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Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Funerals Of Boston Marathon Victims

WBC to picket funerals of Boston Marathon explosion victims

The Westboro Baptist Church has vowed to protest the funerals of those who were killed in the bombings at the Boston Marathon Monday.

Margie Phelps, daughter of church head Fred Phelps, tweeted Monday that the bombing was punishment for gay marriage. “God doesn’t hear the prayers of proud pushers of #SSM (same-sex marriage),” she wrote.

“You marry f*gs, God sends mayhem,” she said in another tweet.

The main Westboro Baptist Church Twitter account also used the social media network to announce a campaign to change the name of the city.

“WBC is starting campaign to re-name F*g-infested Boston to Magormissabib, meaning ‘terror all around.’ Jer20:3 #ThankGod4TheTerrorOfTheLord,” the tweet said.

In another tweet, the church wrote, “God sent the Boston Marathon Bombs for the sin of Massachusetts passing same-sex marriage!”

Around 2:50 pm, an explosion occurred near the finish line of the marathon route. About 15 seconds later, a second explosion happened. At first, it was unclear what caused the explosions, and some speculated that it was either something electrical or a bomb. It was later confirmed that it was, in fact, two bombs. Others were found along the marathon route but were not detonated.

Early reports said there were two dead and 22 injured, but the second number quickly grew to 100+. As for the two fatalities, one was confirmed to be an 8-year-old boy.

Initial reports stated that a suspect was being held in custody at Massachusetts General Hospital, but a Boston Police Department spokesman later denied this claim, saying it was unclear where the New York Post, which originally broke the story about a “Saudi national” being held, had gotten its information.

Whether Westboro Baptist Church will actually show up to the funerals will remain to be seen. Church members were noticeably absent at the funeral of Roger Ebert, who provoked the wrath of the church just days before his death when he tweeted a link to a Salon article about a gay man who spent a day at the church.

Do you think Westboro Baptist Church will show up to the funerals of the Boston Marathon explosion victims?

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306 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Funerals Of Boston Marathon Victims”

  1. Galen Shipp

    I hope they do show up. Somebody will be mad enough to put them in their place like somebody would have if they had had the guts to show up a couple years ago at that little girl's funeral in AZ. It wouldn't suprise me if one of those lunatics were involved or behind the bombing in the first place.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear people who profess to know Christ but spread hatred toward LGBT's: Should you ever care to begin studying the Bible, you will note that Jesus built a bridge and made friends with the woman at the well (an adulterer, in this case). This serves as a model for us all. He neither hated and condemned her, nor merely overlooked her sin. He loved her and reached out to her because he wanted a relationship with her. Notice that he did not make a sign that says "Adulterers go to Hell" with flames painted across the bottom and wave it in her face. Hmm…

  3. Amanda Johnson

    I hope someone bombs the Westboro Baptist Church and wherever this lady lives. Even if you disagree with same sex marriage and abortions, which is everyone's right to have an opinion, to act and talk like that is an abomination. She doesn't deserve to be alive.

  4. Arlene Elizabeth Johnson

    Boston isn't the place to bring that crap to. Good luck to any of these idiots planning on picketing.

  5. Kyle Thomas

    I'm sure they wouldn't be saying this if they had family injured or killed in the bombing

  6. Chris Lemmey

    unfortunately, I believe that they would, they would just claim that the family member did not truly believe and that therefore god must have punished them.

  7. Ashley Bloom

    It is amazing how even after something as tragic as this people can still be so hateful. If they have such a problem with freedoms that people are given then go live somewhere other than the United States

  8. Morgan Pearson

    It's crazy to me that people feel this way. The only thing I can think is how the hell a " Christian" can think of this demented stuff. And it's reall hard for me to believe that a person with so much hate can have God in their heart. Wow.

  9. Cheryl Kodof

    This group should be removed anywhere they show up. They could be considered domestic terrorists

  10. Phil Joyce

    mark my words, if they show their faces, they will get their teeth knocked out. this is boston, not salt lake. the southie and townie boys will be there to greet them.

  11. Heather Scaggs


  12. Raven Cruz

    haha all I can think of is a bunch of southie's going "prepeah for a beatin"

  13. Andrew T Belcher

    this time, I am 100% positive they have bitten of more than they can chew. I got blood in that hood.

  14. Michelle Brewer Baillargeon

    You are not serious, I'm so sick of these Mother Fucker's to. I think it's time for some old school justice im this country of ours. Where's the Peacemaker & The Punisher when you need thrm.

  15. Daniel Bliss

    They'll only show up if the police can gaurentee their safety. They are, after all is said and done, cowards of the first degree.

  16. James Mulvaney

    I happily await the WBC… ever since the bombing I have the need to hurt someone who desperately deserves it. Unfortunately for them I am not a God-fearing soul and will not be the least bit compassionate.

  17. Chris Fenner

    Even talking about these people on here helps them. Ignore them and ignore the stories reported about them. If people stop paying attention to them, there won't be anything newsworthy about them.

  18. Charles McWilliams

    God does not hate. John 3:16 proves that. God hates sinfulness. WBC is a hate group and they are not living in the will of God. We are called to love all peoples

  19. Curtis Bailey

    God doesn't want us to be dicks to eachother, god wants us to get along regardless of belifes, lifestyles, political opinions etc. Judge not or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1-2

  20. Kyle Towne

    The only thing we can do is ignore them. Unfortunately they do everything within the law, as cruel and despicable as they are, so there is nothing anyone can do about it. They feed off attention, so let's not give it to them.

  21. Luana Gomes

    God is looking down at you people and thinking "Leave me out of this". I'm a Christian, you're all idiots.

  22. Curtis Bailey

    Matthew 5:43-44 "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But i tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"

  23. Vicki L. Karns

    There is an amazing young man from Bangladesh I met 10 years ago when I made my first trip to an orphanage in Khulna. He is now 22 years old. He has posted a message on Facebook to pray for the city of Boston and all impacted by the tragedy. Amazing how an orphan in Bangladesh "gets it" and ignorant, uninformed "Christians" here in the states are so clueless!!

  24. Brittany Francis

    yeah they will be run out of town grr this makes me so mad

  25. Ben Couteret

    The thing about WBC is that they thrive off the media reporting this shit. If everyone ignored them, their voice would be quiet. The media and social networks keep reporting everything they do and it give them power. Ignore them and you silence them.

