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Tribeca Exclusive Interview: Evan Peters Talks ‘American Horror Story’ And ‘Adult World’

Since starting in the industry at 15, Evan Peters has immersed himself in the unpredictability of acting. A mild mannered 26-year-old, the St. Louis native got his start by taking acting lessons in Michigan, and seeing where things fall year by year. Crediting luck and opportunity as the perfect recipe, Peters has enjoyed exploring the darker sides of characters throughout his residency in Los Angeles. It’s that “luck” that has made Peters a break out star in FX’s American Horror Story. In season one Peters played a misunderstood, murdering sociopath Tate, and then threw himself on the opposite end of the spectrum by playing a captive asylum patient in season 2. It’s not a complete shock that his acting heroes are Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling, who have proven to be the cream of the crop of character-actors with juxtaposing matinee looks. As the years pass, Peters seems to be lining up projects that may just set his career down a mirrored path.

This year has brought the announcement of American Horror Story’s third season, and Adult World. The latter is a film that sees Evan as the love interest to Emma Roberts’ character Amy. The actor proves that he’s not someone you throw in a film as a plot device. Instead he lends himself to be the heart of the story as he aids to Amy’s ultimate self-discovery.

The Inquisitr’sNiki Cruz spoke with Evan Peters about character study, American Horror Story, and porn shops.


THE INQUISITR: Can you tell the readers a little bit about Adult World?

EVAN PETERS: My character is Alex, and he works at Adult World porn shop that Emma’s character Amy comes in to, to work at because she’s a failing poet. I kind of help her out, and obviously have a crush on her, and then the comedy ensues.

THE INQUISITR: How did you find the chemistry to be with Emma?

PETERS: It was great! It was effortless. I had a crush on her in real life, and it turns out she had a huge crush on me too so it worked out really well.

THE INQUISITR: How did you get the role?

PETERS: I just auditioned for it. Emma and Scott wanted me as their first choice. I read it, and I was really drawn to the idea that the love interest wasn’t just in love. He has other things going on. He’s kind of tied to the message of the film, which is doing things for yourself and not for other people. It was funny because most of my scenes take place in a porn shop. We were throwing dildos around. It was really funny. There was a lot of stuff in there. There was a butt plug with a bunny tail on it.

The INQUISITR: Did you film your scenes in a real adult shop?

PETERS: No I think it was an abandoned office space in between other buildings that were operating.

THE INQUISITR: Did you film the store scenes chronologically?

PETERS: No we filmed it all out of order. Even the way it was edited together, it’s completely different from how the script was organized. I was excited to see it and figure out how the movie ended and started, and if all the jokes were still there.

THE INQUISITR: Where did they get the paraphernalia?

PETERS: I think they had companies that supply it. I’m not really sure, but it wasn’t very high-end stuff. I mean, I left it all home! [LAUGHS]

THE INQUISITR: Scott Coffey started off in the industry as an actor, so as a director did he give you any tips?

PETERS: Yeah Scott was awesome. There was one particular day where I wanted to give a certain kind of performance, and I found it very hard to draw it out of myself organically. He said, “Dude, it’s okay, you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to do anything, it’s totally fine.” I thought that was awesome. It was kind of relaxing and nice to know that you can just glide right into a scene. He also let a lot of the takes open ended, so that we can do whatever we wanted. It allowed us to take the scene wherever we wanted to go, and that helps a lot with the reality of the scene. It makes it a part of everything that’s going on in that person’s life. That was a huge acting lesson that I took to heart.

THE INQUISITR: Was it your first time doing improv?

PETERS: It wasn’t my first time but it was the first time improv’ing that much. It was a lot but it was really fun.

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