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Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Goes Solo, Leaves Controversial Past Behind

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Goes Solo, Leaves Controversial Past Behind

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines has gone solo, appearing on stage at the South By Southwest festival without her bandmates as she attempts to make a name for herself outside of her controversial past.

The appearance at the Austin City Limits Live hall was seen as a training of sorts for the longtime Dixie Chicks singer, who is embarking on a solo effort. Maines is set to release a new album on May 7 titled Mother, and the solo concert for the Dixie Chick matched the set list for the album.

As the Dixie Chick goes solo, she also introduces a new look and feel, USA Today‘s Mike Snider noted.

“Since her band won four Grammys in 2007, Maines has gained a Bieber ‘do and her voice hasn’t lost anything,” he wrote. “It’s strong, clear — and sorely missed. However, she lacked the spunk that used to be on display as lead singer of the beloved band.”

The Dixie Chick wasn’t entirely solo in her Austin concert. She was backed by a six-piece band that included guest guitarist Ben Harper, who helped produce Maines’ solo effort. The album has more influence from rock than her normal country efforts, which critics said takes some getting used to.

Maines said she is embracing the chance to step out on her own and craft her own identity. It’s not clear whether the Dixie Chicks will perform together as a group, Maines said.

“I think I thought time would heal and that I would come around. But just like the song says, I’m still waiting,” the 38-year-old Maines told The Associated Press, citing a lyric from the band’s defiant single “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

Mother will be Maines’ first project since the Chicks made their last album in 2006.

As the Dixie Chick goes solo, she’s taking a step away from a band that brought her both fame an infamy. Nearly a decade ago, the outspoken singer criticized then-President George W. Bush, earning a backlash from fans and country radio stations.

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294 Responses to “Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Goes Solo, Leaves Controversial Past Behind”

  1. Kate Ward

    I never understood the backlash in 2003 and, 10 years later, I still don't. The Dixie Chicks are entitled to their opinions, same as every other American citizen. All of those people and radio stations who disowned them really are pathetic. There a lots of celebrities whose political opinions I disagree with but I don't stop liking their work (most of the time). I wonder why Ted Nugent didn't suffer the same kind of hate and backlash after speaking WAY MORE nasty and negatively about President Obama. I guess an artist can tirade against the president AS LONG AS that tirade fits into your beliefs. Such hypocrisy. Some of my favorite actors are of a different political party but until they say or do something vile, disgusting, and wildly inappropriate, then I just ignore their opinions.

  2. Claudia Olson

    She should have kept her big mouth shut. People will not forget. She had a better chance of selling records staying with the other two. I used to be a huge fan but will never contribute to her bottom line ever again. EVER!

  3. Sharlene MacLaren

    I think I would have been more excited had one of the other "chicks" decided to go solo. I like Natalie's voice, but she tainted her reputation a few years back. Going solo won't fix that.

  4. Harley Mathews

    As much as I believe people have the right to their own opinion, it was an incredibly poor choice on her part. Considering her fan base is predominantly Republican, she should have known she was putting her career, as well as as Martie's and Emily's, on the line. No one had asked for her opinion on the president and it was not what they were going to the concert for. Very few people in country music would ever welcome her back. I believe, though, she is trying to go a different route with her music nowadays. Is that true? I don't really listen anymore.

  5. Mike Lawson

    Saying she was ashamed that then-President Bush was from Texas could be overlooked, as well as her one-sided feud with Toby Keith (he largely ignored her!); but saying the stereotypes about country music fans were true was crushing to Natalie's career. She thought she had VH-1 and other outlets to fall back on and was wrong. An apology to her fans is her only chance at a comeback.

  6. Joe Pierce

    her actor hubby must not be bringing in the money

  7. Mary McCann Straka-Miller

    I think she has sealed her own fate. She should have never bad mouthed President Bush in another country. Lesson learned:stop and think before you speak!

  8. Mary Hill

    She looks hot! Love the new look, Nat! You're going to be great again, just keep on swimming! I can hardly wait for your tour to come my way in Michigan.

  9. Mary Hill

    Wow! The comments here are scathing! You all must have never made a mistake….must be lonely being perfect! Give the woman with the great voice a chance. Bet you gave the drugged heavy metals stars another change!

  10. Dani Inglin

    She would like to put the past behind her I'm sure..but people wont forget. She put her career in toilet when she opened her big mouth in another country. She is delusional if she thinks all is fine now.

  11. Darren Paulson

    I personally applaud this courageous woman – she was willing to voice her opinion as an American, and she owes nobody an apology for exercising "her freedom of speech" – many backed the war and stated it was to ensure that freedom, but turned on those that differ – being free and speaking out is more honorable than being a hypocrite that steals that right from her or those that chose the opposite. You have your freedom to reject her ethical and moral values, do so freely – she is allowed the same toward you. I wish her great success in her career and personal life.

  12. Molly McKinley Apel

    I will NOT contribute anything to this UN-American… Now she wants to repent cuz she isn't making money? whatever.

  13. Dani Inglin

    Yes she does have freedom of speech…but we also have the right to think she was wrong and not support her, when you speak up and you have to undersatnd not everyone will like or agree with your words. You like her.. fine buy her records I won't

  14. Anonymous

    For Claudia, Sharlene, and others – why does it make you so upset when someone voices their opinion? How has she "tainted" her image? These are artists – their job is to challenge us, to make us think, to make us feel. If you want fluff – stay with the teeny bop – that's fine. Its just so amazing to me that she expressed here opinion – something that she believed in (and history has shown us that the Iraq war was a fraud and a waste) – however people want to still beat her up.

  15. Dennis Vickers

    I didn't listen to their trash THEN, wont listen to her trash NOW. I quit listening to a popular country station here because they play their trash. Don't get me wrong, I loved the music, but you don't use your celebrity status to push people around. To me, they are dead, always will be dead. If she were smart, she would reunite with others, cut all their hair short, and call themselves the Dixie Dykes. At least they'd have a fan base.

  16. Lesley Brown

    I will support her even if I don't like her music (haven't heard the solo stuff yet-it may be great) just to offset the people who think speaking one's mind and exercising one's first amendment rights is un-American. I think what she did was courageous!

  17. Glenn Stanley

    I agree you have the right to say what ever under the constitution, but I and as many others do have the right to from that point forward to not purchase her music. Thusly, you are right, and those who dont care for her have the same right, for my part, I could care less, there are so many more bigger fish to fry in the pan of liberals that she don't concern me, and she want eat a drop off of my support.

  18. Anonymous

    Is there a limitation to our free speech? Should she have flown home? What you are expressing is absurd. What did she say that was so dangerous. That we shouldn't go to war, a war that was administered on either fraudulent or poor information? Are you happy that the former President started a war that did nothing to change our security at home, costs the US billions, and sacrificed lives of young Americans?

  19. Anonymous

    Its fine that you do not want to "contribute". What did she do that was un-American? Speak up for protecting lives of young Americans from having to go to war, a war that history has proven to be based on poor or fraudulent information? If we would have had more Americans questioning the President, maybe we would not have wasted billions on a country that was not threatening us?