  26. Michael Kostrub

    God does not hate them. He is a God of love even if He is upset by what they think He stands for. He loves them just as much as you or me or anybody else. Don't take this as me siding with them because I can't stand those terrible people and most of the beliefs that they push for. They will be in a rude awakening if they try to mess with Boston.

  27. Timothy Leonard

    the peachmaker u can buy at a gun shop that has 1 or 2 in stock or search the net for 1 people dont realize that homos have been around for hundreds of years learn some history

  28. Pauline Yates-Miller

    You religious freaks, what a shame they don't target bigots like you, sick people. I can only hope that any of your children that are gay get the hell away from you and learn that love comes in all forms and from all diffirent places, with areshole in their lives like your they are FUCKED!

  29. David K. Tang

    Well another reason to return to Boston visit some old friends..have me a lobster sandwich and hand the WBC some west coastie justice…haven't handed down someone a beat down in a long time.

  30. Alan Leo Fisk Iii

    God`s love for the world

    For god so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have ever everlasting life. John 3:16 kjv

    For god sent not his son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him bmight be saved. John 3:17 kjv

  31. Josh Fay


  32. Daniel Anderson

    No Jarrett, If you had a child that committed a horrific crime, it would break your heart, you would be disappointed and angry and you would punish them or turn them over to the police. But you would never hate them. You will always love them. And so it is with God. Hate the sin not the sinner.

  33. Chris Mathern

    its not a party without the WBC… I'm getting my popcorn out for this one. picketing funerals in boston? not a good idea.

  34. Mark Lysle

    God forbid the perpetrator of this atrocity is someone motivated by far right wing Christian dogma, it wouldn't be a great idea for the WBC to go anywhere near Massachussets. I'm confident this is a lone wolf who had motives, but if it should point at right wing fundamentalism, the WBC would probably get chased out of town in a manner that would make their hasty exit from a picket at a military funeral a few years ago pale in comparison.

  35. Ray Guti

    WBC are nothing more than bullies who hide behind a bible and are traitors and communist!! Just saying.. God Bless all who were injured or killed in the bombings along w/ their families!!

  36. Judith Croy

    The same thought occurred to me also. If the Phelps are so pleased with the bombing and actually think Boston had it coming then its quite possible they or some other radical and hate-filled pseudo Christian group did this. They sure decided quickly to show up at the victim's funerals, didn't they? Almost like they knew the bombing was going to happen and planned to show up. This bombing has their MO all over it. This was an act of domestic terror, perpetrated I bet by the most despicable of terrorists, the WBC. They are among the most twisted people in the world, bar none. The poor kids of these Satanists you have to feel pity for. Its amazing how just one church in Kansas manages to do so much harm and offend the Lord with what they spout. I do not think the Phelps are stupid, nor their brainwashed congregation. Instead, they are arrogant and judgmental, as the Pharisees were, and break every commandment Jesus ever pronounced. Woe will come to them full circle.

  37. Judith Croy

    Apparently they think all those people who died, including the eight year old innocent child were being punished for Gay Marriage, huh? That is just plain atrocious. I hope none of their children are killed as punishment for their sins. But I suspect that emotional murder has already taken place due to the savage thinking of their parents and mentors in the WBC.

  38. Fredrick S. Giarette

    Can't believe they have started their junk already. They ought to be praying for people.

  39. Anonymous

    Certainly, as I said, he did not merely overlook (or gloss over) her sin…. so her adultery was sin. Maybe I didn't make it clear. As an aside, our culture today thinks calling anything "sin" is hateful. It is not. I so wish I had time to unpack that! Let me just say that almost everyone calls something a 'sin' or evil, we just disagree on what. Hence, for many, calling something a 'sin' is only considered hateful when it's something they themselves advocate, and so they make themselves the standard of good and evil and unwittingly fall into all kinds of contradictions. I so wish I had time to unpack that, too.

  40. Anonymous

    (Assuming they advocate it without affirming/defending some absolute, of course. I've never known anyone pro-LGBT to suggest an absolute standard that's anything more than neutral toward it).

  41. Alex Marshall

    Yo jarrett the Hawaiian if god can't accept same-sex marriage then u shld be dead for being allowed to live in this city.., die westboro before I go down there And bring my sister who is gay who will knock out the priest.

  42. Brendan Plumley

    These people are nuts. Boston and New England will be waiting for you WBC

  43. Norma Mullet

    Please..just keep cool and form a protective perimeter around the funerals ..if they dare show up!…They're starting to run out of money …so they're looking to provoke so they can sue you if you put a hand on them!!

  44. Lindsay Dupuis-Hetzler

    This church is nothing but a legal way to slander others! No god permits their acts of cruelty or the slandering they are always doing! I think they hide behind their "church" because they are to much of a coward to stand up and say their all lunatics who are anti GLBT! No god wants hate to be spread no matter someone's belief!

  45. Efton Geary

    This is all for free publicity for the church. They know by making these kind of outrages statements they will get people pissed off and talking about it and in turn they will get the message out to the other like minded nut cases out there to donate money to the cause. Don't fuel the fire. This is exactly what they want!

  46. Michelle Norton

    Dear WBC (We BeCrazy),
    Bring it.
    Boston, and myself personally, will be there to 'greet' you.

  47. Mike Bayray

    couldn't we all unite as Americans for just ONE DAY and take out WBC? Shoot you can have as big a clips as you want and even go full auto on their worthless piece of chit a—-ss——es. I really think it could help heal a nation.

  48. Mike Bayray

    couldn't we all unite as Americans for just ONE DAY and take out WBC? Shoot you can have as big a clips as you want and even go full auto on their worthless piece of chit a—-ss——es. I really think it could help heal a nation.

  49. Stephen Thomas

    WTF? These people, (term used loosely) are not Christians.

  50. Charlie Watts

    Westboro Baptist leadership is such a pitiful pile of garbage that we must ignore. They should not receive any attention for their ignorance and inhumanity.

  51. Sabrina Holmes

    What the fuck is up with these people. We should use the Westboro Baptist Church people as the missile to kill off the people who planted the bombs in the first place. I say its a win all around. We should wrap up the Westboro Baptist Church people with wrapping paper that say they love homosexuals .Then fire away ! :-) It would be great! See, I don't think this is going to far at all.

