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AR-15 Giveaway Shut Down On Facebook

AR-15 Facebook Giveaway Shut Down

An AR-15 giveaway was recently shut down by the folks at Facebook.

Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms owner Erik Lowry started the contest back in February. Months after the giveaway began, the social networking site has removed the fan page Lowry created for his business. The secondary page he put together was later removed as well.

The owner said the page was removed without any official notice from Facebook. Although he has attempted to contact the site regarding the removal, he told The Blaze that he still isn’t sure why the AR-15 giveaway was shut down.

Lowry believes the trouble may have started with an article published on Vocativ. The website contacted Facebook about the giveaway, which reportedly violated the terms of service. A company spokesperson said Facebook was unaware of the situation.

The spokesperson explained:

“Our Ad Guidelines prohibit promotion of the sale of weapons and the Ad Guidelines apply to Pages with commercial content on them. Ads may not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives. Most of these should be removed per our terms.”

The AR-15 giveaway was later shut down as a result. Lowry explained that his business has decreased by roughly 40 percent because of Facebook’s actions. At the time the page was removed, it had roughly 27,000 likes.

AR-15 Giveaway

Although Facebook removed the second page the business owner created, he said he intends to keep making additional pages until the problem is resolved. Lowry added that Facebook has yet to respond to his appeal.

“I don’t get it. No one has contacted us. It’s just unbelievable. What’s the point of an appeal?” he explained in an email to the Examiner. “We’re not going to stop. Take away our page and we’ll make another one. I want justice for everyone.”

The Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms contest previously sparked controversy when it published the name of its winner on Facebook. Shortly after the announcement, the company received an email from the winner stating that constant harassment had forced him to close his account.

What do you think about the AR-15 giveaway being shut down by Facebook?

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200 Responses to “AR-15 Giveaway Shut Down On Facebook”

  1. Ray Brown

    I think Facebook is ran by left wing wacko's that allow sexual content where kids can view it, but are against the constitution in freedom of speech and the second amendment.

  2. Michael Merrill Miller

    Nicholas Kerr as a kfc employee, shut the fuck up. men are talking.

  3. Nicholas Kerr

    It is a publicly traded company. It is still a private business owned by individuals. It is not owned by the government

  4. Nicholas Kerr

    Considering everything I said here is true and you are just some random idiot on the internet I'm somehow not offended.

  5. Anonymous

    Nicholas Kerr Its not owned by the government. Thats it. Thats your best. Bottom line is they sensor what they want. Cant wait until they sensor you for liking Eminen and his lyrics.

  6. Kenneth Beeson

    I think that maybe instead of arguing about what type of company Facebook is you should be looking at the fact that Facebook had a usage agreement with Lowry. By deleting his page and also the follow up page without notice, did Facebook violate the agreement between them?

  7. Joel Weymouth

    Facebook allows Prostitutes to advertise openly on FACEBOOK. And NOBODY goes after them like they did Backpage and Craigslist. What the idiots running FACEBOOK should realize, you have Prostitution? You have Drugs. You have Drugs, you have Violence. But they are worried about law abiding citizens.

  8. Nicholas Kerr

    It's their site. They can take down any page or post that they want. That's their right. If you don't like it you can delete your account. That's your right. Funny how some of the people complaining about their second amendment rights have no problem taking the rights of others away. It's simple really. If you don't like Facebook's policies you are free to go away.

  9. Garrett McElveen

    So harassment by users of facebook towards a contest winner based on what he won is okay. Violent Facebook games involiving war are okay. But a firearms company having a facebook page, and promoting their store with a giveaway, that surely required the person to prove their ability to legally own said firearm isn't? And we wonder what is wrong with this country.

  10. Anonymous

    "F" Facebook! I refuse to have a Facebook page or MySpace or any stupid social network page like that!
    it's obvious Facebook, Google, Yahoo, ASK.Com & Bing are all ran by left wing nutjobs who think that they have the right to obstruct your actions if they do not agree with them!

  11. Kenneth Beeson

    I can't say your facts are wrong…. but your delivery is really rough and your arrogance is truly awe inspiring for a fast food employee. People are by definition (according to our countries constitution) allowed to voice their thoughts and opinions. Even if you don't like what they have to say!

  12. Christopher Young

    Guess I'm going to spend some money at Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms to support them.. fuck you anti-gun/anti-freedom naive idiots.

  13. Merton Christensen

    I'm pro – gun, well actually I'm more pro – defend yourself with tools at least as good as the criminals have, and I'm also a business owner. Facebook was giving this guy free advertising, now news agencies are giving him much more exposure than he probably ever dreamed of – I bet he's laughing all the way to the bank! Right after this I'm googling Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms and checking out his website, which will also help increase his organic rankings.
    This guy is smart… or he's married – nearly every great idea I've ever had with my company started with something my wife told me to try.

  14. Nicholas Kerr

    I'm not ashamed of my job. I work full time, very well, and very hard mind you. I wasn't rude to him. How was I arrogant? I wasn't either until the boy got rude with me.

  15. Kenneth Beeson

    If you are replying to me I should be laughing at you. As I stated you come off very arrogant and you seem to be very angry. And just so you know I am 43 and a proud veteran from a proud military family.

  16. Nicholas Kerr

    I'm not mad nor am I arrogant. Please tell me where I was arrogant. Why do you think I'm mad? At what point did I come off as mad? I truly don't get it. The only rude and arrogant comment I posted was in response to some kid who insulted me. I didn't say one rude or arrogant thing to the original poster.. Maybe you are overly sensitive?

