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Boston Marathon Explosions Conspiracy Theory: Alex Jones Calls Attack ‘False Flag’

Boston Marathon Explosions Conspiracy Theory: Alex Jones Calls Attack 'False Flag'

Conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon explosions have begun circulating the internet just hours after the blasts, with radio host Alex Jones leading the way.

Jones, one of the nation’s most famous conspiracy theorists, said he believes the Boston explosions are a “false flag” attack actually perpetrated by the government. He said he believes the true intention is to expand the Transportation Security Administration’s reach to sporting events.

On his radio show on Monday, Jones delved into a number of other conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon bombing, guessing that it could be related to the sudden drop in the price of gold, which typically excels in times of panic and uncertainty.

Jones also noted the significance of the attack happening on Patriot Day, which he said has special importance to militias and could help in framing the attack on a right-wing radical group.

Alex Jones also noted that two of the planes hijacked on 9/11 flew out of Boston.

“I said on air that they’re getting ready to blow something up. To fire a shot heard round the world like at Lexington and Concord, and then they do it at this same place on the same day!” he said.

Famous for his conspiracy theories, Jones has previously expressed doubts about the official versions of 9/11 and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On Monday, he used Twitter to expand on his conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon explosions.

Alex Jones wasn’t the only one with a conspiracy theory about the Boston Marathon explosions. Several people on Twitter pointed out that a mystery man was seen in a spectator’s photograph taken just after the blast and speculated about whether he played a role in the attack.


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28 Responses to “Boston Marathon Explosions Conspiracy Theory: Alex Jones Calls Attack ‘False Flag’”


    So here's my question to the people that seem to find a conspiracy in every single national tragedy.

    If all the signs are there and us "sheeple" are just too blind the see it….WHY DON'T YOU EVER PREDICT IT? Seriously, with all that inside knowledge of how things "really" work that you have, shouldn't you be able to give us a warming for at least one of these?

    And before any Alex Jones-defenders pipe in and say that he did predict this by saying "there will be an attack" at some random point in time, he's been saying this every month of every year for the past two decades.

    Don't forget, he was the one who also did a live broadcast on the eve of Y2K claiming that the world was ending…only to later claim he was just "joking around."

  2. Mike Englin

    Because he's a conspiracy theorist. Not a prophet. Not an oracle. I'm a fence sitter here, not a supporter. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and presume that a conspiracy theorists main goal is not to predict a future catastrophe, but rather expose the true culprit so that they can't do it again.

  3. Dave Lugo

    This guy is nuts. Can't accept the fact that maybe the government is not against us.

  4. Kyle Kudelin

    this guy is extreme.. sometimes i can see where he is coming from, but the majority of the time he's out of control and borderline insane. ive seen and heard him do some shady shit

  5. Oliver Reynolds

    Hmm, lets see, whose website sees a spike in action during incidents like this? Why it's Alex Jones' website Prison Planet. So he cries false flag and gets more page views (revenue) to his site. Ok, I get it.

  6. Sean O'Toole

    It's an intricut web of lies that make it hard to see through all the tragedies. This whole thing is bigger than our government alone.

  7. Jeff Burns

    How about the connection he made with the fact there was a Family Guy episode that predicted this aired only about a month *before* this terrible occurrence that predicted this bombing ?

    I heard during an interview, someone asked the police/FBI if this was a false flag. They immediately replied "No… next question". At that point, they did not have any leads and did not know if it was a foreign or domestic attack so, how do they know for certain that it wasn't the government?

  8. Jeff Burns

    How many governments do you know, other than the US, that are "not against us"? Why did Obama sign the Monsanto Protection Act? That doesn't sound like someone who is "for us". Why are there hundreds of thousands of body caskets spread across the states? Why did DHS buy all that ammo? Why is nobody addressing these questions?

  9. Jeff Burns

    Alex did predict that there would be several false flags coming soon, actually. In your response to "WHY DON'T YOU EVER PREDICT IT?". Why doesn't the weatherman ever forecast better? I mean, look at all the technology and education they have on the subject!

    Oh, here's an even better example… why doesn't Obama and DHS predict when North Korea is going to fire those missiles? I mean, they have Drones, Satellites, and hundreds of thousands of troops!