  52. Jessica Iles Tolmie

    Just try to come to Boston, you shitheads. You think this is a way to do God's work? God didn't do this. You know Satan only attacks the good and the strong. Get a fuckin clue.

  53. Diana Demoulias Riccio

    If they do…they'll need to be prayed for! Ignorant bastards!

  54. Ken O'connell

    all you god people are disturbing, listen ot this Michael speak of what an imaginary, man made figure does or does not do…..these deity folk speak of their God as if he is a chum on a train or a plain or on a bus….God has done nothing ever for anyone, people his their god as a crutch, religion is the worst idea since the beginning of time. Anyone that believe in a deity is a threat, these are hard times and there is no room for nonsense and fairy tales….we need grown ups with grown up answers….not OH GOD LORD YOU ARE MIGHTY AND WONDERFUL…. where was your god to bring his/her hands down to protect toddlers in Newtown? I spit on your God, your christ, your Allah, your religions are domestic terrorism organizations, religion should have no place in this modern world.

  55. Jon Weldon

    they need to tote a goodole fashioned ass whippin and maybe they will wake up and see that they're never helping the situations thy show up at, and or create

  56. Paul E Tarasevich

    These people are total assholes, there's a documentary about them on Netflix & all they do is twist the words in the bible to what they think it should say

  57. Shaaron Pearson Martin

    What a stupid b*tch. If people can't handle it, why don't they relocate?

  58. Timothy Zetes

    Whether I am working out there or not I will take the day off from work just to spit in these low life faces gowah head your big family cult of lawyers take what I got sue me I ain't got shit. These fucks I am pretty sure neva been to the Bean so y'all better prepare to get Bean town smashed cause we just don't GAF……

  59. Micah Holmes

    I know this isn't the right way to see it, but why don't bombers ever singularly target these guys with ball bearing bombs?

  60. Brian Campbell

    I swear if I ever have the displeasure of being present at ANY funeral these morons picket, I will be going to jail that day and one or more of them to the ER.

  61. Sticky Rice

    You know, there are just some people that will realize when they wake up from a beat down, that MAYBE….just MAYBE….they deserve it.

  62. Allyson Farley


  63. Allyson Farley

    I am gathering groups of people on FB and will be getting service info as it comes thru please join us!!!

  64. Judy Renaud

    Seriously? Let these poor people and their families grieve in peace. People need to keep their wacked out religious ideals to themselves. How does protesting funerals bring you closer to God. It is just so destructive. Just saying …

  65. Cody Achter

    I don't get why they make such huge deal about SSM! the bible says divorce is worse, so its like saying this all happened because of divorced couples. FUCKING IDIOTS!

  66. Franny Murtaugh Swiger

    If God picked spokespeople, I think he could do better than these asshats.

  67. Anthony Stephen McGrath

    truth. This fucking bunch of inbred idiots need to wake up – children bloody well died in this blast… and thats Gods way of saying 'fags are being punished for same sex marriage' ?!?!?!?! This world seriously needs to wake up and cult following small minded pricks like this need bleaching off the planet. I'd love to throw the 'all part of gods plan' at em if any of their children are ever killed in such a horrific accident then turn up at their funeral to point and laugh.

  68. Maggie May Schill Szesny

    They are a family of civil rights lawyers. It is a giant scam. They cause major civil disruption, push the limits of the freedom to assemble, shielding themselves behind the veil of "freedom of religion". The moment a civil servant or city does something to either prevent their protests, or the police fail to protect their protest assemblies from the general public they use it as a vehicle to sue that city or civil servant for infringing their constitutional rights. This has nothing to do with God and everything to do with money. It is shocking how many active law suits these civil rights lawyers turned evangelists have on the stove top at any given moment. The worse part is that they put their children on the front lines. Nothing more sympathetic in a lawsuit than an injured or threatened child. :/

  69. Michelle Norton

    Agreed- I have no problem at all taking a day off to go down and be in the wall of people that prevent the greiving families from having to encounter the WBCrazies.

  70. Monique Paré

    Protect the funeral but don't incite the violence. Don't stoop to the level they want you to go, it will only feed into their cause.

  71. Dani Walsh

    WBC clearly has never messed with Boston before. We will not stand idly by and tolerate your bigotry. If you come, you come for a fight.

  72. Sean May

    I have met baptist before and they are noting like westboro, its a cult that involves children in protesting deaths of the innocent, weather it be gay marriage or not, let God himself sort them out. And how about you go and get your ass a job and stop harrassing people for no damn reason!

  73. Chris Potter

    Good luck with that Phelps. You aren't in Kansas anymore.

  74. Brandon Eichenlaub

    these are the kind of people that give religion a bad name… don't get me wrong, I think homosexuality is wrong but this is just ridiculous. let the families grieve in peace. its the same people that picket fallen soldiers funerals saying that god killed them for going to war. you show up to a fellow soldiers funeral and I am there? you ill get you're ass beat.

  75. Brandon Marshall

    Sounds like Westboro Baptist Church is taking responsibility for the bombing. Investigate them!

  76. Liz Luther

    Unreal..there were lives taken loved one injured..from my understanding two were kids..grow up and be there for one another no one should judge anyone..and this church group you believe what you want but u better worry about ur life on earth when you stand before god…

  77. Charlie Leeper

    Pull a Texas AT&M and link arms around the graveyard protecting the families affected. The city stands for the families who sit and watch someone they love before they rise to a warm embrace. Whatever happened to "love thy neighbor"?

  78. Christine Soda Sodaro

    my question is why are they protesting NOW?!?! Massachusetts passed the same sex marriage law a number of years ago… as in when I was in college… people give it a rest!!!!!!

  79. Christopher Pike

    the gods old and new don't get involved with human affairs, everyone knows that!

  80. Michael Dante

    Michael K- I see what you're trying to say and the intent however the bible shows that statement, while well intentioned, is not entirely true. Such statements only confuse people about God and actually give ones thoughts that God is unloving. Anyone who misrepresents God's purpose, his name and accuses God of such horrific events is guilty of blasphemy, the one sin that is unforgivable. We even read in the bible that with evil things God cannot be tried. God is very clear that this type of sin is not some simple error as Daniel A uses as an illustration since the bible mentions that while all other sins can be forgiving however this specific sin is something God hates.

