Jessica Bibbs

Fired For Facebook Post: Woman Let Go After Calling Her Job ‘A Joke’

Phoenix, AZ – A woman alleged that she was fired from her job after issuing a particularly unflattering Facebook post about her employers.

Jessica Bibbs said she was more than a little unhappy when she was passed over for a promotion at her job. Instead of taking the news in stride, she took to Facebook to express her disappointment. According to the Daily Dot, this decision ultimately led to her termination.

Here’s the Facebook post that got her fired:

“This place is a joke!!! I wonder if I passed up a good opportunity by being at this place. I absolutely hate fake and lazy ppl!!! Ugh, the ones who actually work are the ones to blame??? WTF? #TwistedMinds.”

AZ Family explains that Jessica Bibbs’ boss didn’t care for the message she posted on the social networking site. As a result of her remarks, she was let go from her position.

Although she didn’t mention who she worked for in the Facebook post, it didn’t take very long for her employer to put two and two together.

Bibbs said:

“I was crying. I was very upset. For them to tell me that they’re firing me over expressing my feelings on my Facebook, which is private, I don’t find that fair at all. I was very upset.”

While Jessica feels she was let go because of the post, the person in charge of human resources at Ideal Physical Therapy said these reports are simply not true. Marcus Cadell explained that employees are not terminated for one simply infraction. Instead, he claimed it was a series of problems that led to Bibbs firing.

Bibbs explained that she has mixed feelings about the reaction her Facebook post received. Jessica said she regrets getting fired from her job, but doesn’t see a problem with expressing her feelings on the site.

Jessica isn’t the first person to be terminated for making questionable Facebook posts. The Inquisitr previously reported that Lindsey Stone was let go from her job after posting disrespectful pictures from her trip to Arlington National Cemetery.

Do you think the woman should have been fired for making an inappropriate Facebook post about her job?