  17. Steven Sethaler

    What is the need for a gun that can put 10 shots apiece into 20 kids' faces?

  18. Drexel M Warren

    What's wrong is backward's thinkin cracks like you!!! Do ypu obey laws and rules? Facebook has those stated, so follow or suffer!!! Facebook is not responsible for his loss of buisness since he did not follow the rules! As far as the harrasment goes, im sure those folks didnt want another crack like you getting a free gun to murder someone, as im sure noone hunts animals with an AR-15- what civilian needs weaponary like this, are you all gang members or trying to start your own crackass army? Also, just because one idiot puts up something children or adults for that matter shouldnt see doesnt me all the rest of you cracks gotta follow- freaking irresponsible zombies….since you and your coharts are smart and can surely absorb and learn, what happened with your sense of sensibility and understanibilty of that we are not fending off the evil you all exxagerate with the left and right racist protaganizing and instigating fear to futher corrupt the true freedom to just live and not live fearful…gun proponates pray and prey all over insecurities from a movie or a faux folktale you cracks pass thru the generations…yes crime does happen but normally not to gun owners but those(yous) fools snapping and instead of yelling or throwing a book or a fist at the wall, you wanna go throw some bullets that, ive been told hurt more than a slap and burn worse than a splash of bacon grease…..Ive been in public places where gun fire erupted, My best friend was shot in the back and Ive heard(as Im sure you have) of countless innocent children and adults have died but far less from the aforementioned slap.

  19. Kenneth Beeson

    So, lets see I'm arrogant because I am proud to have served my county? Am I arrogant because I am proud to come from a family that has served our country in more than 5 wars? Am I arrogant because I am proud of my family members Such as my Grandfather, My Dad, And my Brother because they served and received Purple Hearts? SO IF THAT MAKES ME ARROGANT, THEN YES I AM!!!
    So now lets see, It is true that you can't type inflection into a keyboard, but some of your comments did seem a little harsh. Maybe in the future when you type out your comments on a subject you might think about how the other readers will receive your written word. whether it be kind or rude….

  20. Kenneth Beeson

    Just so you know I have worked fast food before and yes it is hard work. however you do seem…… not sure how to put it so I wont.

  21. Nicholas Kerr

    Nowhere did I even mention you served your country. Let alone call you arrogant for it. I put into quotations the part of your comment that was arrogant. I think it is honorable that your family served this country. I have family members and friends who do or have.

  22. Anonymous

    Censorship, without a doubt. Guns now, political views to follow. That's where we are going as a nation. The democrats have seized power and transformed themselves from the party of constitutional rights to the party of filthy totalitarian NAZIs. If you disagree with them – you pay a high price. Say goodbye to the first and second amendments, more to come. The evil empire is here. I never, in a million years would have thought that replublicans would turn out to be the real civil rights party. They own us now, looks like slavery is back.

  23. James Harrod

    Ok idiots, Nicholas is correct is stating that facebook is within their legal right to shut down any page they want. Anyone who disagrees with that statement is simply wrong. They don't have to listen to appeals and they don't have to allow any content they do not want on any of their pages. Perhaps if this nitwit would just start his own website, instead of trying to get free advertising via someone else's intellectual property his business would go back up.

  24. Anonymous

    Read some history. It's NOT designed or intended to "put 10 shots apiece into 20 kids' faces".
    It is designed to stop similarly armed predators from coming anywhere near your front door and at least give you a fighting chance. And I will defend your RIGHT to have one. Not privilege. But a Constitutional RIGHT. Think it cannot happen here? Then you are truly blind, woefully ignorant, trusting and foolish to believe that there is not the slightest bit of a chance that it will never occur.
    In fact, you merely have to look at the riots after the OJ Simpson trial to see how many lives were saved, just by every day law abiding citizens displaying weaponry, such as an AR-15, in Korea Town, deterring any idea of an attack.
    Also, I suggest you read "The Third Reich-A New History" by Michael Burleigh. It describes how un-armed people became victims to such predators over the course of decades.

  25. Jaque Bauer

    Facebook has succumbed to the Lawyers advice. The new world of politically correct and fear of lawsuits by gun haters and victims, should someone be shot by the gun won in the contest. Long ago, soldier of Fortune magazine hosted a classified ad posted by a third party for a Mercenary. who killed someone. The dead mans family sued SOF magazine, and a Judge ruled against SOF. So much for freedom of the press. Look here; Facebook is worth billions, and the Lawyers always go for the deep pockets. It says a lot about Facebook, who play with its users accounts daily, restricting individuals rights based on their postings. It would great if everyone boycotted Facebook, and it closed down. Think how much more productive time you would have if you did real work, instead of keying into Facebook all day. Could the truth be that Social media is the real cause for the decline in US productivity?

  26. Zachary Fields

    Like they have said. It IS a Publicly owned site. So You Sir, Are very wrong. Do some research before you start making bland and ignorant comments.

  27. Dave Wyatt

    the media is a puppet of the current regime that is office…socialist..if you do not like not buyor read it.. simple..if you go to the do not buy or bring home things you do not like….freedom of speech..freedom of choice..the ones who are commiting the crimes are the minority not the majority..stupid people do stupid things..

  28. David Simmons

    Im just curious why you believe the first amendment doesn't apply to Facebook. In many other situations it does. The Co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is a supporter of gun control. This is the reason the page was takin down. Seeings how there stock prices have already been plummeting they may want to rethink thier actions on the subject.