  20. Voice Forthesilent

    The problem isn't with her voicing her opinion or expressing freedom of speech, it's where she did it. It's like telling your sisters friends how ashamed you are of your name because of your sister – you keep stuff like that in the family and work through it. Had she been on US soil and spoke in a matter of concern over events it would have been received a whole lot better. There are many artists who have similar views like she does but they know when and how to express it. She will not be supported by me – I'll give my money to Toby Keith. He truly does something for the good of others.

  21. Sara Fox

    I'm excited to hear her new music! I think the way she was treated is ridiculous. I find it crazy that she is "Un-American" for not supporting Bush, but it's totally cool to bash Obama? Lots of glass houses out there…

  22. Sue Woody

    so NOW George Bush started the war???? how funny and that he still gets all the blame and look what we got now………..funny, funny, NOT!

  23. Anonymous

    Dani – is there something un-American to express your opinion? What you are proposing is very dangerous. I feeling like I have to comment to everyone here today. She expressed her opinion about an unjust war… a war that did not create more security. Funny how gas was 1 dollar a gallon at the start of the Bush presidency and then peak over 4 dollars a gallon. So much for creating stability

  24. Larry Pollard

    She has freedom of speech here, sure. But she made her stupid comments in another country, so freedom of speech doesn't apply. I'm sure the other two are glad to be free from her.

  25. Reno Raines

    she ruined the band with her big mouth! I feel sorry for the other two members both very talanted, looks like she finally came out of the closet, she just couldn't control her man hate!

  26. Greg Smith

    Lmao I could think of a whole lot worse things to say, about this idiot pretend president we have now, than what she said about Bush.I don't know about her, but, i could careless what anyone thinks.She said what she felt, good for her.

  27. Anonymous

    Dani Inglin – So, you were in agreement that we should start a war with Iraq, a country that we had contained military and were applying economic sanctions on? You are in agreement that we should allow young Americans to die on foreign soil when Iraq was not a primary (or secondary or tertiary threat)? Were you fine with the increase in AL-Qaida presence in Iraq after we started the war? You seem like you have your feelings hurt that you were wrong.

  28. Jess Perkins

    So you are blaming the war on one person. No one else voted for it? That shows a great amount of intelligence. I think you are the one that in on the brink of absurdity.

  29. Anonymous

    If you hadn't noticed Mike, many people on this site do not appear to think…. they are continuing to support a President who initiated a war on faulty or fraudulent intelligence. A war that costs us lives and billions. There were a lot of people at that time who were being sheeples…following without thinking

  30. Reno Raines

    she ruined the band with her big mouth! I feel sorry for the other two band members both very talanted, looks like she came out of the closet, she just couldn't control her man hate!

  31. Anonymous

    Sue Woody – George Bush didn't start a war with Iraq? Did I miss something. Sure seems like he was the President AND we were not attacked by Iraq

  32. Voice Forthesilent

    I'm sure she's been forgiven but that doesn't mean there aren't consequences to ones actions. She's never truly been regretful for speaking poorly about country music fans. She can rely on the international audience to sell her music. There is a difference between someone who's battled addiction and someone who in their right mind tears apart their country on foreign soil.

  33. Anni Anderson

    No, I agree Sharlene…she may live to regret this decision. I used to really like the Dixie Chicks until they were so openly disrespectful. And this isn't going to change my mind.

  34. Terry Garrison

    At first, I was very upset with Ms. Maines comments. But, as time past and more information became available to the US public, I supported her opinion. For anyone not to agree with her is equal to putting your head in the sand and thinking that nothing is wrong. First off, we were placed in a war under false information. And our President, at the time, has never recanted nor apologized to the US public for his lies and misdirection. The great number of innocent lives we have lost, in the name of freedom, due to a President lying to those whom elected him into office should, in of itself, be a crime. The lady shows more testicles than most men, being able to speak her mind, even when it is against the mainstream view of the masses. I wish her great success with her new career path.

  35. Jerry Ungar

    Can't figure out if that is a Guy trying to look like a Woman or a Woman trying to look like a Guy. Either way don't like this person and the mouth is way to big. should have learned to shut up.

  36. Jay Jones

    Pathetic. Are you attempting to be "cute" or are you being a hateful homophobe? When you make comments like that you lower the discourse and demonstrate your bias and insecurities

  37. Jeff Swint Smith

    The Dixie Chicks were absolutely right about the war and Bush, and never had anything to apologize for. Unfotunately, most of their records were bought by politically backward C & W music fans., like some of the ones who have made insipid comments here.

  38. Rose Marie Golden

    I have not based anything on what a celebrity sayes on my opinion of the political world…we are all entitled to an opinion. I wish she hadn't expressed herself outside our country that doesn't get our "freedom of speach", however I never held any hatred towards her…if I hated those who spoke against what I feel I would hate all that help put the DISASTER we have BACK IN OFFICE and I would be avoiding TV, Movies, Radio, Internet and print media…

  39. Jay Jones

    Pretty sad that you have to denigrate people by basing on one's sexuality. Lets move out of the middle ages here people. You make yourself look like a fool when you act like a homophobe

  40. Jodi Limes

    Not supporting her was my answer to replies. She was very disrepectful. So, I quit listening to her music and buying her music.

  41. Jay Jones

    Jess Perkins The President is the commander in chief. The President has the final decision to go to war or not. The decision to go to war was generated from the White House. Yes, congress needs to vote for… but congress can only vote for something (yellow cake mustard) when they are provided appropriate intelligence. We are well aware that there are those in the WH that would out a undercover agent because of vendettas

  42. Jodi Limes

    No, I just quit buying her/their music and continued to support Mr. Adkin, Mr. Rich, and others who may have different views but understand how to state them respectfully

  43. Jerry Ungar

    Oh, by the way I thought they were the Dickey Chicks anyway.

  44. Jerry Ungar

    Jay Jones You got a thing for the outspoken Dickey Chick?

  45. Jerry Ungar

    Jay Jones Hope you get some, seems like your type, are you Male or female, or you not sure

  46. Jodi Limes you're right. She has the right to express her views on the country, President, etc. as we all do. But she's in the public eye, and counts on the support of fans, like the country fans she trashed, to earn her living. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

  47. Jerry Ungar

    Jay Jones By the way, when someone speaks out the way they did, that is Pathetic

  48. Donn Lowe

    YES Bush started this mess we are in now and we are still loosing Americans lives so to ALL you people who hold her opinion against her—SHUT UP, she has a right to speak up, WE ALL DO!

  49. Karen Mitchell

    I'm a big believer in free speech, although I didn't appreciate Ms. Maines's words about President Bush. She had her right to say what she said, but her fans was largely a conservative group. Once they were offended, The Dixie Chicks' base was practically eliminated. "Not Ready take Nice" probably alienated them further. It remains to be seen how her career goes from here, whether she has success or her career is over. Sometimes Free Speech carries a steep price tag.

  50. Eric Hoitsma

    How can she leave it behind, SHE was the controversy.