    Now, put yourself in Alex's shoes, he's dealing with the government. Have you ever noticed that they are pretty secretive? If Alex was a weatherman, you better believe he's be the best forecaster on the planet. if Alex had the resources of the president, North Korea would likely be an ally to the US

    I have seen alex cry out his heart and soul when talking about child trafficking. Why doesn't Obama cry like this?

    Alex posts his resources for listeners to investigate for themselves. Obama posts stats with no references. Obama is a scholar, he should know better. Why doesn't he post his references?

    Obama uses testimonies to persuade the masses… because the real states don't support his agenda. Alex posts the facts with references.

    You point out when Alex is wrong but discredit him as lucky when he's wrong. I give this man credit for trying to put the pieces together and often being right but think he's sometimes unlucky when he's wrong. Any more questions?

  10. John Combs

    Alex Jones is a very rich man because he knows how to play the fool very well. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows Alex is an idiot! It is a shame anyone listens to his rubbish!

  11. Andrew Towrads Muir

    When put it that way, it sounds like he has more to gain with these incidents than the government ever could. It wasn't a high grade explosive, easily something a citizen put together… Clearly it was him.
    obviously that's not true, but it is the same type of logic many of these tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists use.

  12. Brooke Binkowski

    Crocodile tears. There's a reason that Alex Jones always goes back to "buy gold" in his spiel and comments on the price of gold, and that reason is called Midas Resources. It's not because he's looking out for you, it's because he's a huckster playing on your ignorance and fears to put money into his own pocket. Follow the money.

  13. Jp Davila

    Maybe if you'd take the time to read and understand what he says, you wouldn't think that. He's not a prophet, he just says that these kind of things happen for a real reason not because muslim extremists want 72 virgins..

  14. Anonymous

    I've written my politicians many times with the same questions. Never once have I received an answer. I've written Boehner, never got an answer. What is it with this net of fear Obama has over Washington D.C. The man I believe is now sffuering from insanity. He talks the talk with his teleprompter, but has never walked the walk. The man is power and money crazy. He's cranked up the semi's again running the interstates delivering FEMA Coffins to Fema concentration camps. Yes, everyone of these camps has razor sharp barb wire around them. It's time to take Barrack Hussein Obama out and Impeach him for High Crimes against the people of the United States. These presidential powers he uses to protect the guilty, like Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and himself, and to have someone send death threats to Joe Arpaio, because he finally has the undeniable truth that Obama is a Fraud, and not a natural citizen of the Unithed States. This last capaign was all lies. Romney won it, but Obama had so many Illegal votes from the Illegals he imported here for that purpose he should be tried for that also. The list goes on and on.

  15. Doc Michaels

    I have taken the time to read it and the only conclusion I can come to it this guy is an attention-seeker who preys on stupid people like you. Be sure to keep funding his lifestyle with your Burger King paycheck.

  16. Kaoz Veidt

    Jeff, in fact I believe the FBI had a whole lot to do with it. I heard that press release too, did you notice all the stuttering and Freudian slips from that guy? The FBI are a bunch of sorry fools, sorry enough to steal away the lives of their own countrymen. They do it all the time; it's just regular business in post-9/11 Amerika. Witnessed it myself.

    What a bunch of sorry fucking swine.

  17. Jeremy Villegas

    I would definetly say false flag , the government steals every chance to take our liberties away. if some of you just wake up then you might see the light. why is obama trying to so hard to take the guns away? why the next day obama signed into law more laws then ever >? why is our society so dumbfounded by kim kardashian and american idol? and sports etc. if people new the laws that were signed into law in the last 6 years they would do a 180 real quick in there ideas.

  18. Ptosis Theseus

    Photo of the man laying on the ground and then in wheelchair. One picture show one leg, wheelchair picture shows 2 blown off legs. @

  19. Laurence Dabek

    Jeff Burns, how many times have you seen that other asshat Glen Beck shed 'real' tears?
    You're a dupe if you believe anything that Jones says. Once again, if you want to be like Alex Jones, drop out of community college, and get your own radio show. That's what he did.

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