  29. Marvin Schmeckler

    Ray Brown – Thank your fake god that everything isn't owned by republitarded religio-nutbags who cry wolf at everything and everyone who isn't like them…………Oh wait, your book that was re-written 5 times, the last of which was when the earth was flat, gravity was magic and no one knew where the sun went at night, actually TEACHES YOU TO BE A BIGOT MORON!

  30. Anonymous

    Drexel M Warren Mr. Warren, what civilian needs an AR-15? ANY AMERICAN CIVILIAN THAT FRIGGIN' WANTS ONE, AND HAS NOT FORFEITED HIS RIGHT TO HAVE A GUN DUE TO HIS ACTIONS. That's who. And, just to be one hundred percent clear, this is NOT a hunting issue.

    Now, on the other hand, agree with it or not, Facebook is well within their rights to remove this guy's fanpage. It is a private company and can make any rules for posting and pages that it wants to make.

  31. Nicholas Kerr

    They are within their right to take down any page or post they don't approve of. When they do so they aren't infringing on anyone's free speech. They are simply running their website as they see fit.

    The amendment reads : "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    Freedom of speech really only applies to the government and laws. I can't go into Kmart and start yelling "fuck" and claim free speech. The first amendment is there to ensure the government doesn't infringe on the people. It has nothing to do with private organizations.

  32. Gary Reimers

    Idiots, you people pro guns are, paranoid the government is going to take away all your rights, but its ok to take rights away from the poor and illegal aliens, we took this country from the Indians you fucks! And you Christians fucks what happen to love your neighbor as yourselves? God didn't write the 2nd amendment you fucks!

  33. Jeffrey Adams

    Usage agreements are fine if it was a payed site. Also it's called freedom of the press. Facebook as the right to allow or not allow content. As for the prostitution as mentioned above? There is no selling of body, only advertisments. Offering an AR-15 is crossing the line. PS. In case you haven't noticed the weapon shown above is an M-16 model. AR-15 are not automatic weapons.

  34. Jerrett Kinstle

    Kenneth Beeson, if either of you two is arrogant, it is you sir: " your arrogance is truly awe inspiring for a fast food employee." So you think a fast food worker is beneath you? Did you see that he is a manager? Have you ever managed a fast food restaurant? It's not an easy job. Looking at all of the posts currently here (I know some get removed), it's clear that Nicholas did not initially direct any remarks at you, and he was not arrogant or rough, he was just being matter of fact. But you felt it was ok to attack him, and accuse him of being guilty of something you yourself are guilty of. I also call into question your use of claiming to be in the military…that makes you better than everyone else? I know plenty of vets who don't pull the military card, because the shit they saw, makes them not want to bring it up, they don't want to talk about things that can bring on flashbacks…it's almost always the "vets" that were never even close to the action, that bring it up. If your one of those kind of vets, you do not have much room to talk.

  35. Nicholas Kerr

    The first amendment reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    It is simply there to ensure that the government doesn't infringe on the rights of the people. It doesn't apply to private organizations. Facebook is well within their right to decide what does or does not appear on their website. Kinda like I can't go into Kmart and start yelling "fuck" and then claim free speech when they try to kick me out.

  36. Troy C Giersdorf

    Date of Last Revision: April 3, 2013.
    Facebook Pages Terms.
    The following terms, as well as our Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, apply to all Pages on Facebook. Additionally, all content on Pages must comply with our Community Standards.
    III. Page Features
    A. Advertising on Pages.
    Ads and commercial content (including Page post content) are subject to the Advertising Guidelines.
    Third-party advertisements on Pages are prohibited, without our prior permission.

    Date of last revision: April 10, 2012.
    Facebook Advertising Guidelines.
    IV. Ad Content
    Advertisers must ensure that their ads comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. All claims in ads must be adequately substantiated. Ads must not offend users. Ads and any offers promoted within ads must not be false, deceptive or misleading or contain spam. Ads must not contain or promote illegal products or services. Ads must not violate the rights of any third parties. The following specific content guidelines apply:
    J. Weapons and Explosives.
    Ads may not promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.

    What's to appeal? This is not vague. It is very clear. Is this business owner a moron?

  37. Anonymous

    I'm just disappointed I didn't win I never win anything its time I win something anyway I don't find anything wrong in having contest giveaway if u don't like it don't participate.

  38. Anonymous

    I'm just disappointed I didn't win I never win anything its time I win something anyway I don't find anything wrong in having contest giveaway if u don't like it don't participate.

  39. Anonymous

    i have never seen a prostitute advertise on facebook and i doubt that u seriously have either dont be a smuck

  40. Anonymous

    if i would of won that gun i would of been happy to deal with the harassment by facebook users who the hell cares what they have to say most are blowhards anyway lol

  41. Anonymous

    Drexel M Warren actually an AR-15 is a great varmit rifle not powerful enough for deer though and its easier to handle and shoot acurately than most conventional hunting rifles

  42. Anonymous

    its a great varmit hunting rifle although its not powerful enough for deer it is easier to handle and shoot accurately than most conventional hunting rifles 😛

  43. Joshua Conner

    I think you need to go back and relook on how public vs private affects freedom of speech. Being a private company has no, I say NO, implication on the limitation of first amendment rights. That said, Facebook is free to allow or censor whatever content they want on their site as they own it. When they do that though, they loose any and all credibility when they try to pass themselves off as pro-free speech, and their use, support, and profitability are subject to being affected as a result. There is a bit of hypocrisy going on here with FB.

