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Kardashian Baby Name Leaked By Father-To-Be Kanye

Kardashian Baby Name Leaked By Father-To-Be Kanye

As the weeks tick down to the birth of Kim Kardashian’s first child, father-to-be Kanye West has been busy coming up with names for the little one. From the sound of things, this may not be the best idea.

According to Metro, the rapper came up with a list of potential names while at Paris Fashion Week last month, and has already identified his favorite so far: North. And yes, that would make the child’s full name “North West”. That seems to be part of the plan.

Whether West’s choice sits well with the Kardashian clan is currently unknown. While it continues the trend of unconventional celebrity names, it doesn’t fit with the Kardashian family tradition of names beginning with “K”. Kim, of course, has siblings and half-siblings called Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall. Who knows what mum Kris would make of Kanye’s plans?

When not busy jotting down baby names, Kanye’s mind has been turning to his art. Apparently, the rapper is keen to call his next album “I Am God.” A source told The Sun:

“Kanye’s ego is something else, so he’s quite serious about the title. He also has a sense of humor though and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true.”

In honor of Kanye’s baby name brainstorming session, and in the vain hope of providing Kimye with further inspiration, we humbly present our ten favorite ridiculous celebrity baby names:

– Zuma Nesta Rock (parents: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)
– Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Jillette)
– Fifi Trixiebell (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates)
– Prince Michael II/”Blanket” (Michael Jackson)
– Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone)
– Satchel (Woody Allen and Mia Farrow)
– Bronx Mowgli (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz)
– Moon Unit (Frank Zappa, who also gets our vote for naming his daughter “Diva Thin Muffin”)
– Free (Barbara Hershey and David Carradine)
– Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)

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90 Responses to “Kardashian Baby Name Leaked By Father-To-Be Kanye”

  1. Mary Margaret Johnston

    I taught high school and had students with some really stupid names–too hard to pronounce, too hard to remember, and stupid spellings. One student "Precious" was NOT, and her mother's name was "Jewel" who was as ugly as a monkey's butt. Another was "La-a" or pronounced "LaDASHa." PARENTS! Name your kids something that is easy to spell, pronounce, remember. I know employers who throw away job applications from people who's names are ridiculous. DON'T HANDICAP YOUR KID WITH A STUPID NAME!

  2. Pinkie Lee Luve

    They are corny! I just met someone named Sno White, Yep spelled like that too. You name your skids with dumb names your an idiot!

  3. Delores Johnson

    You forgot to mention Gweneth's Paltrow's daughter's name of APPLE; Beyonce's daughter's name of Blue Ivy; and the Mariah Carey twin of Morocco and Monroe(?) (they call them Roc & Roe) and I"m sure there's LOTS more but these are the ones that come to mind.

  4. Chris Maston

    The children have to live with those names, not the parents who chose them. And kids ridicule names and make peers feel badly. I remember all the teasing that went on about, especially last names of fellow classmates and, at that time, kids all had common first names. I teach school and I KNOW how miserable a child can feel about their name if it is out of the ordinary. So stupid parents, think about your children, not about how "creative" YOU can be.

  5. Stephanie Grimes

    Problem solved… Knorth (the K is silent as in knife).

  6. Sarah Mendoza

    Wow , I wonder if his nickname will be compass. I think his mom dropped his dumb ass on his head when he was younger.

  7. Ephie Juma

    Don't call your album 'I AM GOD' there is only one GOD, that is GOD our creator, before anything thing please read Acts chapter 12 which reads…..

    Then Herod went from Judea to Caesarea and stayed there. 20He had been quarreling with the people of Tyre and Sidon; they now joined together and sought an audience with him. After securing the support of Blastus, a trusted personal servant of the king, they asked for peace, because they depended on the king’s country for their food supply.

    21, On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people. 22, They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.” 23, Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

    24, But the word of God continued to spread and flourish.


  8. Gloria Martinez

    North West? Way to go Kanye……spoken like a " True Idiot ".

  9. Elaine McKnight

    oh, I would have thought they would have named it after themselves. you something like Megalomaniac Egotistical Talentless Hack, or Meth for short.

  10. Janet Aurilia Thompson

    how about Go West, as in when I'm old enough, I'm outta here?

  11. Citierra Blackberrymolasses Stewart

    stop lying la-a was not your student!

  12. Whydid Youblockme

    otherwise, smh. i cant believe this KNUCKLEHEAD is actually considering naming his CHILD "North" (the name "oliver north" came to my mind lol) — but …. North??? So that it's "North West"?? That sounds SOOOOOOOOOO MUTHAFK'ING STUPID!!! Like someone said above, there will probably be employers who will toss out applications for jobs bcz of the STUPID NAMES some of these celebs give their children. But it just goes to show you JUST HOW VERY EGOTISTICAL & IDIOTIC alot of these celebrities are.
    Kanye is an A$$HOLE

  13. AnnaMarie Martinelli McCann

    My friend is also a school teacher with a student names la-ia or something along. she was tempted to call her lahyphenia

  14. Mandy Taylor

    I know, all these people are coming out of the woodwork claiming they know a La-a. I have yet to meet an actual one

  15. Estee FunSize Santana

    Lol, How about naming kids by numbers for example…………… Twenty-five, yup I have hear it all. If Kanye wants to name baby north and keep Kardashian's way of naming kids, spell the baby's name as Knorth (K is silent) LOLL…. Simply Ridiculous, SMH!