    I think it's ironic that WBC preaches about others sins as unforgivable while not understanding they are the ones committing the one sin that cannot be forgiven! Do I agree with certain things morally or other things in the world, no. However, it's not my or any mans place to judge individuals so on issues I do not agree with while I don't support those things I'm always careful to be respectful. While the bible is clear about what God requires those who do read the bible should just relay the message in a loving way and let the reader discern, we let God do the growing.

    No friends… please understand one thing, God does NOT support such thoughts nor is he responsible for this or other tragic events, destructive weather or unfortunate loss of life. The more you understand why these things happen the more you can be comforted knowing while we all experience such horrors we can look forward to a world without such things.

  81. Charlie Leeper

    The quote "god brings mayhem to Massachusetts for passing same sex marriage" they were waiting for their version of "gods wrath" for them to say this I gods wishes so we have to go continue his message or some ridiculous religious nut job opinion

  82. Michael Dante

    @ Joe – We should not use the term "sin" or "evil" to just advocate for some personal cause. I understand what you're saying as I have seen it done however the bible is the one source that shows us what are sins and evil. Unfortunately, many think the bible is outdated or useless so they don't take time to understand it. When these same ones talk with ones who do and get the bible's viewpoint many think that person is judgmental when many times the person is reciting something biblical. The bible is clear on many issues but also there is gray areas where a topic is not covered directly in the bible but even in those instances there are applications we could use to guide our thoughts or actions on those matters while still not injection ONLY our personal beliefs as absolute facts.

  83. Vinnie Harkins

    Ill call out of work or skip school so I can throw a fist.

  84. Erin Mathis

    maybe they r the bombers. I swear I hate this so called group. I call it a damn cult. It is so damn horrible and ridiculous to revel in others' pain then say it in God's name. yeah right assholes.

  85. Josh Marzano

    It's people like WBC that make me question my faith in humanity. They live with hate in their souls, when they should learn to live their lives in love. I feel sorry for them and their ignorance.

  86. Lauren Cloutier

    Yeah god takes his anger out on innocent little 8year old boys who just want peace on earth. Wrong! I hope god sends these people to hell.

  87. Tammy Sabin Tibbetts

    I seriously hate this group of people…they have absolutely no ethics

  88. Natasha A Rodriguez

    Now in days people just need attention and god is the only perrson to judge I'm a gay person and I beliieve god didn't do this just for gay marriage everything happens and if you guys are so into church read it well we will b seeing things cause yet he is near to come back not cause of gay marriage you guys just need attention and you guys got it but at the end of the day were no one to explain it to explain it to your father on your day of going

  89. Michael Dante

    @ Kevin – I love to know if you were someone religious and got fed up with hypocrisy or some other reason just never got into it? I understand your anger and disgust at religion in general. It has led to more wars, deaths and atrocities in the name of God in the HISTORY of mankind and that doesn't include recently the amount of sexual abuse in churches, the same ones who claim to be here to protect and guide us or terrorist done by ones who say they're doing it for God! However something that might shock you… did you know that even God shares your HATE of false religion? Yes, the same hate you show towards religion in general God has so much hate for false religion that has tainted his name and allowed apathy towards God in general to grow he will remove from the world!

    While we might be on polar opposites of belief of God one thing we both can agree about is these are hard times and will only get worse! Question, you mentioned it's time for grown up answers however the grown ups have had over 2,000 years to come up with answers to solve the issues but has any type of government or man change the issues that affect you and I still? Couldn't someone who does believe in God likewise think you believe in a fairy tale since things just keep getting worse? A comment online will not change years of feelings towards religion but rest assured we also agree that false religion has no place in the modern world or any time in history for that matter. Understand there is a god who is responsible for the evil that happens on earth, just not the one you think. I'm too old to believe in fairy tales so it's only through study and research I am able to make such statements but understand God does not enjoy anything that happens, please understand there are reasons why he does not involve himself with every tragedy or mankind's issues, if you want those answers ones such as I or other earnest Christians are here.

  90. Mary Giberson

    Absolutely ridiculous! Bombing innocent people doesn't help anything. I hope these people burn in hell. Same sexy marriage doesn't mean anything different… They are still just two people that are in love n enjoy each other so who cares!!!!

  91. Michelle Balsimo

    When someone bombs the Westboro Church (I'm hoping someone wipes them off the face of the planet) I will be the first one to tweet "Praise God Almighty for the outpouring of His perfect & just wrath!"

  92. Jake Tanner

    Exactly…Massachusetts passed same-sex marriage way back in May 2004…why would God suddenly have his divine panties in a wad about it now?

  93. Ryan Chan

    WBC will never go near Boston. There's plenty of Bostonians who don't care about the law. Also, those Biker Patriots will come out in full force along with the rest of the city to turn these people into specks on the map. WBC is trying to rile up publicity. Anonymous might make them more irrelevant by neutering their technological capabilities.

  94. Chris Neri

    wbc if you do that and i see any of the protesters i promise i may not win but ill damm sure try to rip your head off and shit down your lungs you disrespectfull bastareds

  95. Princess Anne

    these people are a pile of feces… lets flush the pile of………………….s………….h…………….

  96. Princess Anne

    id like to blow up these mother……………………….

  97. Adra Copani Baldwin

    I hope one day that karma takes care of this "church". They came and picketed here once, they were ran out of town quickly. I hope the same happens in Boston and I hope they get a good dose of their own hate!!!

  98. Michelle Boule

    What in the hell for? Wow taking idiots to a whole new level. Let them try Boston people don't play

  99. Alexandra Caron

    In this country, we are people given equal opportunity and the right to do such in a manner that is respectable. While one may not understand what this church follows, an American citizen can allow themselves not necessarily to agree but to be able to respect. I find nothing respectable about this however. How can your church have the disrespect of man kinds rights to give a proper memorial to those who have passed. Praise The Lord? That a child was stripped their opportunity to live? No, if we can look deeper god was watching and made the death count smaller then it was intended to be.

    This church will continue to disgust the remainder of society and beg for attention. And we the people of this city will not hurt you, we have the ability to let you believe whatever you want, since your faith is all your uneducated lives has to thrive off of. Ignorance is bliss and to each their own. Your wasting your time.

  100. David Ouellette

    We should get all the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots players to dress in the home uniforms and attend the funerals for the victims of yesterdays bombing. They could then form a line in front of any protesters that are there.

