Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka Moving To New York

Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Relocating To New York

Neil Patrick Harris is planning to move his husband-to-be and toddler twins to New York City after he’s done filming the final season of How I Met Your Mother in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor and fiancee David Burtka, who announced their engagement in June 2011, are planning to move out of their Los Angeles mansion and shift to the Big Apple as soon as Harris’ hit TV comedy concludes next year.

Part of their motivation, admits Harris to Us Magazine, is to move to a state which allows the couple to marry. “It would be great to move the ring from my right hand to my left, but Prop 8 won’t allow us to do that,” says the actor, referring to California’s ban on same-sex marriage. “David and I have been soulmate-y since we first met.”

The pair are also hoping to establish where their two children, aged two, will enrol in school. Speaking to Usat an event in New York, Neil Patrick Harris said:

How I Met Your Mother is wrapping up its last season next year, and we’re kind of at the end of a chapter in our lives, [the next chapter] will be in New York. So, it’s fun to be here tonight. We’re here in New York City and imagining the future, which won’t be too far away. Our plan is to reroute ourselves and have our kids start to go to school here. We’re at that age where we need to figure out where our kids are going to be educated. Then we hope that work finds us.”

The couple also gave a small insight into life with their two tots, saying they deliberately avoid having a live-in nanny. “We’re not that kind of couple,” said Burtka. “We pride ourselves on waking our kids up every morning and putting them to bed every night.”

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