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Grandma Shot Grandson 5 Times As He Called 911

Grandma shot grandson as he called 911

A grandma shot her grandson five times as he called 911, according to prosecutors. The 75-year-old grandmother is accused of shooting and killing her 17-year-old grandson in Pontiac, Michigan early last year.

Jonathan Hoffman was reportedly staying with his grandmother, Sandra Layne, as his parents worked through their divorce. Layne’s attorney contends that the boy was experiencing problems and was becoming difficult for the grandmother to control.

As reported by CBS News, the teen had previous run-ins with police in the months preceding the shooting. In March 2012, the teen was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Later that same month, Layne had contacted police complaining that the teen was out of control. Hoffman eventually calmed down and was not arrested.

Two months later on May 18, 911 dispatchers received a call from the teen stating that his grandmother was shooting him. As reported by the Huffington Post, the recorded call was played during Layne’s preliminary hearing last summer:

“I’ve just been shot. My grandma shot me. I’m going to die. Help … I got shot, shot again. Please help. Help.”

Gunshots can be heard in the background during the recorded call. It was later revealed that the grandma shot her grandson a total of five times as he called 911 for help.

Authorities responding to the teen’s call report finding the Layne with her hands over her head, yelling “I murdered my grandson.” The grandmother was arrested and taken into custody for murder.

Police later recovered a Glock 9mm handgun and nine spent cartridges from the home Layne shared with her grandson.

Layne’s murder trial began Monday with opening statements from the prosecutor and defense attorney Jerome Sabbota. Prosecutors openly admitted that the teen was found to have K2 in his system. The prosecution contends that the trace amounts, found in his urine, indicate the substance had been in his system too long to cause behavioral changes.

The defense presented their opening statements, stating that the teen was well loved and respected by his grandmother. They contend that Layne shot her grandson in self defense as he had physically assaulted her. Attorney Sabbota stated that Layne’s fear of her grandson led to her purchase of the gun.

The prosecution is expected to spend the next two weeks proving that the grandma shot her grandson. Layne is expected to take the stand in her defense this week as the trial continues.

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13 Responses to “Grandma Shot Grandson 5 Times As He Called 911”

  1. Luann S Willingham

    It should have never gotten to this point wherw he had to move in with his grandmother. But for a grandmother to go and buy a gun for protection from her own grandson? She obviously felt safe in her house before he came because she had to go OUT to buy a gun. There was a real fear therw when mema has to buy a gun for any reason especially someone shw "loved" and respected. May GOD have mercy on her soul and heart.

  2. Towonda Lezine

    Before it got this far, he soups have been sent back to one of his parents. What were they doin abt their out of Control teen

  3. Valarie Kay

    The grandparent is not the parent…way to go pawning your kid off on someone else because you didn't feel like dealing with it during your divorce.

  4. Jennifer Sanchez

    I'm sorry..once she had shot him and he called 911 for help, it was no longer self defense, he was down and severely injured. You don't call 911 and scream for help sobbing that your grandma is killing you if you're a danger to the other person. She went too damn far.

  5. Anonymous

    First thing here the Gun didn't do it for you idiots, second she did have a fear for her life, third, just where were the parents again? they were having troubles? from what? the Kid? A lot can happen when you are in fear for your life, I put 14 rounds in a man that was trying to kill me, fear can play a major role in your actions. Be smart Don't judge someones actions until you have been in there shoes.Semper Fidelis. "Vietnam Veteran"

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