  101. Ebubechi Okwumabua

    I do not know what God these people are praying to… But the real God Almighty does NOT judge in the fashion that they are doing. Their actions are ridiculous and words are harmful to others. True followers of Christ show LOVE… Not Hate. And if these bombings were God's wrath punishing Boston for passing same-sex marriage… God should have already blown up the entire word for all of the other sins that people… INCLUDING THEM…. have committed on a daily basis. This is one of the MAIN reasons why Christians have a hard time getting people to live for Christ. Because nobody wants to be a part of a community where they will be judged if they are not perfect. This really upsets me. I am a true Christian but people like these FAKE Christians are making it harder for lost souls to come to Christ.

  102. Steve Pond

    Just more crazy God Fearers , Religion the root of all Evil.

  103. Jennifer Vincent

    The really sad thing is that these people don't realize is that they are just as wrong. Galatians 5 19 – 21 says hatred is just as much of a sin as being gay…Jesus said somewhere else to hate the sin but love the sinner…Jesus loved Judas even though he knew he was going to betray him…the clue here folks is LOVe….love one another. Love covers a multitude of sins! This isn't a time to show protest but a time to show love!!!!!!

  104. Hayat Salcedo


  105. Jennifer Sherman

    Seriously? Really? Are you kidding me with this? I'm speechless!!!! This church is an embarrassment to the United States!!!! Unbelievable!!! These "CRAZIES" will meet their maker and if they're not careful it may be the day they choose to boycot the funerals of the victims of the bombing!!!! What the F$&@? Is our world coming to? This is terrible!!!!

  106. Linda Bowman

    Let me see…they call themselves Christians? they do not know what that means…….hate filled hearts minds with no conscience and no christianity….

  107. Joyce A. King

    Maybe the Westboro Baptist Cult is responsible for the bombing. Then they go picket to celebrate the death and destruction they caused. At least I know when I die, I won't share heaven with them. They will be going down.

  108. Steven Mowad


  109. Wendy Eutsey

    Westboro Baptist church needs to leave these people grieve in peace. Them dying had nothing to do with same sex marriage. They was just innocent people. Leave them alone.

  110. Hayat Salcedo


  111. Phil N Cindy Bartko

    They're some of the most imbalanced people (and I use that term loosely) that I have EVER seen…

  112. Diana Cornwell

    hey WBC! Lk. 6.3738, 4142
    1 Judge not, that yes be not judged.
    2 For with what judgment yes judge, yes shall be judged: and with what measure yes mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24
    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
    6 ¶ Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast yes your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    right or wrong in your eyes does not give you the right to condemn nor judge. Only God in heaven has that authority. better reread your bible because right now trust me….God IS judging you.

  113. Cindy Medashefski

    Melissa Perez Fantozzi I wonder how many gays are in their Baptist church that they are not aware of? Just look at that lady that just got arrested, she was against gays and what was she doing taping her 14 yr old daughter having sex with men and having sex with her too while taping it. The ones that usually spew the hatred are the ones that refuse to come out. That boy holding the signs for instance, probably gay

  114. Dennis Sayre

    as much as I agree that God's wrath is coming. I don't think these folks have a handle on it. I could say that it is Obama's position on Israel. nevertheless this is just the beginning.

  115. Lisa Breland Neil

    How can they claim to be a church? It's sad a so called church would disrespect not only the person that died, but their family that is saying their goodbyes…God loves everyone, no questions ask….

  116. Mona Levine Marche

    SELF-RIGHTEOUS people such as these 1. Give Christians a bad name 2. Are guilty of doing God's judging for Him 3. Have the gall to lump even the innocent children into this about punishment for gay marriage…..Oh! I can say so much more! I will leave that to God when their time comes. People such as these give atheists ammunition against God and, of course, against "religion". They are such bad examples of both!

  117. Ryan Quattro

    Ken O’Connell is an ignorant man. Not because he does not believe in God. That is a matter of belief. No, he is ignorant because he thinks that religion is a CAUSE of problem. It is not. If you use science–archeology and history–you will know that violence, greed, and hypocrisy have been around longer than religion. To be more specific, human frailties are a pre-existing conditions that influence our constructs–religion and political institutions. Humans keep blaming these inanimate objects but the truth of the matter is that WE are the problem. Not God, not capitalism, not socialism..none of those are the source of our problems. We are. Instead of spewing venomous hatred of religion Ken O’Connell ought to be reviling humans for humans are the parent of human misery.

  118. Joe LaDuca

    A mother and daughter were seroiusly injured, and her 8 yo son was killed. How does that fit the Westboro paranoia?

  119. Ryan Quattro

    By the way, the vast majority of pedophiles are not catholic priests. If anything should cause one to wonder about Ken’s argument it is this. Why is he focusing Catholic priests when most pedophiles are not catholic? Pedophilia is an ancient behavior that long predates Catholicism.

    The same for war. Most wars and genocides in history have nothing to do with religion. Rather, they are related to money and power. From Rome’s wars to Iraq blood and treasure have been spent acquiring and consolidating economic and political power. Money and power are by far the greatest drivers of human conflict.

    It should also be noted that that the two greatest conflicts in world history–World Wars I and II, were driven by economic and ideological reasons. Political ideology has been the scourge of men hundreds of years. Yet, nary a word from Ken about this.

  120. Nancy Baker Colchin

    Are we sure these guys didn't bomb Boston? Our loving God would not make a stupid home made bomb. This so called Church is very wrong. Remember you without sin cast the first stone. I hope they don't protest that little boy's funeral. I would not be able to turn the other cheek if they did. What a horrible thing to say and do.

  121. Dianna Sullivan Martin

    Very well said Daniel! I just hope people understands this church does "not" represent the true Christian faith!

  122. Benny Capone

    There is only like what? 40 or so members of this piece of shit church. We should just take them out back and blow their head off and nobody would shed a tear for these useless pricks.

  123. Mona Levine Marche

    Judith Croy I think it is possibly one of 2…but lean toward muslim terrorism. A muslim terrorist group announced it would target sporting events. This was in a former patriotic city (Founding Fathers-type of patriotic), on Patriots' Day with people coming from all over the world. The "person of interest" is here on a student visa, which, many cell members come here using. I think the fanatic church group are just quick to jump on the scene to get free publicity and to get people to attack them as a lady posted, to collect on law suits. As a Veteran, very patriotic in the ways of our Founding Fathers and standing up for our Constitution and the Bill of RIGHTS (not Bill of Privileges that can be taken away from us), I feel disgust and loathing for any LOW-LIFE COWARD who uses bombs and sneaky means for their fanatical causes and who also use God as their excuse to commit murder and mayhem which a merciful God condemns!!!