  44. Cliff Miller

    first off the ar15 or m16 is the equivalent of the musket that our fore fathers used to create and defend the rights you live by today. secondly the BIBLE basically states that the end will start when the world is under one government. yes eventually it will happen, but as long as i am alive i will fight to protect our rights that i took an oath to defend. all in hopes that my family and yours will live on for many more generations. if the government takes that right away it will give them free reign to do what they want and your new world government will happen. we are the only country left that can stop that from happening.
    thirdly without them kind of weapons we as citizens will begin to experience a lot more violence and terrorism like in other countries that promote gun control. forth to all you idiots guns dont kill people people kill people. i have never seen a chunk of metal grow a brain and start hurting humans you dumb asses. fith problem is you young ens did not get your ass beat enough to respect whats right and wrong. this is why these terrible shootings happen these days. you never heard for shit like this back when i grew up. parents these days are just not doing a very good job teaching whats right and whats wrong. break the damn paddles out and start using them, teach respect. damn whats wrong with you all. sixth maybe he should have read the user agreement. but in the end he has the right to voice his opinion and promote his opinion just like you socialist wannabe liberal fucking cowards do. sad thing is i respect your opinion and will defend it just as i will defend mine that,s what it means to live in this country and that,s what it means to be a free person. that is what the constitution says i should do. if you don't like it then maybe you should move to england or france or somewhere else. because you surely are not a true AMERICAN.

  45. Doug Benton

    Drexel M Warren,the big picture here is just out of your range mentally for you to process.
    First, simpleton boy, it's none of your business as far as what anyone wants to own. Get it yet ? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
    Second,AR15's are used widely to hunt varmints, just to help you out, meaning animals that are pests and
    destructive to property and other animals. But that doesn't matter , it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS,

    Lastly, you REALLY need to work on your spelling, It makes you come across as such an idiot.
    Read what Garrett McElveen wrote, or have someone read it for you a few times and maybe then you'll start to onderstand.

  46. Abdiel Galindo

    This is the land of idiots where it's easier to teach a fish to climb trees than to put any sense in the ugly wart people refer to as their heads.

  47. Arthur Facteau

    What's really sad about this is the censorship. Sure, Facebook has the right to do what it wants, and to set it's own rules, but as an American, Zuckerberg Should have an aversion to censoring others, as most Americans do, and it's sad to see that an American puts up a site that's supposed to be 'social media' that's so damn unsocial. You get caught adding new friends to your list that you never met (at their request, mind you), you get punished by going to facebook jail. 'They' think you added too many people in one day, you again can get punished by going to facebook jail. They make it hard just to play the games THEY put up by doing this, and are treating the people that like children.

    I don't disagree with the people that say Zuckerberg has the right to run his site the way he wants, that is correct, but there comes a point where one should consider the people using his site as adults, and treat them as such. Just because you have the right to do something, does not mean it's the right thing to do.

  48. Kenny Wolf

    Sure Facebook has the right to take down his page , but the real point here is WHY they took it down! If the prize had been a cookware set or a bicycle the page would still be there & you all know it.It's just Facebooks discrimination against gun owners because of the recent hype in the media about guns.Anyone winning this gun will still have to pass a background check & be legal to own it.It's just a shame that they have a problem with a legal , law abiding citizen that most likely already owns firearms by visiting that page winning a rifle while at the same time allowing ILLEGAL things to be promoted on other Facebook pages.

  49. Earl Gilbert

    @Jeff, the model shown above isn't an M-16. Note the selector switch. Only two positions, safe and fire.

  50. Jeromy J. Barton

    Nicholas Kerr except for facebook is a publicly traded company….

  51. John Rote

    Illegal aliens made themselves our neighbors ILLEGALLY. We don't owe them anything. We don't need more lawbreakers in this country you moron. Take a look around. Why is it okay for Democraps to do what they want, but by God, you people will do as they say or else? If you don't agree with them, we'll sick the press on you. Oblama said he wasn't going to ban guns, but yet the first chance he got, he tried to ban semi-automatic rifles and higher capacity magazines. He was going to blame it on the VP and the Newtown incident. That was all politically motivated and if you don't think it was you are naive.

  52. Kenny Wolf

    Misuse of any item does not make the item itself bad , it makes the one that misused it bad.Doesn't matter if it's a gun , automobile, bat , tire iron or what .Stop trying fix HUMAN errors by banning MATERIAL objects !You can take the gun out of the hand of a murderer & you still have a murderer.If they were raised right & taught the value of human life , the problem would be solved.Human values & morals is what has changed & what needs to be resolved.Gun control will never fix this issue & has been a proven failure in virtually all areas that has it.

  53. Anonymous

    why would this shock anyone? Just another reason to hate facebook and the liberal society we live in.

  54. Anonymous

    Nicholas Kerr its not about free speech its about the fact that without warning they pulled the page. If it was your page,would you have been upset?

    Giving away guns and owning guns is not the issue but the fact that legal gun owners are being harassed by the liberals of this country.

  55. Howard Swayne

    Ive found Facebook to be pretty open overall. I wonder if there is something else at work here. They should at least have the courtesy to contact the man and explain their actions and give him a chance. If they wont do that then they will probably lose my respect and attendance at their site.

  56. Ronald Jackson

    fackbook i think its up to me who i say i know and will like to add as friends if some one is being a problem. its nice to know we can send a message to you for some help in stoping them but taking over what we do is not the way plz be there when we need help stop all this facebook jail stuff we are not idots

  57. Justin Fenk

    You have no protections concerning YOUR freedom of speech rights on Facebook. Deal with it. It would be like you getting fired for writing your boss a nasty letter and then claiming freedom of speech. If you set up a forum for people to discuss how to protect gun rights and it was trolled by anti-gun proponents that you later banned, you are not stepping on their freedom of speech. If Facebook wanted to, they could ban every single person that was not in the green party and no laws would protect you. Facebook would be signing their own death warrant though. You are free to say what you like, but deal with the repercussions. And another thing, when you start off with "right/left wing wacko" your argument dies for anyone who does not already agree with you and you sound like a speech, so stop with the childish name calling and judging of characters based off their job as if they are some sort of lower class human being.