  51. Pat Baker

    Didn't quit watching the Dixie Chicks because of the comment, but because they became so political after they got in trouble. After that, they always seemed angry in their songs and their songs always seem to express how angry they were. I like my music to be fun, not full of hate. I liked them when they sang songs like "Good-bye, Earl"!

  52. Kelly Reigle

    1. T reason , sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one's country or its government. T reason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government. S edition is any act, writing, speech, etc., directed unlawfully against state authority, the government, or constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite others to hostility, ill will or disaffection; it does not amount to treason and therefore is not a capital offense. 2. See disloyalty.

    Ms. Maines bad mouthed the POTUS on foreign soil could be seen as an act of Treason. I'm certain had she voiced her opinion on home territory she wouldn't have been treated so harshly, although Linda Ronstadt was booed off the stage in Vegas for doing the same thing. People still love Bush, just like many love and adore Obama. To each his own.

  53. Hope Tamara

    I am so glad Natalie is back & has a new album! I always thought she was the 1 that made the Dixie Chicks what they were, the other 2 were going no where when Natalie came aboard! I knew she could "make it on her own". I wish her the best!

  54. Schteveo Rukiddinme

    They did screw the pooch, AND they paid the price AND what's speaks MORE about the America they talked trash about, than freedom in the American market place of IDEAS and PRODUCTS, that the public turned there back on the Trio?!

    I think they underestimated THEIR demographic plain and simple. If they'd been college alternative rock stars, they'd have gotten Grammys the following 5 years. But us folks out here in 'fly over' are a little more All-American than they thought.

    Good Luck Ms. Maines, yer gonna be a'needin it!

  55. Schteveo Rukiddinme

    Molly, the SXSW crowd is RIGHT in her vein of politics. She's playing to college students, and Lefty's who live in Austin. It's a college town after all, and even in TX, such places are crawling with dumb college kids!

  56. Wayne Mills

    Since when is shooting your mouth off without loading your brain? When will the entertainment folks catch on and.
    Git it? We have no interest in their opinions on anything, they all say the same weak Liberal left wing stuff, no ability.
    to think for them selves.

  57. Ronald Gould

    Let her perform at only liberal venues. She made her choice. I wil lNEVER go to a concert or buy a record of hers.

  58. Tom Kidd

    Delighted to hear Natalie Maines is back! Looking forward to her new work; Natalie is 10-times the artist Ted Nugent & Hank Williams, Jr. are and more beautiful to look at, to boot. Welcome back, Natalie!

  59. Linda Cantrell Duke

    a jane fonda all over again well not as bad, she can say what ever she wants but not during a concert and in another land.lets call it what it was, coward.

  60. Jay Jones

    Being silent is worse! Not sure what you are going for… can't tell if you are pro or against her. The discussion should be … people should be willing to admit when they were wrong (e.g. those who think that Bush did no wrong) and appreciate someone who speaks her mind against her government

  61. Karen Mitchell

    I'm neither for her against her. I really don't want to be a part of the polarizing hysteria that's sinking our country. I pointed out that Free Speech is very important to me, but with it sometimes comes consequences.

  62. Jay Jones

    Good one, wow you got me. Was just wondering when I was going to get me some.

    BTW: it is always pathetic to attack a woman's looks and act homophobic. It is never pathetic to defend someone and speak up against injustice

  63. Jay Jones

    It is sad to see all of the hatred on this thread. Again, we should be supporting someone who speaks their mind, even if its against something you believe in. She spoke out against an unjust war that cost billions and lives. History has shown that she and others were right to do so. Obviously people hold on to hatred and anger with comments such as "has been" or "jane fonda". We should always question our government, no matter if we are on US soil, outside the country, or on Jupiter.

  64. Jackie Conte

    Who cares what you morons think…you're still defending that a-hole W. Shrub? Jesus Christ you people in America are stupid…especially you idiots that listen to country music. Natalie will be just fine…more than 3/4 of the country are NOT Repugtards…so that'll help.

  65. Chris Carpenter Oursler

    I was offended when she said it…but then again, my husband was in Iraq at the time. I was very hurt…especially because the song 'travelling soldier' was one of the few songs out at the time that even mentioned anything about war or waiting. I nearly threw her cd out the window of my car but I held on to it…and thought about it. I don't think she said what she said because she hates america…I think she said what she said because she disagreed with the premise of the war. Should she have said it 'over there'? No. But I don't think it would have mattered where she said it. Country folks tend to be republican. I think the feeling was that she said it over there because she knew it wouldn't be accepted over here and country fans felt duped. It simply opened my eyes to the idea that no matter what you may not be reality. I have learned to disconnect my political ideas from my taste for music. It's the most american idea in the world to be able to openly disagree or blather about the president. I think President Obama is a complete failure. That's my opinion. The opinion my husband and his friends…some of whom never came home, fought and died to protect. She shouldn't keep her mouth shut..none of us should. That's how dictatorships are born. We should be able to stand up and disagree and fight and move on. I hope she makes's what she is good at…

  66. Bill Frazier

    she is damged materal. who wants her back. she has never apoogized. she is still unamerican.

  67. Michael Baram

    I don't follow her or the group, but it was absolutely stupid of her to criticize her country and its leader before a foreign audience. She had the right of free speech, and I defend that, even though I disliked what she said. But at least have the courage to speak your mind IN the country that preserves that right for you.

  68. John Callow

    Funny how she was only outraged by US policies when a Republican was in office. Obama has continued rendition, wire taps, expanded spying on Americans, greatly expanded drone killings to the point where he even murdered an American citizen w/o due process, and destroyed every innocent human who happened to be near him….And hypocrite liberals screamed bloody murder when Bush dripped a few drops of water up three terrorists noses….Libs are worthless, hypocritical, selective indignation, phonies!

  69. Michael Baram

    Looks like someone's history book is incomplete. Gasoline peaked at $4 a gallon in July of 2008, President Bush said he would release several million barrels from the strataegic reserve, the speculators got cold feet, and the price per gallon plummeted. It was $1.89 per gallon the day Bush left office. How much are you paying now under Obama? I payed $3.59 yesterday at Sam's Club in Phoenix, and I'm not getting better mileage or more power than I was when it was affordable. See how far you'll travel at these prices when you live on Social Security and your Medicare premiums and supplemental health care premiums and food costs continue to rise while Obama threatens to cut your source of income because Congress doesn't want him to continue spending like a drunken sailor in a Chicago bath house.

  70. Ron Buckley

    You need to get off the war bandwagon. President Bush no more started that war than you did. It was voted on by a Democratic congress. Unlike the present Liar-in-Chief, George went through the right channels. By the way Ms. Maines did bad mouth our President in another country. She wasn't decrying the war. She was ashamed of our President. Our country decided that it was ashamed of her. Thus the demise of the Dixie Chicks. She should have just stayed there.

  71. John Callow

    jayjone…Obama has continued, even upped the anti on almost every national security policy that Bush had. Obama has murdered far more people,(incl. one American citizen) w/o any due process, yet phonies like you remain silent so long as there's a "D" next to the guy doing the murdering's name…HYPOCRITE!