  124. Yolanda Flack

    you fucking scum, satanic, slim, worse then saten, oh no , his right hand people, you will answer to my lord, and he did not do this, so quit blaming him, cuz u know one of you anti americans did this bombing, and if so un happy in the u, s,. then move your ass to iraq, were they feel the same , so leave people alone and shut the fuck up.

  125. Johnny Mal

    that's the so called "christians" for ya.. Those kinda people is why I stopped going to any church or believing in any of these hypocritical fake religions years ago.. I've saw cults filled with better people in them! Sorry Lady Die, I hope you're feeling better too!

  126. Daniels Diana

    Well sounds to me that they are throwing themselves to the wolves. Westboro is not a church of god, they are a church of hate and racism which =`s CULT.

  127. Theresabella Listner

    These people must worship the Devil. I believe in God and I believe he supports same sex marriage as they are more loving to their children and Spouse. God loves all!! You baptist people are insane cult followers!! Go peddle your beliefs and protesting to other countries!!!

  128. Jaclyn Gulino

    Oh wow, seriously? Marathon runners getting killed is punishment for gay marriage?? What's next? Gay marriage causes global warming? Dumb asses!

  129. Ernie Daryl Gagne

    I am disgusted by these ignorant acts against gay rights. These are people as are all of us. Everyone deserves our sympathy and support in times such as this, just as I'm sure they did with the twin towers, or the middle east did with the Connecticut shootings. What you do, where you come from, what language you speak, or even what job you have does not in any way change the fact that we are all made from the same. God bless, my prayers will be with those that have suffered.

  130. Nicole DuBuque

    This is not a church of God. Who do these people think they are? After reading this I wouldn't put the bombing past them. These people need to learn what it really means to worship God. These protests and acts are not anything that God would approve of. "Judge not yet the be judge!" God does not HATE anything. He simply does not approve. That is why everyone will see him on judgement day. These people are going to have a lot to answer for. God help us all.

  131. Jodie Williams

    As far as I am concerned these are not Christians. Where I come from (The Great State of Texas) that's not how the real children of GOD would act. All the prayers from Texas for the people of Boston. May GOD put his comforting arms around all of you.

  132. Lorrie Smith Thurman

    first of all these people aren't a church. a church isn't a judge it is fellowship. second of all these people just want their name in the news. anyone who would protest at a funeral are nasty evil people.

  133. Rena Cutchin Mendel

    Actually, Massachusetts never "passed" same-sex marriage. It was the result of a State Supreme Court ruling in 2004. Not that it really matters — these WBC folks are complete nutcases regardless.

  134. Brenda Budd Mousseau

    Is there any funerals they DON"T picket ? Sick people

  135. William Dean Luke

    WHen their lives become endangered because of their hatred and bigotry, they will only have themselves to blame for it. When we tolerate intolerance, people get hurt. Maybe notphysically, but mentally. You think kids commit suicide because they feel accepted ina country that allows these sorts of bigots to run rampant? Hell no. It's because NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT.

    Sometimes you have to do bad things to effect a change for the better, even if it means swingin' your fist and knockin' the teeth out of some bigots' skulls en-mass.

    Tolerating intolerance is nothing short of sticking your head in the sand and saying "It doesn't exist" while their tanks are rolling over the top of you.

  136. Kim Spencer Poff

    these people are nut jobs..they protest veteran funerals, they wanted to protest the Newtown childrens funerals, and various other tragic event funerals. They have been blocked several times by various other groups…even the hells angels… the problem is that this grp is aparently made up of attorneys who know just how far they can push the law…however they are going to push someone who is going to push back..and not in a nice way…

  137. Lisa Nelson

    It's just crazy these days…. When love and compassion is lost in the world you have nothing….You can't claim as they do to be Christians if they are going to sit and judge people… We don't have to like what others do but we should leave the judging up to God… I seen some of the protesting signs they made… It chokes me up to think that this is how far we come, still angry and filled with hatred for our fellow brothers and sisters….

  138. Britton Caldwell

    As much as I hate what they say and what they stand for, we still live in America where like it or not even the ignorant have freedom of speech.FOS works both ways.If one side is free to say what they want, then the other side is too.I hate WBC by the way.

  139. Claudia Castello

    I'm pretty sure that there will be major police protection and they will also have the protection of that motorcycle group that goes to all of the solider's funerals, and, of course, God. but I agree, don't stoop to their level and become violent with them. that's just what they want people to do.

  140. Heather Smart

    If this Westboro Baptist statement is reality, SOOO wrong. Great to see all the true Christians running to the aid of decimated victims.

  141. Bill Maltby

    I wish that I could make a special trip to Boston to stop these assholes once and for all. How can the law enforcement, military and/or government let these people anywhere this. If they let this happen, then they are gutless and terrorist group can do anything they want. Including N. Korea. How can we stop the N. Koreans if we let a group of bigots and hate mongers do whatever they want at funerals. Some one better stop these people before a group that has had enough does it first!

  142. Mary Bullock

    margie phelps your mother should of swallowed or left you as a stain on the sheets. grow up bitch, leave the families alone to grieve.they don't need to see your ugly face or hear the trash coming out of your mouth.if you go I don't think any cop or public official will keep your ass safe.stay home and kiss daddys ass…

  143. Tamara Rowley-Caputo

    This has nothing to do with Salt Lake!There are people everywhere who are good and bad! These weirdos have nothing to do with anyone in Salt lake. They are Baptists not Mormons!

  144. Tamara Rowley-Caputo

    This has nothing to do with Salt Lake!There are people everywhere who are good and bad! These weirdos have nothing to do with anyone in Salt lake. They are Baptists not Mormons!

  145. Cathy Butts

    This group drives me crazy! Not a church & most certainly not Christian! Hope the bikers show up to prevent them from being successful!

  146. James Henderson

    And they call themselves Christians , sounds more like a judgemental cult , I am discusted that they call themselves Baptist! NOT EVEN CHRISTENS! Westboro Baptist Church led by nonchristens!

  147. Crystal Barnett Grizzle

    They are going to be so shocked when they wake up in hell.