  58. Anonymous

    Facebook is a Jew company and the Gun Grabbin Jews in DC work for Israel like Feinstein and Bloomberg, Delete your Facebook Page, look at the Gun Laws in Zionist Israel and your eyes might start to open.

  59. Glenn Wilcox

    Sorry they can not they still have to follow the laws

  60. Greg Sims

    Why the surprise? Facebook is UBER LIBERAL and will shut down or suspend anyone that goes against their INSANE LIBERAL VIEWS, without warning as they are also cowards and intolerant. I have been suspended 6-7 times for my conservative statements and my beliefs. I now, avoid FB as I will no longer support anything ANTI AMERICAN and LIBERAL.

  61. Josh Holtrust

    I haven't read the terms of Facebook, but if he truly is violating a rule, then I don't see the big deal in taking his page down. I am pro-gun all the way. Have 3 myself, including an AR-15. But, again, if he, or anyone, is violating terms of service, they should have their pages taken down. You're on Facebooks site, you abide by their rules. If you want to give a gun away, use your own site. You keep making Facebook pages, Facebook is going to keep taking them down.

  62. Josh Holtrust

    @Steven – Then by your logic, I'll ask you… Please tell me… What is the need for a car that can mow down 20 children on a playground?

  63. Greg Sims

    firebreather76 Then why and how did the florist get sued, by some Gay Couple for refusing to do the flowers for their wedding {sick} It would seem as though private business, have forfieted their rights, in order to do business, or be sued by the LIBERAL LUNATICS, that are destroying America.

  64. Marvelous Mitchell

    Nicholas Kerr, Let me help you bro. You almost got it.
    I, like you notice that people seem to bring up The Constitution; yet have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Anyone who brings up or brought up The 2nd Amendment and Freedom of Speech in this situation is a complete and utter moron. Plain and simple. Nothing about this has to do with Freedom of Speech. That would come into play if THE GOVERNMENT attempted to censor Facebook. Facebook can sensor their site all they want to. Who do you think sets guidelines for what can and can't be posted ON ANY SITE FOR THAT MATTER? The owners of the site. Whether the company is on the stock market or not has no relevance to who sets the guidelines for what can and can't be posted.
    In other words, Facebook can remove any post, page, comment, advertisement, or picture that they like……..Why? Because it's their site and they can do what they want with it.


  65. Greg Sims

    Nicholas Kerr Then why and how did the florist get sued, by some Gay Couple for refusing to do the flowers for their wedding {sick} It would seem as though private business, have forfieted their rights, in order to do business, or be sued by the LIBERAL LUNATICS, that are destroying America.

  66. Scott Capullo

    As what seems to be a chickenshit nation of sheep, social media follows suit. The attitude towards Americans exercising their 2A rights, and actual gun ownership, seems to be labeled as evil. It is typical of the dumbasses getting in line and believing all of the whiners and liars to begin with. Facebook and all social type "I was wiping my ass at 2:05 today" zombies should be ashamed of themselves for actually believing an inanamant object can do anything without the human touch. I have some beachfront property for sale in Arizona. Shoot (oops) me an instagram if interested. LMAO

  67. Greg Sims

    What is the need for a Lexus, when a Pinto will do?? What is the need for a Coach handbag, when a paper sack will do?? What is the need for a Liberal, when a pile of shit will do??

  68. Anonymous

    They're a private company, so if they want to forbid people from selling or giving away guns on their site, that's their prerogative. It's just up to people whether or not they want to continue using a service with such blatant liberal biases. I deleted my FB page months ago and have been all the happier for it.

    As for the harassment, that's obviously just unacceptable, and that should be handled on a case by case basis — users who harassed the winner should be have their page deleted immediately and without notification.

  69. Scott Capullo

    Drexel M Warren Baaahhh, baaahhh, baaahhh. The sheep have spoken.

  70. Greg Sims

    I agree 100% Buzz, these two young Liberals^ are the real idiots as they have no life experience and will follow the sheep herder to the slaughterhouse, willingly.

  71. Terence B Broxterman

    Your lack of understanding is showing, equating a choice as a company to not have a certain ad is CERTAINLY commiserate to 20+ million dead and a World War….it is your inflammatory rhetoric that paves the way to thinking that people like you shouldn't own firearms

  72. Greg Sims

    Nicholas Kerr Where does it say that you can not have a contest and give away an item that is legal????

  73. Jimmy Mazzullo

    I'm on Facebook a lot and I've never seen a Prostitution or Drug ad/post. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

  74. Nick Capone

    "freedom of speech doesn't apply to a website ran by a private organization" dumbest statement ever, congrats nicholas. apparently the law of the land doesn't matter when a company isn't owned by the government? just stop talking.

  75. Anonymous

    Suddenly I feel slightly dumber from reading this whole thread. ran vs. run, there vs. their, public vs. private. I think I'll go play with my publicly unaceptable privates. LOL

  76. Jeffrey Adams

    The one at the top of my page is black and has safe, semi and auto. The one in the middle of my page is desert tan, that is a semi. Retired Army @ 22yrs.