  72. Michael Baram

    Decisions have to be made based on intelligence. If Bush got faulty intelligence (which was supported by the major intelligence services of our allies), who's fault is it? Especially when we know that Saddam also lied to his general staff and told them he had WMDs which would defeat the allies.
    (I'm waiting to see what pops up in Syria now. It'll probably have an Iraqi accent.)

  73. Jerry Aiken

    I find it ridiculous that anybody and everybody can insult THIS president in any way they wish, but she is still criticized and even called un-american by some below for criticizing THAT president. Let it go, idiots.

  74. Dani Inglin

    Jayjone Yes she did express her opinion which she has every right to. I did not like her tone against our country. I will also exercise my right of freedom of speech and say she was wrong in how and to whom she said it. I will never buy a record, CD, or attend any concert of hers. After she said what she did the Chicks were done she buried them single handed. I guess we will have to wait and see if the public will forgive and forget. By the posts on here I think not

  75. Jerry Aiken

    He and his administration absolutely did start the war in Iraq. Apparently, some of you need a history lesson.

  76. Debbie K. Smith-Guild

    Gee Whiz! Thought we all lived in America where it is our right to speak our minds. Why is it those who listen to country music are so narrow minded? They don't seem to remember that GW jr 'mis-spoke himself. There is no tolerence for anything but what 'they' say or do. Still a fan.

  77. Robert Mastroianni

    I see Claudia……so if anyone singer says anything you don't like you won't buy their CDs, see them in concert, etc? Wow……how narrow-minded.

  78. Robert Mastroianni

    I see Claudia……so if anyone singer says anything you don't like you won't buy their CDs, see them in concert, etc? Wow……how narrow-minded.

  79. Robert Mastroianni

    I see Claudia Olson……so if anyone singer says anything you don't like you won't buy their CDs, see them in concert, etc? Wow……how narrow-minded.

  80. Jim Wentworth

    This is some kind of joke. that bitch going solo, I wouldn't go see her if she was naked in the street for free, stupid bitch.

  81. Smith Ron

    Courageous woman ? It doesnt take a "courageous woman" to disrespect her country in front of a foreign country. She is more like a disrespectful and selfish woman . I dont care what party you voted for or belong to,you just dont do what she did.. that is, unless your anti-american.

  82. Teri Simpkins

    Interesting point of view, Claudia Olson. Perhaps you should re-read the U.S. Constitution, which says we have the right to freedom of speech. You seem to have no problem exercising that right but you want her to refrain from the same? Hypocrite!

  83. Beth Keeler Justice

    This is EXACTLY why I love the country in which I live. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Natalie has an amazing voice. You go, GIRL! If you all are so against it, why waste your time commenting! Busy yourself with that of which you are more interested!

  84. Tanner Teel

    Sharlene, they did, it was called "Court Yard Hounds" they failed, sadly!

  85. Robert Mastroianni

    Wow, Molly McKight Apel,, I didn't know being critical of someone was un-American. But then aren't you being critical of her being critical? Are you un-American, then?

    Un-American for being critical? Hmmm….didn't know we lived in a Comminist country.

  86. Tanner Teel

    I have always liked The Dixie Chicks! As a group, and seperates! She enjoys the same freedoms I do. I will buy her music! And laugh at all the fools who think she "should have kept her mouth shut", because I disagree! Hindsight is 20/20, and lets face it, George W Bush ruined this country!

  87. Funme Parker

    I just have a quick YES or NO question for you (all). Do you like P!NK? Y or N. Do you listen to her music? Y or N
    Now, for the tough question: Why?

  88. Jay Jones

    John – missing the point – she was protesting the war. I am not sure if she has been quoted re: the stuff you have talked about.

  89. Jay Jones

    Gas prices tanked because the economy started to tank. Prices should not be as high as they are.. they are being artificially elevated by speculators. What Bush did do was start an unnecessary war that led to the perception of instability (or actual instability) in the region.

    As for comments re: the president and spending. I am fine with everyone having access to healthcare, we should take care of each other. It is a crime to think that we can't somehow manage that when many other countries can.

    AND… were the Republicans spending like drunken sailors in Texas bathhouses? If I remember correctly, Clinton left a surplus, Bush started a war, cut taxes for the everyone (and the rich) and Obama inherited a clusterf…

    I wish people could get past their racism and homophobia to appreciate why things the way they are

  90. Roger Martin

    Funny attacking Bush was okay , but don't you dare say anything about that poor excuse of a president we have now , yeah I use to like the chicks but that soured me at this point and time I'm ashamed to say I'm american , this liberal crap is insane , last good Demacrat was Geaorge Wallace remember what he ran on then people!

  91. Jay Jones

    Ron Buckley Ron, its nice that you have your opinions, and I hope holding on to those illusions keep you feeling safe at night. It is easy to change history to support your opinions. The Democratic congress was not looking to start a war. I dare anyone to present credible evidence that D-Congressmen/women were calling on President Bush to attack Iraq. Iraq was Bush's 1st stop on his axis of evil tour.

    You people are so silly .. stop watching FOX

  92. Roger Martin

    thats your right but you actually support the things going on now under this so called president well go for it but when food gas and everything goes threw the roof will you still support this clown in cheif Natalie can say what she wants but it cost her plain and simple l

  93. Shelli Levin Jamison

    I was reading the Inquisitr and felt your comments were the only sane ones on there. I appreciate that took the time to refute those close minded people. I was/am truly shocked by the hatefulness of most of the comments made in response to the story.

  94. Jay Jones

    So, she should have hopped a plane, flow home to make a few minutes of comments, then flown back to continue her tour. Who the hell cares where she said it. The important things is that it was says.

    Scooter Libby lied on our soil. Others in the Bush administration lied on our soil. She spoke with honesty and conviction. I see a definite difference

  95. Kevin V Sinclair

    Robert Mastroianni I believe the last thing I want to hear about from an entertainer is about their political views. It would seem to me that someone who can make a better living by keeping certain aspects of there life private should do so. Everyday we make choices, I also vote with my pocketbook.

  96. Janet Penn

    Funny how everyone believes George was the real President. You don't for a minute think Daddy was pulling the strings and Channey was there to be sure Daddys will was done.

  97. Jay Jones

    Where would you have liked her to do? Oh, you are probably one of those guys that would prefer a woman in berka. Speak up whereever you are. Do whatever you need to do to get attention. It was a crazy time in which speaking against was criticized – even to the point where a CIA operative was outed as payback….

  98. Kim Masterson-Leaderbrand

    No doubt there's alot of Leftist pigs that will buy her Anti-American ranting chit!

  99. Anne K Johnsonn

    Robert, I think it's because she said it outside the United States. That's a tough one to overlook.

  100. Barbara Cumbess

    Yes she had her opinion and if she was at a political rally fine but she was not she was there to give a concert not a political speech. When I go to a concert that is what I want to hear there music not there political opinion.

