crazy.He needs to be put in a mental ward.For the life of me.Why is he on the radio? he does nothing but spew untruths.His imagination is running wild.

  190. Olin Ross

    Glenn Beck? This got to be a joke………smh in awe….lmao…..lololol.

  191. Cynthia Wright

    Beck is a fool and proves it with every ridiculous word that leaves his ugly mouth. Why is he given air time? His space ship left without him.

  192. Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is a crazy person, why would anyone with common sense listen to this idiot?

  193. Jerry Sailor

    This seems to me like UFOs: many have seen them, but none have landed yet in the ball park like Klattu did in The Day the Earth Stood Still (the calssic 1950's version).

  194. Dennis Galliera

    At this point even the hardest of hardcore liberals have to be questioning the governments agenda with its corruption. Otherwise, you're in lala land. The Trojan horse has entered the gates my friends. By the way, both parties are holding hands behind the curtain so don't be fooled with team politics. This is NOT a ball game. Their playing with our childrens future. They don't care about you. THEY DON'T CARE!

  195. Brian Martin

    I'm just curious how many other victims are getting "special health care" courtesy of the FBI.

  196. Lonnie Acord

    Glenn Beck is an idiot…People like him put false thoughts into peoples head and for what? He just needs to shut the hell up…and grow up. What a dumbass!

  197. Anonymous

    I don't exactly know how Glenn Beck is involved in the conspiracy to dummify America but I know for sure that he is involved somehow. I have been promised evidence from an extra terrestrial source named "Buddy the Oblisk". I am waiting on an encrypted message from Buddy who is now parked on the dark side of the moon (been their since just before the attack in Boston). I'll be sure to share all the details.

  198. Anonymous

    the dudes a banana…i used 2 like him…but this is insane.

  199. Hans Guth

    Glen please just tell me what to do! Do I need to build another bunker? How big does it need to be? What should I stock it with? Can you tell me when the end will come?

  200. Robert Carvo

    There is a reason ole Glenn has been kicked off a few networks CNN and Fox News.He is so radical with no proof to back up what he claims.I used to watch him on Fox but when they cancelled his show I have not missed him.A friend still watches him on the computer.Not me.

  201. Michael Fitzgerald

    They acted alone…no help from anyone else…. just the two of them are the reason why this happened! Case closed! Suspect #2 has told this to investigators. So let’s just move on to the trial. No need to investigate to find more radical people. Yep, I believe a person who could drop off a bomb with a smirk on his face behind an eight year old kid, is now an honest and trustworthy person. I'm not agreeing with Beck but something stinks about this. This does not pass the smell test. There is a lot more to this than we will ever know. Hopefully it’s to catch more bad guys and not to cover someone’s ass.

  202. Rhiannon Hedrick

    Is this the same mentality that claims the slaughter of 20 children ant SandyHook was a hoax? Beck is yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater and should be prosecuted for rabble-rousing.

  203. Anonymous

    The thing you need to be concerned about is "not" whether Glenn Beck is ill but why did it take thousands of armed law enforcement officers to kill a 25 year old and catch a wounded 19 year old? Kinda makes you feel real safe doesn't it? Just another thought, Napolitano has reversed herself somewhat in the past few days too.

    Remember the government is the only entity that can deliberately lie to you with total immunity, but don't you dare lie to them about any thing.

  204. Lynn Byrd

    Back away from that crack pipe you stupid moron. Glenn you make about as much sense as a one legged man at a butt kicking contest. Your conspiracy theories don't add up. You can't fake live video you dumbass. But what ever, it's all about the ratings, no matter what spews out of that knob holder. Just kiss my ass.

  205. Tom Fulks

    Glenn Beck makes money by instilling hate to the bigots that hate our president. He has nothing, he knows nothing about any of this, he just makes up stuff that he knows will make bigots and haters re-pay their monthly dues to him. If you aren't happy with America, then leave.. we aren't changing. We voted a black man into the White House, TWICE…. and next it will be a woman… lol… so get over it or leave. I mean come on people, Fox News kicked this guy off the air….. enough said….

