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Macy’s Catalog Typo Lists $1500 Necklace For $47

macy's catalog typo

Want to score a great deal on a necklace? A typo in a Macy’s catalog listed a $1500 necklace for just $47.

According to WFAA, Macy’s mailed out a catalog earlier this month to customers advertising a “Super Buy” for a sterling silver and a 14-karat necklace. The ad was supposed to list the $1,500 pieces of jewelry at $479. A recently fired copywriter, however, forgot to type a nine.

Unfortunately for Macy’s, the catalog typo wasn’t caught until the store at Collin Creek Mall was cleared out of necklaces. Customers flocked to the store in order to get their hands on the $47 necklace.

According to Robert Bernard, a man who went to Macy’s in order to buy a necklace for his wife, the customer in front of him purchase every necklace that the store in stock. Bernard wasn’t able to get his own necklace but he was able to put an order.

Macy’s later canceled his purchase.

A rep for Macy’s called Bernard, saying: “This item has the wrong price for $47. The correct price is $479 dollars and because of that pricing error, your order has been canceled and I apologize.”

Macy’s may not be honoring any orders for the $47 necklace but they can’t do anything about the necklaces that have already been taken home.

Here’s a video about the Macy’s catalog typo from WFAA.

A rep for the company said: “When the mistake was caught, signage did go up in the fine jewelry department and on store doors alerting customers that a mistake had been made. For those customers who bought the necklace at the $47 price, they were fortunate. For the gentleman you spoke with, he was not so fortunate. We are sincerely sorry he was disappointed and unable to buy the necklace at the $47 price for his wife.”

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12 Responses to “Macy’s Catalog Typo Lists $1500 Necklace For $47”

  1. Dane Yankowich

    That isn't a "copywriters" job to type in the prices. And what about the other layers of management that are supposed to check over the work before it's sent out. Clearly the wrong person was fired.

  2. Dan Nelson

    I remember doing some online shopping for DJ gear years ago, and some gear that should have been listed at $110 was listed for $10…. Needless to say, I put in an order for 10 of them, and had every one shipped with no questions asked. Can remember sweating it out to see if they'd catch the error, but luckily they either honored it or didn't even notice.

  3. James Kosur

    Stores are not required by law to honor listed prices in the event of an error. But only if the error was not created in malice to drive sales. In this case Macy's is in the clear but doesn't look very smart.

  4. Mandy Dayton

    Oh boy! What a baby. Trust me, your life will go on after not getting your wife a gaudy ass necklace. I wouldn't buy that thing for even $47. It looks like a bike lock cable. And since you are even flipping though Macy's magazine, you can probably afford to get some other ugly jewelry somewhere else. Go live in Darfur for a week and let's see how your problem measures up.

  5. Nicole Yellin

    If it was human error than why should the store and the company lose because of one person's mistake ? Besides the person who made it was fired. But it's a shame they didn't catch it before they released the ad.

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