  101. Dani Inglin

    a Dixie Chick fan….Oh yeah , thats right Natalie flushed them down the toilet with her. There is no Dixie Chicks thanks to her.

  102. Anne K Johnsonn

    Again, the real problem is that she said it to a foreign audience.

  103. Dani Inglin

    You say SHUT UP!!! We have every right to speak as she did. You dont have to like our opinions of her but it is our right also. You are ridiculous telling us to shut up and then saying she has a right to speak. You cant have it both ways.

  104. Jay Jones

    Kevin – Every American, regardless of status/job/etc, should have the right to express their opinion. To say you do not want to hear from an entertainer is sad – do you listen to Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, etc? Guess what – they are entertainers. They care more about the money they make from their jobs than anything they actually "stand for"

  105. Spacklin Jefferson

    Everything she said about Bush was right. Everyone who agreed with Ms. Maines is on the right side of history. If you think Bush was a good president, you're fucked in the head.

    Scoreboard, losers.

  106. Anne K Johnsonn

    Good grief, Sara. Someone would have to compare to Obama wouldn't they. What you don't seem to understand is that she criticized President Bush to a foreign audience. It's best to be patriotic toward your own country when visiting elsewhere. We can cast our personal opinions in the voting booth. This in no way has anything to do with Obama unless you want to post something negative a celebrity said about him outside the US.

  107. Jay Jones

    Do you go to concerts to hear the lyrics? Many, many, many artists express their political opinions/beliefs in songs. Good luck finding any artist of quality that doesn't have some sort of opinion to express

  108. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jayjone, you seem to want to use this forum to support your liberal position and degrade President Bush. Go ahead, but that's not what this is about. Use your brain.

  109. Chuck Sitero

    People saying that she should have kept her mouth shut, you are ignorant! She was right! Most of us knew that ten years ago, you are a walking antique! You are completely brain washed.

  110. Spacklin Jefferson

    Everything she said about Bush was true.

    Everyone who agreed with her is on the right side of history.

    If you think Bush was good at all for this country, you're fucked in the head and beyond hope.

    Scoreboard, losers.

  111. Dani Inglin

    She can speak her mind she is expressing her freedom of speech. We dont have to like and accept what she said and who she said it to. We also have every right to express how we feel about her. I dont agree with what you posted but respect your right to do so. Why is it when we express our thoughts we become haters and close minded people? We feel one way about the subject and you another. No, one is right or wrong just have difference of opinion.

  112. Dani Inglin

    my money my choice if I dont like them for what ever reason I become narrow minded? That is absurd

  113. Anne K Johnsonn

    jayjone, there you are again. We are supporting neither Bush nor Obama in this forum. We are talking about bashing a President to a foreign audience. There is plenty of criticism to be directed at any and all Presidents although most are very partisan with their comments. That would not be you, of course :-).

  114. Jay Jones

    There are things that are RIGHT and WRONG. It was WRONG to go to war. It is RIGHT to speak out against it. People are WRONG when they hold on to opinions as if they were facts.

  115. Amy Halterman-Chou

    I sure haven't forgotten and would be even LESS likely to have anything to do with her music. I hate her fake, obnoxious voice anyway! Ugh! I hope this album bombs!

  116. Deb Moschkin

    She didn't get invited to the State of the Union speech like "dead or in jail" Ted Nugent. Funny, huh?

  117. Jay Jones

    Dani – its comments like these that show your opinion when you are WRONG. As of this moment in time, the Dixie Chicks are still a band. They have not broken up or have not been flushed. Ha

  118. John Nicoletti

    No, there is no limitation on free speech, but you do have to apply some common sense. If you have a problem with a President, fine, but to bad mouth him in a foreign country.? She has paid dearly for her mistake. Good luck Natalie, you will need it.

  119. Amy Halterman-Chou

    Really, Robert? Narrow-minded? I think that is called putting your money where your mouth is. Why do you care? I totally feel the same way.

  120. Jean Squires Mora

    I loved the Dixie Chicks, and I still love Natalie! If you don't like her, don't go see her or buy her records. I"m sure she won't stop breathing if you don't. She has a very successful husband, so I figure she's doing this for herself. If it goes great, so be it, if not I'm sure her & her family will survive. As for me, I definately will pray that her career moves forward! If you ever read the Bible, God says FORGIVE! After 10 years, give it up people!

  121. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jay, you really are missing the point. Plenty of people have spoken against the war. As a celebrity, you don't go to another country and bash your President. Maybe some of us are just more respectful of that office than you.

  122. Jay Jones

    Dani Inglin If haven't yet read all the threads, it is obvious that the discourse leans away from disagreement of her to more of an attack of her based on looks, gayness, etc. It appears that a segment of the population, "country fans" are hurt because she expressed strong opinions about Bush and Bush's supporters. Rather than to forgive and move on, many would rather spew venom and hatred. And yes, read the comments it is hatred

  123. Anne K Johnsonn

    Oooh, spoken like far leftie who talks in soundbites and knows few facts.

  124. Anne K Johnsonn

    Yes, Jeff, working hard and making your own way instead of living off the government and your neighbor is politically backward. Good luck with your socialism. Just remember, socialism is great as long as your neighbor has money.

  125. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jerry, both presidents have been criticized heavily by those of the other party. Now so much in front of a large audience on foreign soil however. There is a difference.

  126. Larry Donaldson

    I have no respect for her or any who support her. I went through this in the 60/70 era. People who don't have the balls to go the war zone and actively be in COMBAT have no right whatsoever to mouth their opinion about those who do. American or not. All of you so called "rights" people. What makes you think you've earned that right more than the man/woman who fought and bled for it. Your kind makes me very ill. Then, like in Viet-Nam, when we will pull out you don't think there won't be a retaliation happen. Those 60 war protestors have more innocent blood on their hands than any GI to include those who nuked Japan. Over 9,000,000 men, women, and children were murdered after we left Viet-Nam and that's not counting those who were "murdered by the North Vietnamese before and during the war. Getting the hint yet. As far as the sitting president at the time she opened her mouth doesn't owe his country any explanation about anything that is discussed or given a go by him. Right here is a good example and the media is the next best example. I wish her luck but it won't come from me.

  127. Jean Lembach

    I don't usally hold a grudge but I certainly will in this case Just as she has the right to say what she wants I have the right to listen to what I want and it wont be her!

  128. Anne K Johnsonn

    The angry look she always has, such as in this photo, is not helping her. Does she have a PR person!

  129. Diana Oswald

    I'm ashamed Bush is from Texas, I'm ashamed of America, and ashamed to be an American! So there, I said it, and I know I'm not the only one saying it/thinking it, so now what? Wtf do all you haters have to say to me? Fuck you. For every person that hates her for saying the truth, there's a hundred others that will love her.

  130. Jay Jones

    How did she pay? She and her group continued to sell millions of records even in the free downloading age… look up her record sales. They are incredible AND they sell out concerts, win Grammys. Seems pretty good to me

  131. Robert Mastroianni

    Kevin V Sinclair I see so in your mind entertainers shouldn't give their views? Interesting.Are entertainers allowed to have views in your world?

