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Whitney Houston FBI Files Reveal Extortion Attempts

Whitney Houston’s FBI files reveal that the Grammy winning singer may have been the subject of at least one extortion attempt.

Houston, who passed away on the eve of the Grammy Awards in 2012, received several threatening letters throughout her career.

The NY Post reports that one letter written in 1992, which was marked “extortion by the FBI, demanded that Houston pay $100,000 to prevent “details” of her “private life” spilling into the public. But it doesn’t appear that Houston paid any money since another letter was sent demanding $250,000 from the singer. The second letter promised to reveal “intimate details” about the singer’s “romantic relationships.”

Whitney Houston’s FBI file is heavily redacted but the 128 page document does reveal a few more details about the extortion attempt.

According to Digtriad.com, Houston considered the woman who sent the letters “a friend” and admitted that she had discussed “personal things” with the extortionist.

The document also reveals that Houston may have paid the woman hush money. The file shows that Houston’s father, John Houston, sent the woman a confidentiality agreement along with an undisclosed amount of money. The FBI closed the case soon after.

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