  77. Josh Holtrust

    Wow Gary Reimers, you are an idiot. First of all, the poor have the same rights as the non-poor. Second, illegal aliens shouldn't have rights because they're in the country ILLEGALLY! Third, WE didn't take this country from Native Americans, our European forefathers did hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Go educate yourself before you open your mouth and sound like an idiot.

  78. Mark Wainwright

    Drexel M Warren, The reason we have the 2nd amendment isn’t to protect against burglars or to go hunting, it is to protect us against a tyrannical government. It is the right for the American people to defend themselves against a government that has turned on them, and the people who want to limit this right need to understand that, and for those of you who think “That could never happen in America!” I’m sure the people who lived in Germany, Japan, North Korea, Cuba, Italy, and The Soviet Union would disagree with you. The first necessary precursor to dominate a country is to disarm its citizens…just remember that. Also to the people who say that we don't need assault weapons, and that they are "unnecessary" don't understand that if the government becomes corrupt that you have to be able to keep up with their fire power, and that a 9mm won' cut it.

  79. Ben Thomas

    Facebook has always been a pain in my a@@, I can't stand all the crap. I set my account up to work with a group of local people dealing with lack of government support after a flood. Used it a couple times for this type of stuff. My wife and daughter use it for games. It is their first amendment right to block what they choose. With all the other crap they allow I don't see a problem a gun give away "a background check would be done".

  80. Rex Basey

    Terence B Broxterman I believe the point trying to be made is that our current administration is one of socialism. Obama and his liberal flock are trying to disarm this country. A disarmed America means the government can impose it's will on the people, which they have been doing for going on 5 years now, but people are to caught up in their own little shell of a life to figure it out. I believe the second amendment talks about the right to bear arms against tyranny from government. People need to start thinking for themselves instead of watching the highly skewed libreal media and forming their OWN opinions of truly what is going on. The key word there is thinking. Because if Americans would open their eyes and quit being sheep Obama would have been tried for treason. Example: Tell me what is the difference between 3 Americans dying at the marathon and a president allowing an embassador and two navy seals, all Americans, die in Benghazi? Then the dumbass gets caught up in yet another lie trying to cover it up by saying it was due to a youtube video. Then a day or two after he went to Hollywood to drum up votes from all his liberal cronies that are actors.

  81. Rex Basey

    why do we need airplanes that fly into buildings? Why do we need anhydrous ammonia and work vans? Why do we need crock pots and ball bearings? These are the ingredients to the three largest attacks in American history. Hmmm not a single gun used in any of them. Criminals/terrorists will always find a method. Quit watching the news kid and use your brain for something other than a pot residue holding tank.

  82. Scott Leger

    but they allow pages tha want to ban guns, that promote the banning of guns, that is wrong, they should not use this site to promote their views, some people pay to use this site, they shouldnt be censored.

  83. Scott Leger

    but they allow pages that want to ban guns, that promote the banning of guns, that is wrong, they should allow both sides, they{facebook} should not use this site to promote their views, some people pay to use this site, they shouldn't be censored.

  84. Ken Pearce

    There are 100 million gun owners in the USA. If only half of them went on Facebook and created gun pages there would be nothing Facebook could do about it. In addition to this every one of the big manufacturers like Remington and Colt have Facebook pages. So delete them or get sued for discrimination!

  85. Robert Artley

    They shutdown a giveaway. But yet they have pages that show porn, beastiality videos, child pornography, and people being beheaded. Great job Facebook great job…. -_-

  86. Rex Basey

    Jeffrey you wouldn't know an M-16 from a rat's ass. That's an AR-15 with MOE equipment, free float rail system, MBUS flip up sights and flash suppressor. You can also see the selector switch has two settings. Safe and Semi. The magazines pictured are 30-rd. PMAGS with windows. That's the problem with you Libs you spout off about crap you have no clue about.

  87. Anonymous

    Nicholas Kerr what are you? By the looks of you picture it appears that you have a sever case headuptherectumitis! FReedom of speech always applies it's peoples choice weather to listen or not got it punk! Oh by the way I'm not 14 either but you look like you smell bad.

  88. Rex Basey

    Get you a piston driven version then. I used M-16 A2 and MP 5 in first gulf war never had a jamb, bolt override or double feed once. More than likely operator error.

  89. Rex Basey

    God did tell Peter to turn in his tunica for a sword. Your the fucking idiot. If you don't like guns pack ur shit up and move. You be the illegal in another country and demand your rights and let me know how that works out for ya. Moron.

  90. Ray Brown

    Look, Liberals are always spouting free speech this and free speech that when it comes to their issues, like profanity in the public, like homosexual rights, like abortion rights, but shut down peoples rights when they do not agree with them and have the ability to do so. HYPOCRISY in the highest order here!
    Also, Facebook makes money off of me, so I should be able to voice my opinion about this. I will tell you what, as soon as a conservative leaning project comes along that all my friends would be willing to go to, I will leave.

  91. Jerry Johnson

    Drexel M Warren You sir are an IDIOT ! On the other hand , yes Facebook does have the right whether I or anyone else likes it or not.

  92. Daniel Shields

    Facebook is not private, it is a publicly traded company on the NYSE.

  93. Naomi Leger

    Might be the right time to start a "Shut down Facebook" petition. Or a "Fuck Zuck" petition. 😉

  94. Darrell Messbarger

    Just for the record, that is not an assault rifle.

  95. Donald Plattner

    rbxsl, "varmint", as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is 1. vermin or objectionable or undesirable animal, or 2. a despicable, obnoxious, or annoying person. Number 2 fits most liberals/lefties/atheists. Accordingly, "varmint" should be capitalized, "VARMINT", for emphasis/inclusivness in your context.