  132. Roxanne Cho

    What get's me if it was a man says a coment like what she said he would of got laughs or applause. But just becasue it was a women she gets boom off the stage. She was saying what everyone else was thinking but didn't have the balls to say it. I'm so happy you are returning to the stage again. I will be the first on to buy your album. and boo hoo to the haters.

  133. Jodi Limes

    She is a country music performer who called her support system stupid. So, the support system went "poof." Our radio station quit playing Dixie Chicks because their fans stopped supporting them until they did.

  134. Diana Oswald

    I'm sure she'll be very upset that she lost your sale, Dani. NOT.

  135. Robert Mastroianni

    Amy Halterman-Chou Well Amy, why do you care? You posted, too so I guess I care for the same reason you do. So Amy, you will NEVER totally agree 100% with everybody on everything. So the minute somebody says or does something you disagree with wouldn't support that entertainer? Wow….must be a lonely world for you.

  136. Jodi Limes

    So, Jay, that would mean you're wrong because you're holding onto your opinions as if they're facts and you're calling everyone who doesn't agree stupid.

  137. Dee Parris

    The woman is entitled to her opinion. What she said was far less offensive than what I hear being said about this Country today. Btw, I didn't like George W. Bush either.

  138. Jodi Limes

    It's called using your wallet. And that's what is important to all performers. They don't make money without CD and ticket sales.

  139. Robert Mastroianni

    Time will tell, Dani…………..personally, if I like some acting I will see their movie, if I like their singing, I will listen to their music and see them in concert. Their political views mean 0 to me.

    On the flip side, someone could have political views I agree with yet if I don't like their acting/singing I won't follow them.

  140. Barb Stevens

    The world would be a lot better off without bigoted dicks like you JW.

  141. Robert Mastroianni

    Michael Baram Outside of the fluke $1.89/gallon the day W left gas prices have been $3.50/$3.85 steady where Im at…….same as when W was in.

  142. Barb Stevens

    So many perfect people on here! Most of you are bloody bigots who can go rot in hell. I am so glad I am not an American! She said what she said. GET OVER IT!

  143. Joe Lara

    I use to sit behind her in History class at O.L. Slaton Jr. High in Lubbock. I always knew she was a little Communist slut.

  144. Robert Mastroianni

    Smith Ron I get it……so had she said it in the U.S. it would've been OK? The whole world would have heard about it anyways. Ah, keep it the U.S., even with things you say?

  145. Melanie Wilbur

    I cannot wait to hear what she has to offer. I have missed her voice and contribution to music. I will support her because I believe in true talent. If others want to whine about what she said more than 10 years ago and contribute to music machines with no talent and no brains of their own, that's their opinion. To support her is mine, and I plan to do so.

  146. Jennifer Smith

    She hasn't left her controversial past behind- I still remember and will not forget! She shouldn't have talked badly about our country and our President! She should move to out of the US.

  147. Bob Butrico

    Austin is about the only place in Texas that Natalie Maines would not get booed off stage. From the sounds of the article, it sounds like she wasn't all that warmly recieved even at SXSW. She will not leave her "controversial past" behind her…it will follow her closely, particularly among God fearing, Red White and Blue Americans.

  148. Roy May

    She shoulda kept her moth shut! Why do Liberal celebrities feel they need to use their notarity to express their political views? She threw away the biggest majority of her fan base and not only ruined her career but her band mates also. She may have been embarassed that GW was from Texas but not as nearly embarassing as this Socialist Lying Racebaiting Liberal Unamerican fool for POTUS we have now is to the USA and the whole world.

  149. Alan Wright

    Where did you hear that? Anyone who disagrees with Obama is called a racist even when race isn't the issue. As for Natalie's anti-Bush comments, sure, she's entitled to her opinion, but she should also accept any potential consequences. Quite a number of her fans were not on board with her politically and she failed to realize that (or didn't care), so, yes, she did indeed pay a price!

  150. Deb Moschkin

    I will too, and I really was never a fan of that group (or any country music). She's got a new fan in me, though.

  151. Deb Moschkin

    Yeah, like that brave combat soldier Ted Nugent, right?

  152. Mary McCann Straka-Miller You just don't go to another country and run your mouth Paul McCartney also did it in the USA as he snuggled up to Obama………….so wrong……….neither one of these people have any respect……….but yet makes tons of money……………….just so wrong

  153. Jamie Mitchell

    This is what so concerning. There has been so many people that have disrespected our current president. that have gone unscathed and even celebrated.The Dixie Chicks a very talented group of girls disagreed with Bush about the war and the band was black balled… Ended up the war just killed a lot of our soldiers.
    and was totally unnecessary, the Chicks were right.. God bless our troups.

  154. Robert Miller

    She voiced her very negative opinion of her homeland to a foreign audience. Totally wrong. She said it in a way that she was disowning her nation. So I guess she thought she was being BIG about it and wanted the Brits to love her for disagreeing. They probably did not care but her native fans did and they said get lost. If she had siad it here it would have been much less of a big deal. Maybe nothing. I am glad how it worked out. She was headed for trouble one way or the other.

  155. Karol Tyson Giusti

    She really did NOT say ANYTHING!!!!! Really People! Worse things are said about our president on a daily basis! You are ridiculous! She is a very talented individual! I love her music regardless! Don't any of you dare do something that will be judged by humans cuz your Karma will come around and bite you in the ass!!!!

  156. Meridith Lisa Kropp Phillips

    The other Chicks have their own band, the Courtyard Hounds. It is just the two sisters and some backup. Their album was poorly promoted, but absolutely lovely. Here is a video of them playing "The Coast" which has become one of my all time favorites.

  157. Shea Capello

    So she ruins the band and then goes solo? Classic.

    Yes she has the right to say what she wants and I have the right to never buy her music again.

  158. Shea Capello

    She can say what she wants and people can never buy her music. Love how free speech only works for people when it suits their opinion.

  159. Amy Halterman-Chou

    So Deb, you think you should be the only one to be able to express your opinion? What kind of a stupid comment is that anyway? Are you making fun of my wedding dress?

  160. Amy Halterman-Chou

    Well, narrow mindedness goes both ways, Robert. You're right, I do not support much in the entertainment world. I have not turned on the tv in weeks and do not buy much in the way of music anymore, and I could care less about concerts. I don't even, gasp…have a cell phone!! I think that most of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood is a bunch of junk and has helped in dumbing down our country and culture. What Maines did would have been considered treasonous at one time. I am not lonely. I have my own life and my own ideas and opinions and don't have to march to everyone else's beat, and vapidly run out to buy whatever garbage they are marketing. It is rather freeing, you should try it.

  161. Rhonda Williams

    I agree, Claudia. It was a dumb business decision she made to go public and if I were one of those other Dixie Chicks, I would be pissed at such foolishness. I think of her as an idiot just as I do Beyonce and Linda Ronstadt and anyone else who isn't paid to express their dumb opinions. I know I haven't liked her since she did that and I disagree with her stupid tweet about "she was right". She wasn't. She's part of the problem in this country. Too many stupid people.

