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Kathy Griffin Canceled: Bravo Won’t Renew ‘Kathy’ For Season Three

Kathy Griffin not apologizing for New Year's Eve behavior

Kathy Griffin’s late night show has been cancelled.

The comedian broke the news during a stand up set on Friday night in Cincinnati. She later confirmed the news on Twitter, writing: Sad but tru. Appreciate your kind words .. KG’s Bravo Talk Show CANCELED After 2 Seasons!”

Griffin’s late night show, Kathy, started its second season in January. Bravo will not be renewing the show for a third season.

But this may not be bad news for the comedian. Griffin recently filmed an hour long show opposite Anderson Cooper for CNN and may soon find herself with a full time gig at the news network.

Bravo and Anderson definitely have an interesting relationship together. Griffin was criticized last year when she mimed oral sex on the news anchor during a New Year’s Eve broadcast.

But that’s what makes Kathy Griffin interesting. You never know when she’s going to give a pretend blow job or take of her shirt. She’ll be a perfect fit at CNN.

Are you surprised that Kathy Griffin’s show is getting cancelled?

Griffin has appeared in various TV shows in movies over the years but she’s probably best known for her reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D List. The show, which ended in 2010, won two Primetime Emmy Awards.

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107 Responses to “Kathy Griffin Canceled: Bravo Won’t Renew ‘Kathy’ For Season Three”

  1. Sandy L. McClendon

    Couldn't happen to anyone I dislike worse. How she even got an opportunity to spew her hatred and vulgarity to begin with was beyond my comprehension. And, yes, if CNN picks up her show they get what they deserve.

  2. JoAnn Hunt Huizenga

    Good, she is trash and makes women look stupid and brash.

  3. Ron Saxton

    GREAT. What a non person she is. Crap, trash and a loser.

  4. Rick Chaveas

    good. she is neither funny nor entertaining. she is ignorant and obscene.

  5. George Loose

    Good, that horrid skank has polluted the air waves long enough.

  6. Marc Davis

    Hard to be surprised when I didn't know she had one.

  7. Al Siniscalchi

    So she can now add her old bosses to her dirty mouth routine. I agree with Shane Ladd below. Good riddance to garbage mouth.

  8. Mike Kelly

    Good she stinks any which way ya look at her! Put her on The View! perfect for that nasty show!

  9. Pope Terry

    She's trash? She has done far more for women, charities, equality, etc. than I'm sure you ever will.

  10. Nancy Hadley

    Two seasons was more than enough…yes, good riddance….sure hope Anderson Cooper doesn't end up with her…
    poor guy, hope he says no.

  11. Jill Bielecki Carlee

    NOOOOOOOO! I absolutely loved that show, and I am WAAAAY out of her demographic. I'm a stay at home Mom with two little boys. I looked forward to Thursday nights, a glass of wine and watching "Kathy: while my kids were asleep. One of only a few shows where I actually LOL'd. I hope the rumor is true there will be a new show on CNN, how awesome would that be?

  12. Frank Maffa

    that's because she has a big whacky liberal mouth and she sucks anyway.

  13. Jill Bielecki Carlee

    Hatred?? What hatred is Kathy Griffin spewing? In my opinion, she represents the total opposite of that statement. Obviously you did not watch her show. So why comment on it if you've never seen it?

  14. Red Winter Sky

    No Loss here… it's a shame the kartrashians don't get the same treatment from whomever airs theor garbage.. they are all about the same..

  15. Patricia Hodge

    No loss. She started as a somewhat funny lady, then I couldn't endure watching her. I guess talking about sex is her only "gift'!

  16. Patricia Hodge

    I'd also like to add that Bravo used to be one of my favorite channels, and now they post mostly trash!

  17. Daisy Warshaw Vipperman

    All you people bashing her are all idiots!-She is the BEST ever, woman comedian!-Shame on Bravo.-p.s.If you don't like her, don't watch her & shut YOUR filthy mouths…

  18. Eva Scharf

    Not surprised at all, it was a boring show, other than during the them song, which was cute. I like her in general, and of course, her mom, but she needs to stop relying on her gay audience and getting off calling herself a gay man, it's not funny at all, and she comes off as a sycophob? or whatever it means to suck up for your own benefit.

  19. DiAnn Walker

    After awhile Kathy becomes boring, cause she's always ON and doesn't ever turn OFF. She tried to one up herself and it doesn't work anymore. I love her for her frankness and love her concerts though.

  20. Patty Gamblin

    Who wants to listen to that gravely voice of her's anyway! She's rude, nasty and not funny! Good riddance you Nasty woman(I'm being nice!)

  21. Bruno Rand

    Don't you love how, in trying to convince the rest of us that Griffin is tasteless, tacky and vulgar, that many of the people leaving comments here are calling her names which are tasteless, tacky and vulgar? Oh, irony!

  22. Patty Gamblin

    We are entitled to our opinions to Daisy! You are bashing people for their opinion's and that means you are bashing our opinions! Doesn't make you any better!

  23. Sandra Polanski Sheppard

    omg I am so happy she is so a big mouth nothing. I can not stand her.

  24. Jerry Yniguez

    Like she once said…"I don't have to thank God. God had nothing to do about it." How right you are, you did it all by yourself.

  25. Bill Boiczuk

    You're right, the show wasn't great but I love her. I love that a lot of celebrities/actors were afraid of her. I also loved when she used to go after Elizabeth Hassebeck.

  26. Linda Phillips

    You sound like her career is over Bill. It was just a bad format for her. Trust me she will always work.

