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Teacher Arrested For Slapping A 9-Year-Old Student

Teacher Arrested For Slapping A 9-Year-Old Student

San Antonio, TX – Karl Nicholas, a 63-year-old elementary teacher in the San Antonio Independent School District, was arrested and charged on Thursday with knowingly causing injury to a child, a third-degree felony.

According to the arrest warrant, Nicholas allegedly stuck the girl around 1:45pm Monday.

Nicholas, who has been put on administrative leave from Stewart Elementary School pending the results of the criminal investigation, admitted to the principal, after other students were interviewed, that he slapped a disruptive 9-year-old student in his third-grade class.

According to My San Antonio, Nicholas refused to elaborate further about the incident, simply saying he planned to resign because he knew he was going to jail.

Statements from the school showed Nicholas had called the main office of the school, requesting the girl be removed from his class as she had assaulted him and was behaving in a disorderly manner.

The young victim explained to authorities that she and another student sitting next to her got into a verbal exchange, telling one another to “shut up.” When Nicholas approached the two he told the girl to leave the other student alone. She tried to elaborate on who started the squabble.

The girl then dropped a pencil and when she retrieved it from the floor she accidentally struck Nicholas on the hand. She tried to apologize.

Nicholas countered by slapping her in the face and grabbing her by the arm. He tried to drag her out of the classroom and told a passing counselor the child was being unruly. He asked the counselor to take the child to the office.

The girl’s mother contacted authorities to report the incident.

Nicholas managed to post his $10,000 bail and was released Friday morning.

Per the Texas state penal code, statute 12.34, a third degree felony is a serious criminal charge that includes crimes such as third offense DWI’s, intoxication assault, aggravated perjury, and bail jumping on a felony arrest.

If convicted on a third degree felony, the offender can be sentenced from two to 10 years in jail and face a fine up to $10,000.

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7 Responses to “Teacher Arrested For Slapping A 9-Year-Old Student”

  1. Alaina Duval

    The teacher was out of line period you don't put your hands on a child at all no matter the circumstances. Not at all if its not your child

  2. Donna Klimowski

    Sorry, punishment too high for a slap to an unruly student…go ahead and let him resign (he's probably tenured and should have done so earlier), but arrested? I went to a catholic school where nuns got away with more than that!

  3. Tameeca Griffin

    People really need to compare student/child behavior, respect, success and engagement when parents and teachers were encouraged to spank with this new don't-touch-the-kids-let-them-do-whatever-they-want-without-fear-of-God-or anyone-else generation.

  4. Ruby Red Fromage

    I taught emotionally disturbed high school students who could be extremely violent and were verbally abusive daily. Their ages ranged from 13-21. Not once did I have to put my hands on them to have them removed–and believe me my life was threatened more than once, even when I was pregnant. As the adult, you do not hit a child. Have them removed. Call the parents. Call their parent right in front of them but DO NOT put your hands on them. Write up the incidents and show patterns of bevavior. Once you touch the child you've lost your defense. Grown man vs. nine year old girl? C'mon. As a teacher you know when you can't take it anymore. Leave. Don't milk the system to pad your retirement when you are no longer able to deal with an unruly student. Especially if you know what the penalty would be!

  5. Rick Chaffe

    Sorry,but sometimes a child needs a smack. All this "time out" crap is creating a bunch of disrespectful brats. They think they can do anything because the only punishment is to receive a "slap on the wrist." Trying to reason with a small child is like trying to get a new puppy not to shit on the floor.

  6. Amanda Potter

    The difference is, church based schools usually inform the parent that physical punishment is practiced. In public schools, that is not the case. If ANYONE hit my child, be it a friend, teacher, or even a family member I would press charges.

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