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Rob Kardashian Accused Of Striking Female Photographer In California

Rob Kardashian has been accused of striking a female photographer in Beverly Hills.

The incident reportedly took place after the reality show star encountered the paparazzo at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Moreno Drive. Beverly Hills Police explained that the shirtless reality show star was irritated that his picture was being taken.

Authorities said the confrontation took place at around 1 pm on Wednesday. The encounter took a dramatic turn when Rob Kardashian allegedly attacked the photographer in an effort to get the memory card out of her camera.

“The paparazzi alleged that while she was photographing Rob Kardashian, he grabbed her camera and removed the memory card. During the struggle, the paparazzi stated that she was struck in the face by Rob Kardashian,” the Beverly Hills Police Department said in a statement.

Rob Kardashian is also accused of removing the memory card from the female photographer’s camera and leaving the scene with the item in question.

TMZ claims that the reality show star is in the middle of losing weight. Since he doesn’t want shirtless pictures making the rounds online, he allegedly lost his cool and attacked the photographer in an effort to get his hand son the images.

Although several news organizations have reached out to Rob Kardashian for comment, he has yet to officially respond to the allegations. Beverly Hills Police said that an investigation into the assault is currently ongoing.

Rob Kardashian Accused