  16. Marie Clinedinst

    if kanye was not a celebrity I wonder if any woman would take the chance of procreating with this MOST unattractive man…im sorry but he is sooo unattractive…im scared for their child! and she cannot possibly think of her disfunctional family as being role models, its so sad. grandma has led her children down to the corner lampost to pimp them to anybody!

  17. Marie Clinedinst

    i ment to ad that the name is the least of this childs problems…

  18. Meri B. Kassner

    I'm a Pagan and I disagree with your first sentence…..

  19. Marilyn Mapel

    I worked at a high school in Fair Oaks, CA many years ago and there was a student by the name of North West. I thought he was kidding until I saw his I.D. He was teased all through high school.

  20. Virginia Tadrzynski

    Pinkie Lee Luve , I knew a Heaven Lee and her sister Skiiii Blu……their parents needed to be shot.

  21. Leslie Williams


  22. D Savannah Brown

    Let that fool go ahead and name it that and may be we will see another modern day Nebuchadnezzar…lol

  23. Lisa Strong

    How about NOBODY CARES or KNOW BODY keeping with the K.

  24. Kiya Arnold

    I can at least accepy Beyonce's name for her daughter. Its a plant. A lot of
    pple name their kids after plants or flowers

  25. Kiya Arnold

    I can at least accepy Beyonce's name for her daughter. Its a plant. A lot of
    pple name their kids after plants or flowers

  26. Cindy Sampson Teague

    Kimye.. (like they would read this OR listen) Do not name that child something stupid. I know Kim MIGHT come up with something ok but Kanye will come up with a really stupid name I am sure.

  27. Joanne Olvera

    How about Rainbow, some fool just pinned that name on her kid.

  28. Gail Dennis

    That was great for a good laugh. Maybe some sympathetic Judge will intervene, ala that Australian couple whose chosen name was overturned by the judiciary for its sheer stupidity. I guess people don't think a name means any thing. Oh, the long gone days when people selected names that really meant something and lent character to their children. This child will have a "K" name…Kurt, Kort, Kash, Khan.

  29. Chris Greenhough

    Y'know, Delores, I honestly think Apple is saner than the ten I offered. I mean, it's weird, but can it really beat Pilot Inspektor?

  30. Patty Urban

    momager Kris must be having Kittens because Kanye Keeps stealing her thunder, first of all w the babys announcement, now w the babys name..what no huge E special unveiling the pregnancy, then the baby name…poor Kris (i joke) might have missed out on a chance to pimp somemore Kash out of her Kids…Kanye had better watch out or momager Kris is going to tell her number 1 Kash Kow to dump your azz…

  31. Charlotte DiMaggio

    I think it's kind of funny that some people are saying that celebrities shouldn't name their kids weird names and stuff because they'll be harassed and have to grow up with it, but I don't see how it matters when they can be like, "Shut the $$$$ up, I'm rich!"

  32. Charlotte DiMaggio

    I think it's kind of funny that some people are saying that celebrities shouldn't name their kids weird names and stuff because they'll be harassed and have to grow up with it, but I don't see how it matters when they can be like, "Shut the $$$$ up, I'm rich!"

  33. Chad Siuh

    there is no god. open a science book instead religion has stalled mankind for thousands of years we would be in flying cars and there would be no old age or sickness or starving but know you stupid fucks have to beleive in ur magic fairy tales and feel like the earth which there is likly billions of other earths out there filled with life. we are nothing not important at all like u uneducated bible thumpers beleive.

  34. Sophia Lam

    out of all names? wow what an idiot you are! full of yourself way to much smh.

  35. Thierry PiscesLife

    womp womp!!! Kanye West is annoying…….. So as Kim K.

    Ray J really should have invested in Kim K. Kim K and the Kardashians are making all of that money off of his dick….. Only in AmeriKKKa

  36. Terry Walls

    All I can say is….Name the baby what you want Kim and Kanye. Boyfriend you must had some powerful sperm to penetrate that egg. No one else could and this woman has slept with the whole NAACP and all races. Just my opinion.

  37. Amanda Bedgood

    would we expect the little satanic seedling to have a normal name?
    it's not an accident these stars offspring are given such odd names.

  38. Johnson Harry

    OMG! The babies name has been leaked! They're treating this like we just gave North Korea the formula for a workable nuclear weapon and gave them a rocket so they could deliver it too the White House. Are you people kidding me even putting a story out with this headline. I happened to notice another story Yahoo ran with the line "in the popular show" relating to The Kardashians. I don't know what there idea of a popular show is but with less than 5% of the population of the USA watching it I really don't think that can be considered popular. Popular was 2 and a half men when Charlie Sheen was the lead actor and so many other shows that dwarf the Kardashians. The major networks would drop a show with the amount of viewers this show gets and there are many that wish thed'd never even heard the Kardashian name let alone a tv show airing on tv.

  39. James Johnson

    Popular shows are no longer based off ratings. They are based off specific demographics watching and the viral nature of their discussions via websites, reporting agencies and most importantly social conversations. Advertisers and networks based popularity off the interaction that social conversations create online. Hence, Community is still on the air because it typically generates 2 twitter trends following each episode.

  40. Irene Arce


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