  148. Tamala Maria Byerly

    The westboro church members are cold hearted people that have no feelings for their fellow man.they should be ashamed.they will have to deal with what they do when they stand in front of God.

  149. Cindy Stewart

    They fly all over the USA , and do that , there call most hated family in the USA , what they do is unthinkable ,

  150. Jennifer Velazquez

    This makes me sick to my stomach! This tragedy has nothing to do with gay rights! These pathetic right wing "Christians"… everyone will have their chance to stand before God when their time has come, and I'm sorry, but the comments of "Thank God for the Boston Marathon Bombs! Praise God Almighty for the outpouring of His perfect & just wrath!" will not be over seen by God when her judgment day comes.

  151. Renegade-Rene Morales-Escobar


  152. Melynda Sartain

    And y'all call yourselves Baptists…very sad that a Baptist church of Christ actually thinks this crap is true…heaven help all of u.

  153. Missy Renita Flatt-Martinez

    These people are frickin crazy!! You are gonna tell me God let an 8 year old die because others are gay???? You are out of your minds!

  154. Wendy Hartline

    I would believe it if this cult had everything to do with this tragedy because real churches do not pass judgement on others that's gods job not mans

  155. Mark Losben

    No,they need to be eradicated. Since there is no god it is up to you.

  156. Steve Magyar

    The bible says to judge not lest yes be judged. I wonder how many secret gays are within their church. They obviously have no compassion for the innocent. They sound just like the Inquisition where they burned people at the stake, guilty or not. I think they just like to see people burn. Or maybe they were obsessed with corrupt power. I wonder if when someone in their church dies, do they also picket the funeral. I wonder if they treat family members with the same attitude. God created everything, the good and the bad. Nothing exists that god did not create.

  157. Patty Snyder

    These people from Westboro Baptist Church need to read the Bible and then maybe try applying it to their lifes. Because of their actions and their hatred I have doubts that they actually have a relationship with the Lord but only God knows that for sure. I am not judging them, God will do that, I am only seeing and commenting on the fruit they bare. (Mark)

  158. Glenna Bible

    OMG YOU IDIOTS, there was a child killed and several more children are in the hospital with serious injuries, they are innocent esp. of homosexuality I am a Christian and I read the same Bible you do and I am so embarrassed when Idiots like ya'll come along and screw everything up. May God forgive you your sin of judgment, acting in God's place instead of allowing Him to do His Will, and leading others astray in the name of God. I do not get in God's way, He does His job very well, I , on the other hand, am a sinner. I don't know God's mind or how he deals with each of us individually, nor do I wish to. I don't know how He does all that He does, so I know I could never do His job, anyway , that's blasphemy. Westboro Church, if you dealt with the pastor's sins and the sins of each member, you wouldn't have time to take over God's jobs, and I am quite sure you don't have the intellect, so God isn't worried about being replaced. I am concerned about where you will spend eternity. Wonder what judgment He is going to render to your church for you sins?

  159. Deej Smith

    Anyone look into WBC to see if they had a hand in any of this?

  160. Melissa Green

    I cannot wait until these people face their own judgement day. There is a special section in hell waiting for them.

  161. Alex Fergusson

    2 Corinthians 11:13-15.
    "For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds".

    I think it was written about Westboro Baptist Church people.

  162. Gilvan Mendes

    WBC is not to be labeled as Christians at all, they are pure evil! Picketing the funerals of innocents and specially an innocent 8 year old boy is just absurd.

  163. Neil A. Parker

    I am a Christian and proud to be one, but the term Christian means Christ-like. Christ would Never have acted like this. The Westboro Baptist Church is wrong picketing funerals and they are wrong claiming that this is judgement from God. First of all when God passes judgement it will be upon the world not upon one community. Second of all, I too believe that homosexuality is a sin and that by passing the same-sex marriage laws it is wrong in the site of God but there is a right way and a wrong way to stand for the Lord. Picketing funerals is the wrong way. The right way is by praying for those who do wrong, and loving them despite of what they do. Another way is by understanding the concepts of tolerance vs acceptance. These 2 things are very different, but are commonly confused by people. I am required by God to tolerate people and their acts, but I am not required to accept them. Being ugly to these people does absolutely nothing towards accomplishing change, instead it fuels the fire. The more hateful you are towards the gay community the more violent, and in your face with their sin they will become. Show them the true love of God without going so far as acceptance and you will go much further in your goals of change. Christ himself would condemn the actions of Westboro Church. Jesus at the well told the prostitute "neither do I condemn thee" after he had told her accusers "let yes whom is without sin cast the first stone" which means Westboro when all you guys become perfect then and only then can you cast stones of condemnation. But where American Churches are messing up is they don't finish the verse, "go and sin no more." As Christians we cannot "accept" homosexuality or any other sexual or non-sexual sins. The philosophy here is to hate the sin but love the sinner, and it is possible despite the factso many say you cannot separate the two.

  164. Neil A. Parker

    I am a Christian and proud to be one, but the term Christian means Christ-like. Christ would Never have acted like this. The Westboro Baptist Church is wrong picketing funerals and they are wrong claiming that this is judgement from God. First of all when God passes judgement it will be upon the world not upon one community. Second of all, I too believe that homosexuality is a sin and that by passing the same-sex marriage laws it is wrong in the site of God but there is a right way and a wrong way to stand for the Lord. Picketing funerals is the wrong way. The right way is by praying for those who do wrong, and loving them despite of what they do. Another way is by understanding the concepts of tolerance vs acceptance. These 2 things are very different, but are commonly confused by people. I am required by God to tolerate people and their acts, but I am not required to accept them. Being ugly to these people does absolutely nothing towards accomplishing change, instead it fuels the fire. The more hateful you are towards the gay community the more violent, and in your face with their sin they will become. Show them the true love of God without going so far as acceptance and you will go much further in your goals of change. Christ himself would condemn the actions of Westboro Church. Jesus at the well told the prostitute "neither do I condemn thee" after he had told her accusers "let yes whom is without sin cast the first stone" which means Westboro when all you guys become perfect then and only then can you cast stones of condemnation. But where American Churches are messing up is they don't finish the verse, "go and sin no more." As Christians we cannot "accept" homosexuality or any other sexual or non-sexual sins. The philosophy here is to hate the sin but love the sinner, and it is possible despite the factso many say you cannot separate the two.