  206. David Ross

    Why is it that when confronted with facts that challenge what they are told to believe by the mainstream media, libs immediately counter with the only weapons at their disposal: name calling and bigotry, and personal attacks? Just ONCE I would like to be involved in an intelligent debate using facts and figures………. just ONCE!

  207. Darren Lewis

    "Glenn Beck" and "Intel" should NEVER be in the same sentence, unless the words "lacks any and all" are put between them…

  208. Anonymous

    Glenn Beck needs help………since he left the air he has been looking for a way back on.and now he has found one listen to him then and no one will listen now…………he is a product of the FOX NEWS nut factory……….they spit them out everyday…………..

  209. Mike Kerr

    WOW I've never seen so many with their heads up their asses KEEP SUCKIN DOWN THE KOOL-AID YOU SHEEP BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  210. Anonymous

    What can you expect from a recovering heroin addict who converted to Mormonism?

  211. Tony McArthur

    Glen Beck is a charlatan. He has to say or do something to regularly get in the news cycle. It is becoming harder and harder for him to do since he has become so thoroughly irrelevant.

  212. Anonymous

    Lib's have done a great job in portraying Beck as mentally ill, so that sheeple will dismiss anything he says. Beck is right more often than he is wrong. His reporting on Van Jones, one of Obama's czars, as being a Marxist, led to Jones' dismissal. He was also one of the first to expose ACORN. I'll bet that he's right on this one, too.

  213. Anonymous

    glenn crazy even FOX news could not stand him..enough said.

  214. Phil Solarz

    What's the difference between a liberal that follows the constitution and Elvis? Elvis has been sighted. Somebody needs to answer these questions, the Obama adminsitration, the one that promised the greatest transparency ever, has been running in the shadows since day one. I want answers on this bombing and on the Benghazi attack, just for starters.

  215. Jack Levin

    Who is Glenn Beck fronting for? There's a conspiracy worth looking into. Do you realize how close we are to a right wing dictatorship?

  216. Carolee Cama

    Well gee, here go the liberals, as usual, calling names, being insulting, correcting grammer and spelling mistakes….but you'll notice they have no substance AT ALL, they have no idea what Glenn Beck is all about, they make assumptions because they are brainwashed so badly (by the propagnda media) they are blinded…..I defy any one of you to actually delve into any of the issues (like the one being discussed) with an open and honest mind….has it never occurred to you what the consequences could if you're wrong….do you really believe that this could never happen in the US? They didn't believe it in Germany either, right up until they were led into the gas chambers-WAKE UP.

  217. Vern Wheatley

    Glenn Beck is not afraid to speak up. That's a lot more than you can say about the main stream media. That puts Glenn in a position to receive more information that people want to give out. You have to be careful and not repeat everything that come to you or you will end up being another Dan Rather.

  218. Victor Mangana

    I hear that Beck will be leading an exploratory group to find the hidden treasure under the Trinity Church… hey, wait, that's 'National Treasure'…it's just a movie people… ok, well his other project is to open Al Capone's vault… that sounds familiar… wonder if it's a joint project with Geraldo? it's amazing that a failed shockjock can influence so many… while young kids come to the Whitehouse for Pres Obama's Science Fair to provide solutions to real problems like safe water for Hurricane victoms, 100% accuracy tests for pancreatic cancer and new bio-fuels—other people in the country waste time fomenting unfounded suspicions… nice way to keep America first..

  219. Douglas T Patterson

    The sad part is many believe Glenn and his fantasies. It doesn't say much for our education system.
    I have listened to him for 2 days now and he hasn't said anything new nor has he reported sources.
    I truly believe he spreads hate and racism to bigots and, of course, Obama haters.
    He knows his audience and plays them like a fine violin.
    Amazing how dumb some folks are.
    He reminds me of the old "National Enquirer".

