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North Carolina Home Invasion: Two Suspects Killed By Homeowner

two killed in a Fayetteville NC home invasion

Fayetteville, NC — Two alleged home invaders were shot and killed by a homeowner early Friday morning when an attempted robbery turned into a shootout.

The intruders reportedly descended on the Fayetteville home and exchanged gunfire with the resident after trying to break in and enter the house at about 3:45 am.

After the hail of bullets, the two alleged perpetrators of the home invasion then fled the scene. They both apparently suffered grievous wounds in the gunfight, however, and one of them collapsed outside a neighbor’s door and the other was found several hours later. “One of the suspects, 25-year-old Dominik Council, was found dead on the side of the road nearly two hours after the incident. The other suspect, 20-year-old Xavier White, was found wounded and transported to an area hospital, where he later died.”

As yet, there has been no information released as to why the intruders targeted this particular residence for the home invasion, i.e., whether it was a merely random attack or something else is in play.

Two additional suspects allegedly involved in the North Carolina home invasion are still at large, and police say they should be considered armed and dangerous. They face charges of first degree burglary, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit first degree burglary, and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. Fayetteville detectives are asking the public’s help in tracking down the two men for their alleged involvement in the crime.

One of the residents of the home, who has not yet been identified, was also hurt in the early-morning gunbattle with the intruders. Reportedly it appears that no charges will be pursued against the homeowner by police in connection with this self-defense incident, however.

Watch a local news report about the North Carolina home invasion shootout:

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9 Responses to “North Carolina Home Invasion: Two Suspects Killed By Homeowner”

  1. Richard Rider

    Fox News covered it, but I can find no other media link outside NC this Monday AM 15 April. But then, we all know that Fox News is biased, so we can't give them credit for — ya know — covering the story. How UNFAIR of Fox!

  2. Grog Juice

    NEVER will this story hit ANY of Oblameo's "new's" channels…. EVER! Reporting this story would PROVE our 2nd RIGHT to be armed if we want to. God the libs are such useful FOOL'S, PERIOD!

  3. Anonymous

    I am very proud of this homeowner taking action when action was immediately needed. Just think what would have happened if he had adhered to the agenda and callings of the "politically correct" crowd. Self preservation is that basic instinct embred in us all, and no liberal can spew enough crap out of their mouths concerning our 2nd admendment rights to change that. I too keep a loaded (with buck shot) semi-automatic 12 guage shotgun by my front door to greet the scum that has other than good and normal intent.

  4. Bill Causey

    Richard,I assume that since the victims are most likely black that Fox would be the only network to cover this story.It would not fit the other network's narrative that this may portray blacks in an unfavorable light.Black males are around 8% of our population but contribute to about 80% of violent crimes in America.

  5. Richard Rider

    Bill Causey — I can't vouch for the 80% figure, but almost half the homicides in America are committed by blacks. Apparently the KKK is giving them unlimited free loaded guns. No other possible explanation exists for this anomaly.

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