  165. Brooks Matkovics

    This is one cult that really needs to go ahead and drink the freaking kool-aid already. Picketing a funeral is just lower than prehistoric frog shit. I know our country has freedom of speech, but people like Westboro don't deserve it.

  166. Robyn Lefever

    what is wrong with these people. how sad they say they beleive in god yet they do so many unchristain things. the higher power I have is not vengeful or sits and plots how to get even with people. he is forgiving and loving and a protector. I don't think god causes bad things to happen, he is just there to carry us through when it does. I beleive everyone is entitled to their opinions and to free speech, but I think this and their past actions and comments is starting to border on being homegrown terriost.

  167. Robyn Lefever

    what is wrong with these people. how sad they say they beleive in god yet they do so many unchristain things. the higher power I have is not vengeful or sits and plots how to get even with people. he is forgiving and loving and a protector. I don't think god causes bad things to happen, he is just there to carry us through when it does. I beleive everyone is entitled to their opinions and to free speech, but I think this and their past actions and comments is starting to border on being homegrown terriost.

  168. Lupe Mortenson

    I don't think they have what it takes to show up, and if they do….. Well, lets just hope they do! These people are need of an exorcism!

  169. Robyn Lefever

    we are each suppose to be born in god imagine, and as far as I was taught was that god never makes a mistake. I would reason then for some reason god made gays and lesbains also.i cant even imagine how there way of thinking can justify that god would punish a 8 year old for same sex marriages. this child probally didn't even know about gay or lesbain can they think god would welcome them in to his kingdom with so much hate in their souls.

  170. Valarie Shepherd

    WBC~My advise to you is not to come to Boston! We come together when the need arises and we protect our own! Boston Sports Fans Are Fire!

  171. Willetta Letscher Ryder

    This is messed up. To say God did the bombing because of gay marriage be legalized. You people need professional help. YOU ARE HIPOCRITS. You are supposed to live by the bible, where in the bible does it say to kill and harm people if they do something you don't like? I believe it says to turn the other cheek.

  172. Edwin Cruz

    Westboro Baptist Church you are more than welcome first hand to feel the wrath of a pissed of City. Don't forget to bring your signs. Thank you

  173. Mabel Martin

    Shame on WBC. Christians do not spread hate like that and they surely do not attack innocents by picketing funerals. That is disgusting.

  174. Pearl Nichols

    I agree Melissa. They should just drop the church façade and declare what they are, a hate group.

  175. Brian McGrath

    How about the media shut up and not release the dates of the funeral…. keep it private.

  176. Gary Jenkins

    these idiots all had dads that jacked off into flower pots and raised a bunch of blooming idiots!

  177. Theresabella Listner

    I wonder if they realize that gay people do not make gay children. Only straight people make the babies and they are the ones making the gay children. Sooo essentially if the straight people stop making babies………… hahaha (seriously think about it).

  178. Robin Jones Massengill

    I do not think they are Christians. God says not to judge, he will be the judge. boycotting a funeral is horible. I don't think the child who died in the bombing did anything to deserve it. I can not imagine lossing a loved one and have to face a protest at their funeral. God will eventually take care of the people of Westboro.

  179. Laurie Martinelli Brooks

    O no….although these people r clearly assholes, I feel sorry for them if they try to picket any of the marathon funerals.

  180. Steve Grimes

    Would definitely not be a good choice for these people to come visit Boston .

  181. Donna Elms

    Sounds to me like this so called "church" are the ones responsible for the bombs in the bombing in the first place!! Sounds like they should be named an active terroristic.cell and locked up!!

  182. Kermit Doolan

    They already have plans to picket the funerals for the people killed in this tragic event. Maybe they had something to do with the bombings. They need to check into these people.

  183. John Santisi

    They wont show up. they said they were going to picket the newtown funerals.Never left there hotel rooms pussys!!

  184. Jim Anderson

    A few Irish pub owners and bartenders, and some gays, all armed with their baseball bats(the preferred protection weapon there), will be able to handle it. Wouldn't be surprised if some Red Sox schedule a home run hitting contest using Westmoron heads. Boston isn't some wimp town. Maybe these asshats can be dispensed with once and for all. We know the hospitals in Boston are always ready for seriously injured..

  185. Pat Wright

    I profess Christianity, and I cringe to think that the WBC is the only impression of Christ some people will ever see. Please don't judge all Christians by that standard. It is so far from what Christ teaches.

  186. Pat Wright

    I think it's supremely ironic that these people seek the protection of "free speech" under the Constitution of a country they profess to revile. I wonder how many other rewards they accept from your tax dollars.

  187. Kimberly Thebado Elwood

    Westborough Baptist Church Fuck Off You AreAll Not normall

  188. Kimberly Thebado Elwood

    Westborough Baptist Church Fuck Off You AreAll Not normall

  189. Darlene Humphries

    I know a church when I see it and Westboro is no church in the true sense of the word. These people aren't Christian, they aren't Baptist, they aren't decent human beings and they have no insight whatsoever as to what God thinks or feels about anything. What they are is CRAZY. Seriously, in need of psychiatric help, CRAZY!

  190. Callie Dawn

    I'm so sure every single one you KNOW everything! We were put on this planet to love one another. seriously? wtf is wrong with you people! if America is soooo bad GET THE HELL OUT! you have No respect and deserve to be put away for life! you don't deserve to be alive!

  191. Callie Dawn

    maybe your "CULT" should do some research of what has happened to every other cult that has ever happened. THEY ARE ALL DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boston may God continue to be with you!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!!!!! MAYBE GOD IS TRYING TO WAKE YOU ALL UP

  192. Kristina Jones

    This is the biggest crock of shit everyone of the westboro baptist church should all b put behind bars before we have another waco incident

  193. Hilary Grace

    Why are people even taking this group seriously anymore? I'm pretty sure half of them don't even really feel that way, they just do it to provoke a response from people. Just shake your head and say a silent prayer for them. Threats and judgement are THEIR specialty, don't let it be yours. Be the example and that's when we'll see things finally start to change. Till then take it with a grain of salt and laugh it off. After all, you wouldn't be mean to a group of handicap people, would you?

  194. Michelle Volino

    Yeah, they are going to get something knocked out and it won't be pretty. I just told my mother: Don't agree with anything they say, because their not Christian. They are a bunch of sick cult members that really need to jump off a bridge.

  195. Anonymous

    I hope they do show up. maybe it will get to the bottom of this hill of crap.

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