  162. Lori Roberts-Pederson

    Oh my…forgiveness is such a gift! Try traveling to a foreign country where you are fighting for shelter and your next meal. Turn the page, who cares! Life is way too short.

  163. Genie Collins

    I wasn't totally destestful of Bush, but I have always loved and still do love the Chicks. The First Amendment was around then… it's also around now, but our current president doesn't seem to care.

  164. Kate Ward

    So, any entertainer who has different political opinions than you is un-American. Wow. Do you plan on becoming ex-fan of ALL entertainers who disagree with you? So, it doesn't matter that Natalie was right about your cronie Bush? Wow, again. People like you truly frighten me.

  165. Delaney Reed

    Go Natalie! You live in the free world!! Thank Goodness the Bush regime Is over!!!

  166. Lynn Pinsak

    Michael Baram I just bought the cheapest gas I have found in weeks at Costco in Fullerton , Calif for $3.99 a gallon. It is only going to get worse, thanks, obama.

  167. Lynn Pinsak

    NO chance of comeback in my book. I was done with the Dixie Chicks that fatefulday and with the follow up magazine of them nude on the cover spitting in our faces.

  168. Barbara Cumbess

    when i go to a concert thats what i want to hear there music and good singing not politics leave your political views at the door we are there to enjoy good music and forget all the bad stuff happening for a couple of hours if they want to express there political opnion go to a political function and express it

  169. Kim Benjamin

    First of all she had a right to her opinion as everyone of you here do. Don't knock her for feeling the way she did…If you don't agree with what she said then that's your right, but why you are on here talking about how dare she say what she said and then in the next breath people are knocking the current president and the funny thing is that's the reason you are upset with Natalie in the first place. Why is it ok for you to knock the president but it wasn't ok when Natalie did it?

  170. Jolyn Brooks Meehan

    I don't think she cares what a bunch of white trash right wing nut jobs think. She wasn't bashing the troops she was bashing the President at the time. Which she had every right to do. Yes, I am a veteran and I am also an independent voter. I'm sick and tired of the Evangelicals and Tea Party freaks questioning the Patriotism of those who don't think like they do. Just because I don't doesn't make me a "Liberal." I am just sick of the craziness & divisiveness in this country. Most people bashing Ms. Maines don't have the guts to go join the service, either. I did, and I still believe in your right to spew hatred and would fight for it. You may notice most voters don't share your opinion…check out the results of the last election!

  171. Mary Beth Guilbo

    I find it deplorable that anyone could be so openly hateful of an American exercising their right to free speech. You can like the music or not the music. You can agree with a point of view or not, but you should be applauding that we live in a country where people can speak their mind.

  172. Bonnie Bridgman Pullen

    I hope this nasty little girl realizes Texas is ashamed of her too…….I guess she didn't have anyone in the WTC or the Pentagon or on Flt 93. Maybe she would of taken it more personal if it had happened in Houston. I hope she is a big flop!

  173. Kimo Kamakapili

    Her music career will never recover from what she said. Not really a fan of country music, never followed the Dixie Chicks and all politics aside, the real lesson here is to think before you speak. In her case, she may not regret what she said, but it has surely affected the livelihood of her family and her bandmates. Good initiative, poor judgement :(

  174. Lori Roberts-Pederson

    Read comments about how people still felt about Natalie and I had to post…

  175. Bill Moore

    She has every right to express her opinion, and I have every right to disagree and never buy any of her songs. just sayin…………

  176. Steve Finley

    And exactly why should she have "kept her big mouth shut," since she happened to be right? Is that what bothers you?

  177. Steve Finley

    God bless her for telling the truth then and now. Some of you people need to quit operating on blind loyalty and get a clue. She was right. Period.

  178. Ezy Jimenez

    Can't believe 10 years later people still get worked up over this bs. She was right…get over it already. As my 12 yr old niece just stated, "all the people saying mean stuff about her are old hateful people that are looking for something to be mad about." She is right too!

  179. Casey Ray

    @Jay, when Scooter Libby puts out his next album, I will be sure not to buy it!

  180. Casey Ray

    @Jay, you are correct, people have the RIGHT not to buy an album, from someone who they feel said something WRONG.

  181. Casey Ray

    Exactly, because of Bush, 60 million Morons voted for Obama.

  182. Paige Weiner

    I don't go to a concert to listen to a musicians rant about their political views. I go to concerts to forget about poltics and the problems that are going on here and around the world.

  183. Pete Peterson

    Jane Fonda almost dead………..or so I hope…. Natalie Maines is her replacement so as we can hate this kind of vermin for time to come.

  184. Jerry Ungar

    About a nano second…. Should I address you as Mister Jones

  185. Jerry Ungar

    You appear to be of the no violence type. Even if you don't believe in the President going to war, you don't use your Celebrity to express your view. You either support your President or you shut up.

  186. Edward Price

    Just listen to Palin's speech about Obama..and she is applauded for her rants? And yet everyone jumps on the band wagon against Natalie? hmmmm

  187. Lisa Mann LaDuke

    What bothered me was not that she stated her opinion–she is certainly free to do that–but she criticized others for holding a different opinion than her and she criticized Bush in a foreign country, that does not sit well with me. I used to love the Dixie Chicks–but this is our country–work here to solve the problems–don't just complain or criticize in a foreign country……….AND LEAVE TOBY KEITH ALONE!

  188. John Summers

    All of you haters on here are really George W. Bush lovers, shameful! I love Natalie and I hope her solo career takes off but I hope more that she reunites with the Dixie Chicks. Solo ventures don't always create a lot of chemistry however, I've not heard any of the new material so I look forward to that. I did love Julian Casablancas cd a few years ago.

  189. Helen Pearson Souza

    yes, she spoke her mind and we, her public, spoke ours by witholdig our $$. I was no fan of GW, my biggest complaint was that she made her statement in another country., Did she ever make such a statement in Texas. More entertainers need to learn that we don't come to them for a lesson in politics..just sing or act and we'll be happy.

  190. Matthew Simon

    Her music is good but not as good as the Group was. I hope they will be together again as the Dixie Chicks. People are ready for their music again.

  191. Rudy Villela

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions when it comes to our country… that is a given, thanks to our constitution. Yet, because she spoke about a president (whom I didn't vote or cared for), those who fell for the media ploy, are up and arms about this? Really? I'd like to know how many of you folks have said your unsupportive views about President Obama. Would that be any more different than what Natalie Maines did?

  192. Tamara Jennings

    As a Moderate, I have to say I support her freedom of speech. As I hear the bashing from both sides, I have to point out that there is a lot of Obama bashing going on all over the world, and its all part of the process.
    She is a huge talent and I will will miss the other Chicks but hope she does well. By the way, I would point out there is nothing un-American about her. That's the problem with the right and why it's party is deteriorating. Look in the mirror.

  193. Tamara Jennings

    Oh, and duh, you don't have to support her or buy her records to protest. I'm sure she made the decision not to give a $%#@ before she said what she said.