  96. Kenneth Patrick Morrow

    Since when? And you got your constitutional law education where?

  97. Kenneth Patrick Morrow

    Since when? And you got your constitutional law education where?

  98. Jim Clark

    like all liberal run organizations they choose what they think is correct to them the constitution is the enemy to their agendas.

  99. Jim Clark

    like all liberal run organizations they choose what they think is correct to them the constitution is the enemy to their agendas.

  100. Hershel Gau

    ray brown…U are a fucking idot. I own one of those sexual content pages and it has 37,000 fans and we battle fucking pussy ass cry babies like you everyday..Dumbass

  101. Hershel Gau

    Facebook don't care if you are creating a page with sexual content, drug references, or even guns. If they don't like it they delete it. U have no rights on facebook.

  102. Anonymous

    Wow. Maybe Kenneth Beeson just doesn't like KFC? I didn't see anything arrogant in Nicholas Kerr's comment at all. Somebody's a bit touchy.

  103. Anonymous

    What's there to think…it violates FB's terms as written. There's no need for a comment on an appeal because it is pretty clear. If he decides to sell an actual toy gun instead, maybe there's room for an appeal. At this point, he's making a stink solely for the free publicity…unless he's just that stupid.

  104. Anonymous

    Sale and/or promotion of firearms is against their terms of service. Case closed, end of story.

  105. Scott Leger

    nothing more confusing to a liberal than facts . and common sense.

  106. Brian Watts

    Agreed buzz. all my disposable income is going to ammo. Me and my neighbors are preparing. Just in case as a last resort.

  107. Scott Leger

    nick, some people pay to use this site, they should not be sensored, if face book lets people that are ANTI gun ,they should allow the other side, puishing their personal views is crap.

  108. Anonymous

    FB is just a puppet and a front for the Obama administration. I have had to make FIVE new pages because every time I share any pro gun anti Obama content FB blocks and deletes me. Screw FB!

  109. Shaun Chapman

    Drexel M Warren apparently you dont now s*&T. People do hunt with AR15's. I've never been hunting bu t have seen people hunt with AR15 on shows "Yukon men" and "American Hoggers".

  110. Brandon Dozier

    Advertising on Facebook is not a birthright, nor a "right" in the legal sense at all. All users agree to the terms of service agreement! Simply build your own site and link it to your FB page. Case solved, Case closed! Even the topic of guns makes people rash and sensitive…

  111. Joshua Kaufman

    Kenneth Beeson – He wasn't arrogant at all – he was expressing an opinion. I think you were the one with arrogance on full display. Ray Brown, they have a Tea Party Facebook. Go there!

  112. Liberty Love

    Freedom of speech applies to ALL United States Citizens! It is not limited in the United States Constitution ONLY BY THOSE THAT HAVE AN AGENDA TO DESTROY IT!

  113. Joshua Kaufman

    Scott Leger Facebook doesn't want the publicity of one of its users getting an AR-15 and going out and shooting people. Not that it's likely to happen, but in Facebook's view it's probably better to be safe than sorry.

  114. Liberty Love

    Drexel M Warren If facebook believes in enforcing and following the rules (so much) then why haven't they followed their own rules and contacted Mr. Lowry? He is entitled to an appeal yet facebook is completely ignoring him and their own rules (clearly stated)! If you are going to enforce the rules on the people then you must also FOLLOW THEM, especially when they are rules YOU CREATED!

  115. Joshua Kaufman

    Scott Leger They do let "pro-gun" people post all kinds of things. Every day I see some logically-twisted picture with usually misspelled or grammatically atrocious text that is supposed to convey how spoons, cars, and guns are somehow similar. Giving away weapons over Facebook is something the company isn't comfortable with. Why do you have a problem with that? The NRA has a facebook page, BTW. They just don't give away guns over the Internet (even though they support the practice)

  116. Liberty Love

    Ok Idiot (just quoting you): no issue with rules except when you pick and choose which ones to follow – IF YOU ENFORCE THEM THEN YOU MUST ALSO FOLLOW THEM!

  117. Scott Leger

    Josh, that mindset is what is ruining this country, they allow pages to adverise baseball bats, what if someone buys one ,and beats someone to death with it.

  118. Scott Leger

    because, they shouldnt allow people to promote antigun views ,if they ban pages about guns, they should ban them all, what is it about hypocrisy do you not understand?

  119. Allen Wong

    I think this guy is nuts. Its not a left argument when your essentially saying that one random person will be getting a weapon like that. Did common sense walk out the window when Lowry made that argument.

  120. Scott Leger

    Joshua Kaufman the NRA does not sell/giveaway guns, they are not in the business of selling/givingaway guns, they giveaway cars, why not guns ?

  121. Scott Leger

    Joshua Kaufman the NRA does not sell/giveaway guns, they are not in the business of selling/givingaway guns, they giveaway cars, why not guns ?

  122. Taylor Moore

    Wow, all these people who think that publicly-traded means publicly-owned. Facebook is a private company that private citizens invest in. Publicly-owned would mean it was owned by the government and, by extension, the tax-payers. I do not own facebook, as I do not own stock in facebook. Unless you own stock in facebook, then you do not own it.

    Now, for people whining about First Amendment rights and such, the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Where, in this entire fiasco, has Congress, or any government entity, abridged anyone's rights to religion, speech, press, or peaceful assembly?