  220. Jack Bishop

    That's right only Glenn Beck is worthy of our respect. He has almost god like abilities to keep us informed of what our government is doing to destroy itself and us along with it. Oh did I say god like abilities. I meant satan like abilities to lie and spread half truths to the fools that listen to him. He is a Morman and believes Jesus wasn't enough so God sent a angel to Joe Smith. Yep that's it folks. Some day Glenn will have his own planet to rule.

  221. Tony DePas

    I don't put any credence in what Glenn Beck reports. He is a nutcase and will take advantage of any opportunity to get himself in the news.

  222. Bill Gray

    Beck is now in a closed door confrence with chicken little and will have proof that the sky is falling and the goverment is keeping it from us.

  223. Bob Groves

    ….Call the white coats..Beck's trying to save a career based on bs.

  224. Eledryth Barton

    poor glenn beck, has he not taken his meds lately?

  225. Kiva Rae

    In other important news, Glenn has ordered 50,000 aluminum foil hats from my factory for his new town in Texas!

  226. Craig Blake

    Beck is labeled an "idiot" only by people with IQ's lower than their age. If you don't understand a thing, you simply disregard it as myth, when the facts are simply beyond your scope of comprehension. Keep believing your government officials don't lie, cheat and cover-up and you'll fit right in with the sheeple.

  227. Mark E. Malasics

    I find it impossible to believe that one, single person is the only one smart enough in the world to know the truth. It's similar to all the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. There are so many of them all claiming that only THEY know the truth, and it usually requires believing in fantasy rather than fact. They can't even agree amongst themselves and would beat each others brains in to prove each has the right answer. Beck is no different, and the sad thing is there are so many paranoid people who will swallow the story hook, line and sinker because only THEY are smart enough to know who the smartest man in the world is. Now THAT'S "sheeple".

  228. Anonymous

    It takes about a week to make up incredible stories and wild accusations……wait for it.

  229. Pete Lamb

    Beck is an actor who's job is to earn money for himself and the network he is on, and he does that by stirring up every paranoid nut who listens to him. It helps that he to is a nut job in his own right, it makes him more convincing.

  230. Imc Berg

    Glen Beck is probably a lot more correct then incorrect. Why are so many people so short sighted and can't bring themselves to think that this government may be very dishonest? WAKE UP!

  231. Steven Williamson

    wow. People are really gullible. This asshat is JUST TRYING TO MAKE MONEY FOR HIMSELF. He doesn't believe any of the bull he says. He is lower than fox news as far as demeaning hemself in order to stir him name in the press. Him, Palin, Mathews, they all do the same thing and boy do people eat it up.

  232. Kyle Kogler

    grasping at straws all u crazies that believe these conspiracy theories are the same radicals that go around on shooting rampages or your kids do cause you put these crazy ideas in there head.

  233. Alan Dale

    Kind of funny how so many people don't believe "conspiracies" exist in large part. Um, yeah, okay…like most men who rose to power were that powerful…or maybe it was just the stronger of a weak batch of humans… which goes on over and over. They lie, they cheat, they steal and rarely earn power by being straight up and being themselves. Not all theories are accurate, but what, I am mentally ill for thinking the elite wealth are trying to hoard everything while making the lower socioeconomic classes disappear into poverty and death? Mmmm….read your insurance policies lately? How are those perscriptions doing? Check out gas prices? See how hard our government ISN'T fighting any of it? Beck may be nutz or he may not be….but to bury your head in the sand? Is for losers and is killing America. Newsflash people…if there is no such thing called "Conspiracies" well there are also no such thing as "Coincidences."

  234. Robert Thompson

    I read most of these comments. It's obvious to me that most people have no idea as to how a totalitarian government goes about consolidating its power. I'll give you a hint. Check out the history of Germany during the 1930s. First you get elected to the highest position in government and then you start dismantling the Constitution from top down. Once you control the press you control the people. It's a piece of cake after that. There is no conspiracy here. It happened. Incidentally, Hitler wasn't even German, he was Austrian.

