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Files On ‘Hitler’s Pope’ To Be Examined By Pope Francis [Report]

pius xii

Questions about “Hitler’s Pope” could soon be answered if Pope Francis opens the Vatican archives.

According to Rabbi Abraham Skorka, who has known Pope Francis for decades, the Vatican may soon be examining the files regarding Pius XII.

Skorka said that he has talked to Pope Francis at length about Pius XII and his possible role under the fascist regime.

Questions about Pius XII, known by some as Hitler’s pope, have gone unanswered since the 1940s. Skorka hopes that Pope Francis will be able to shed some light onto the controversial figure.

Skorka said: “It’s a terribly sensitive issue, but he says that it must be investigated thoroughly …I have no doubt that he will move to open the archives.”

Pius XII became pope in 1939 and stayed in the position until his death in 1958. The Vatican has refused to open the files on Pius XII which has led many to believe that “Hitler’s Pope” cooperated with the Nazis.

According to the Telegraph, there is also proof that Pius XII, known as Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli before he became pope, helped more than 200,000 Jews get out of Germany.

Before he died, Pope Benedict XVI issued a decree praising Pius’s “heroic virtues,” moving him one step closer to sainthood. Several religious scholars, like Rabbi Skorka, have objected to making Pius XII a saint until his wartime role is more clearly defined. Which is something that Skorka says can only happen if the Vatican opens up its archives.

Do you think Pope Francis will allow scholars to examine the files on Pope XII.

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7 Responses to “Files On ‘Hitler’s Pope’ To Be Examined By Pope Francis [Report]”

  1. Anonymous

    Hitler, a Catholic, committed diabolocal acts which, according to church doctrine, should have resulted in his excommunication. However, he never was excommunicated! Then there are those friendly pictures of Hitler with Cardinal Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII, and the Concordat, Reichskonkordat, written up between the Cathiolic Church and the Nazi state. The concordat was an agreement, whereby the Catholic Church would see that its German bishops would honor the Nazi state and that its educators would teach the German children also to love and honor the Nazi state, as well as supress anything viewed as seditious to the Nazi state. In return, the Nazi state would enforce the internal church decisions. The church promised to support the Nazi state by, as the concordat states, in part,"… avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it." All of this information is history and available to read in multiple sources.

  2. Anonymous

    Whoever needs to attack a pope dead six decades is cuckoo. The Catholic Church excommunicated supporters of the Nazis in 1932….long before Jews objected to him. To force a fight between Catholics and Jews is nutz, but bring it on. You lose.

  3. Anonymous

    I'll read the crap when I'm finished with The Protocols of Zion, another specious "source" for hatreds.

  4. Bill Mattocks

    Before he died? Benedict XVI? I think you're jumping the gun a bit. He resigned, he did not die.

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