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4 Die In Small Plane Crash In New Mexico

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Four people died in a small plane crash today in New Mexico.

According to ABC, a single-engine plane crashed shortly after taking off from an airport in the community of Angel Fire in northern New Mexico. All four people onboard the plane, two adults and two children, were killed in the crash.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford said that the cause of the crash was unknown. Lunsford did say, however, that there were strong winds in the area around the time of the crash.

Lunsford said:

“At this point, it’s really too early to speculate on what might have happened … Whether (the wind) played a role in the accident … investigators will determine.”

Carl Shilcutt, an airport official, confirmed that there were strong winds during the time of the crash. Shilcutt said that the wind was blowing at around 55 mph.

John Nelly, a resident of Taos, said he saw the plane crash.

“It appeared the plane was trying to build altitude leaving the runway and caught the wind wrong and took a nosedive for the ground.”

Not much is known about the 4 people who died in the small plane crash. The Epoch Times reports that the family may have been from San Antonio, Texas. The plane, a single engine Mooney Plane, was registered to Verhalen Flyers Inc. in Scottsville Texas. The final destination of the plane is not known.

There have been several small plane crashes recently. A plane crash in Florida left one dead last week. There have also been plane crashes in Georgia, Yemen and a helicopter crash in California.

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9 Responses to “4 Die In Small Plane Crash In New Mexico”

  1. Scott Roberts

    Crashes happen. The only reason airplane crashes make the news at all is because of the relative rarity. If car crashes were reported to the depth aircraft crashes are, there would be NO room for any other news, sports or weather!

  2. Anonymous

    There have been a lot of serious car crashes reported also lately.

  3. Rick Bohn

    The plane that crashed was a Mooney and the one in the picture is a Cessna. Plus, the one in the picture appears to be a Cessna 172 which can hold 4 people if they a light enough.

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