  235. John Joseph Grimes

    It 0nly took two or three days for this little twirp to find a conspiracy even though the brother has said there wasn't one. Had there been one with outside assistance, there would have been 300 dead and thousands wounded. Two $50 pressure cookers filled with nails, ball-bearings and gunpowder does not make a conspiracy. The captured brother didn't even have a gun on him when captured one quarter mile from my house and the boat he climbed into was also a quarter mile from the original gun battle. True amateurs.

  236. Sean Page

    I think the beauty of America is that there are so many consipracy theories and that it is much easier to hide the truth in plan site. Any new world order could just publish it's plan & it would join the thousands of other madcap ideas about 9/11, Boston or whatever. The real tradegy is that they may be missing the greatest conspiracy of them all..

  237. Ron Smith

    What makes it suspicious is ICE doesn't actually ever deport ANYBODY. I've written them telling them a foreign national in the country on a student visa never spent a day in class and has acquired a drivers license and so on and they COMPLETELY IGNORE these such reports.

    Lay that fact against the backdrop that all of a sudden they are deporting someone and you KNOW it is never about their VISA being expired. It is always coming from higher up and has to do with something bigger.

  238. Ron Smith

    Is Beck a kook? Sure. Is he wrong about this? Maybe… maybe not. If you believe the story that these two acted alone, you are probably more gullible than you think.

    I suppose the older brother paid for his wife and kid and Mercedes and guns and bomb materials with income from his awesome amateur BOXING matches or maybe his 19 year old brother paid for it with his income from his food stamps.

    Most people believe they had help. How every possible connection is suddenly being vetted through the administration smells like a coverup.

  239. Devin G Hamden

    Hey now…… just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you !

  240. Shawn Cameron

    I for one think Obama is an evil arrogant SOB that would love to become our first dictator. But Glen Beck is generally full of schit. He's not a nut he just has a gimmick and has figured out how to make insane amounts of money using it. He's kind of like Pro wrestling watch it for entertainment if you want, but if you don't understand it's all an act, then you're the idiot.

  241. David Smejkal

    Wake up Sheeple there is going to br MARTIAL LA Win the USofA Sheikh ADOLPH OBAMA taking over do bot look forward to elections there are noy going to be any.

  242. Anonymous

    Doug Curlee an those like him are seriously mentally Ill one. Immersed in University think tanks , relying on social media to support them, they see a world where the media and the government can never be wrong and anyone questioning there views are somehow crack-pots. what worse bout the curless heir liberal intellectualizng of any subjected which leads to collective opinion a better place we all must elevate towards. Go stick you ' head up your keister Curlee! Your comments have once again proven how the socialist liberal know it all, like you, can only l the dung he is spoon fed. so why just eat it fresh and then we can all be saved from you calling someone mentally ill and watching other to "thumbs ups" fools join your stupidity.

  243. Charles C Smack

    Anyone in a position of maximum authority, as is the President of the United States, can side step the issue of Islamic Extremists who have been killing innocent people of any and all faiths, nationality, religion, young, old, rich, poor, superstar or borderline existing has to have a reason for NOT identifying this group, that engages in these mass murders! That is what an enemy of the State does!
    The commander and chief, sworn to obey the Constitution of the United States, needs to define WHY he will not exercise his authority, and name these terrorists & provide as much information as he can as to what is being done to stop them; in terms any 1st grader can recognize.
    It's a group of individuals that claim to be Muslim, and that they want all Jews and Americans DEAD!
    Not hard to identify. Not hard to understand. And not hard to accept as fact, as they have demonstrated several times in the course of the past 20+ years that they practice the concepts of terrorism to achieve their end goal. The destruction of humanity that is not their brand of Muslim.
    It would be easy to identify if lets say a group of fanatics who happen to be Lutheran chose to identify themselves as "Lutheran" and that they operated in a way that said all Muslims and Catholics must die, and proceeded to form camps that taught the fundamentals of terrorism, and sent their graduates into Muslim strongholds, and The Vatican, and proceeded to kill mass amounts of humanity from all groups, claiming victory for Martin Luther. Does the Christian President then choose not to identify these fanatics for fear of loosing the support of all Lutherans? I suppose it might make a difference if when the fanatics succeeded, the Lutherans all went to their Churches and rang the Church bells, praising God and Martin Luther, and burning Catholic flags and Muslim ones shouting DEATH to Catholics and Muslims! Just sayin'!