  27. Stephen Cole

    she never should have opted to do this instead of her reality show…that was the format…this was dreadfully boring. she cannot just talk.

  28. Louise Wood-Markasovic

    She will not be missed, she is a disgusting person. Why CNN wants her is beyond me. I will have to remove CNN Ch. 55 in my area from my remote. Anyone who thinks she is funny is sick and hates the human race.

  29. Ron Paulyes

    the nasty smell of cg''s p…. came right through the tv screen.

  30. Pat Baker

    Jill, Birds of a Feather stick together!!! Kathy is one mean witch of a woman!!! You two been flying together on your brooms lately?

  31. Pat Baker

    What are you doing,Jill, drinking wine while your children are asleep! I hear that wine makes you sleepy. What if the house caught on fire!! Hope you stop at one glass!!! I fear for your children's safety!!!

  32. Pat Baker

    The woman from Florida that drinks wine after her kids are alseep and possibly endangering their lives is actually taking the time to defend Kathy. You need to be more concerned for your kids!!!

  33. Pat Baker

    Shame on you, Daisy, you just used your freedon of speech right and you tell others to shut up!!!!

  34. June Andersen

    'BRAVO' for Bravo….What took so long? Trash goes out every week…..what a waste of time and money for that so called foul mouth..remember when she grabbed Anderson Cooper's genitials…She has NO MORALS! Now to get rid of the Kardashians! The Momma Pig and her littter of piggys, always hot to trot for money, they don't care how they make it either..

  35. Shirley Young

    I believe Satan must just love her. What ever happened to censorship anyway. Her crude, vile, putrid comments never should have been aired. Why do people like her?

  36. Dodge Boroian

    stick that house on fire shit up your ass …..I think she is tooooooo good for Bravo in the first place and should have her own network show …..she is really good ….really good…says it like it is and always makes me laugh always on top of current events and don't care ….I am not gay or a fag or a lesbian ..I just like raw comedy at its best and that is what she is and I will support her and now I will make sure she does not disappear into nothing …I will tell all my friends to support her to……you go girl ….Kathy…I love you and so do many of my friends
    PS….send me tickets for your next show in Louisville…..front row Please…lol I am a supporting fan…fuck this review… means nothing….use it in your next material …I cant wait

  37. David Middleton

    I love Kathy Griffin, but she is unable to host a talk show and have a coherant interview. It was a mess. But considering the quality of Watch What Happens on Bravo, I'm kind of surprised she was cancelled.

  38. Michael Braithwaite

    The pot is calling the kettle black, lol. Go fix that two dollar haircut, Pat.

  39. Michael Braithwaite

    SHE is making women look stupid and brash? Lady, you're divorced. I don't think anyone in your position needs to be spouting off about image. Did you blame your divorce on someone else as well?

  40. Michael Braithwaite

    Seriously, Pat? I said go fix your hair. Roots are for trees.

  41. Michael Braithwaite

    Fuck you, Pat. You insufferable wench. Five dollars says someone you know puts the barrel of a loaded gun in their mouth and pulls the trigger just to never have to suffer another second around you. I know I would. You're such an embarrassment.

  42. Michael Braithwaite

    I don't blame her. You're a creep, Pat. Almost every thread I've read you do nothing but look for the worst for about, well, anything. What a miserable life you must live.

  43. Michael Braithwaite

    Don't you have some abusive husband to pander to, Pat? He'll be home any minute.

  44. Lyle Lafee

    I will tell you what is rubbish and arrogant,people like Charles Manson,not a women who will say or do almost anything to make you laugh. She just trying to make a living.

  45. Buce McLaughlin

    I'm no fan of KG, but, why was her show cancelled, but, 'keeping up w/kartrashbins' remains on TV?
    If we're going to clean up TV, shitcan the mindless 'Reality Shows' and sitcoms with 'laugh tracks'.

  46. Patricia Weston

    Kathy Griffen''s brand of humor just doesn't resonate with me. When all she can do to get a laugh is to poke fun at a reputedly drunk of a mother or pretent to give a blow job to Anderson Cooper as a way of welcoming in the new year, I just tune her out. The unfortunate alternative is to THROW UP!

  47. Patricia Weston

    Michael Braithwaite Miss Griffen ought to get her $2.00 sense of humor a serious tune-up! But I reckon it'll cost her the price of three more boob jobs. Go for the store-bought 36DD's this time around~!might as well get your noney's worth!

  48. Patricia Weston

    Michael Braithwaite Miss Griffen never even gave marriage a chance~~or could it be ever so remotely possibe that NOBODY was interested in spending his life with such a bitter, mean-spirited bitch? Just askin'. It's my guess that if she ha d tried on marriage for size, she would be working on her 3rd or 4th divorce by now! At her age, she could have given Elizabeth Taylor a good run for her money~~and Miss Taylor won 2 Oscars befor her 35th birthday!

  49. Patricia Weston

    One can atleast get a giggle out of watching The Kardasians wallow in the fathomless depths of their stupity and conspicuos, ridiculous consumption of all things glittery and tssteless.

  50. David Guith

    Michael Braithwaite quit spending valuable time trying to find your little penis.

  51. David Guith

    Michael Braithwaite still haven't found your little penis?

  52. David Guith

    Michael Braithwaite still haven't found your little penis?

  53. David Guith

    Patricia Weston, slut by any other name is still a weston slut.

  54. David Guith

    Patricia Weston, slut by any other name is still a weston slut.

  55. Kimberly Kennedy

    never heard of her and have never heard her perform. Does not sound like I missed anything

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