  194. Dani Inglin

    Jay Jones ok if you want to get technical the chicks have not announced their break up, but it has been 10 years since Natalie spoke…since then the chicks have done nothing, the two sisters tried a duo for a while and natalie has done nothing. So now she has reinvented herself as a solo artist, with a different type music and whole different look. 10 years is along time and yes she flushed all of them. When was their last concert ,or their last album, or their last appearance,They are through…Thank you Nat

  195. James Alan Jones

    It always amazes me to see he level of anger people feel about what Ms. Maines. If people choose to hate this women or not buy her records, obviously that is their right but it displays the exact sort of ignorance and intolerance that got Bush elected twice.

  196. Roger Light

    She has every right to her opinion and as it turns out, she was right. He was an embarassment. The people who decide to punish her for expressing her opinion also have that right. That is what makes America great. Many men and women have died to preserve that right. Good Luck Natalie and GOD Bless America.

  197. Robyn Norris Matthis

    WHAT is it going to TAKE to get rid of this woman? She looks like a lesbian. She abandoned her band. She is universally hated. My GOD! What's it going to take to make it sink into her thick skull…….YOU ARE NO LONGER POPULAR! GO AWAY!

  198. Marcia Bryant

    History proved Maines right. I wish her great success.

  199. Lisa Mann LaDuke

    not un-american for supporting Bush–un-american for dissing our country in a foreign country and calling her fan base stupid–I loved them until I heard her call me stupid–if I wanted more of that i would be friends with more left leaning liberal minded people–who think they can do or say anything they want and get rewarded for it but attack anyone else when they have a different opinion–I persoanlly have not trusted our government for more years than just the Bush years

  200. Lisa Mann LaDuke

    not un-american for supporting Bush–un-american for dissing our country in a foreign country and calling her fan base stupid–I loved them until I heard her call me stupid–if I wanted more of that i would be friends with more left leaning liberal minded people–who think they can do or say anything they want and get rewarded for it but attack anyone else when they have a different opinion–I persoanlly have not trusted our government for more years than just the Bush years

  201. Tanner Teel

    says anne k johnsonn hidden behind no photo, and private everything!

  202. Tanner Teel

    says anne k johnsonn hidden behind no photo, and private everything!

  203. Steve Bliss

    Sara it was not just that she bashed Bush. There are plenty of country artists who have been critical of Bush and other conservative. Merle Haggard was far more critical of him than Maines and Kris Kristfferosn has worn a Che Geverra shirt on stage, and both of them are icons. The backlash was about the insulting comments she made about the country fan-base and also other artists like Reba Mcintire.

  204. John Hodges

    I hope that George W. Bush will go down as the worst president of the United States of the 21st century. I hope so, because I don't think we can survive having anyone worse, we sure as hell don't need brother Jeb, or any other faux Republicans, which is essentially all that we have had since the party was hijacked in 1912.

  205. Steve Walkom

    I'll buy your album, Natalie. I couldn't give a toss what you said about someone 10 years ago.

  206. Tamera Lynn

    There's been a lot of controversy over G.W's motivation for going to Iraq and the lies that were told to get the people of the US to support him. Most of the people who did not support him ended up to be right – most people were just afraid to speak up about it. He said there were weapons of mass destruction and we later found out that was simply not true. The Dixie Chicks weren't the only people who were against the war.

    We have our freedom of speech for a reason. I see people exercising those same rights every day as they bash and hate on Obama. If the Dixie Chicks didn't have a right to talk bad about GW then, no one has the right to talk bad about Obama now!

  207. Kara H

    Shes got more balls than any on you! Its freedom of speech…everyone has the right and so does she…deal with it…

  208. Tamera Lynn

    It's funny how most of the people who did not think she should have had her freedom of speech back then are clearly exercising their freedom of speech and freedom to hate today. She said what was in her heart and she was not wrong. You all are saying what's in your hearts and you don't think you are wrong, either. Hate her because she feels as passionately about her rights as you feel about yours – seems pretty hypocritical to me. Don't want to support her? That's fine, too. There will be a lot of us who do!

  209. Deborah Lewis Durham

    To be fair, I think for a lot of people, at the time, it wasn't what she said so much as the time and place she chose to say it. Frankly, I get that celebrities have personal opinions and those include political opinions, but I honestly do get sick of them using every stage they climb on to express them. I don't pay to hear political speeches by singers. I pay to hear them sing.Of course, country music fans are, on the whole, more patriotic and conservative than some. So, it might have created less of an uproar, if they had been a rock band. lol 😉

  210. Theresa Niles Clark

    Jodi Limes – radio stations didn't stop playing the chicks because of the fans turning against her, they stopped playing her because the President banned her music from being played in the US, now how's that for our constitutional rights! You do or say something wrong to our government and watch how quickly they turn their backs on you. But yet we are to stand beside them as they continue to drag us further into poverty and yet they still making their riches off our hard earned wages.

  211. Will RunsTheworld McNamara

    It's safe to say the MAJORITY of Americans NOW agree w/ her statement. It's hilarious that, during the same time frame, Eminem/Pink, and other industry leaders, had full songs bashing the president and their albums hit #1 and were praised…. but in 2006 the Dixie Chicks shot to #1 with close to 600,000 albums sold in their first week and won countless Grammy's that season…so…

  212. Sophia Mesches

    Go Natalie! I grew up listening to the Dixie Chicks music and I am so happy she's coming back! Even with out the rest of the girls, I'm sure Mother is going to be great! Can't wait to hear it on May 7th! I saw her as a role model, speaking out and stating her opinion, and not backing down when things got hard. I love you Natalie! Keep on doing what you love! <3

  213. Tamera Lynn

    Odd – I thought this comment was going to stay under the article. I'm surprised to see it here on my page.

  214. Shonna VanSantford

    Can't wait – I miss the dixie chicks…or chick.

  215. Jen N' Jason Swerczek

    I've never posted a comment on these things before and I know I'll have all sorts of people respond in a negative way. I understand that everyone has varying beliefs in God. The thing is, nobody is perfect, thank goodness. We all make mistakes and if we are sorry, God will forgive us. Where is the forgiveness? We have no right to judge. It's amazing how forgiveness is such a hard thingto give yet God gives it to us all the time. Thank goodness for that. If we spent more time forgiving and caring for people, things would be very different. Natalie made a mistake, why should she be condemned forever for it? Let us all spend more time praying for one another than complaining and condeming people on this site. God bless.

  216. Jonathan Darr

    Even Republicans know she was right. The Iraq war was based on lies and incompetent intelligence. The Bush regime was in the wrong and thousands of innocents from the US and Iraq paid with their lives. God bless Natalie Maines for her patriotism and for offering a vital criticism at a time when it was dangerous to do so. Bush should be tried as a war criminal and Maines should be heralded for taking such a visible, international stand against him.

  217. Patrick Turner

    The marketplace will decide her success, not the opinions of the people on this thread. I predict failure and return to the Dixie Dummies myself.

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