  244. Anne Albright

    WHY would the government allow..(of all people) GLENN BECK!
    Glen Beck will go right for Pres. Obama having something to do with the Boston tragedy!
    He has already implied that Pres. Obama has had a secret conference with someone and that also John Kerry also had a conference but hat Glenn does not really know what they were discussing!
    so, therefore….
    How long do we wait until we hear that Pres. Obama helped in this tragedy in Boston?
    or maybe even,,,,, ORDERED it!

  245. Anonymous

    He's broke, no job on TV and needs income generated by publicity… any publicity. That's the reason for this.

  246. Gary Cook Sr

    Glenn Beck finally has convinced me what my liberal friends have been trying to convince me of about him for a while…..he is a entertainer. This is so sad of him to suggest this crap.

  247. Anonymous

    I know this is an administration that….HAS, WILL, and DOES deceive and cover up facts. There are several facts involved that seem a rare coincidence here. To prove that beyond doubt is a momumental task. These people are pros at this game and they have a media that follows their que. It would take an admission by someone inside, and/or an agressive media to nail it. very unlikely.

  248. Shawn Flaherty

    The problem with talk radio is that the people who listen to it believe that it is news radio! Glen Beck is a alcoholic , college drop out who thinks his listeners are so stupid that he can say anything and they will believe him!

  249. Steve Trammell

    Yep, Glenn is 0 for 4,999 with his dire predictions and conspiracy theories……but…this is the one! He's sorry for crying wolf all those other times, so stay tuned and buy some of the shit he's promoting. The more shit you buy, the more truth he'll give you. Swear.

  250. Lawrence Mintz

    okay D how about he's an evil mutant baboon spawned by Satan.

  251. Anonymous

    Saudi again? 911 was almost all saudi nationals. I can think this is possible.

  252. Jason Coffey

    I'm concerned that people actually believe what they read in the press. Working in Boston, it is amazing to see a conservative news channel that I previously liked spout amazing ignorant/erroneous information.

  253. Brian Martin

    You just never know. I was trying to point out the obvious

  254. Tate Allen

    Yaakov, to be a "hack" implies that you need to be proficient in a certain area of expertise. Just like a food blogger, or someone on yelp stating their opinion doesn't make them a hack either because they aren't proficient, or experts in what they are talking about. At the end of the day, Mr. Beck is just another blowhard with an opinion and a platform. Ignore him. I didn't even know he was "back".

  255. Anonymous

    When you really, really think about , it the entire world is mostly controlled by irrational thought and actions —–Including, but not limited to, religion, politics, stock markets, sports, entertainment and on and on… Critical thinking is not taught in our schools and rarely at home. The world is full of sheep with just a few shepherds and a few wolves. But the wolves sure do make the money!

  256. Anonymous

    Let's get all the namecalling out first about Beck, crazy, loon, mentally ill, opportunist, wingnut,…
    Now look at what he predicted was happening with this administration compared to what has transpired. You might not like him, but his following is increasing because he has indentified 90% of the real agenda…now manifesting for us all to behold.

  257. Jason Coffey

    Law enforcement can be exhausting. It seems we do not enough or too much. Keep up the good work Brian.

  258. Phyllis Flaherty

    Too bad that he can't be banned from speaking as well as Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh but we have freedom of speech in this country but they have to take much of the blame for the dumbing down of the Republican Party and the rise of the paranoid radical tea party.

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