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‘The Lion King’ Gets ‘American Idol’ Treatment [Video]

zoanette johnson

When Zoanette Johnson took the stage last night on American Idol no one had any idea what she was going to sing. Zoanette, wearing a curly mane of blonde hair, stunned the judges by launching into the Oscar nominated song “The Circle Of Life” from The Lion King.

After the performance, Keith Urban said:

“Zoanette, I just want to say. First of all, I have no clue what you’re going to do and sometimes I wonder if you do, too. But, man, forget the king of the jungle, You’re the queen of the jungle right there.”

Nicki Minaj also appreciated the song choice, saying:

“That song was such a smart choice. Because it matches who you are and where you’re about to be and where you’re from.”

American Idol doesn’t see a lot of Broadway songs but Zoanette was able to impress the judges. The judges may have been impressed with Zoanette but will America feel the same way. Rolling Stone reports that Zoanette is currently in the top 20 so we’ll soon find out.

Here’s the video of Zoanette Johnson singing “The Circle Of Life” from The Lion King.

What did you think of Johnson’s rendition of the classic song?

“The Circle Of Life” was one of three songs nominated for an Academy Award from The Lion King. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” ended up taking home the award.

Here’s the video of the famous opening sequence of The Lion King.

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22 Responses to “‘The Lion King’ Gets ‘American Idol’ Treatment [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Years ago, Jennifer Hudson's brilliant cover of "Circle of Life" landed her in the bottom three. This version was a trainwreck. If you can't hit the notes, don't sing the song.

  2. Robert Tardo

    a standing ovation for this garbage! Thank God Simon left the show, this girl wouldn't even make the cut on Xfactor…This was a disgrace, or maybe the judges were for giving her a standing ovation…..all the judges should be fired immediately!

  3. Thia Cortez

    I actually liked it….she puts so much energy and spirit to it, plus the lion is my favoite disney movie.

  4. Colin MacKenzie

    A comment I just read on YouTube described her performance as what could be compared to "7 Vietnamese cats being slowly drowned in acid". I grew up with the Lion King. This woman may be able to perform on stage, but she killed my love for the song when I watched that performance…

  5. Anonymous

    I'd rather listen to babies crying on airplanes than this lady butcher that song.

  6. Lytrell Dixon

    I don't think this performance could be based off of the singing and the tone, but the fact that she had the courage and self esteem to go and do such a daring song, is what set her apart from everyone else in this competition. she has the courage of a lion…and the hair I'd say. but I liked it. and gosh the run at the end was phenomenal, you have to have a good abdomen and a lot of control to hit a not like that. good job for her!

  7. Jeanette Porter

    I dot watch idol because of this, I cant take the want to be singers try to sing, they are a joke and that what keep the show going, I am glad I didn't see it or hear it, with the comments on here I am very glad I didn't hear her sing it.

  8. Samantha Bartlett

    omg this is F****** HORRIBLE! Her voice is gross too….my god.

  9. Dave Doris

    I had to watch it myself after reading these bad reviews and it was pretty bad. All the judges are pansies you have to have tough judges or this is what happens.

  10. David Theisen

    i actually did watch this video a little bit! SHE sounds HORRIBLE!!!!! what has music come to today??? SERIOUSLY!!! Carrie Underwood too! SHE WON the frickin thing??? She is SOO BAD AT her songs! and she KILLED(in a bad way) Home Sweet Home! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!

  11. Janet Felks

    After THAT performance and Nicki M. I have taken that trainwreck off the DVR and will not watch the rest of the compitition. IT SUCKS

  12. Kaitlin Free

    I absolutely loved it. I think she killed it. she has a decent voice & a personality. overall, that's what the judges are looking for. a PACKAGE. someone with star qualities. & she HAS IT.

  13. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    it wasn't awful some people are used to the watered down Disney version..she sung it like it was meant to be sung.

  14. Van Nguyen

    Speaking of judges, on 6:29 look at where the lady's hands are when she says "your spirit is too big to be contained" LOL!

  15. Van Nguyen

    Speaking of judges, on 6:29 look at where the lady's hands are when she says "your spirit is too big to be contained" LOL!

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