    What HAS happened, is a private company enforcing their End User Legal Agreement, which this gun store owner clicked that "Yes, I understand" when he made his page, which they have every right to do. He is breaking that agreement every time he tries to give guns away on facebook.

  123. Joshua Leos

    Sort of how like he voiced his? Sound pretty arrogant bringing up his employment and seemingly looking down on his job. So far you're the only hypocrite out of the bunch.

  124. Joshua Leos

    Sort of how like he voiced his? Sound pretty arrogant bringing up his employment and seemingly looking down on his job. So far you're the only hypocrite out of the bunch.

  125. Justin Fenk

    Ray Brown Seriously, name calling only gets you so far in life. I am confused about the hypocrisy you speak of because your analogies has nothing to do with an online webpage. Again, the company is not run by the government. If you had your own website, and I posted hate and bigotry on it and you could not remove it because of my constitutional misinterpreted rights? Freedom of speech does not mean you have the freedom to step on another's freedom. I BELIEVE that this is a bit stupid by Facebook, but it is their right. And as for separating the country by who is a NeoCON or a Left wing liberal and labeling/judging each other based of a few social aspects of life… Do not forget. United we stand. Divided we fall. We are Americans first.

  126. Terry Adams

    Time for someone to start another face book and everyone leave this one. the only way to hurt these liberal idiots is in the pocket book. its all they understand. went to by beer yesterday. the wife likes coors oh well cant buy anything from that state. gun control ok no cash at least not from me.

  127. Pete Schwet

    Maybe most liberal ideas are just better ideas. Have you ever stopped to think about that? A view that includes everyone is intrinsically a better idea than an idea that includes some and excludes others.

  128. Joshua Yarbrough

    some pages are not free, they are 100% paid advertisement pages

  129. Anonymous

    Facebook is a private company that can do what they want.. it is not a "RIGHT" to have a Facebook page. Get over it.

  130. Troy C Giersdorf

    discrimination. that's funny. a simple rule – no ads promoting the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives allowed. who is being discriminated against?

  131. Fred Langford

    Scott Ledger, it was perfectly explained to you and yet you still don't get it. You can start all the pro gun pages you want. Trust me, there are many!!!

  132. Anonymous

    I agree with you Ray Brown. That`s why I quit FB over a year ago, and never supplied my real personal info. in the first place. And, Nocholas Kerr, although you`re correct about them being allowed to curtail free speech, it doesn`t make FB any less despicable.

  133. Scott Leger

    i understand, facebook doesnt allow anything that is not in line with their views, i get it, and spell my name right.

  134. Scott Leger

    Joshua Yarbrough exactely, if they took their money, they have no right censoring someone selling a legal product, this giveaway was a promotion, i am sure the winner would have been subject to a compklete background check, feed the fear,

  135. Carol Shaw

    Ahh the left. Free speech is great as long as they agree with it.

  136. Carol Shaw

    Free speech applies to everybody – citizens united ring a bell? It does not, however apply to a company taking your free speech rights it applies to the gov't. Which still doesnt make this right.

  137. Ken Enz

    This is a totalitarian state in the making, MAO< STALIN< HITLER LOVE BHO!

  138. Curtis Johnson

    Drexel M Warren You really are a moron. Gun violence is rampant in Bam Bam's hometown of Chi Town. Also is your little references to Crack ass referring to race? Like I think it is,we can go there too if you would like.

  139. Justin Fenk

    Again, I think it is a waste of time to take down the site as Facebook has done. However, they can still censor them if they paid to say "promote" their contest through Facebook. They can ask for a refund I am sure. Hell, even take them to court, but you agree to a Term of Service contract when you create a Facebook site, so it would be difficult to win.

  140. Guy Murphy

    freedom of speech applies to anyone or any group of people including private groups, do some research before you start telling people what they don't have a rite to.

  141. Melvin Douglas Mays Jr

    Facebook is a joke if they bow to political presesure, what's the matter Mark your afraid u won't be invited to anymore white house dinner's. If they can shut u down then it shows the have the right to shut down the NRA, Guns N Ammo, NYS Pistol Assoc and any other page that mentions the word gun, because of this u most fight!

  142. Melvin Douglas Mays Jr

    Nicholas u r the one who is ignorant! FIRST of all facebook isn't a private company it's a publicly traded company, so it is owned by it's shareholders, 2nd being that it has public status it is not afforded privated status. @ Erik Lowery all you need to do is buy 1 share of facebook, then contact them and tell them you are a shareholder, they have to respond to u in a timely matter. If they do not then u have the right to file a complaint against them thru the SEC the govt body that overseas PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANYS.

  143. Melvin Douglas Mays Jr

    Nicholas u r the one who is ignorant! FIRST of all facebook isn't a private company it's a publicly traded company, so it is owned by it's shareholders, 2nd being that it has public status it is not afforded privated status. @ Erik Lowery all you need to do is buy 1 share of facebook, then contact them and tell them you are a shareholder, they have to respond to u in a timely matter. If they do not then u have the right to file a complaint against them thru SEC the govt body that overseas PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANYS.

  144. Markus Dantinne

    Please understand that "Freedom of Speech" does NOT simply give you the right to say anything you want, anywhere you want. The 1st Amendment simply prevents the *government* from making laws to suppress the expression of your opinion. So, unless you're talking about the government and/or laws, there's no reason to even mention the term.

  145. Markus Dantinne

    Please understand that "Freedom of Speech" does NOT simply give you the right to say anything you want, anywhere you want. The 1st Amendment simply prevents the *government* from making laws to suppress the expression of your opinion. So, unless you're talking about the government and/or laws, there's no reason to even mention the term.

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